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10 ways to increase your earnings

p10 ways to increase your earnings upbeat music male narrator: When it comes to making money from your app, always start by focusing on quality.

10 ways to increase your earnings

A highquality app will get better ratings, which will lead to more downloads, which will result in more revenue. Here are ten tips that successful developers use once their app is ready. The developer console can automatically convert your app price to local currencies worldwide, but exchange rates dont reflect local expectations and purchasing power, so research local economic conditions and interests thoroughly. If you think users may be put off by the price of your app, but you know theyll see the value in it once theyre in, make it free to download and try the app.

After a set time, you can offer them a onetime purchase to unlock the app forever. A free app is a great way to overcome any barriers created by price, and you can offer extras to users for a price once theyre engaged. Create a free app with core features to engage the user and then offer extended features using inapp purchases such as removing ads, adding enhanced functionality, adding ingame items. As an alternative to selling digital goods in your apps, particularly where you have recurring content costs, you can sell content and features with a subscription. You can offer your users a free trial to introduce them, followed by a recurring subscription at a variety of intervals, like weekly, monthly, or annually.

If you offer a subscription in your app, providing users with additional content or features on your site can add value to your subscription and make it more appealing. Sign users into your website and then verify their Google Play subscription details to enable features or content on the web. Google Analytics provides invaluable information on the behavior of users in your app. You can use behavior flows to understand how users are navigating through your app and where they drop off.

This information can help ecommerce apps optimize purchase flow or game app developers see which levels are too difficult and when players should be offered help. You can use this information to make your app experience better, while increasing conversions of install to paying users. Users can discover your app in many ways and now you can find out exactly which source is proving the most effective.

The user acquisition performance report in the developer console will show you how many users visit your store listing, how many go on to install your app, and how many make purchases. Youll see where your most valuable users come from so you know where to focus your efforts. Users who are already familiar with your apps are great prospects for your other offerings.

If you generate revenue from displaying AdMob ads in your apps, you can take advantage of the House Ads feature, which lets you take part of your advertising inventory and use that to crosspromote your own apps and games. Users who have already bought inapp products are good prospects for future purchases, so let them know whats on offer. Do this using free AdMob House Ads.

Create inapp House Ads and AdMob will automatically figure out which of your users are likely to spend and show them these ads. AdMob will continue to show standard ads to other users. Retaining your existing users can be an effective use of marketing dollars. With AdWords reengagement campaigns, you can reach users who have installed your app but not used it lately, or active users who havent fully explored it yet.

As users search Google, AdWords displays your ads to them so you can remind them of key features or show them special offers. And with app indexing, you can link the user to the specific page in your app thats relevant to them. If you want more tips on how to increase your app or games revenue and build a better app business, download The Secrets to App Success on Google Play.p

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