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15½ things I hate about 4chans biz board

p15½ things I hate about 4chans biz boardp p Alright, full disclaimer right here: Listen, if you browse biz I got nothing against you, alright? I dont think youre fucking stupid.

15½ things I hate about 4chans biz board

I browse biz myself, alright? biz is my home board. biz is the namesake of this channel, Biz Vlogs. So obviously I dont have anything against people that browse biz, alright? Lets get started. Hey biz, how do I get rich without working hard?

Hey biz. Price of bitcoin goes up 0.01. Nocoiners on suicide watch!

Nocoiners on suicide watch! Why do people make such a big deal if you have a fucking digital asset? I own some bitcoin, alright? I dont have my whole entire life savings in bitcoin. Hey biz, I just inherited 1.3 billion dollars.

What should I spend my money on? Oh my God. These roleplaying faggots on this board. The worst part is that people actually believe them. Like, there was a thread a while ago where someone literally said that they were inheriting 1.3 billion dollars, and people were replying to the thread like it was real.

People actually believed it in some sense. Do not encourage these roleplaying people, alright? Hey biz, I just got my first paycheck of 300. How do I turn this into 24 million by midnight?

Im not greedy, alright I know its going to be hard Im willing to practice. Hey biz, how much money does it take to get a girl like this? And then they show some kind of picture of, like, someone that looks like this, or like this, or like this.

Hey biz, Im 14 years old and I just figured out that insurance is a scam! Hey biz, I just figured out that the whole world is a pyramid scheme! And then theres that one guy that think that options are fucking magic, and thinks that he can outsmart and thinks that ANYONE can outsmart the market with options.

Hey biz, I just started an LLC with some random guy I dont even know and hes screwing me out of money! What did I do wrong? Hey biz, I have 100.

How do I invest it? And theres that one guy that posts, like, once a week: Tell me why I shouldnt get into credit card fraud. Like, fraud, or any kind of illegal activity is so stupid, its so fucking stupid. Ill tell you why not to get into credit card fraud, alright?

Like, if you steal any amount that would be worth it, the IRS is going to fucking come after you. And at that point you have to launder money, and at that point youre committing two crimes. You have twice the chance of getting caught and getting thrown into jail and fucking raped. Any kind of crime is fucking stupid. All you need to know is the Reciprocal Altruism Principle.

Follow that, youre going to make fucking billions. If not, youre a fucking idiot. Hey biz, I got this original idea for this business, but Im not going to tell you it cause I dont want you guys to steal my idea! Listen, ideas are not worth anything. Ideas are worth 0.00, alright?

An idea is not enough information to go out and be like Like if someone gives you the idea of starting an online payment company, like PayPal, thats not enough to just go out and be like Oh fuck yeah, Im a fucking millionaire now, hell yeah! You need to know more than that. Its not about the idea, its about the execution. You thinking, fucking, the Winklevosses could have been billionaires off of their stupid social network idea?

No. You need to know like, oh, were also going to have a system that doesnt allow fees for buyers and for small sellers. Were going to have a system that makes that profitable still. Were going to have, like you know, a viral marketing campaign on eBay.

Stuff like that. Hey biz, I need someone to help me make money online! Hey biz, how do I create passive income?

Listen, what is the reason that you want passive income? There is no such thing as passive income, except in the case of dividends. Running a site that brings money in, that is not passive income, alright? You have to maintain the site, you have to advertise, you have to fucking manage the inventory. If youre calling that passive income then thats retarded.

Youre fucking working a shit ton. Any kind of business that you start youre gonna be fucking putting in a shit ton of effort just to fucking do the fucking legal work, do the fucking thinking of all the marketing, and all the fucking shit, and the business plans. The only passive income is dividends, alright? Trust me, it fucking takes a shit ton of work and in most cases youre not even going to beat minimum wage, alright?

Alright, then theres that one guy, or those two guys on the board that buy physical metals and keep posting them. Why would you buy physical metals? You can just buy an ETF and thats the same god damn thing and you dont have to go to a fucking dealer and hope that he gives you a fair market price. Honestly, the only situation where I would buy physical metals is if I was, like, some kind of time traveler, and I was going like a thousand years into the future, or a thousand years in the past and I wanted to bring wealth with me.

Thats the only situation where you should be buying physical metal. Oh fuck Im cold! Oh my God Im so fucking cold! The only reason that biz exists is because g was being overran by bitcoin threads and cryptocurrency threads.

So they created biz as a containment board for all this fucking stupid discussion. But hey, what are you gonna do? I mean its the only board on 4chan that is closest to my interests.

Alright guys, so, you tell me what you hate about biz. Tell me which threads youre tired of seeing. And please like this article. I want to get to 100 likes on this article.

If everyone watching this article would press the like button I could reach my goal in one single day. Please press that like button, it really helps me out. Please subscribe because I have more awesome articles coming. Let me ask you guys: Im thinking about doing a article on, like, Netflix worstrated movies, Im thinking of watching them and reviewing them.

Im thinking about doing a article on, like, Scientology where I go into the Scientology building and get the personality test and everything. Im thinking of doing a article like this except for the tv board on 4chan. You know, tell me what think of those ideas, tell me if you even want to see them or just say No, no, we dont want to hear about any of that Netflix shit, alright, dont make that article. Tell me what you think, alright?p

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