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2 years since Bitcoin Alltime high, jobs, Eurochain, Shotgun KYC, crypto interest noise, Fidelity

p2 years since Bitcoin Alltime high, jobs, Eurochain, Shotgun KYC, crypto interest noise, Fidelity Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is December the 17th 2019 strong hand bitcoin is the next bitcoin in motion value your wealth and bitcoin one Bitcoin goes one Bitcoin and yeah its uncomfortable and Im offended by selling but I got that conviction baby hello my friends if youre in the chat if youre watching this live you can do it super chat I asked you a question you could type in bitcoin meister i will answer your question if youre watching this tape play the trek so you get through real fast and you maximize your time time is money baby alright remember check out this rotmeister calm weve had some great shows lately yesterday show is awesome Saturdays beyond Bitcoin show Friday this week in Bitcoin show was great with jeet and Benny and JW maybe some of you got freaked out and Thursday trace Mayer was a freaking on the show so check out check that out Im tweeting all day on tech Balt on twitter tch be alt follow me there thats uh you got to get involved in the whole Bitcoin Meister ecosystem you got to be on Twitter also man you got to learn over there alright yeah its late at night but I got that conviction baby I got that strong hand Im here Im here for you baby so let us yesterdays show this tweet was tweeted out either during my show right before my show so I didnt get it until after my show but man this is a good tweet from Bitcoin a budgie I havent said his name for a while but Im glad to see him tweeting Bitcoin is a savings account the real Bitcoin volume is the volume that is not moving I love it but rather being held by strong hands who refuse to sell I like that interpretation Im not down with the trading volume people who look how much was traded today no um I like the holding volume I like the savings volume baby pal matte light button good tweet their retweet that thing people its linked to below so I notice in our cryptocurrency space maybe youve noticed it also a lot of people are Kranti I mean if you want longterm thinking instead of crankiness youre in the right place baby because you can live in the doom hole and never get out of it and be cranky and look on the dark side of things Oh what was me even though this is happy before this is the end or you can travel around the world baby you could be in that hole stay in one place or in other words you can be in motion and baby when youre in motion you are happy so right here you know the bitcoinmeister is always in motion always doing things Im finding new stuff for you every day yo if you if youre down with if youre like compare Im not feeling good I I dont like the vibe thats out there dudes well you just get away from it by being motion come on over here baby here the vibe is sublime pound that like button now heres a vibe that Im not down with tonight I hope this vibe doesnt come to our space and its a Bitcoin but it kind of has real visions housing week I just saw this randomly okay I think it was on Twitter I saw this real visions housing week they have fancy sets and graphics over a real vision some people like to watch that okay boomer verse broke millennial series you know whats up with ripping on the Millennials or ripping all the Boomers or pitting them against each other dude bitcoin doesnt discriminate I know plenty of boomers who have reached out to me on the internet and left great comments I dont blame them for anything people are gonna be rumors I put us in through this situation the boomers have put us into this situation well whose us and what situation you put yourself into your own situation dude some somebody born in 1949 didnt put you in any situation okay you you put yourself in this situation if youre born in 1992 okay so Im telling you this I like the boomers I like the Millennials Im not pitting them against each other thats the beauty of Bitcoin we get at Millennials here we could have boomers here we can have Craig ships fathers here who is like 92 years old and thats what the greatest generation thats Mike my grandmother could be here shes gonna turn 97 in a couple days if she knew how to use computers but anyway so though Im a lot of people though in this space like the room or this millennium you millennial or the crankiness the crankiness come on people come on people this is its all cyclical man were you here in 2015 probably not it was cranky Ben its cranky now but dude when things get rolling any you guys are cranky now you were here back in the summer when we had that very unexpected uh Fiat freak jump to like 13, 000 everybody was happy imagine that you foria itll come back you see a thing with Bitcoin that you gotta get used to you long term thinkers is most of the mostly the time the vibe is cranky people but theyre not longterm thinkers theyre just in in for the next days rush the next hit theyre trading theyre losing all the time so yeah a lot of the vibe in the on social media in Bitcoin you Toria fouryear cycle itll be negative most of the time itll be negative but thats why you got to remove yourself from that you could always find positive people and another thing people complain oh its so toxic hes so toxic whod want to be in Bitcoin you see thats the thing the institutions that are buying up Bitcoin and plan to buy up Bitcoin and have all these onramps that theyre getting ready to use they dont like play around little Twitter they dont know about the vibe at all they just care about making a lot of money so so thats why in this space we can have a you know people panicking most of the time and then had these spikes of euphoria but the longterm thinker big institutions they dont give a darn theyre not into their nine seven emotions theyre not into the emotions of social media all right Oh hope I didnt wake anybody up its its late here its late here and there so nice that lives upstairs so I got a youve got to be polite Im in Tucson air BampampB baby all right lets see all right weve got people in the chat whats up you freaks we get all sort oh we got some West Coasters in there I see uh a Seattle dude in the house so were two years since the alltime high though all right two years for you Fiat freaks two years ago on this very day it was at alltime high now look lets explore something here if your book and this is linked linked to below from bit Stein if you bought Bitcoin the day that day and every day since you would be up almost 13 Bitcoin is an incredible store of value for low time preference savers okay so it is an incredible store value for low time for even if you bought on the alltime high every single day since then youd be up 13 so yeah thats a store of value right there your value it went up in value in fact you kept your value went up in value for you fiat fries for you dollar cost average errs for you nan traders so again low time preference savers that thats me thats me I qualify as one of them elope but most of most people out there theyre not savers at all theyre spenders yeah youre not youre not gonna do well here okay change your weight you can change your way you can you could be a longterm figure you you can be a twenty percent or you dont have to be impulsive you pound that like button right this second so speaking about impulsive Gerrit there are some threads around Twitter about euro chain and its a proof of concept by the european central it doesnt exist yet okay its their theoretical cryptocurrency its their theoretical central bank cryptocurrency centrally controlled and I link to their white paper with their description of it below you can read all about it but people were immediately reacting like it actually exists it doesnt exist this proof of concept they wrote a paper about it people spazzing out without reading the whole darn thing okay that yeah I know you dont like central banks but just you dont have to go that wild dudes and the thing is am i a fan of central banks that I could I dont really care and I say theyre doing us a favor let them write their white paper let them make their euro chain okay they already got a name for it sounds pretty generic right let them do it the 80 percenters will use it some people get in the Bitcoin it will help Bitcoin in the long run all of these cryptocurrencies that companies create that they will create that central banks will create it will help Bitcoin in the long run it will have because you get you got to realize something in the real world in the outside world probably anybody knows what cryptocurrency is right now so for European Central Bank starts using you it has their own cryptocurrency WI heck a lot more people in some sophisticated people who should have known about it will now know about it and dont get the Bitcoin God take a positive spin but here lets let me read and get shirts like this link to below by the way central bank digital currency research and all right and so I say good luck to these people would they say our latest research shows that it is possible to build a simplified payment system for central bank digital currencies such a system with safeguard users privacy for low value transactions while ensuring that higher value transfers are subject to an time money laundering checks I think people spaz out right there because obviously there will be no privacy there are no privacy with a central bank cryptocurrency and they say at the same time subject to antimoney laundering checks talk Ill talk talk out of both sides of their mouths there but thats fine I mean you dont have to use the Euro chain when it comes into existence no one has to use that you can use Bitcoin you you can use cash dont probably at that point over 2020 is it gonna be wild dude we are just a fourteen two weeks away Wow oh yeah I guess itll be New Years Eve tonight in two weeks you know Wow time flies when youre having fun so speaking about Europe fidella is a big institutional onramp for Bitcoin what fidelity is doing here fidelity moves to establish new digital asset business supporting European institutional investors its linked to below their their press release and Im not gonna get into I mean all of these companies when we read press releases like this they are just laying down the foundation for something huge okay are there a bunch of institutional investors theyre going to be using this fidelity thing in Europe right away no but theyre at least they got thick tracks down they got their laying down the groundwork and for all the people are saying olders cryptocurrency is just a bag why are all these huge institutions theyre laying down the groundwork theyre not just doing it for the heck of it theyre setting up the infrastructure that is gonna make money flow up huge amounts of money flow into this space the ink so every one of these stories we hear about fidelity Wells Fargo I cant even think about all of them now ice all right doing all sorts of groundwork laying down the groundwork laying down the rails so that theyll easily be able to get all these institutions all sorts of money flowing in and theyre not doing it its like theyre not doing it because they dont think its going to be huge theyre doing it because they think its gonna be huge they want to be reddit they want to be able to make lots of money its just its just not for the heck of it you got to remember that when you went and then what people get obsessed with is like oh its taking so long to happen it hasnt happened yet why havent they made it why isnt their product finalized yet just wait let them work on our products let them let them delay their products from coming out it will all happen you just have to have a low low tide price preference right long term thinking dont be impulsive strong hand on that big coin baby dont let go of that magical stuff oh and we got questions in the comment section Im going to answer in a second reminder to everyone oh here yeah Im us ima skip to something big there my oh this is from the comment section my only concern about the having is that litecoin didnt move so hes saying because the litecoin having wasnt spectacular that litecoin hasnt gone through the moon that that you know hes worried about the bitcoin having even though i mean we can go back and see you see you should be comparing the 2020 bitcoin having situation to the 2016 bitcoin having situation price slowly goes up beforehand levels off in the next year whoo so i i would compare bitcoin apples to apples instead of apples to truths I mean what is like coin there okay so there are all these people they think they can make these litecoin Bitcoin comparisons you really got to stop doing that people I you I know some of youve got bags of light coin and you want it to be the next Bitcoin Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin I know Charlies a great dude I know light coin was created it wasnt this damn any money and I know theyre great light point people out there its not Bitcoin its nowhere close to Bitcoin its not comparable with a Bitcoin in most ways okay so you see a having it like everyone was excited about the light coin having claim but its not the same thing its just its just not the same thing and weve lived through this before okay weve seen like for hes been around for as long as Ive been in this space since 2013 okay I bought my first Bitcoin in November of 2013 all right bye first two bitcoin and litecoin was around then alright its nothing spectacular okay its not you travel around the world theyre not theyre not like fun conferences that people are theres one like one conference like once a year thats great thats better than most all coins but I travel around people dont ask me its its about Bitcoin okay they dont really know about litecoin its just an its an altcoin thats all it is dudes but theyre also when this question was so yeah you people dont worry it if youre dealing with Manhattan real estate okay do you worry about whats going on in with Butte Montana real estate seriously thats her comparison right there I mean if there was if there was a nuclear bomb that exploded the United States then yeah I would have effect on real estate and on uh on Manhattan real estate okay but thats thats like kind of traffic the whole world would be changing at that point all right so people dont say oh we all know that the de beauté real estate its going down so Im worried that my Manhattan real estate holdings are gonna go down no it just doesnt happen so dont favor that way litecoin is be my tanah and bitcoin is Manhattan real estate all right and another comment that was underneath that dudes comment was someone reminded us that the bitcoin having is not an overnight thing and I got to remind everyone even though I just did that two minutes ago I got to remind you again the day of the having we have parties were happy but nothing happens nothing magical happens that day its just the miners mind is a half as much big one thats it the reward gets cut in half alright thats all that happens theres no big price bike that day I think it went down a little bit that day if I can remember correctly from 2016 its not all of a sudden youre not in having okay it is something that theres having hype beforehand theres a a bit of a letdown afterwards and then the whole ecosystem starts to feel that theres less Bitcoin out there okay starts to realize the miners have hoarded it the miners arts arent dumping it as much as before okay so theres scarcity that wasnt there before hand and thats when the price starts to go up and thats what started happening you 2017 until it went berserk so its a whole huge cycle hes not an overnight thing all right and it starts beforehand and were getting close to it the beforehand part were getting close to the beforehand part when youll start to notice some things but in 2015 just like now before the 2016 having when the price was going down quite a bit in terms of Fiat quite a bit a few times all right and people thought it was the end of the world that 400 to 300 dollars they were at they throw up their hands and they left I mean you dont want this people gonna look back on this one day and see it in that same light people watching this in 2028 right now are gonna be laughing the same way we are laughing at people who dropped out a Bitcoin because they couldnt take it any longer cuz he had gone all the way up to 400 from 200 and it was the news on his way back to 1, 100 and then it went to 300 they couldnt deal with it anymore and it was on his way back to 1100 because we even though we are now two years away from our alltime high or one day closer to the next alltime you feeI freaks pal mount like button yeah so Ill be in El Paso Texas January 14th to February 11th and people ask me Adam how do you travel the world how do you do how do you do that its so much money again people how do I do it it cost me 2.99 for my bus ticket that will take me from here in Tucson to Albuquerque Susie to El Paso I dont know where Im going tell El Paso you dont go through New Mexico but of course so yeah thats how I do it you got to be a longterm thinker in a long term planner and you actually have to you know for you you like doubt like that someone can travel the world you should try it you should research it actually there are there opportunities like that where you can pay 2.99 to travel 318 miles thats thats life I mean thats thats thinking thats research and I know a lot of people are just impulsive reactionaries thats an example of doing research not being impulsive not throwing up my hands in the air saying oh I can never travel the world is so expensive its not that expensive 2.99 when you and I bought it in advance thats why I cost so cheap I planned it in advance you got to plan things out people all right Quinn market cap has a job session and I had not heard of this before and I dont know if they just dont like they dont like promoting it and I I dont know what their deal is but and any cost uh people are posting jobs on this coin market cap jobs page and I link to it below I think its a great idea but so many people go there and well and they also have a job seeker you could be a job seeker and sign up there and I guess post your resume there I create a profile there if I if if youre looking for a job or youre even considering looking for a job in the space I would I would post something there I would post my information there you have nothing to lose youve nothing to lose it all it cost 150 not not for you to post your stuff but it cost 150 for these people to post jobs on there and I see one of them one of them is clearly in Asia and its wanting clearly wanting an americanstyle person to do public relations for them and into it involves no technical skill whatsoever and I have discussed this on my show before that this exact scenario that you can contact these agent companies they need people with American marketing skills they dont have the same skills over there for some reason in it first start being an English speaker that thats great already but Americans are the best theres on the planet and are good it just comes natural to us for some reason I guess because were inundated the advertisements are our lives I have no idea what I mean I have traveled around I can tell you this so here we go then the fund the company out there thats offering this public relations officer is uh again Im not recommending you work for this company but its funny the first blockchain for smart cities they call themselves BCB chain do theyre based in Singapore and this is just a random opportunity that is on this page there are other opportunities on the page theres so many people out there that are soon doom and gloom ins the older I cant get a job I cant get this I cant go do this I mean anyone thats got like thats been active on crypto Twitter has a few followers it knows how to talk to people they could probably get this job okay if you can talk to talk a little bit if youve ever made a article if you made just like three articles and you have the four followers you probably could get this job okay the opportunity theres so much opportunity out there in this space and its just growing and growing and growing so that thats just something that I that for real out there thats thats for you can see where youre out with your own eyes that their jobs post it on point and I hope people post more jobs there but if youre a job seeker post your stuff there because some of the Im sure some companies they are just silently trolling and just will go through all the jobs the applicants there and just be like oh Im just contact this guy I dont know any better Im Singapore Im in Singapore I speak English but this guys from Tulsa this guys from Baltimore on there the difference is Ill hire them oh I dont care all right down that lake but so something else that is on the coin market I exploit the coin I explored coin market cap a little bit today interest coin market dot coin market Capcom now you can go to this page but dont be tempted by it we cans are gonna be tempted by this page if they ever find out about it it lists all of the places where you can give up your precious Bitcoin and all coins to third parties where they will give you interest and the interest rates so some of you might be interested in seeing what the current interest rates are to trick 80 percenters into giving up their precious Bitcoin thats a trick its not a trick its I mean its them being gullible I shouldnt have said trick I mean personal responsibility is a new counterculture you shouldnt have a if you do you are a weekend you are a weekend if you give up your precious Bitcoin to get 6 interest a yearly 6 interest rate when and theyre not gonna let you keep it there for a year either or they might go defunct after a year and take it all take a hundred percent that would be uh that wouldnt be too funny would it oh you can instead you hold your own Bitcoin on your treasurer you sign up for the air drops you get the forks crypto dividends who knows what interest rate you will get on that but the sure thing is your Bitcoin is in your possession and youve got a strong handling you got a weak hand when you give it up to these interests people but Im providing the link anyway I thought I know when people stumble upon this many people are going to be tempted by it you should be tempted by it but youre watching mr.

2 years since Bitcoin Alltime high, jobs, Eurochain, Shotgun KYC, crypto interest noise, Fidelity

strong hand right here all right so I do me well and dont dont uh dont fall for it views and Matt Goodell had a very interesting terminology that I termed that I had not heard before all right Im just seeing guy Bennetts now so I havent seen him there for a while no questions good but so well end it here with us I gotta take a shower got to fix this do and shave this do all right Matt ODell shotgun kyc now whats shotgun kyc I love it those people they think hey Im Im a big player Im on this no kyc exchange I got my Bitcoin store here Im going back between bitcoin and litecoin and aetherium and ripple and tether look at this look at this Im doing so well Im making more Bitcoin all right now its time to get my Bitcoin off this kyc exchange uhoh they just changed their policy or they just change their policy for you because you did something suspicious and the only way youre going to get your Bitcoin off now is if you give your kyc information which includes a picture of your passport or drivers license uhoh youre not so anonymous anymore uhoh youve got some big Tax Act implications all of a sudden uhoh that is your shotgun wedding your shotgun kyc right there you dont know when thats gonna happen does it happen a lot no it doesnt happen a lot but these exchanges in Asia or wherever they can change their policy at any time they can consider you a criminal at any time maybe a lot can happen you dont store your Bitcoin on these exchanges okay you get into office as quick as possible and you dont put it back on there to play games with it to get interest on it and whatnot because you might get the shotgun kyc wedding all right that is it I think I feels like I left something out let me just make sure all right im adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe to the channel like this article share this article check out the links below bang the bell button pound that like button and I will say hi to everybody in the chat new show here every single day remember that see you tomorrow bye byep

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