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pA HISTORY OF FABLES! LAUGHTER YELLOW My brother is reading something other than a manga! Thats suspicious!

Kevin, what are you reading? One of La Fontaines fable: La cigale et la fourmi The grasshoper and the ant What? Thats for children!

No, it depends.


I like the the final moral What is it? Wait, I will read it all. Just listen.

The grasshoper and the ant The grasshoper cricket having sung All summer long, Found herself most destitute When the north wind blew Not even one little bit Of fly or worm. She went complaining of hunger To her neighbor the ant Begging her to lend her A little grain so shed survive Until the new season. I shall pay you, she told her, Before next August! Animals oath, Interest and principal.

The ant is not a lender : This is the least of her faults. What were you doing during the warm season ? She asked this borrower. Night and day, to anyone I sang, please you if it may. You sang ? Im delighted : Well, dance now.

Here it is, in life, if you dont work, dont expect people to help you! I think it is normal. Yeah, well, the ant in this story, shes a real cheapskate! She left the cricket to die in hunger Ah, thats not like the cricket would have be useful to her one day Precisely, you never know!

Maybe tomorrow the ant will be engaged and it will need a singer for its wedding and the grasshopper would have sung for free but no, its dead! Kevin WTF? Your example is useless! Henri What I mean is that your ant will never have any friend!

Henri Just like you! Kevin OH! Henri In life you have to help each other, thats more important than everyone for themselves.

You have to grow your network, thats really important! Kevin Its really blatant that you go to the ESSEC businness school. Youre a real shit! Give me that Im going to read my favourite La Fontaines fable and youll see that we always need smaller than ourselves. The lion and the rat Between the paws of a lion, a rat came out from the ground Quite off guard.

The king of the animals in this occasion showed who he was and gave him life This kindness wasnt lost, who would have ever believed a lion and a rat had business? Nevetheless, coming out of the forest the lion was caught in a net of which his roar could not free him Sir rat ran up and gwaned off with his teeth the rope which set freed the lion Patience and time make more than strength and rage ever could You see, I can give you better examples! Without the rat here, right now the lion would have been beheaded by poachers et his head would be hanging on the wall of the living room of an asshole american dentist! No, but did you notice the lion was also incompetent, if I was him I would be ashamed of not being gifted enough to the point of relying on a rat to be saved Listen! If you want to see the truth from the front it is not my problem!

Your fable of La Fontaine is nonsense because it was written so long ago But yours was written at the same time Stop it, since we cannot agree on either of our fables we dont have any other choice than inventing our own Exactly, we will inspire ourselves of our favorite fable and mix it together to make our own fable! A modern fable which corresponds to the problems the world faces today Ok, youll call it the rat and the grasshoper, the lion and the grasshoper, the rat and the an. Are you done It will obviously be the lion and the ant. Come on Kevin, begin it, we said we would do it together Huh ? Okay Meet our very worried working ant at the end of winter employee of a small business which by misfortune faced crisis that he was fired a 6 years of loyality Shamed, he came back to his room and notice a letter dating of december Horror and astonishment, a prior notice of 3 months from his landlord dating of 3 months Here he was now, homeless without covert and no friends he could rely on to stay over for a couple of nights He needed money and quickly, but none of the banks would grant to an unemployed ant without a job and especially bankrupt Huuuhhh, He yelled with terror Dont worry, I dont want you any harm, reassured the feline Found, requiring care as he lied on the ground and without money, here you are dry, do you want a soup?

The ant although wary of the wildcat had to admit that he was alive Thank you for your care, forgive me for my curiosity but why so many machines in this room? I present to you my passion: audiovisual. I film sketches about my real life then share though a article website of which a trusted friend shared with me.

And, is your thing working? Sadly, even king of the animals in humour it is not the case. Its been a year of struggle to write jokes that no one like. The idea of surrendering has crossed my mind many times What is the point of tiring yourself if at the end you cannot even eat.

Oh you are wrong dear comrade, if my job looks like a joke it sometimes generate funds which some can live with. The ant didnt require more to be convinced and offered his help to the lion with the condition that the money would be shared The beginning wasnt easy, two tempers far from docile. The valorous valued content for its quality and not on the number of vues while the ant small dreamt of product placement The conflicts were numerous, but this fable had a happy end. Time softened the ant who once convinced, changed its mind The passion of the lion gave him patience, forced respect, won his trust and after 5 years of work mixing with the creativity.

As spark of this fusion, produced as many subscribers as their name The End Huuh? Wait, I didnt really understand the end. It is the morality of the story, it means they had as many subsribers on YouTube than the name of their channel. Ok, huhh.

What is the name of their channel? Its the title of the fable The lion and the ant? Shorter Lion ant? Inverse ant l. fourmi lion in french Four million THANK YOU !p

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