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A new Bitcoin forecast 2018, profits assured

A new Bitcoin forecast 2018, profits assured

pA new Bitcoin forecast 2018, profits assured? hi there Jez Feldmesser here from Feldmesser dot co giving you my Bitcoin forecast for 2018 now this is my personal guesstimate which is a kind of a guess and an estimate because weve never seen anything like it in trading you have to excuse me we got some traffic going on here thank you the guesstimate for Bitcoin in 2018 is an increase of between a hundred to three hundred percent and as you can see its getting very exciting now the reasons Ive based this on are the current yearly rate of sixteen hundred percent isnt realistically sustainable for the the coming year though Bitcoin will increase because of all the massive investment that has been done in this past year and the previous years all combined evidently because the mainstream media love hype I mean if you see the graph which Ill show you shortly its just gone rocketed up in the last few months and so thats created a massive buzz in the media which of course then creates more peoples interest and more activity on the cryptocurrency itself but of course all this activity is just talk and not necessarily based on exchange of value of goods which Ill get to in a minute now its a hyped of value so it will see Corrections like we have seen in other commodities throughout the time point number four crypto currencies are changing the world of commerce finance banking and world trading which is massively expanding like weve seen Chinese Alibaba and such coming onto the international markets and if youve read any of the crypto see info yall know the Chinese have massively invested in cryptocurrency as well so were going to be seeing a shift in international trading because of cryptocurrency but also there are rumors regarding Facebook Amazon and other such Giants actually taking on using cryptocurrency or making available exchange of their services using cryptocurrency and if they do that will of course make a massive increase of the exchange value of the crypto currencies for goods and services which is what will give it its basic value planetory so its going to level out and be at a solid level in probably a few months perhaps a year perhaps two or three years but it will level out and will become part of like all the other currencies on the planet a way of means of exchange rather than just buying and selling currencies between them which really doesnt make any sense so we are going to see an increase and if we just pop over to heres the yearly graph chart I was explaining before this is just the year so we started off at a few hundred eight hundred or something and we get some maximum interest and of course when this massive interest comes in then it creates more and then this creates more and weve just had this sort of massive rise up to nearly twenty thousand nineteen thousand dollars and weve seen this correction coming in but if we sort of follow this line from about eight thousand were up to sort of sixteen and we can certainly see other rises coming in this correction may increase and bring more into sort of what would we be at here probably around a ten thousand its possible that it could go down to even around 10, 000 mark and then start gradually rising up again from there but thats all my guesstimate Im not a a cryptocurrency expert by any means and you should certainly do your own due diligence when making any financial investments or suchlike so when we do the interesting things of looking in Google for the Bitcoin forecasts which Ive been doing some research on of these of course you have the wallet investor calm which gives these kind of projections which are well theyre projections nobody can really say this is their idea of 2018 up to 2019 sort of taking out the big peak and just carrying on from where we were around the six seven thousand mark and then continuing up but of course that makes the years rising of Bitcoin around the 22 thousand mark by December 2018 so thats one potential view point looking at twenty seven thousand this is their yearly forecast and then on theres an interesting article which covers a great deal its its massive Bitcoin so its going to be increasing but I would expect some massive Corrections on the price as it comes back into a mainstream commodity and actually is used for exchange for goods and services which it is becoming lets see thats coin desk dotcom lets see where we are yes this is an interesting point that the blockchains between the actual crypto currencies will have to start becoming something that will be inter exchangeable immediately because if we just flood the whole planet with multiple currencies thats not going to make it so useful so the interoperability as a good word of the other crypto currencies of course will flatten out the rate between them and then their intrinsic value will settle down so thats my personal guesstimate of the crypto coin increase and Bitcoin forecast for 2018 and if you want to get started I give you a lot of info in the description below so just have a look in the description click the show more to see the other things that Ive written and links to various information sources that you can do your own due diligence and get yourself more knowledgeable about this particular subject definitely worth keeping an eye on for 2018 all right well I think thats it for this short article see you guys in the next article dont forget subscribe to the channel hit the little Bell button so you get notifications of my next articles and Ill see you guys in the next article bye for nowp

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