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Android App Review Finance Pm

pAndroid App Review Finance Pmp phello welcome back to our article and now we will review some app from personal finance this is finance p.m.

Android App Review Finance Pm

okay lets open first the Google Play Store page lets see each others the personal finance and then it more and then ok lets see for finance p.m.

Android App Review Finance Pm

this installed I have already installed this and this is created by you rom it already downloaded by 100, 000 people and refuted by more than 11, 000 people with rating of 4.6 quite good ok so here are some screenshots about this app I think it is look promising but the user interface is some kind of simple but it is good no problem as long as the usage is good too ok then lets see some refuse some refuge give 5 stars and some gift restarts can then lets open this application ok advertisement you so for every ok so what is it this about rare few of finance um okay lets see we click accounts this is advertised okay what I said this is plus name lets see irony my girlfriend named Vance lets say 1000 and currency we can we can AB currency if your currency not stated on previous page name okay lets use Mary said there is how you a stroller yeah and I can just say this okay set as default and okay here are the pattern on the above I own a 1000 okay you can add more okay then okay then after that on this is the paid version okay and then oh my god okay then income thats the income or income lets say salary cone for a na amount 500 it salary the date is for thirteen okay done description okay photo you may shoot some photos of this end up the check on the receive or something like that so for the proof okay then click on the poof salary okay then oh he went to remove the ads you have to pay for it okay no problem we can deal with yet expenses expensive as a oops sorry I think you have to remove the app but you have to pay it okay name food okay amount 100 and category what this food description monthly food you can take photo okay okay you can add more expensive 5:45 credit okay okay the total has been change okay lets go back okay there is irony lets see the income so the start the start fun is 1000 and then income is 100 and then expenses is 145 est and lets see yo the money of Ayane is one hand one thousand and three hundred fiftyfive okay get transferred what is transfer transfer this you can transfer to to another people that registered in this mobile app so this is very useful if you are family leader or you are mom or you are the husband want to monitor your kids and wife money okay templates is what is template okay expensive income also if so in this is template for using income so you can just just click for a few times okay templates and then planning what is planning okay lets see and operation lets say vacation vacation operation type okay so this is expenses I am lets see we want to take a vacation for 500 and category entertainment and it will be on 20 February okay you can use everyday weekly or monthly okay okay so it has not been creased the money because it hasnt already done the upcoming operations vacation DEP manager long damn time so you can then you can borrow money or land money from another okay that is you can transfer its like transfer from the previous king money movement what is money this is the the offer view of all expense and income so you can see the movement okay then reports okay you can see in the report income by category oops they came on the expenses okay you can see a lot of things here limits account limit so you can limit your account to some amount currency is curing sages synchronization I dont know we see that under a previous review on the Google storage this is not available settings appearance okay this is the upper end setting main menu component you can put the one that you need only the image you can use English and through its franchise espanol you can use reminder the main your time like our room okay then what okay about application can this is about okay so that is some review about finance p.m. I think this is good a good application to manage your money to manage your family moneyp

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