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AppTV Finance Apps Part 1

AppTV Finance Apps Part 1

pAppTV: Finance Apps Part 1p pbrought to you by Telus hello Im Mike Haggar bow and Im Mary armitage and welcome to appe TV a look at all things applicable to the app world its been said that money makes the world go round and while that may be true it doesnt make managing your money any easier just ask Mike thanks but hopefully the list of financial apps we have lined up well first off we have the iphones built in stock app which does exactly what you think it would and even more type in the name of the company or stock ID you want to find out about and the info will be displayed or you can also search by stock price percentage or market cap so the history of the company youre looking at investing in is equally important just thats Warren Buffett so true so before you buy or sell view a graph of past prices ranging from yesterday to two years ago you can also view articles on the company which gives you a heads up if theyre in the headlines for the right reasons and although this app may make trading on the go a little easier for you we do have to stress that the stock market can be a little like gambling so make sure you know what youre investing in before you buy in and remember buy low sell high thats my financial advice for today alright so when youre done training you may want to take a look at our next appt it wont make you any money but it might help you keep a little what you already have money management is an essential skill but unless you work for Enron keeping tabs on your household budget can be as complex as keeping track of a small business a good way to see whats coming in versus whats going out is the whole budget out its available for the iPhone and iPad and it makes monthly bills a little easier to manage the layout of the app is fairly straightforward which is exactly what you want in a budgeting app you can track your income expenses different bills and due dates as well as a balance in your account these features are integrated so when you pay a bill it moves from the due date to the expense section and the amount is deducted from your balance nice and easy to start lay out your income information and create a base from which youll keep track of everything once youre set up move to the payee tab this is where your reoccurring bills are entered you can also enter your account info if you want but remember thats pretty sensitive information so some people may choose not to do this but a cool feature of the app is the ability to password protect your info so if your phone does get lost your information will stay safe you can view all your upcoming bills in a built in monthly calendar feature which is great for seeing when those payments need to be made then just fill in the rest of your budget information like expenses bank fees and mortgage payments if you keep the info current you can start to set up budget goals and break down your expenses even further to look for ways to save once youve been using the app for a while youll find the report section particularly interesting this will show you Trenton your spending and expenses and even project where you could be financially in the next coming months you can view your progress in a graph form or pie chart which gives you a quick at a glance reference for your cash if more than one person your home has the app you can use the sync feature this allows you to pair multiple devices and consolidate budgets to give you a picture of the entire household and everyone in it the free version of the app gives you ten expense entries and five income entries to help you get familiar with all the features after that the full version cost 499 whole budget records and saves your past data giving you a projection of your future cash flow so now tax time doesnt have to fill with dread not that an opp to make tax time pleasant but at least it could help make it painless is it just me or is playing the market and odd saying I dont think of something thats stressful as played but if the market is what youre all about then maybe these are the apps you need to invest in stock apps are this hot 5s hot stock tip lets begin with the bloomberg app which is available for almost every platform a wellknown aim in financial circles Bloomberg offers market info from North America Europe and Asia get uptodate stock quotes stock summaries market trends and analysis and if thats not enough theres a news feature that can keep you on top of the business headlines moving right along we come to commodity price alert for the iPhone this app lets you set a price limit higher low and well send you a push notification when the commodity youre interested in reaches the price youre willing to pay this app unfortunately doesnt come with a limo or the dolce gabbana suits required to really pull it off next on the ticker we have I stock picks are buy and sell two of your favorite words well then this is the app for you I stock picks is a simulated stock app that lets you buy and sell stocks with the guidance of something called the recommendation engine the engine bases its recommendations on historic data and assigns a buy sell or neutral rating to each stock selector etrade mobile pro keeps you seriously connected to the market by letting you trade stocks anytime anywhere check your balance move your money execute trades and do it all in a fast and secure platform check out your transaction history access portfolios and more specify what youre looking for by price deadline or type to find the deal you really want and just before the hot 5 market closes we have stock tweets for the iphone and the android you want the real scoop on what the traders think then check out stocks by whats being tweeted about them in real time track info about your own stock portfolio or just look for the latest info on the stocks youre considering the app also displays changes from the previous day and gives you trend information you see this well wouldnt life be easy if you could replace it with something like this thats the question of the day can your wallet and everything inside of it be replaced by your phone lets start this off with something called bunk this takes the library business cards both your own and the ones youve collected from others and makes a digital copy with bump you can share photos contact info other apps music and even social networks just select what you want to share make sure the person youre sharing with also has the bump app and then you bump phones its totally crazy but it totally works weve got rid of the business cards but what about what wallets have been invented for were talking about cold hard cash thats where paypal comes into play better than going to the ATM for money you can send or request money via email and even use paypal with the bump app to transfer funds paypal even lets you transfer money internationally and this is really scifi you can use the camera on your phone to take actual photos of a check both the front and the back and you can deposit it into your account all using your phone thats beyond cool keep track of all the transactions inside of the app but dont forget about the service charges from paypal because rarely its money moved around for free so weve dealt with the cash and all the business connections but what you do with all those membership cards and loyalty cards that you seem to collect you know like that free coffee card that you always seem to lose right before you get your free cup of joe well here comes card star this lets you scan each of those cards and enter them digitally into your mobile phone add cards with a few clicks and search for specific cards in the builtin directory using sync scan technology your cards barcode can also be scanned directly from your iPhone screen its easy organized and password protected weve covered business cards loyalty cards and of course cash and I already have more photos on my phone that I could possibly print and put in my wallet so the only thing we can replace is that government ID my drivers license looks like Im gonna have to keep carrying my wallet around for now coming up after the break well look at a few personal finance apps I mean its not all business here some of that money is for you and we might also be revealing the most significant app weve ever revealed here on app TV really which ones that well find out when app TV returns its not easy for anyone this is likely a rhetorical question but I felt it needed to be asked because this hot 5 is all about the most important kind of math the kind that involves money weve crunched the numbers and this time its all calculators and converters to start us off we have the am canadian mortgage advisor this app offers an easytouse mortgage calculator that can help you figure out where you are with your existing mortgage or see where youd be if you got one the app lets you apply for mortgage right then and there or call or email for advice lets calculate how much is going out of one account nothing more nothing less is it possible of course and expenditure is your app to use the bells and whistles are minimal but sometimes you just want to enter your numbers and get back to your life heres an app that might help you deal with a subject no one likes the simple loan calculator using this app before getting a loan is an excellent idea as it will show you how much interest that loan will cost over time calculate different results depending on how long you intend to take to pay that money back and get a better idea of what you could handle for one dollar and 99 cents you can be the proud owner of the compound interest calculator this app takes things like variable duration additions interest inflation and frequency of payments into consideration compound interest calculator is easy to use and makes the awesome painful financial calculations tolerable and as painless as possible do you travel do you have business interests in various countries then the currency converter app is for you with this app you can convert anything to anything and see what the money is worth once exchange the market is a place where wealth is made and fortunes are lost the idea of entering into any kind of business investment without knowing how things work is not wise so luckily there are apps like trade fields that exist the app is free but what it can teach you is priceless trade fields is a game that is played in the real world your outfitted with ten million dollars to invest in the stock market however you would like the app gives you access to company information and business news sources as well as offers you connections to other trade fields user info once youve done some digging and research the stocks through graphs charts tips and performance history and have made up your mind you simply hit trade me and place your order once youve made your purchase you can instantly publish it to Facebook to let the world know youre in the money game well kinda and its not just what you own that you want to keep you an eye on add interesting stocks to watch list and when they go from interesting to must have make the purchase the account feature lets you know how far youre in and what you have left to play with as far as liquid cash goes you can also keep track of your investments ranking against other players this is as close as you can get to actually trading without actually training the experience gained here is invaluable of stocks are in your future or if you and your friends just want to have a little competition on Facebook for bragging rights youp

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