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Bitcoin at 5000. Okay, now what

Bitcoin at 5, 000.

Bitcoin at 5000. Okay, now what

Okay, now what? Bitcoin at 5, 000. Okay, now what? with David Moadel hello and welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell Bitcoin this gentleman is telling you not to buy it why is that well lets take a look at Bitcoin Bitcoin against the US dollar is exactly five thousand dollars right now according to world coin index pretty exciting it was around 3, 200 not that long ago so this is definitely a bullish turn of events but why is Peter Mallick this gentleman telling you not to buy Bitcoin hmm well Peter Mallick from creative planning says what were going to see most likely is were going to see crypto currencies collapse thats his opinion on it what is he telling you to buy instead well real estate stocks and he says own bonds yeah bonds those pay around two and a half percent per year and thats before inflation real yields which take inflation into account are pretty close to zero and so you would be loaning your hard earned money to the US government and central bank for a year and youll be getting after inflation pretty much nothing and youll be loaning your money to a government and a central bank that has 22 trillion dollars and Counting of debt hmm thats what hes telling you to own and he is telling you that cryptocurrencies are most likely going to collapse thats Peter Mallick if you agree with them or not thats up to you lets see what some other individuals have to say this is UB or crypto you be on Twitter saying that hes expecting a test of around 5, 500 per Bitcoin before any significant pull back which is where hell begin to look for shorts after that hell be a buyer in the 45 to 46 hundred dollar area so hes expecting perhaps a Bitcoin to go up to around 5500 then to pull back to around 45 or 4, 600 where hell be buying interesting idea okay John McAfee wellknown individual said everyone trashed him two weeks ago when he said the market has now turned so hes kept his mouth shut and now hes saying it again the market is now turned the bow of the bear market was pulled to its max now watch the arrow spring to life quite bullish there I should say lets see what this Bitcoin bull has to say he says the cryptocurrency the Bitcoin that is is bottoming sounds a lot like John McAfee he says it could run to six thousand dollar sentiment has shifted thats Brian Kelly alright certainly possible not an unrealistic goal its already five thousand why couldnt it get to six thousand maybe it will maybe it wont but thats not really that far away considering that its gone all the way up to around twenty thousand before so seems reasonable enough to me and heres something that I found could be interesting if youre into technicals this is a market watch article that notes and its from its a chart created by fund strata advisors want to give them credit and its noting that finally we have Bitcoin above its 200day moving average again and according to fund strike Global Advisors it could go Bitcoin from here could go up almost 200 almost doubling what its saying is that when its above the 200day moving average it tends to do quite well with an 80 percent win ratio whereas when people buy it below the 200day moving average the win ratio is only 36 interesting okay well it is above now and so if you believe this that that could be useful guide and this could be a time to possibly get in but please be careful you know none of these indicators work 100 of the time theyre never completely 100 reliable all the time so make your own decisions do your own due diligence do your own research dont just listen to any of these people seriously I mean I you know Ive respect for anybody and everybody who takes a position but you have to make your own decisions folks okay all right so thats my take on Bitcoin right now it is wait watch and see and if you are already in from a law time ago then a three thousand four or five thousand its all good if you got in years ago if you got in near the top near twenty thousand then I suppose that you might be sweating this out a little bit more hey you know what if you really believe in blockchain if you believe in the technology if youre anti fiat money or you just dont think it as a future if youre like me and youre into the idea of the blockchain and youre also into gold silver or anything thats anti fiat money then this is a pretty exciting technology all right hey thanks a lot I appreciate it if you like this article please give it a thumbs up on YouTube show your support and leave a comment what do you think do you are you listening to any of these guys do you believe the Bulls the Bears or are you just neutral and if you havent subscribed to my channel hey please do so why not do that right now and hit that notification Bell on YouTube so you can receive updates whenever new articles are released and by the way I also do offer coaching for traders and investors David Modell at and Im also going to put some free financial reports below this article in the text description hey thanks a lot everybody I appreciate it Ill talk to you again soon

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