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Bitcoin Bottoming, Crypto CRUSHING IT Maximize Gains w Prime Buying Opportunity!

Bitcoin Bottoming, Crypto CRUSHING IT Maximize Gains w Prime Buying Opportunity!

Bitcoin Bottoming, Crypto CRUSHING IT: Maximize Gains w Prime Buying Opportunity! Bitcoin Bottoming, Crypto CRUSHING IT: Maximize Gains w Prime Buying Opportunity! with Frank Holmes and David Moadel welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell isnt it interesting how quickly things change when Bitcoin was trading at around 3, 200 analysts were telling people to sell they were turning bearish now that bitcoin has touched fifty six hundred suddenly they made a uturn all the analysts and their bullish theyre saying the bottom is well underway I also find it interesting that Jamie Dimon who has said negative things about bitcoins some of which I cant even repeat here and the next thing you know in February theyre putting out JPM coin and jumping on the bandwagon of the crypto Revolution and isnt it interesting that in February at the time when they did that when they announced that suddenly Bitcoin which was down down down suddenly at that same time the bottom is in and starts going up and up and up interesting is that a coincidence I dont know Ill let you decide that one but Ill tell you what I am bullish on the technology on blockchain on Bitcoin and etherium mining I think its a huge industry I think its just going to grow bigger and bigger and make and make more money for businesses and investors I think its going to build a lot of wealth for a lot of people and you dont have to necessarily buy Bitcoin or aetherium itself in fact thats not the purest way to play Bitcoin mining itself as an industry okay and actually if you are bullish on Bitcoin or aetherium there is a way that you can actually get into it without having to open up a cryptocurrency wallet and worry about the possible security things that happen with that okay the security issues if you just have whatever Robin Hood account Schwab fidelity TD Ameritrade thinkorswim Interactive Brokers whatever you have you can actually trade it through a stock and were going to talk more about that here comes an interview with one of my favorite guests ever mr. frank holmes he is a Bitcoin and aetherium mining expert and hes going to tell us all about his company but also about the bullish prospects for Bitcoin aetherium mining where this industry is headed and how you can capitalize and profit on that so youre gonna want to watch this whole article from beginning to end so check it out here comes mr. Frank Holmes stay tuned hello friends and welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell Ive got a special guest in a repeat guest one of the greatest minds in crypto and crypto mining today he is mr. Frank Holmes and he is from hive blockchain a premier company in the space its my go to cryptocurrency investment especially when I dont feel like dealing with the volatility of Bitcoin aetherium and so on and so forth and we could discuss then weve got some recent developments and news that were also going to discuss a bit as well so Frank Holmes welcome back to the program sir its great to be back yeah youre a wellspring of information for me so you know this is really something Im looking forward to now Frank I know that hive blockchain launched back in September 2017 its had its ups and its downs you know Ive been a buyer every time that went down it always came back up for me but I I alluded to the advantages of buying and accumulating a hive blockchain stock as opposed to going through the trouble of buying Bitcoin or aetherium could you elaborate on that so whats happened with life you know we had an incredible launch we launched it just before he Siri and went from 280 300 dollars to 1500 and Bitcoin went from a couple of thousand dollars to over 15, 000 and now that three months it was an incredible geometric move and Highwood public just or that explosive boy went from Pennys basically 30 cents to six dollars and then it fell and then I came back up and then it proceeded to just basically track the direction of the crypto space led by Bitcoin aetherium we mining theorem in Iceland and we were there mining Bitcoin in the cloud with Genesis mining so whats really interesting is that its become the goto stock so rather than going to coinbase to open an account to try to buy and sell Bitcoin or etherium or anything else people have used it as a proxy and so it moves the same percentage moves on a daily basis as Bitcoin etherium 94 of the time thats the correlation and the volume can be immense in the past couple of days its had this huge correction because the largest shareholders at Genesis mining have filed for a creating a proxy battle to get rid of the board and for them to take over the control of the board yeah but its so liquid traded 12 million shares yeah yeah and and and we could talk about whats going on with that development but for me you know I know that you can just go right on to your Robin Hood app that a lot of people have nowadays or or Schwab fidelity TD Ameritrade thinkorswim whatever your platform is and whatever broker allows you to trade Canadian stocks you can just get on the TSX Vee exchange in Canada its ticker symbol HIV e hive but theres also an American version which is on the OTC markets in the United States H V b TF and thats a heck of a lot easier at least for me then you know concerning myself with a hardware wallet or you know going to coin base or whatever going through all the steps its also a lot quicker as far as just getting in getting out and and like you said liquidity is there plenty of volume so I found it to be a great proxy and okay we can get into the the whole Genesis theres been a bit of a snafu there yeah I dont want to speak on that because you know a lot more than I do about that what is your take on on that development I you know its pretty evident in the press release they I since I was the interim CEO for the past seven months Ive been trying to get more disclosure and weve had a couple brokerage firms that cover as three of us in particular the lead underwriter that raises 200 million dollars in the fourth quarter of 2017 they can express their concerns on disclosure the the cost of mining it what they call the MSA agreement which the cost of electricity and all the other expenses because when you look at hi really its like a royalty company we raised all this money and rather than giving it to say a gold mining company does to develop a gold producing mine to expand it we gave it to Genesis to manage the mining of validating the Bitcoin or a theory and and we basically collect that that revenue and the cash flow from those operations for the shareholders so we have very high revenue per employee that makes us very much more of the look like that were Franklin about our type of royalty company and and so the issue really was we wanted more disclosure and I think it is sad how to go to where its gone but you know sometimes though theres always good news bad news is good news in this I think some of the institutions made a panicked and soldiers stock down but I think that for the longterm future something where we resolved it will be positive or constructive for the company and a way it goes for its growth profile yeah I mean Ive actually gone on Twitter and seen people you know complaining about Genesis and perhaps the decision that theyve made but Ive seen nothing but positive you know sentiment for hi because people understand that you know hive is taking the high road here and will continue to do so and for me as a somebody who looks at the share price Im thinking buy low you know buy the dip for four hive so I view this as an opportunity not a problem so you know I wanted to just look at the future what are the next goals as a business but wish we what can we look forward to with with hive so like my ambition and goal is to in the next month to have it all cleaned up this whole dispute and take over the the contracts of Sweden take over that with another vendor that will give us the transparency thats really required in the capital markets Genesis is a private company and they function totally as a private company and I dont think they really understand that a board of directors job is very different than a public company in a private company you know this public company its the protector of the small investor from big investors that have positions in the company its to make sure management doesnt do stupid things with the money thats overall whats so important about a Board of Directors and there has to be independence and they have to learn to respect conflicts of interest and whats perceived and producer obligations and duties to all shareholders equally not just their own special interest so I think that well get this resolved theyll stay their private way and well take over Sweden which will resolve this and and probably the board I dont know how to restructure but I think that this this is a battle probably go away its very hard I think for them to win doesnt matter they got 26 based on the response Ive had from the regulatory and I come of this Memphis or regulars directly but the regulatory the way they look at these type of transactions and the feedback Ive seen from newsletter writers from analysts from shareholders etc I think you said it right were taking the high road and well have a restructure and well get the transparency is necessary and well crank up our production and then were going to be set for a growth profile I then I want to go by that time get a younger CEO and take over the responsibility of being a road warrior interesting well Ive always thought of you as the road warrior for sure but yeah okay that and theres nothing wrong with restructuring theres nothing wrong with you know again for people who are not shareholders right now you really ought to look at this and again if youre buying in the Canadian version it is H I ve and if youre in America you can get it easily on the OTC markets H V b TF and I would like to direct people to hive blockchain dotcom they have an investor presentation and also they explain and even further depth exactly whats going on with the company so theres full transparency there and I have no doubt that if necessary youll find you know someone else to perform those mining duties perhaps even better than Genesis ever ever has so I dont see any any problems going forward at all and I just wanted to ask I know this is kind of a personal question but do you have a position in in the shares right now yes I was a original seed shareholder and I have a big position in the company I think it was showing up as a third fourth largest shareholder Genesis the largest but they broke it up between the three partners and I think theyre both each of them are around 8 12 percent each and then the biggest of them as entity was was Fidel ti and then it was myself yeah and thats thats what they call insider ownership which is always a good sign thats something I look for in fact sometimes Ill actually go on the SEC website you know if I see Mark Zuckerberg dumping dumping shares of Facebook Ill say oh thats a problem whereas when you have that inside ownership you know the people working and making the the company as great as it is if they actually own shares that is confidence that is commitment and thats thats something I like to see as a potential shareholder myself Wow so you know just to complement that thought process where you when I took on the job as the interim CEO I took those salary and that saved the money you know for the company and Ive done this is that sort of Ive been through so many bear markets and so many young Millennials in the crypto space have never been these types of crashes and so I had put my hat on Im seated in the gold space oil space a stock market I remember the crash of 87 when throttle didnt open for three days and Hong Kong didnt open for over a week so Ive been through them I know what theyre like the painful youve got a bunker down and so I did this on behalf of the shareholders yeah not even taking a salary at first again that is what thats what they call commitment as for me you know I Im bullish on the cryptos you know watching Bitcoin come from 3200 per Bitcoin 250 355 now 56 touching 5600 was not a surprise for me at all you know I I didnt call it to the number to the digit but I I knew that that the blockchain technology is the technology of today and tomorrow and hive is right there along with it and what a great way again to trade and invest in it if you dont want to necessarily deal with the security issues of owning certain crypto currencies is there anything that I any topics that I missed out on mr.

Holmes yeah I think you know we are that go to and we will take when we get this market Turing with our cash flow starts expanding like with the crypto is running well skip redeploying that capital whats really the big opportunity is these chips so when we went out to expand and started getting in this business those GPU chips and Asics chips ASIC chips are for Bitcoin mining and GPU or for aetherium there were over 2, 000 a chip I mean really expensive especially the Asics its fallen ninety percent and so if you go into mining and you go spend not two thousand dollars twenty two hundred dollars they got a chip only two hundred therefore your returns your Kapoor much more attractive even with Bitcoin and lower prices so Im a big believer is extreme the people that it reminds me of fracking and natural gas the the decline rates when you drill for natural gas they happen very quickly you can start off with say a thousand barrels of oil a day one a year later its 50 barrels that well so youve got to be drilling to maintaining type of growth and Rico playing it so when it comes to the crypto space when you get the chips falling so much youve got to take your cash flow and keep buying the cheaper chips to keep growing so thats the opportunity and also phenomenal cheap bio energy wind energy indexes other types of buy owed you lyn canada five cents three cents a kilowatthour much cheaper then say now looking at Iceland or Sweden so I think our growth will is going to be in America and in Canada totally I I view it as as if somebody had started investing in Internet stocks you know like lets say 20 years ago it really is in its infancy stages theres so much upside potential for blockchain adoption and use you know Im looking at the investors presentation right here on hive blockchain calm as it points out 90 of European and US banks are exploring blockchain right now and yet only 0.5 of the population is using blockchain so were not even close to the saturation point you know whats really important David for your listeners is during this incredible decline in the crypto prices and then the collateral damage into the chips and other parts of the equipment the the big banks have contended come out and mined and and that is my ass about mine but to deploy infrastructure open up new exchanges the adoption process if you look at how many people have wallets the number of wallets are growing in a falling market and that means when it turns it just bounces right or we get back up now heres whats different in my history of studying cycles when you have a debt crisis they take four years so we go back to 97 Asian food crisis that that debt crisis that they didnt bond to 2001 Russia deployed at 98 they didnt bottom of 2 to the 2002 we had the crash of o8 and it really didnt find its bottom until 2012 when youve really cleanse dog that whole debt restructuring model this is a non debt crisis so when you have a non debt crisis like youve seen they usually bounce back very rigorously but after theyve wiped out all the local players but now during this period fidelitys expand it hey take a look at the peak in Bitcoin its the day that came out basically with the futures market unhitching so all of a sudden people started shorting and using the futures market to depress the prices and now theyre looking at getting rid of the futures market and the bottom happens to be with JP Morgan who is always talking trash about the industry yeah a JP Morgan comes over their stable coin and now we get a bottom of 3100 hmm interesting coincidence I dont know Jamie Jamie Dimon and his company suddenly make a total uturn going bullish on cryptocurrency and then thats thats the coincides with the bottom I dont know what to make of that all I can make of it is again its all about the technology blockchain is here to stay it is yeah yeah big banks are yeah I actually I think big banks have been bullish all along theyre just now admitting it yeah but that you know thats just my opinion thats just me speaking Wow Wow a lot to think about you know this has been eyeopening for me Im still leaning very bullish with the technology with crypto currencies and again with hive blockchain as a company and as a great way just to just to use your Robin Hood app or whatever youre using to get in and out very easily and you know the tax implications are simpler when you just use stocks things like that so I I think its a great way to to play the coming next leg up in Bitcoin aetherium and other crypto currencies Thank You mr. Holmes for stopping by again we hope to have you again in the future thank you and happy investing

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