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Bitcoin Bullish Move 100 Million Ethereum Dump Coming

Bitcoin Bullish Move? 100 Million Ethereum Dump Coming?! Cryptocurrency News Trading Analysis whats going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new article today were gonna kill article for you guys full of information today were gonna be talking about the potential 100 million dollar etherium dump bros be looking at some Bitcoin technical analysis as well as tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys before we start with that if you guys are interested in making money trading cryptocurrencies make sure you check out the first link in the description or the first thing in the comments for the cryptocurrency trade alert group I post every single one of the trades that brought me to sixfigure portfolio in the group but if youre a complete beginner if you dont have time to technical analysis or you dont know how to do technical analysis you can copy my exact trades it takes 2 to 3 minutes to set up and after that profits is taken automatically for you so it becomes a very very path so we have all coin trades we have leverage trades and we have the number one community in the cryptocurrency space full of people ready and able to answer your questions 247 I also believe were probably the most accurate because the last few months weve absolutely been killing it both in all Queen trades and in leveraged trades as well and Ive extended it says Black Friday here but Ive extended our holiday sale going into Christmas so I am leaving it open as long as there are limited amount of coupons left and if you do use the coupon again first thing in the description that is 10 for your first month so theres no excuse not to do it were breaking the barrier breaking the myth that not everybody can profit and that its difficult and impossible to profit in the cryptocurrency market but lets go into the Bitcoin technical analysis first starting on the daily timeframe first of all just a few days ago I believe it was Wednesday or Tuesday whatever was the 18th of December look at that huge brink and I came in now that candle was a perfect opportunity to catch a bounce off of this lower support off of the lower trend line that we had been bouncing off of several times before we can see happened over here we can see it happen over here so this was one very profitable trade that Im gonna put up right now that we entered in the group very very happy enter in the beginning of the day towards the end of the day we were all closed out it was absolutely incredible but again seeing as it bounced off the support that wasnt a very difficult rate to enter with a tight stoploss that if we broke below we could be seeing a significant dump we were prepared for that as well so for those of you who got into the trade congratulations those of you who are following my articles and watched this breakdown happen congratulations as well we also saw I come right back in to test the EMA and now Im going to zoom into the closer timeframe I wanted to show you guys the hourly chart because once we zoom out obviously on the daily we saw that we were still below the EMA ribbon if anything we had made some distance between and then bounced off of this support in order to close it and test that resistance again what we see happen on the hourly chart is a little bit different on the hourly chart we actually broke right above that with that move that came in on the 18th of December we broke right above the EMA ribbon and now are using it as support and are following it in with this resistance that we have drawn on the lower timeframe here which again you can see why we have it its balanced several times its active resistance before and now with the EMA ribbon coming up close to this were going to see if we can break out above this level and if we do break out above this level do not be surprised if we see a bounce all the way up to the higher zone of that then the next resistance which is the upper level of the channel that we were just looking at now let me zoom out here and again show with you guys another thing that Ive seen people point out and thats very accurate is that Bitcoin likes to double bounce before it has a big runup so you see one bounce here you see two bounces here right one balance going up halfway bouncing again straight up top we saw a very very similar thing happen bounce here and balance here its not really a double bottom because its not at the same level right so one bounce it went up to about half way saw another bounce and then boom big handle up and we saw one balance weighted went to half way saw another balance and now we are testing the resistance again which if we break do not be surprised that Bitcoin starts heading up into the upper 7, 000 so again a very good opportunity to catch and make some money if we enter in the right position but not only that if we look at the actual Bitcoin see I mean futures chart remember the gap that was put over here and that a lot of people said maybe we werent gonna fill it this time and even after this big red candle came in it looked even more likely and more in favor of people saying that we werent going to fill it this time well gaps get filled 99 of the time because we got her right back up there we filled it and that gap is now done and were gonna wait to see the next one for the potential next opportunity in order to capitalize on the gas because when its that favorable when its that much in our favor and it happens that often were going to continue to take advantage of it because its just a very easy trade even if you dont use high leverage and you wait you give yourself enough room for moves like this to happen if actually bitcoin does have come right back up and fill that gap now moving on to more of the new side of things bitcoins fear and greed index suggests it might be time to start buying Bitcoin out the fear and greed ending expose view who dont know is a measure of how if people are overall fearful or if people are overall greedy and if you follow the investment tips from some of the top investors they say buy when others are fearful and sell when others get greedy 20, 000 topples when everybody was getting greedy everyone wanted more and more everyone thought it was going to never stop moving and thats where we saw the big selloff and then roughly around 3k that Titan with few other factors but roughly around 3k went a Bitcoin was you know everyone was fearful everyone thought it was over maybe this is the end from 20k to 3k thats when everything happened thats when we started to move thats where people that got in when others were fearful that was the perfect opportunity to get it so the fear greed Index starting to show maybe a little bit more fear overall in a for crypto which could be a good opportunity slowly buying in and maybe dollar dollar cost averaging some Bitcoin but the overall market currently 191 billion dollars bitcoins Allmans 68.3 again Bitcoin had a big move but since then its been relatively sideways I showed you guys the EMA ribbon acting as support tied with the resistance that was there we are trading in a very and narrow path with if we break below the EMA ribbon we can expect it might come down a Tesla support again but if we do break above it we can see Bitcoin go all the way to the higher seven thousands which would be very nice to see as well Im sure a lot of you guys would enjoy seeing that happen so lets see exactly how things play out were not gonna jump ahead of things were gonna wait to get the right and youre gonna wait for the confirmation and thats how were going to play thats how Im going to be playing that chart but Matich is up some criterium is up a lot of all coins even the last few days last few weeks even if they coin sideways weve seen some all coins really stand out and really make some doubledigit gains which is fantastic for those of us who are looking to make some profit but overall I do think its an overall Green Day we have more green that ran in the market by a significant amount biggest loser of the day we scroll down is sensuality dont know much about it horizon Celie waves is there as well ways I guess the more notable name only down 3 so nothing overall crazy definitely a green day in the market this is big news is from the to a billion dollar Ponzi scheme plus token that Im sure a lot of you guys are familiar with they have just mu a hundred five million dollars worth of etherium from their aetherium wallet 105 million dollars at seven hundred and eighty nine thousand or seven hundred eighty nine thousand five hundred twentyfive aetherium from there plus token etherion wallet to an unknown wall so people are saying that we might be in foreign aetherium dump for those of you who are not familiar with that its it is said that plus token is the reason we saw Bitcoin go from three thousand dollars to a fourteen thousand dollars and that the day that the founders got arrested all this blew up was pretty much the exact same day if not the same day that Bitcoin hit its fourteen thousand dollar table so its a very mixed feeling thing I see a lot of people say like its difficult to say but at the same time do you kind of wish they stayed around and didnt get arrested so that bitcoins price kept going up but at the same time we obviously hate seeing people lose their money and its difficult to its a difficult situation because you get mixed feelings about it Id love to see Bitcoin at 100k if they brought to 100k I wouldnt be the one necessarily complaining that Bitcoin was at 100k but naturally that was a huge Ponzi that blew up on and that is said to be the reason why were currently back on the bearish trend right now they moved over over seven hundred eighty nine thousand aetherium we could be singing aetherium job 105 105 million dollars im aetherium if it is sold if its market sold on it this is the regular market its going to cause a big dump so keeping out on the for that and something else that might be interesting maybe if you set very low buy or buy orders for aetherium so theres some very very low ones maybe if something happens maybe well be able to actually catch a very low buyin for aetherium if youre somebody who wants to accumulate more and more in theorem so different ways to play this in terms of pro making money but also keep in mind if we see aetherium dump this might be a little bit of the reason for then also again the Bitcoin stuff that came out I think a lot of you guys probably heard this as well but thats some pretty big news and definitely causes for mixed feelings now Iran has proposed cryptocurrency for Muslim nations to reduce reliance on the US dollar we know that the u.s.

Bitcoin Bullish Move 100 Million Ethereum Dump Coming

dollar a lot of countries actually rely on the US dollar and have reasons to keep an eye out on that but if they do decide that they dont want to rely on the US dollar and maybe crypto nc is a more decentralized thing rather than have the u.s. dollar which is obviously not very decentralized its tied straight to the US right so thats something to see come out maybe well see more countries do this as well and I Yoda have released their roadmaps or more details of their roadmaps which does include privacy scalability and software upgrades a very cool project that weve talked about along the beginning especially in like late 2017 early 2018 a lot of very big IO defense so I wanted to ask how many of you guys are I Oh defense or hold iota or will continue to hold I order or interested in buying iota let me know that in the comments down below right now be interesting to see how many people are still on the IO a train or if most people have moved away from that and are starting to find other alternatives so let me know your guys thoughts in the comments down below but without further ado it is Friday were gonna be doing the crypto giveaway that we do every single Friday if you guys are new here make sure you guys are subscribed youre leaving a thumbs up on the article youre leaving tons of comments down below of every single article because I do a giveaway every single Friday and I want to see as many of you guys win so do you guys have won multiple times some of you guys Ive seen still havent won once its crazy to me how that happens this is I promise you a completely random generator that just picks the state of the winner so lets see who the winner is for this article if the winner I had to skip the first one because the first one was a spam comment I dont know if you guys want me to include the spam comments and just to prove to you guys that Im just refreshing and clicking pick another winner but let me know that in the comments down below as well but the winner dont not a clue how to pronounce this so Im not even going to try but congratulations all you have to do to claim it is send me a message on telegram there should be a link down below or an email using my email in the description of the article and well make sure to get you your free crypto nice short raid in the group thank you so yeah just before we entered that long trade we were in a short trade that hit several profit so that was great then we hit enter the long trade to the long trade if you were in did over a hundred percent profit with 10x leverage right a low leverage we were able to catch a very big move so that was very very nice but guys thanks so much for watching hope you did enjoy again if you want to enter a chance to win future crypto giveaways your so make sure youre subscribed make sure you hit the like button and you leave tons of comments on every single article thats all thats required and then youll be entered to win guys thanks so much for watching Ill see you guys Monday for another article

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