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Bitcoin or Amazon Selfemployed or corporate welfare warehouse worker

pBitcoin or Amazon? Selfemployed or corporate welfare warehouse worker? Hello everyone on Facebook this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is October the 8th 2017 alright so Im experimenting here and doing a special Facebook Bitcoin show I usually do this on YouTube you can find me at disrupt meister comm if you want to see all my YouTube shows so since Im doing this on Facebook its this is gonna be catered toward a more Baltimore centric audience since a lot of you know me from Baltimore but the first thing I want to share is that I want all of you to follow me on Twitter at Tech Bob te CH be alt thats like technology baltimore te CH be alt Im on Twitter Ive got like 4000 followers theyre my youtube channel has 13, 000 subscribers but Im trying to build up the Twitter following because weve had some issues with YouTube lately and thats also why Im experimenting here and doing the article here now if you follow me and you retweet please retweet this out there Im going to retweet this and I will retweet you guys if you are a follower of mine and I find you have something interesting to say and in terms of cryptocurrency or maybe something else anyway so most of you know I am from Baltimore originally I mean I just travel around the world and stuff and Im in Alvear Spain right now which is a beach city or beach town on the Mediterranean Sea its its beautiful out there and its good to travel its good to be your own boss and were going to get into that also I will be on the vortex show on YouTube if anyones familiar with that tonight at what is in East Coast time 3 p.m.

Bitcoin or Amazon Selfemployed or corporate welfare warehouse worker

East Coast time noon Los Angeles time all right lets get I see we have some live viewers here too on Facebook the Sarah is and Sarah when I was at her place in the suburbs of Detroit that is a very important date for me in my Bitcoin history actually its right around the time when I bought my first Bitcoin is a long story I actually havent I dont know if Ive actually shared the whole thing I never shared it on article before but its an interesting story that trip delayed my first purchase of Bitcoin but Im glad I I was patient and I waited and I got it when I got back home to Baltimore after I was in Detroit for a weekend a few few years ago so yes a few years ago that means Ive had Bitcoin a lot longer than a lot of people have and a lot of people are saying well I missed out on it well you havent missed out on it and I want to say that this is a really a great one sandal hour maybe of twice in a lifetime topup the type of opportunity I can remember when the internet started getting big and I was very young back then and so I couldnt make the most of that opportunity then I did learn how to use the internet really well and make webpages and do all these things and when I look back on it now I went to friends school Baltimore on Washington University in st.

Bitcoin or Amazon Selfemployed or corporate welfare warehouse worker

Louis which are places of great education but in terms of making money in real life the skills that I learned at Wash U one of the you know best universities on the planet did did I learn more skills at Wash U or did I learn didnt my experimenting with the internet helped me more in life and its questionable I mean a lot of people gonna say but the stuff that you did with the internet thats when you based your businesses on in real life and you know youve become this good marketer and youre youre pretty funny on the internet and everything so when we translate that to the modern times that the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency revolution whatever you want to call this that were about were entering right now is very similar so Im telling everyone out there you should learn how this stuff works because no matter where you go to school this might be more valuable information to help you make money very soon in life and I know we and again going thats it I guess the bottom line perspect own things everyone very much I read this in the paper online and Ive read it on other newspapers all over the United States Oh Amazon please come here were going to give you corporate welfare please we need to employ our people we want everyone to be a warehouse worker and make 12.50 an hour and its so the government is going to pay Amazon and Amazon has its pick of any city United States to build their second headquarters at thats what this is all thats what theyre trying to do so Baltimore youre probably not going to get it youre probably gonna have to you know mortgage your firstborn child whatever that is to get Amazon to come there and give you 12.50 and our jobs so everyone can argue about that and scream about that and waste time with that kind of thing or they can educate themselves about this Bitcoin thing you learn how to use pleases its not easy now if you if youre able to understand it let me put it in perspective here so I do Bitcoin consultations so and were people asking all sorts of information about Bitcoin and Im not saying youre gonna be able to do this right away or whatever but Im a Bitcoin consultants one of the things I do I get paid in Bitcoin and I just keep it in Bitcoin and I get paid point one five Bitcoin an hour sometimes do you know what that translates into and in dollars has over 600 an hour and so that Amazon job will pay you five hundred dollars in a week so you can you know you can say oh lets make our Baltimore City public schools better so we can get Amazon jobs or you can just teach your kid about Bitcoin or maybe Baltimore City should be paying attention in this article and like take another approach and stop throwing all this money in the Baltimore City Public Schools and maybe come up with a new concept where they teach people about new things like Bitcoin where they dont have to depend go and Amazon coming to give people jobs and other you know is the only reason businesses even come to Baltimore in any cities now is governments give them corporate welfare and thats not free the taxpayers are paying for that so if youre a taxpayer its its pretty bad youre youre like paying from your taxes to get Amazon to come to pay your kid twelve 50 cents an hour so Bitcoin learn about it thats what this article is about and Im gonna act tweak this out Im gonna follow me at tech ball Tec HP alt and of course be your own boss what else do we have here yeah I didnt want to I didnt want to skip anything no I actually I covered everything so yeah disrupt meister comm you can find my usual articles at and again weve had some technical difficulties with YouTube lately if Im rearranging everything now youre gonna be able to keep track of me really well through Twitter like if I put something on youtube if I post something on Facebook so that is why if your usual viewer of my stuff follow me on twitter at tech vaulttec h be alt it doesnt have anything to do with baltimore anymore i noticed some people up there remember when it it did but that is just a name thats i and luaus is in the house here a little blue where are you right now are you well talk soon alright so im adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe to this channel like this article share this article and follow me at tech ball eech be alt oh Im also supposed to say pound that like button that is um my famous saying on YouTube and Chris just entered the room hes the dude a bitcoin fan here in Spain whos Im staying at his Airbnb his beautiful Airbnb I guess I will link I should link to it below so all of you when you come to Al beer Spain can stay at Chriss air BampampB he is a Bitcoin dude I know a lot of people are watching this now they dont care about that aspect of it but hes a big Bitcoin guy cryptocurrency guy a good guy hes got a pool out there Im gonna do a show from the pool eventually to that that should be a lot of fun and how beer I posted a article from out there on Facebook also you can see how beautiful it is in this place that there are no Americans here but Adam Meister see you laterp

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