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Bitcoin Picture Concepts

Bitcoin Picture Concepts

pBitcoin Picture Concepts hello my name is no Ryan and im also of Bitcoin picture concepts im going to talk you through Bitcoin over the next three minutes bitcoin will is about self education you need to teach yourself about it find out about as much as you can and read and look at articles were going to be used for lots of different things from online gambling to saving to buying games exchange with people buying gifts and doing shopping to exchange bitcoin with someone else you use a QR code to scan the code from one phone and bitcoin transfers across over to the other device you can also use Bitcoin ATMs which let you put in dollars or euros or pounds and get out Bitcoin or put in Bitcoin and get out pounds be going to be used for shopping so you go and buy your goods and then scan your QR code transfer your Bitcoin and the way they come bitcoin is global so you can instantaneously x transfer money or wealth from one point in the globe to any other because the first trans national currency every country has their own currency Bitcoin can be used everywhere and anywhere there are things called Bitcoin credit cards or debit cards which let you access the master card payments network while still keeping bitcoins bitcoins are transferable into dollars and euros and pounds and yet just like any other currency will begin advantage of bitcoin is that you can and not had your transactions top so if you shop with Bitcoin its definitely going to go through but with dollars or pounds it might be stopped the other advantage is that your details cant be stolen the traditional visa and mastercards your details can easily be taken by a hacker the total supply of gold over time has increased and we can see here that over the last 20 years theres been quite a big increase the total number of dollars has increased massively as well over the last 50 years we dont know how many dollars being printed the same story for the power at the moment we have no idea how many pounds are being printed in total with bitcoin is a fixed supply and we know exactly what is going to be released over time and here is the graph for that in terms of the price of bitcoin against dollars or other currencies it fluctuates our guard down it can stay the same it can decrease and increase we dont know what we do know is that Bitcoin relative to bitcoin is always going to be worth a Bitcoin and and one bitcoin is actually worth a hundred million satoshi so the satoshi is the smallest unit of account the smallest visible part of a bitcoin and one bitcoin is worth 100 million Satoshis cant be divided any smaller than that to store your Bitcoin to use a private key to store the one your phone in whats called a bitcoin wallets and you access your wallets using your a fingerprint on your phone or if youre using a wallet on your computer you would use a pin code or password and to access your keys and be able to spend your Bitcoin you can also store your wallets an online Bitcoin bank again you use a password to be able to access that login use it one of the safest ways to store your Bitcoin keys is to put them on to whats called paper wallet or put them into cold storage put them in a safe youve enjoyed this then do share it with your friends and share it on facebook and instagram and send their printed copy to people and my names Ben me of ryan you can see a copy of this on my websites in the link below and hope you enjoyedp

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