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Bitcoin QA Careers in open blockchain development

pBitcoin QA: Careers in open blockchain development?p p Conflicted asks about career options.

Bitcoin QA Careers in open blockchain development

Im about to graduate computer science and applying for big companies is a thing. Open blockchains, to me, look exciting and promising, yet unstable as a career path. What would you say to a new graduate who sees his friends working for bigger and better paying companies, who feels peer pressure to play the game, but sees this space as an important thing, and yet is not sure he has enough experience to make a difference. I dont think this is really a blockchains, but more a question about following the very traditional. career path with bigger and better paying companies, versus building a career that. has a degree of entrepreneurial independence and maybe a lot of risk built into it. I think that, as time goes by, these two paths are not what they initially seemed.

It is very difficult, especially in some countries, to be an entrepreneur or freelancer, to work independently. For example, in the U.S., the tax system is stacked against you from the . You pay far more in taxes as a selfemployed person. than if you worked as a payroll employee for a corporation. Healthcare is almost impossible as a selfemployed person. You must handle that and take on all the risk.

In return, what you get is freedom. To me, that is priceless, but not everyone sees it that way. A lot of people would much rather have job security instead of freedom. To those people, I say, Those who give up freedom in order to gain a sense of security, deserve neither.

Or, will have neither. Im paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin. Here is the thing.

The bigger and better paying companies that give you this degree of security? It is an illusion. Its an illusion because none of them give a shit about you. There is no career path guarantees.

All jobs are atwill jobs, where you can usually get fired at any time. Theres no such thing as a career for life .

Bitcoin QA Careers in open blockchain development

Its all about developing skills that are marketable and competitive. As soon as you stop doing that, none of these bigger and better paying companies will be loyal to you. If anything, working for bigger and better paying companies limits the skills you can develop.

You develop skills in playing politics, jockeying for position, climbing the ladder, backstabbing your colleagues, dealing with the sociopath in the cubicle next to you. or your boss, who also be a sociopath. Trying to handle all of these internal politics. Signing up for projects because they have good buzzwords, rather than a possibility of succeeding. Trying to figure out what will generate the greatest opportunity for promotion and pay raise, rather than. what is a useful thing to do? Those are not really useful or creative skills.

At least for many people I know, you have a semblance of job security, but in return you are miserable. your life has no purpose within these bigger and better paying companies. As an entrepreneur who is fiercely independent, I will give you the worst advice that I possibly can. That is: find a way to do your own thing, create your own job, develop entrepreneurial skills that are. usable in multiple industries, countries, geographies, and languages.

Be ready to be flexible. One of the reasons you should do that now is, later in life, you will not have the flexibility you have now. The older you get, the more responsibilities and dependents you have, the less flexibility you have. Now is the time to take risks, to do something exciting, to try a different track than every one of your peers.

Part of that means risking that it will fail. That is okay, because you can fail gracefully when you are in your mid20s with no dependents. It is a lot harder to fail gracefully when. youre in your mid40s and have a family, a mortgage, a private school bill to pay at the end of each month.

At that point, you cant fail gracefully. The bigger and better paying companies, selling out to a corporate career of boredom, and playing politics. will still be there, so try something different.p

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