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Bitcoin QA Job opportunities with cryptocurrencies

pBitcoin QA: Job opportunities with cryptocurrencies My question is also about your vision for the future, but from a different angle.

Bitcoin QA Job opportunities with cryptocurrencies

Id like to ask if Bitcoin evolve into an ecosystem that everybody can use, that we can all benefit from. In your view, what are the potential job opportunities for people from any walk of life, that could also benefit? Any new invention that comes along benefit whoever wants to take advantage of it. I just want understand what your view is about Bitcoin and the job opportunities it can offer. to whoever and deeply involved, but perhaps not in becoming a programmer. would be very beneficial, but beyond that?

Absolutely. I think becoming involved in this technology . looking at which areas, of society and our lives, are touched. What is this technology? Its money.

Which areas of society and our lives are touched by money? You can work in those areas. I think there are a few. Absolutely everything is affected when you change one of the most fundamental technologies, when you change the language of money. That means that there will be opportunities for everyone.

Right now, of course, the barrier to entry ridiculous. If you happen to be a white, privileged male in your mid30s with a lot of money, a bank account, a masters degree in computer science, familiarity with three programming languages, hardware, access to the internet and liquid cash, you can really take advantage of this technology. Thats not how it becomes mainstream, that is how it becomes a nightmare. But look around you here this is probably one of the most diverse audiences Ive spoken to in months. As things become more interesting and Bitcoin gradually comes in to the mainstream, different people show up.

When I went to the first few meetups and met with people, they were really weird people. I mean, who jumps on to this weird quirky technology thats really only for programmers? A lot of the edgy libertarian community.

Its less weird with time. When I was talking to people in the beginning, Id, Have you heard of Bitcoin? In the first generation, the first couple of years, , What? What coin? Bitcoin.

Bit Buttcoin? Bitcoin? No, havent heard of it. By year two, things are getting interesting. The answer changed.

Have you heard of Bitcoin? Oh yeah, thats the money people use to buy drugs! Great, now we have broken through to mainstream consciousness. and several other layers of consciousness that can be achieved by purchasing things on the Silk Road.

Gradually, the audience changes. You start meeting people in this space who strike you as very normal. Im starting to meet people at meetups who, when I ask what do you do, are you a programmer in the space, say, No, Im a dentist, I install air conditioners, Im a hairdresser.

This happens to me all the time now. There are people involved in wealth preservation, investment they are fascinated by the technology, internet trends and fads or something like that. They accept bitcoin in their business, and they start using it. Maybe they do some investments and they get involved.

I think were now at the stage where this industry requires a broader approach. You could write the code, but no one can use it because the user interfaces suck. Who is a graphic designer in this room?

Who is a user experience or interface designer? We need you. Who does marketing, sales, or customer service? expands, more and more you will see different areas. I met a guy the other day at the conference, he said, I really want to get into Bitcoin.

Im not really sure how to do it. Im not a programmer. I asked, What do you do?

He said, Im an accountant. Im, are you kidding me? We need ten thousand accountants today, who are willing to even talk to us. once we say the word bitcoin. I have to file my taxes and thats a long form!

Were going to reach out all of the skills that are involved in any hightech startup business, in any retailfocused business, in any business that has online ecommerce. More interestingly, were beginning to see the arts: creative people, musicians, and painters. There is a whole range of people in the creative arts . Why? One of the amazing things about using bitcoin to promote or get paid for art and artistic expression is, it allows you to bypass the intermediaries.

You have an audience, not Facebook or YouTube has an audience on your behalf. There are a lot of artists Ive worked with who are beginning to realise the power of this technology. It connects them directly to their most audience, their biggest fans, and thats a great way to use it. This is going to spread to every aspect of life.

On my way to the airport to come to Bali, Im sitting in a taxi and talking to my colleague, I said, is really tanking today. Bitcoin is still quite stable. The taxi driver, Did you say bitcoin? Yeah, have you heard of it?

Heard of it? Ive been mining for three years! Wow!

Thats only the third time Ive met someone driving in an Uber or taxi who had any idea what bitcoin was. At the end of that ride, they got a tip in bitcoin. You bet on it.p

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