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Calculate Future Value using TI84TI83

Calculate Future Value using TI84TI83

pCalculate Future Value using TI84TI83p phello so today what were going to work on is finding the future value using our TVM solver on our ti84 Ill be using ti84 plus lever addition this works on a regular ti84 the ti83 some buttons might just be in different places but the weight what you do it its exactly the same so just for start off the major thing we want to do is analyze our problem and pull out the key information so here we have our TV of 247, 000 so some I focus on right there and we see that our money will being the bank or a stock market whatever for nine years so our n was equal to nine and finally our AI is equal to three percent here and a key thing to notice is that this account will gain an annual interest rate which will come into play later on so to start this you someone go to kick that hit the apps button go on to your finance application should be the first one and then into your TVM solver and here were going to input data that we just found so we put in nine four years three percent for interests and be aware that the interest is ready to handle percentages so you Donna City 0.03 if youre doing three percent its just a simple three I mean if you are doing point zero three percent then you would enter in that way but any of your percentages in exactly how that written your present value 247 thousand payment of zero future values what were calculating and here is where the annual interest comes in play our pure wise one because its an annual if it wasnt semiannually you would put two quarterly for and so on but that affects how many times in a year your rate is being compounded so well go back up to our future value and were going to hit alpha enter or office solve and I get caesarian sir of three hundred and twenty two thousand two hundred seventy eight and youll notice that Ive got a negative sign here in front of my number and that has to do with the present value being positive any future value is going to always be an opposite sign of your future value of your present value due to the fact that its looking at one of your either putting in or getting taken away and so if I go up to present value and I insert a negative sign and go and recalculate my future value youll notice that we have a sign change future values now positive and so theyll always be opposite of each other one of the things that I would recommend knowing about is if you try to around this number or to write it down and then reenter it later that can be very timeconsuming you can also lead you to perform errors if you dont round correctly if you a button mash too many twos or something like that so what I like to do is go back to the home screen know into your finance up into and then go over to variables lets do that help the screen and then you can either click down and to the future value or just press five and thatll kick it out to your home screen exactly what we need that way theres no running no reentering much faster much smoother theyre much cleaner for me so thats all it takes you now know how to calculate your future value any questions or comments please leave below and have a great day thank youp

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