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Cash App Adds Bitcoin Fees For Users Bitcoin News 2019

pCash App Adds Bitcoin Fees For Users Bitcoin News 2019 hello and welcome to bit boy crypto your onestop shop for all things Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Road edition of the fresh five today currently in Orlando giving couple blockchain talks today with decentralized America so you guys make sure to check that out we will have the articles on the page soon today were gonna be looking at several important stories, two involving China.

Cash App Adds Bitcoin Fees For Users Bitcoin News 2019

were going to be looking at quan a quantum resistant crypto thats coming out as an IEO on bit Bay, Delta being purchased by eToro the block folio competitor and were also going to be looking at cash app going to be instituting a fee for Bitcoin so lets go ahead and jump into market watch. market watch alright guys right now Bitcoin coming at 9297 down just a hair less than half a percent. the current market coming at 252 billion which is about exactly where it was yesterday for a fresh five article a Bitcoin dominance however drops another point one percent to sixty six point five percent so coming in right now biggest gainers of the day we have maximized by coin rinse wipe and I exec RLC and then biggest losers the other day we have wicks lar which I didnt even know existed down 35 percent COO coin chairs erz 20 auger and molecular future so go ahead and move on to top story the day number one top story of the day alright guys so as you know China has been really back and forth regarding bans on crypto. it has banned crypto currency completely, its banned crypto mining its banned Bitcoin mining at different points you know all kinds of different bands that china has instituted and you know i was really wondering if we were still going to get this drama of whats banned whats not been banned um after the announcement that by the chinese president that they would be going allin on blockchain and now we have another unfolding of the removal of one of the bands or the removal of the intention to ban because China does a lot of talk they do a lot of action as well but a lot of talk. so now bullish for Bitcoin China officially scraps plan to ban cryptocurrency mining. now a lot of people think that this might lead to some more sideways action as you guys can see here is the markets calm after the initial Chinese announcement that they were going in on blockchain of course a price exploded and now it is coming back down soon so the reason for this could possibly be the reason that it hasnt dropped further might be the fact that you know China is now not going to be putting in a ban on crypto mining which is very important so the change came via a new edition of Chinas industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue which will take effect the start of next year Chinas development and Reform Commission has removed cryptocurrency mining from the list of industries they want to eliminate bullish for bitcoins.

Cash App Adds Bitcoin Fees For Users Bitcoin News 2019

so definitely big news I do think well see Bitcoin mining continue to grow in China at this point, and you know can do so without fear of repercussion at this point. story number 2 so also more china news here as they have agreed with the hong kong central bank for blockchain push. now this is very interesting guys they have an agreement with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority HKMA it signed an a memorandum of understanding with the Peoples Bank of China aka the PBOC. now whats very interesting about this as that the Peoples Bank of China is coming out with its own coin it was announced earlier this year its gonna be called CBDC the digital currency of the Peoples Bank of China. now is this the first domino that were going to see in China trying to have a complete domination of the crypto space specifically starting in Asia it definitely could be there has been obviously a lot of tension between Hong Kong and China you gotta wonder if maybe you know China and Hong Kong struck some kind of backdoor agreement here to kind of protect the Chinese currency because you know a lot of the issues between China and Hong Kong have to do with the Chinese one versus the American dollar so lets see what this looks like but is definitely very interesting that right after China is going allin on blockchain now theyre agreeing with Hong Kong with the central bank there that they will also be pushing for blockchain. story number three alright guys bit bay exchange introduces ieo launch pad list quantum resists ik Quan or con Im not exactly sure how to pronounce that but its qan is the point here so very interesting because of course earlier this year Google made a big splash by saying that they had achieved quantum supremacy and a lot of people are really concerned about that in terms of blockchain in the future theyre worried that you know basically 256 encryption will be cracked very easily and so people everywhere have been scrambling to figure out like what kind of protocols can be added to whatever cryptocurrency whether Bitcoin litecoin whatever that could make it quantum resistant well Quan is a creeper a a resistant blockchain when it comes to quantum computers so big basics exchange announced the introduction of an ILO launch pad an initial exchange offering launch pad like by nan sass which will go live on the 18th of November along with the first ieo sale of quark tokens through the launch pad babay will become the first exchange offering investors the possibility to buy io tokens directly through the euro the Polish zloty I dont know how to say that and the British pounds a little more about Quon here so um bit bei says is a licensed crypto currency exchange we want to offer our users a possibility to participate with innovative and reliable projects Kwon brings great value to blockchain developers and has the potential to level up the cryptocurrency industry ecosystem and I think that is something that really is very important you know for the the future of cryptocurrency is that we have to have things that are going to be able to adapt to quantum computing because I dont know if you guys know what Moores law is Moores law is basically a law that says the technology doubles every two years theres curb that shows that when it comes to computers and processors well weve broken Moores law over the last year so now computers are actually progressing much faster than doubling every two years so it seems like right now quantum computers are you know theyve got to be stored in subzero temperatures its really crazy how expensive they are but you know definitely it wont be long before that becomes much simpler and these quantum computers I dont know if theyll be in everyones home but theyll definitely be a lot more common so I do think this is definitely something we got to keep our eye on Story number four all right guys squares Kashyap is now charging fees for Bitcoin purchases easy to quote right here cash out may charge a fee when you buy or so Bitcoin if so the fee will be listed on the trade confirmation before you complete a transaction just as a story yesterday about coin base and how coin based you know may possibly be leaking customer data which were still waiting to hear back from them on that um but you know a lot of you dont like that coin base continues to up its fees and and people saw cash app is a way to maybe circumvent that well now thats not gonna be the case anymore as people are definitely going to be getting charged a fee will it be as much as the coin base fees probably not right now it looks like this talks a little bit about a screenshot of the fee it says a date of November 5th it showed a ten cent fee for a ten dollar purchase well serves about eighty eight cents for a fifty dollar purchase in a 175 for eight 100 purchase so it looks like the the amount is gonna be somewhere between you know 1.75 to 2 at the max maybe a little bit less than that for smaller or four or maybe a little bit more you know depending upon how much youre buying but its definitely interesting that I think that companies are realizing that you know Bitcoin is a premium theres no doubt about it and people are definitely willing to pay for it especially the price is gonna go back up so you know hopefully they wont jack these fees up too high and square scores cash app can be you know a way to buy a Bitcoin that I cant continue to tell you guys that I think is at least a good option Story number five all right guys investment platform eToro acquires crypto portfolio tracker app Delta honestly I like Delta better than Black folio black folio reached out to me last year and so I did a article for them it wasnt sponsored but you trying to explain the benefits of black folio but honestly in my opinion I think Delta is a better app its been a better app than black folio I think its a lot easier a lot more simple to use is all right now the exchange eToro has bought it and you know basically the idea is to have a place where you can store your portfolio in an easy way but you can also make purchases make crypto purchases as well that basically what eToro is all about is eToro is you know from their own mouths you know basically they are a platform for the people and so you guys can see right here it says we are trading in a we are a trading and investment platform that not only provides clients with access to the assets they want from commission trip free stocks and ETFs through to FX or Forex commodities and crypto assets but also lets the customers choose how they invest now in America unfortunately right now we do not have the full version of eToro thats available in Europe due to some regulation and different laws and things but I do think in the future eToro is gonna be a major player in the space I think that were gonna see coinbase finance us and eToro battle it out for American customers you know for the next couple of years and if the price of Bitcoin goes up considerably like a lot of people think its going to over the next few months then you know this could get to be a bloody war pretty quick so well have to see who wins you know Im a big fan of Finance us is you guys know Im not a huge fan of finance dotcom but I am a fan of Finance us will definitely be doing some more articles on them in the future but I think eToro is definitely one to watch as well all right guys thank you so much for watching this article well be back with another fresh v article tomorrow then we have chain wise conference this weekend Ill be speaking at so you guys can watch four different articles well Ill be livestreaming later or Ill be livestreaming today is long in the short of it so alright guys thank you so much for watching this article the boilp

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