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Clif High on Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Our Future. Stock market finance investing interviews

Clif High on Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Our Future…..

Clif High on Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Our Future. Stock market finance investing interviews

Stock market finance investing interviews Clif High on Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Our Future….. Webbot report latest 2017 interview crypto cryptocurrency predictions david moadel cryptocurrencies ethereum litecoin welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell today Ive got a very highly anticipated you know interview today with mr. cliff hi Ive been looking forward to this a long time mr. cliff high is wellknown on on social media on YouTube and in the financial industry in general and he is in charge of half past human dotcom which is you know a website that you definitely want to check out you want to see his reports for sure mr. hi thank you for joining me today Im looking at the market sir glad to be here yeah absolutely um were going to talk about half past human calm for sure and were going to try to get people over to your site to check out your reports but first I just wanted to get some of some of your wisdom and insight today because of these markets my goodness it seems like the market that just wouldnt wont go down for any length of time um you know the socalled Trump trade has been just going strong and it seems like the market doesnt want to come back to reality can this is this sustainable for the rest of 2017 what do you think oh I think its sustainable basically forever the the issue is youre not the the question okay we are not framing our questions around the reality we have to deal with so if we were to look at the market on a daily basis weekly basis monthly etc we would see this general progression upward upward upward upward with very few little hiccups and we think well this is reflective of the underlying social order as it should be and thats what they want you to think and that is precisely why theyve engineered the markets to follow that trajectory so they can sustain it as long as they wish to what were observing however is a hyperinflation its a hyperinflation that reflects more like the hyperinflation in Germany in 1918 then in 1923 and so it will accelerate slightly and and spill over into other areas and those people that are not watching the other areas wont be aware that its hyperinflation until we reach levels of maybe Dow 50, 000 or 125, 000 and then at that point youll say well these 30 stocks are now worth 125, 000 and I can buy two loaves of bread for that amount of money and that will be the our reality at that point if youre still dealing in dollars and dealing with the paper debt markets because what youre actually watching is the very end of a grand of a number of cycles grand cycles some of them running over almost 300 years and the paper Fiat or the fiat money experiment that Nixon launched us on taking it away from gold in 1972 is now at its end along with that its also going to bring down all these other cycles the derivatives which are a fast burn cycle because theyre so large we when I talk about cycles I dont necessarily mean economic excuse me so much as I am thinking in terms of energy or energetic cycles so things that are very large and fastmoving are going to be very shortlived thus the derivatives in their cycle might only really exist the past 50 years another year and then thats it whereas the slower moving initial coinage that eventually supported the paper Fiat has been in place for 200 plus years two hundred fifty four or something like that but that cycle is also ending so if youre looking in the right spot you see hyperinflation everywhere I saw hyperinflation today on a grand scale kind of a scary picture down the road but Dow 50, 000 amazing you know its meaningless yes you wont be able to get out even if you did get out of what value are the fifty thousand dollars in a system thats degrading kind of scary right now Im a huge fan of precious metals there just a personal question are you a stacker yourself of precious metals or do you go for the ETFs that kind thing no I would never touch any paper an ETF to me is an abomination its a its a con job its a deliberate attempt or deliberate scheme to defraud people because theyre right I wont go into the details thats just my opinion of it no I never never would never go into a paper investment but I certainly enough Ill go into a an ethereal investment in the form of crypto currencies I like I like metals stacking Im an old guy so no I cant stack that stuff its all too heavy I just dont just dont want to deal with it plus well its a good store of value it is simply not a currency anymore and everybody needs to recognize this that in the fat in the past when there were fewer humans on the planet gold or silver could serve as a currency now its not feasible and even if it were even if we actually acknowledged the true amount of gold thats out there according to the 1928 through 1934 global assay done by Buckminster Fuller and just accepted it his numbers were correct and we knew that we had enough gold that we could each have dozens and dozens and dozens of ounces around for all seven billion of us and circulate those it still would not happen because the stuff is just too clunky to circulate and be an effective medium of exchange in a planet where I need to get something done in a business environment in northern Africa five minutes from now you know Ive actually been looking at the lesser known and lesser spoken of precious metals such as platinum palladium those seem really exciting right now to me what do you think well I dont know I I dont know why they would excite you that would be a person personal proclivity on your part precious metals are fine theyre good store of value the exotic metals if you want to get into actually something that all right if you were to step outside of the monetized metals gold and silver then you then you have to ask yourself in the world that were now living in what is the use case or value case for palladium platinum etc and I would argue that they are precious only in an industrial sense at this stage and therefore you would have to say well if Im going to be into that space let me see what are the really good industrial precious metals to purchase and I could point you at two or three others that would are going to outperform palladium and platinum because theyre these these metals are tied up into the new energy fields and so if you were looking at that kind of a thing youd be looking at rare earths that are going to be used to moderate and ameliorate the constituency of the lithium iron and potassium and so thats going to be a huge giant market and so theres a real use case for those whereas the use case for platinum as falling as is the use case for plating interesting okay very good sir now we did touch upon crypto currencies your Bitcoin of course is the best known but it seems a little toppy seems like the hype has already been priced in possibly it might even be on the decline now it was it almost went up to 3000 now its around 2500 something should we be looking at other you know alt coins if they reom ripple things like that what do you think sure yeah you should look at those other coins but again your perspective is that of someone whos examining this in a small market sense and so if we take a step back or climb up a ways and look down from the top of the building we see the whats going on with Bitcoin and the other currencies is exactly as I stated earlier it is hyperinflation in a hyperinflation people will flee degrading money for anything that they can get so in the course of the degradation of the Denarius at the fall of the Roman Empire the most valuable asset one could purchase was wine and it was a both a store of value and in a consumable but also a commodity that was used to trade and it was used in lieu of the Denarius because they kept adding copper until eventually there was only 2 silver in the Denarius that was about the end of the Roman Empire we see the same effect when the Florin was being degraded and people fled to try and get value stored somewhere else and they ended up with the tulip bulb mania so thats whats going on at the moment the dollar and the derivative instruments of the debt industries are dying theyre dying very rapidly a new world is being born as we speak one will not crash followed by 300 years of Darkness to be replaced by the other the the one that is dying the dollar is going to to fall over like a cedar tree and the new tree will emerge out of the stump of the old one and that new tree is already germinated and growing quite rapidly and thats the crypto currencies so I personally expect that Bitcoin a year from now we will be well not even a year from now but by the end of February of next year well be looking at Bitcoin in about 3 13, 800 according to my data and that around that time we should see gold around 4500 and it is it it certainly has a use case as a store of value but its not exciting glitzy or usable in an electronic technological environment and thats where we live now so itll be extremely highly precious should that technological environment ever crash but at that point that preciousness is going to be limited to how far you can walk and carry it interesting points there I wanted to talk about half past human calm Im looking at it right now link is in the description everybody should check that out I see that youve got in big letters right there the Barenaked wealth report exciting yeah that that sounds exciting to me well heres what Im doing though yeah what Im doing with all of this is Im putting am giving you a perspective of 40 years programming experience at a very at many different levels on the crypto currencies and so forth because at their core theyre all software and that is where they are made or broken and so my goal is to start there and then try and rapidly educate people as we go forward fantastic yeah just looking through it looking through all the reports you know what can people expect if they were to purchase your reports heres the situation in the Barenaked wealth reports one through three I included our woowoo stuff okay which is our forecast of the future May on my emotive reduction engine which forecasts what emotions we will be seeing played out in markets and elsewhere 30 60 80 180 days beyond where we are at that particular moment that the report comes out and some longterm forecast so those first three reports include that that component the fourth report is simply a breakdown of crypto currencies and how to analyze these for a wellmanaged portfolio if one were an investor or even as a speculator and I was attempting in that fourth report to try and eliminate or trying to point out the pitfalls and the bad code examples and all these kind of things that Im able to see however there are just two so the report number five coming up Im going to go back to the same format I used in the first three and were going to eliminate any mention of altcoins that I that are not worth mentioning so the only thing Ill be talking about are basically my personal evaluations on coins that are good it will stand some chance of returning value in the future because bear in mind I expect 97 out of every 100 being created to simply fade away because they have no effective use case the people behind them have muddied thinking where the programming is bad or theyre unaware of true economic conditions or any number of other reasons so theres only going to be a few gems were at the same period of time now as I saw in the late 1990s that led to the formation of the standout Apple Microsoft and Google that kind of a thing and Im hoping to try and help people pick those out of the current crop of crypto currencies that is the hard thing isnt it getting in before the big runup anybody can get in once you know what I always say once your uber driver knows that something is hot its probably too late and so your help just to get in early and yes correct and and on solid foundation on programming uh that it makes sense you know cuz theres a lot of these coins that simply dont make sense some of them are really goofy and like a fun token fun token makes a lot of stuff so you know and I expect at one point well see you know the laughing clown token right and but but itll probably have a very good use case it will probably say yeah that makes sense too sure or a dogecoin which has a Shiba in you on the front its cute right right how many people do you know that actually use that that thats a big well you cant go by me cuz I know a lot of goofy people lets allow them to use it yeah but on the other hand you also get like veritasium right and if youve gotten in on veritasium in the beginning and been able to buy it at Oh getting it effectively at 62 12 II thorium and now its 2 to 1 and eventually in my opinion it will eclipse etherium that is to say well because figuring out how many theorems its going to take to buy a very coin and I and I backed this my opinion on the 1015 years history of the people involved with the very coin theres a few other stellar gems out there that Im able to find but boy thats awaiting through a huge marshy area to pick up these guys theres just so many of the scheisse coins showing up yeah and thats why people have to check out your report on half past human coms because you youve done the due diligence youve done the research and other others can benefit from that and finally I had to ask you about this I saw this headline cliff highs web bot predicting the Sun will begin scorching men in 2017 I know thats not financial necessarily but that scared the heck the heck out of me whats going on here well you have to understand that the what I was references is um we have throughout our entire planet there are all these caves that humans used to live in and when they used to live in there 40 50 60 thousand years ago they would draw stuff on the wall they were bored there were cave guys but they were bored they didnt have electronics she said they would draw on the walls and they drew from their personal experience and many of these well the vast majority of these caves will have drawings in of people sticking standing at the mouth of the cave and putting a stick outside the the mouth of the cave and having the stick catch on fire in their hands and then coming back some of the things even go on to illustrate using that fire that they just got by simply sticking the stick out the the cave to light their fires campfires for cooking and so forth what this it refers to as a current state of the Sun disease its not really a disease its where we are in the suns transit through interstellar space because the Sun moves and the Sun is not a nuclear reactor its much more like a highly charged electrical ball of plasma that ball is shrinking and its going to go down from 5000 Kelvin down to about 3, 000 Kelvin over these next hundred plus years but were at that point right now where that slight shrinkage and the cooling of the Suns corona is letting interstellar energies come in around the Sun so were being bombarded in a way that you and I have never lived through before with highenergy particles that are disturbing our atmosphere and and causing these intense sunburns in just a few minutes outside theyre leading actually causing us to go into an ice age which is the good part because the ice age protects us during these periods of time and we are going into an ice age because UV radiation Class C is a which never ever used to even come down to earth is now hitting the planet so intensely that vast areas of the ocean are evaporating and forming these rivers of water in the sky which help occlude the Sun and also cause the ice age by bringing precipitation into areas that will freeze up and this kind of a deal so you know weve got snow persisting in California weve got other areas of the planet theyre having snow through summer so this is the official in my opinion my personal official year first year of the ice age because well have ice that will form in summertime and it will persist all the way through and it will grow next summer it will be much more into it next summer so no were not going to start bursting into flame as a result of a Sun now but it wouldnt surprise me that such conditions might exist to where you couldnt go out in the Sun from say 11 to 1 or 11 to 3 something like that with depending on where youre at in some specific parts of the planet without suffering extreme damage and maybe even death at some point here in the future and we this year and next year we actually according to our datasets will have instances of people that will be unprepared for it will leave a building and be struck by the Sun with such ferocity that their lives will be at risk I hope people are listening to your message because its so important we need we need gentlemen such as yourself out there to warn us to let us know ahead of time you know that what to look for what to be aware of both financially and as we just spoke about and beyond the finances because you know none of the financial stuff matters so much if if were dealing with the science stuff that that could could end it all for us you know pretty well you know the saying is quite true your your wealth is your health yeah in all respects so you know keep yourself healthy and you can always make money absolutely I like the sound of that I know your time is valuable thank you so much once again the website is half past human comm link in the description do you have any social media sites youd like to let everybody know about I do things on Twitter but Im getting into some big projects at the moment so Ill be visiting that less and less but really thats it okay gotcha so everybody should visit the website ASAP thank you mister hi for joining me Im looking at the markets youre welcome back anytime sir thank you for watching please like comment and subscribe and Ill see you next time

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