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Coinbase Tutorial Beginners Guide on How to Buy Bitcoin

Coinbase Tutorial Beginners Guide on How to Buy Bitcoin

pCoinbase Tutorial: Beginners Guide on How to Buy Bitcoin hi today Im going to be taking through the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency the first thing you to do is create a crypto base wallet which is basically used to buy and send crypto currencies such as Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin being based in the UK to the main sites are coin based and blockchain Ill run through the coin by site first so coin base has been around for a while and since 2012 theyve got what ten point four million customers at the moment across 32 different countries and Im going to be signing up using an input that Ive received from a friend so what that means is that obviously ten dollars worth of Bitcoin when I deposit 100 into my account which Im going to be doing this day now its worth being aware that these sites charge around a three percent fee so with these implants to what youre actually doing is getting and kind of your first transaction for free and so once youve signed up I mean uploaded your ID and gone through the verification process youll be presented with the dashboard the dashboard shows you is the Bitcoin price at the moment how its kind of fluctuated through different time periods so in the last one hour in the last day in the last week month year and all what Ill also do in here is show you things in terms of your portfolio but what Im going to do is take us through these settings within the site so in here you can put it in and things to do with your profile so you can enable a nickname in here you can put in your email address in terms of your preferences you can put in here what your local currency is and you can put in your time zone under security you can obviously verify your telephone numbers and you can also enable something called twofactor authentication what this really provides you with is an extra level of security and when youre logging in which is really helpful with these kind of sites then with your payment methods youve got different types of payment methods that you can add in here so you can either add a bank account or you can add a credit or debit card in here so with the bank account the only thing that I and kind of make you aware with is that if you actually create a bank transfer sometimes it creates it as an international payment and under planning on your bank you might get charged 25 pounds for this the transfers also take four to five days and the other way is by credit or debit card which is a lot easier but they do take a three point nine nine percent fee now Im currently looking at other ways to work around this and with another system so as soon as I work this out Ill be able to let you know so obviously you put in your payment methods in there as well your limits which shows you what youll buy and your sell limits are and you this will show you in terms of your wallet and in terms of your credit or debit card and you can increase your limits by verifying you know further things like identification and things like that if I now take us back to our dashboard were now ready to barley our cryptocurrency so Im going to click on to buy sell and in here I can now select what type of cryptocurrency Id like to purchase so whether that be Bitcoin etherium or litecoin now in coinbase allows us to purchase like coin as well where as opposed to blockchain youre unable to purchase like coin so you select which payment methods like so like I said to you earlier you can either choose from your bank transfer our your credit or debit card in this instance Im going to be doing it via a credit or debit card then you can obviously view what your weekly card limit is and whether or not how much youve got remaining in there and you can type in the amount youd like to purchase so you can do that in your own currency so at the moment if I type in a hundred pounds itll tell me what the conversion is in terms of Bitcoin so itll tell me that Im purchasing not point zero three four two and etc in terms of Bitcoin so its doing that conversion for me and then on the right hand side here what I have is have a confirmation of kind of almost like a breakdown of what that transaction is so it tells me how much Im purchasing is telling me what my payment method is how soon its going to be available where its depositing it to and it also tells me that fee in here as well and then what some very to purchase literally just click on to buy keep Bitcoin instantly now asks you to authorize your transaction and confirm your buyers so again its just giving you that breakdown of confirmation of that transaction and you just confirm that by the buy confirmation may take a couple of minutes to process if we then go into the account section which is essentially where all your wallets are kept youll then see that I have a Bitcoin wallet and in that Bitcoin wallet is the amount that Ive and just purchased so if I want to send that across to a certain recipient I would enter into the recipient address into this section here its confirming that Im withdrawing it from my Bitcoin wallet and then you can type in the amount now very similar to when you were purchasing your Bitcoin and you can put in your specific currency and in my case is GBP or you can put the amount of Bitcoin that youre actually wanting to send so in here if I type in 250 or then do the conversion for me into Bitcoin I can then put any specific notes that I want to I can also view how much Im going to be charged my network fee for sending this transaction across as well I hope you found my runthrough of coinbase informative if you have any questions please feel free to send me a message in the comments if you like this article please hit like and to be notified in future articles please subscribe also if youd like to sign up to coinbase and get 10 worth of free Bitcoin please use my referral link below thanksp

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