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Current Bitcoin price price of BTC in May, Altcoins follow BTC, ICO naivety, Australia!

Current Bitcoin price price of BTC in May, Altcoins follow BTC, ICO naivety, Australia!

pCurrent Bitcoin price price of BTC in May, Altcoins follow BTC, ICO naivety, Australia! Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is July the 16th 2017 this is your home of original cryptocurrency news I come up with my own shows I dont take ideas from reading the mainstream Bitcoin press Im just living a life here and I am in Australia in Brisbane I am in Perth Australia Im going to leave for Brisbane very soon Im going to go to the airport in an hour and it has been very exciting Perth yesterday I spoke to 60 people at the Perth Bitcoin meetup downtown and it was just incredible I want to say that you can email me at Adam at traceur help calm if you need a cryptocurrency consultation if you need help setting up your trays or or if you want to set up just hanging out in Brisbane I will email all of the Brisbane people back who have been emailing me when I get to Brisbane today is very busy day for me its a travel day so Im gonna be behind and Im gonna try to make this article really fast but yes yesterday was very exciting in Perth and I want to say that this is only my second domestic flight outside of the United States or South Africa this is an Australia Australia flight Im about to take so thats a little different its great you dont have to worry about your water and all the crazy international rules but its weird that we dont that you dont take a lot if youre from the US you dont take a lot of domestic flights in other countries anyway back to yesterday great times it was great to meet Nicola of your it was great to meet other viewers it was great to talk just to get the perspective of the the Bitcoin people in Perth they had questions that dealt with the same kind of questions you read here they knew who Andy Hoffman was a new tone days was a guy brought up Bitcoin litecoin the famous trucker who has articles who has been on my show before whos a great guy tell him that like button for Bitcoin litecoin and pound that just pound that like button people thats the slogan someone someone in the crowd told me they were gonna yell out town that like button but they didnt but no someone asked me about cliff high and I of course gave my opinion and I gave I talked about doom porn it was funny it like the whole zhis I wasnt really even scheduled to speak and I ended up being up there for like an hour and he got its tapes so its gonna end up on YouTube as a certain point I wish I had it now was I wouldve just posted it today instead of doing this articles such a rush so uh but anyway thanks a lot Perth thanks a lot foon the Fundy who lives here hes been a great help to me hes a great guy again the ladies who hosted the meal on Saturday night are awesome ladies two of them came to the event yesterday and everyone at the event please you know email me it was just it was beautiful theyve got a great thing going on here in Australia Australia and I just look I mean Kim Brisbane can you guys beat Perth I dont want to leave Perth man this place is great this place is great man this is just like you know everybody back in the US you got it you got to travel around you got to come down here and stuff its its high quality living high quality living so lets get into the situation here where what do we got this tweet here by Alistair Milne and that sets the tone for this for todays article that were back it says welcome back to end of maize prices and I thought you know thats kind of funny you know I talked about having long a long term perspective you got to have a long term perspective back into the past to you cant just live week the week here and less than two months ago that this was the price of Bitcoin whatever its like 1, 900 right now so if you put it in perspective its not that big of a deal I mean if you if you told me in May if you told me that we give you a man you know its gonna be nineteen hundred dollars as we approach the the Fudd dates of August first and all that craziness Id be pretty happy so again were gonna have people you know theyre gonna be people out there theyre gonna be like oh its crashing and its gone its way to three hundred okay you know everyones got a right to give their opinion I gotta say again in Australia people were very positive they were quite and again people are asking about I CEOs and he was asked about segments people asked about it but you dont get that panicked feeling there people werent panicked and there were newbies there and there were veterans there and there were you know some people asked about their favorite altcoin and it was it was a good experience so the miners you know every arrows gonna have to get used to it everyday theyre gonna be trying to pull off these leverage plays okay where they release a story that theyre not doing X X anymore theyre not doing why theyre doing Z instead so every day theyre gonna be all these leverage plays for from various players in this game just trying to position themselves for people to take their bait so that they can they hope that what they want to happen will happen that people will fall into their trap of believing their threats and pulling them into their their direction getting leverage over the situation so you got to remember like yeah if I dont let get caught up in every press release in every statement because youre falling into the trap of their leverage play and theyre trying to manipulate you in to go down a certain path so what this channel has been about the last few weeks is not to get tricked by these leverage place not to buy into every story and follow every like well now Im switching the bit this and this minor is switching the bit back because youre just getting sucked into their storyline so yeah yeah stick with what stick with your clear path here not to panic user activate a soft for were gonna have turbulence in August let it play out if you let it play out and get dont add leverage to some of the bad players in this its going to play out just fine but if you contribute to the the panic factor that they are trying to create it is its just going to be harder the turbulence is going to be worse so thats I mean you know Tony is his technical analysis Jimmy song gives his analysis of every technical minutia part of what theyre saying Im giving a psychological analysis out there okay these the games that are being played again their business these are shrewd businessmen out there alright so theyre gonna do every dirty trick in the book what you have to do is psychologically get yourself strong and not fall for these tricks and just not worry and be a longterm thinker and if you cant if you cant stop worrying then perhaps you should just take a vacation from Bitcoin maybe for the next but three weeks or a month and take a real vacation go to travel around the world or something like I am I mean again or just you know watch these articles and just gain confidence from knowing that a person like me who is way into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and has built a major part of my life around it obviously obviously I have investments obviously I have a consultancy built around it Im making Fred Im travelling because of it Im just so a guy like me is just travelling around Ill strip is the for Im right now in Perth Australia which is the furthest big city from Baltimore on earth I could be no further from home as I am now so thats how you know not and I am about these things that Im a longterm figure I know you know but its gonna clear up or were gonna have issues and August we may have issues again in November with these guys trying to pull this stuff off its just you got you gotta get soaked yourself psychologically uh strong here so back to yesterday again that people I I think I mentioned people asked about gold and silver oh yeah I did mention that so I wanted to put and I and they were people here had the understanding also but you dont have to be just a gold and silver person or a Bitcoin person you can be both and people were familiar again with the Doug Casey with a great product Jim Rickards you know so anyways and it was great say that you know cliff I was a joke get Fred in front of a live audience it was it was a its good feel good feel pound out like button people so heres that heres another tweet these tweets technically chance of chain split is low crisis news PR is best opportunity for investors to low price buy bitcoins forcing users to sell alright so that just addresses what I just said you know Im not gonna say if investors and speculators are bad players but some of them are jumping on to this and the leverage theyre theyre trying to create is theyre creating fear so the price goes down so they can collect the Bitcoin for cheap and then sell it back to you for more later and in that that tweet if you click on it elaborates on that you should click on it but heres a pure a tweak that explains the pure thud that has already been sent out there flipping could try Bitcoin dominance index astroturf mean pull spam and full blocks suppose a technical debt due to seg wit all rubbish and thats thats correct all those things I said are rubbish but those are leverage plays theyve been sent out by various players bad players just to create an atmosphere where they are going to benefit were they where theyre gonna try to get their way either extend the status quo or get their version of Bitcoin created its highly centralized whatever the trout whatever theyre trying to do you know Im gonna even work I dont even care about what these dudes are trying to do I know user activated software its the leverage that were using that the same would be the true believers in Bitcoin this egg with the decentralized believers believe in so cryptocurrency a total market cap got down the sixty six billion dollars I bring this up because all of the alt coins have gone down well all the major ones at least as Bitcoin goes down theyve all gone down in fact theyve gone down more and people have gone in the Bitcoin for safety you know its not going down as much as some of these other ones now the situation with the theorem is separate I mean theyre having different issues that theyre having a bad day event a bad week a worse worse time to Bitcoin lately in terms of Bitcoin they have dropped today I mean they went down below point oh eight for a bit but lets just address all coins in general because a lot of people said you know when today the day of reckoning will come for Bitcoin and the all coins will surpass Bitcoin and people will flee into the altcoins well thats not people are clearly fleeing out of cryptocurrency it because of the fear that has been created or the FUD that has been created around Bitcoin so I mean its playing out at least this play out that way now many people theorize that look oh no Bitcoin will go the way of the mammoth and something else will take over and no its its either bitcoins way or the highway it looks like and that that was what I was saying I have said for a while if Bitcoin goes away at Bitcoin breaks though all of cryptocurrency is going to break something isnt just going to theres not going to be a new new standard here where you were gonna have a big problem so again the altcoin people who cheer on the demise of Bitcoin which I think has definitely decreased lately there shouldnt be many many of them they I think theres a lot of people are thinking logically now like all right you know what if Im sharing on the demise a Bitcoin Im her my own investment in or wherever so its funny I brought okay so Im just going to talk about what the etherium is down oh and theres no no theres no need to bring up life I mean the if I was the ico stuff theres who knows theres just its its doing works lately again thank Im so the icy oats finally so people have been talking about have been bringing up I cos me of whether it be online here in person and there seems to be a certain I of naivete out there naivety ever ever ever you want to pronounce that I have a Baltimore accent sorry either that theyre sure people who are getting it as I see or stuff that they have experience in cryptocurrency theyre just you know they know its just a pump and dump they gonna flip and everything but theres certain people who or should that are incredibly new to the space theyve just heard about this I co think maybe they think oh its a new IPO its jumping right into it before they even own any Bitcoin or any aetherium any I mean they dont even know really what etherion is and they just want to get in IC o and its true everybody and their mother is creating an ICO and theres really no reason for most of these people to have AI cos its getting a little strange some of the stuff them I dont want to pick on anyone but solicitors be presented them you recently has been absolutely ridiculous but the way I phrased it during my speech yesterday and it just came from the top of my head if youre kind of getting into this ICO stuff at least heres a good first step people own some Bitcoin and at least you know have sent Bitcoin before to another address alright thats your first step when youre getting involved in any crypto current for you buy an altcoin you even make sure you practice like you bought at pointo one Bitcoin and you sent it like so you can understand what this is even and all about because there are and I guess Ill conclude the article that way that I think over the last two months weve gotten a lot of people into the space who had never a Bitcoin a piece of a big coin and never really have sent Ive never sent the Bitcoin they they sent maybe some cash to an exchange somehow or got someone to do it for them and they start buying at the exchange they start keeping the various all coins at the exchange there I see oh that they say whatever they havent taken that I mean and its a kind of a its a glorious step when youve gotten your first piece of the big coin and you send it somewhere you understand you see how the victory the way the transaction is all about and that yeah I mean I just I just sent five dollars I just sent ten dollars over its its a good feeling and its an important first step and I think again over the last two months of irrational exuberance that a lot of people are missing the first second third fourth and fifth steps in all of this and may and may be all of this turbulence is gonna clear that out and make people think a little bit more about what theyre getting into and I think you know help the space in general so anyway I hope I covered everything that I intended on covering today let me really uh just just just check back there Korea all right all right so im adam meister australia i am so pumped for Im pumped to be in Brisbane and a few out by the end of today im adam meister the bitcoinmeister pal that like button people remember to subscribe this channel like this article share this article i post new article here every day even when im about to jump onto a plane thanks a lot everybody and subscribe to the channel 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