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DIY Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Ticker Realtime Subscriber Counter

DIY Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Ticker Realtime Subscriber Counter

DIY Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Ticker Realtime Subscriber Counter All right, so heres the final product. Its a realtime subscriber counter and as you can see right now, we have one hundred and two thousand seven hundred and fifty eight subscribers. Super exciting. This thing is just a Raspberry Pi zero.

Its not connected to a computer. This is just a power wire, but its fetching data through the YouTube data API and just displaying it on the screen We did have to add this extra wire in here because the LED matrices things are drawing a little bit too much power, but apart from that its pretty nice and compact. You might have noticed that this bar is pretty wide.

Its not because were expecting a million subscribers although itd be pretty nice if we got there there it would. With all the news recently about crypto currencies and Bitcoin going way up and down, we decide that we could use this to be a crypto ticker as well. If you want to know how we made this thing, theres going to be a full writeup on

Well have all the 3d printable parts, the code, materials, and all the instructions so that you can build one of your own. But a hundred thousand subscribers is a really amazing achievement. Its such a huge number that I really cant even comprehend it and we couldnt have done it without you guys. You know when we first started this we were just a couple of dudes making a bartender in my apartment.

And now were just a couple of dudes making projects in this dark garage. Speaking of the bartender, one of the numberone comments on our articles is asking when were gonna finish a bartender. I can see it.

Its right there. We havent forgot about it. Its tucked away in a corner of our garage Yeah… well the problem is, and I think I might have commented this on some article, but basically we thought the linear actuators that were running the liquor dispensers were solenoids, but they were actually motors. So when we got a new power supply, we fired it up, and we actually burnt out all of our linear actuators because they were motors that were held at stall current. So to continue the bartender we have to find some new linear actuators that are actually solenoids.

Yeah, havent gotten around to it. We think we have a lot more cool projects lined up, so its not the top of our list, but we may get to it eventually. Yeah. We have a lot of cool stuff planned for 2018 so stay tuned and well just say that our projects are going to get bigger and better. So in honor of our 100, 000 subscriber mark we decide to post on Instagram and ask you guys if you have any burning questions you had about us.

So if youre not following us on Instagram make sure to do that because we post a lot of behind the scenes photos and articles but… Lets see here the first question is what is your favorite inventor by foreign spy? You go first.

Okay, so my favorite inventor is probably Nikola Tesla He was really far ahead of this time. Hes kind of known as like a futurist of the early electricity days. One of the coolest inventions that he made was this like wireless electricity generator. So you could stand by it like when this thing fired up you could stand by it with a light bulb and it would turn on because it was just transmitting electricity through the air Really cool invention.

I recommend looking it up. Id say my favorite inventor is probably Tony Stark He was once in a warehouse and using a bunch of scrap parts put together a fullbody suit of armor with weapons and thats like a DIY God, so we can only hope to ever be as great as him. A little less serious answer, but I like it.

All right, sorry if Im mispronouncing this name, but its Deva Sheesh six six nine four Will you be making something related to artificial intelligence in the future? Love your articles keep it up. Yes.

DIY Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Ticker Realtime Subscriber Counter

We will always be making articles about artificial intelligence. Its super interesting and cool. If you guys have any ideas for things that you want to see us build, just leave ideas in the comments, and well try to do it. DNT blink 101 asks AI platform for cars?

Which it OS? Best hardware? So assuming he wants to build some sort of autonomous vehicle.

Ok well were not super familiar with the best platform for these type of projects. We do have a project in the future lined up Thats going to involve something along these lines though We do have right now in our hands something called sense sensor suite? Not actually in our hands, but we own a Scanse Sweep.

Yeah. Yeah, its like a 300 lidar Which is pretty cheap. It works pretty well so well probably use that in our articles. I dont really know of any Like OS projects out there.

Im sure if you google it you could probably find something. All right, so the next question is by Zechariah Bachirig Yeah, sorry for mispronouncing that What is the job of your dream? Well the My dream job is probably doing that job that the guy on the show Silicon Valley where he goes up on the rooftop and hangs out and gets paid a lot of money for doing not a lot of things. Yeah, it sounds.

It sounds like a great job My favorite job would probably be I dont know. I wouldnt really say that theres like a specific thing I would want to do, I would want to have a lot of creative freedom to like build whatever I want to build. Its not as cool as yours, but yeah. So DannyJi00 asks, howd you guys get started making? Basically Davids and I knew each other when were in high school, and weve always just kind of liked building stuff.

We used to make articles too, so it just kind of went hand in hand. And then we randomly just both got a job we live in California so we both got a job out in California and decided that we wanted to make stuff and post articles on YouTube in our free time. You have anything you want to say about that? Soounds was like a true story. Yeah, okay, DannyJi00 also asks who lives in the hacker house?

Who lives in the hacker house. Thatd be me. This is my house Yeah, I used to live here too, but then I moved out Now I live in an apartment somewhere else. Garv Thakur asks, can you make a article on home automation using voice on a Raspberry Pi? Yeah, I mean we kind of already have we made that smart mirror article.

We also have a couple other home automation articles. Yeah, but also this past Christmas a lot of people have gotten Google homes and Amazon Alexas for Christmas, so I think in the future we could probably do some project that integrates that. All right, so the last question from Devashish six six nine four again Why you kept your channel name Hacker House?

Im assuming hes asking why did you name your channel Hacker House? I in case you dont know a hacker house is like a community of programmers or builders or makers that get together and build stuff, so we just thought it was a fitting name and it sounded really cool. Alright, so thats it for all the questions.

Wed like to thank you guys again for all of your support and helping us get to this hundred thousand subscriber milestone, it really means a lot to us We never thought wed get here when we only had about a hundred subscribers just last year If you havent already make sure you subscribe so you keep up to date with all of our projects. Like I said, theres a lot of big stuff coming in 2018, so make sure you stay tuned for that. But until then, see you next time You

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