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Earning 50 Monthly Dividend Income Robinhood App 2019

pEarning 50 Monthly Dividend Income Robinhood App 2019p pwhats up guys welcome back to the channel my name is Bruce Wang real estate investor dividend collector turns youtuber in todays article Im gonna be going over my Robin Hood portfolio on my iPhone I am so close to 7000 in the portfolio so lets jump right into it Im gonna show you guys what I bought this week for the dividend investing portfolio so quick shout out before I begin feel free to follow me on Instagram this is where I post all of my real estate investment updates and everything so Im always at my property almost every single day and Ill let you guys know what is going on with my rental property I have two rental properties and this is the one that is getting renovated right now and everything is running pretty smoothly go check it out and see the updates in real time Id updated every single day about every single day now lets take a look at the Robin Hood challenge portfolio six thousand nine hundred seventy three dollars and six cents I am twenty seven dollars away from seven thousand dollar portfolio Im doing pretty well this week on the day Im down nope on the day Im actually up forty two dollars on the week Im up 117 so this is mostly because there was a really big dip at the beginning of the week and I was accumulating as much as I can of a bunch of stocks Ill go over that later on in the article on the month Im up around sixty three dollars disappointed a little bit disappointed at that on the three months chart here you can see that Im up four hundred forty dollars about almost seven percent of the portfolio one year chart is looking even better 17.2 gain on the year one thousand and twenty three dollars one thing I have to say about this is that every single week Im depositing two hundred dollars into the Robin Hood portfolio so this percentage is just gonna keep going down as the more money I put into the portfolio but luckily Im doing well when it comes to my stock portfolio not sure how its gonna go on for the rest of the year but so far so good so when it comes to the alltime chart here Im pretty sure you guys know the story already when I first began penny trading day trading didnt go well and now were here Im up almost 600 on the alltime chart here and nine percent gains so this is my stock portfolio I have eleven dividendpaying stocks five of them are monthly paying and the rest are paying quarterly dividends so Im gonna take a look at the history right here and Im gonna be showing you all the dividends that Ive received for this month so when it comes to the dividends that Ill be receiving in August it comes to around a total of 50 on a 7000 portfolio that is pretty good the returns are the returns are more than I expected Im pretty sure next month it will be a lot lower just because a bunch of my quarterly paying stocks paid this month lets take a look here Im like Starbucks for example Starbucks paid a dividend of about 72 cents and I only own two shares of Starbucks all right so a lot of you guys have been messaging me about what Ive been doing this week because typically I post up these robinette challenges on Monday or Tuesday but now its Thursday and Ive been playing around with the schedule of my uploads recently just because I want to see what would happen if I upload it on different days and whatnot and overall my results have not been good so Im gonna be switching back to the regular upload schedule about three articles every single week Monday Wednesday Friday so lets get back into the portfolio guys so with the 200 that I deposited for this week my first purchase was Pfizer I bought about 100 worth of Pfizer thats equivalent up to three shares at 34 and sixtythree cents so for the last two weeks Ive been trying to accumulate as much fire as I can 100 here 50 there and right now I have a total of five shares about 175 I believe its on sale dividend history is looking pretty good alright so lets take a look at Pfizers dividend history on nasdaq comm this is where I get all of the dividend history youre not gonna be youre not gonna be able to find any of this on on Robin Hood in fact a lot of the stats on Robin Hood are just no good theyre just not up to date for example the dividend yield is not gonna be up to date theres gonna be some dividend stocks that Robin Hood does he even show dividend yield four so double check everything was Nasdaq calm and lets take a look at the dividend payouts so Ill be receiving about 36 cents for every share of Pfizer that I hold and theyve been raising their dividends ever since 2013 and Im assuming I probably need to do some more research but Im pretty sure that theyve been raising their dividends long before this date so something like Pfizer Im gonna be able to hold it for at least ten years theres gonna be a long term play for me I dont see this company going anywhere in the short term but lucky for me theyre not doing so well in the short term and I can accumulate shares at around 35 dollars this weekend last week so for my second purchase of the week is gonna be another ol alltime favorite alltime favorite PowerShares SP 500 I just bought two shares this time totaling up to 80 so far so good basically I bought a lot of shares of SP HD over the past year and my average cost is at 41 dollars and 10 cents so right now I get to average down my initial cost and get Im gonna try to get this total return to a positive number thats my goal and todays return is about three dollars so not too bad and I know I cannot forget about a GNC the agency update yes I am still behind agency right now I bought one share today at 11 a.m.

Earning 50 Monthly Dividend Income Robinhood App 2019

I thought it was a good time to prep the the price of agency is under 16 thats pretty crazy so I bought one share thats all I have left in the buying power here so right now agency is at 15.90 agency is a monthly paying dividend stock I have 53 shares at the moment equity is around 800 average cost is really high for me Ive been buying agency ever since January of 2019 and as the prices so lets take a look at the last three months so in the last three month theres a lot of volatility in agency and in this time I was able to you know accumulate shares trade shares as well and during I think in May or June this is when I stopped buying a G even though it was on the low and around July 23rd this is the time where I started to sell a GNC and right now I think its another good time to start buying back into agency and just repeat process over by when its low sell it when its high if we take a look at the total return it says that Im down eighty two dollars Ive been collecting dividends from this company ever since January monthly and I probably got over a hundred dollars worth of dividends ever since then and on top of that I was able to profit on a bunch of my trades as well I dont know if I documents every single trade on here but you guys can see that Ive been selling like I sold 60 shares here at some at seventeen dollars and five cents so Ive been buying back in recently because I think that right now is a good time to buy back in so in summary agency is a great way for me to learn how to trade it on top of that I get paid dividends to learn how to trade it and its great learning experience and I think that a lot of you guys follow me for the updates on agency so and going forward Ill be buying and selling agency for the rest of the year and for the foreseeable future alright so were gonna move on to the next section here if you guys havent liked the article yet dont forget to like the article and give me a thumbs up for the next part of this article Ill be answering some comments from my older articles so if you guys didnt know already I answer almost every single comment on my articles and another great way to reach me is through Instagram so thats another plug go follow me on Instagram so Ive been getting a lot of comments from a lot of other international people thats watching my articles so this is for you guys always asking me about bitcoins and cryptocurrency I only buy bitcoins on coin based calm I do not buy them anywhere else if you guys are international I would recommend you guys to go to buy Nance calm Ill leave a link in the description of this article and you guys can go check that link you can basically buy bitcoins on buy Nance now I havent tried it myself but I know that Bitcoin I mean I know that buy Nance is a great exchange and I trust by Nance I have all my have Bitcoin on Finance I have a bunch of all coins on Finance as well so Im also a user of Finance so hopefully that answers all of your questions for anybody that cant buy their bitcoins on coinbase alright how do you set up dividend reinvesting on robhinhood for whatever reason I get this question a lot as well I dont know if its me well I dont know if its you but Im pretty sure its gonna be you basically on Robin Hood you cannot do auto reinvesting like on for instance on m1 finance or on Vanguard on Robin Hood they pay you out dividends at the on the payment date so lets go back into Robin Hood really quickly and show you guys my dividends so basically youre gonna get your dividends like how I get my dividends they get paid straight to my accounts my buying power and it just it will sit there and it will sit there until I use it so for me Im able to deposit 200 into my account every single week so Im able to utilize all that money and you know put it back into the portfolio if you guys cant do 200 a week maybe you guys can you know do 50 a week 100 a week thats how I started and thats how I was able to you know just slowly bump up how much I reinvest every single week if you guys cant do every single week try doing it like two hundred dollars a month just be consistent with with whatever you guys can everybodys financial situation is different so Im not gonna follow you for not being able to put 200 into your account every single week like I can theres some people that Ive talked to that put 10, 000 into their portfolio every single month so just think about it from that perspective theres levels to this game and everybody starts at level one and right now I might be at level three you guys might be at level one as you guys get more sophisticated in your investing and as you make money from your you know day job and whatnot you guys will be able to save more money so you guys shouldnt be worrying about like the dollars that you make from dividends you should were honestly worried about making more money from your job or from your side hustle saving more money and then being able to invest even more money than youve ever invested before so back in the days probably a few months ago I made a decent amount of articles about how do I make my youtube articles how do I get more views how do I get you know more how do I make more money on YouTube and stuff like that so I made a lot of articles about that and those articles didnt take off like honestly those I could honestly say those articles failed so I dont know so its kind of interesting that I get to see some brand new comments from a lot of people on those articles so Im gonna be answering this one can you tell me from which country do you get most of the views so to answer this question first I get about 80 is gonna be America 20 is gonna be Canada the UK Australia and then like a list of a bunch of other different countries so those are basically where all my views are coming from and what is the CPM of that country like my CPM typically ranges from about 20 to almost 40 so that is a really wide range and that is on the higher end of all of YouTube I know for YouTube the average CPM is around 4 like 3 to 4 so Im pretty lucky that Im able to get like 20 up to 40 in the CPM so if you guys want to make a little bit of money on YouTube maybe you guys should do some stock articles as well but one thing about doing articles on stocks dividend investing and whatnot is that youre not gonna get a lot of views like on average my articles get around 3000 4000 5000 probably 5000 is on the high end but 3, 000 is around average about the views that I get all right this is from mr. Jay I like this channel because he isnt rich and has a portfolio amounts similar to what normal people would have and invest in a way that would benefit that so I thought this comment was kind of interesting I didnt comment back on it but I did like it when I first started the Robin Hood challenge I honestly didnt know where it would go but as but as I kept doing the challenges more and more people kept following the movement of the Robert I challenge and eventually it turned into something bigger than I could ever imagine so if you take a look at my subscriber count right now it will be around twenty nine thousand nine hundred fifty or somebody that so Im like 50 subscribers away from thirty thousand and Im just gonna congratulate you guys you guys are amazing I would not be able to do what Im able to do now without you guys you guys really keep me consistent with like posting articles and updating you guys letting you guys know all of the mistakes that I made and let you guys know all of the lessons Ive learned so as long as I can pass it on and you guys benefit from it Im gonna keep making these articles and I just want to thank each and every single one of you for subscribing and being part of the movement being part of the Wang gang Im really working hard on that Wang gang merchandise and I have a lot of great ideas that I will hopefully get out to you as soon as possible so if you guys still want to watch more articles from me go check out my older articles here about dividend investing real estate investing like the article if you havent liked that already subscribe for more content just like this Ill see you guys on the next one hit that subscribe hit that notification button as well dont forget about that to get notified for the next article and Ill see you guys later and love your 50, 000 bye byep

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