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Ecstasy Should Be Legalized British Columbia Official

Ecstasy Should Be Legalized British Columbia Official alright of british columbias top health official is recommending legalizing ecstasy of course and d_n_a_ commonly known as the street drug ecstasy a british columbia saying you should actually legalize this this is doctor perry candles the provincial health officer for british columbia and hes saying that it should be legalized but uh…

Ecstasy Should Be Legalized British Columbia Official

uvm but but when you leave it as well what do you think louis because you know the argument often made as well alcohols legal therefore any drug insert from here should be legal but that the difference is there a they require a lease and consumption or alcohol that have been identified that are not bent betterment of the health and maybe actually be positive for help there is no such quantity of ecstasy that has been identified as at best benign or not damaging thats the real difference i see uh… im not so sure about the legalization of it i mean im for the decriminalization of all drugs in small amounts like which is happening thats jesus with marijuana aka uh… uh… mean i dont know i dont think it makes sense to to legalize it because if youve got someone who has you know uh… a fashion pills on them that might be something you want to deal with will so what doctor kendall is saying is that if you knew what it safe dosage was you might be able to buy ecstasy the way you can buy alcohol from a government regulated store right much the same way that youre not allowed that they dont sell moonshine in stores because its a certain concentration theres been determined to not be healthy certain types of alcohol regulated and sold same thing potentially with ecstasy where you could in theory i guess identify safe dosage whats safe means i dont exactly know and i really doubt theres a there is any safe to secure something like this that the so thats the thing is its the same cocaine are you crazy running amount of cocaine that we can identify as a safe those things thats not a habit forming cocaine i mean i think okays a little bit different the way the way interacts with your body is different anne cocaine use to be legal used to be in coca cola i mean i i could understand having cocaine uh… used that way to help soothe your sonic you know ingested but um… i think the question is is there any amount of ecstasy that would make it okay to drive i dont think so why why even open i can work at that so thats the question is i dont think then the next question is are more people going to drive after taking ecstasy if youve legalize and or decriminalizing then are doing it already in headway and we would have to explore that all right what do you think about this the legalization of ecstasy email us to my website david packing dot com

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