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Finance Application Demonstration on Smartphone

Finance Application Demonstration on Smartphone

pFinance Application Demonstration on Smartphonep phello this is only 14 backsides back with another article to show you how to make a finance application using your smartphone label to place our retail finance partners e 12 retail bonus Ive finally enrolled the ability to make an application variant lee on your plant thing so i wanted to show you how to do that today because it looks completely different now either before the entire process and its certainly much better if youre going to be used as my phone and most of you guys who are on our website are using your smartphone so it kind of does make sense that and were just happy that its been done and without further ado Im going to show you how you can do it so press on the navigation were going to get into lumps and rank web search by Grandal and just to do that this just quickly we want to do to make this navigation dropdown is discretion as well as you can see the early that main product dont happen and then we touch on political Belgium and welcome to the power say we go with this one down I think we discussed here before how you can see like movie throw in some of the finest application which is to say that it completely work from up in a little bit nothing screams I was just really about pain in women content versus or how to make employment application to add the item to the car and it necessary now its beautiful car this is what we have and we are going to you now check out so this is but now the checkout page in which we have a clinical information linking you to the next step lets start by entering our email address Im going to jump straight in their new shipping address the duel under Johns name address to shop lets see now 154 Oh 945 11 and were going to continue so any order which is with on the final publication does qualify the free delivery so you dont need that the delivery method salt on it and obviously experience a quarry at the river the one committee faster so you basically deliberately make some final application contains a method and it gives you some options here for you to enter where you can use you can use Cardinals to your paypal or Apple pay or traded produces its financial on the first flight finance and the billing address if youre if you use the different just before what you need to make sure of is that one you put your billing address into this section that its the same one thats going to be using your credit reference yep its going to be pie plate up into the application so with no review the order and just make sure it from scratch and were going to complete so heres our summary section of the others telling us that the order has been reserved now I feel worthless because finally tackle we do operate a large control system which is pink lines between our website and our shop when cell system so we do reserve builder for you guys so what you need to do before you leave this page what we need to do is depress the big yellow button which is what is the very top switch to start buying our application because you havent actually made to finance application yet has to keep people about how inverse that button that is left but there is no finance application has been made a profit you must make sure you press Start finance application button now we chose visit such as positive Ive already got two very different then just imagine that request that start buying a presentation page then it will take you into this so this is the new mobile friendly finance application section at the top pages and feelings got steps steps on a bit again Chloe EDC and this has all been over moving for the new color story to operate on my level 12 although at the top right attention staff application so ticklish to your West and look at some parts which will net on its application but if we do next and ill explain at those points which would make things like entering the car details and stuff like that so theres an overview here of the application make sure you legal information happily and then theres an AW on what the point i actually is its ready to go down for you very very clearly and you can take the box there if you didnt want to share information with us but with we wouldnt be at the finance application for assistance the mountain judgment you can share that lets you see suspect number two ok so now because this is a test application then aspects but may not have been referring to this one like to that power but it is any information that is relevant in but we remain more formal an audience tonight rap and make sure you tell Battlestar in physical health and occupation and just for boys machine you can see the bulking that as a leg details button if you press that button it will shoot up and it will show you what your or your finance application is again just to remind you impatient for Don we want to find that the table you have the caption and go back are you purchased yes specimen material satyrs selected you are a winner and a little friends or family and will be posting the date of birth year s this book is mine just easy thats even adjust that we used to generate his reputation your email just to be back if you entered in system and the person in brunette okay so lets excuse to shop 1 and this before swimming pool flight 11 and then may bo 0 comment address again lovely its the first wedding Im going to cutting along with my address now is that a minimum of three three years local history Im surprised just fill a cup usually in the state salmon is requesting three years which is nice regional climate or just rick is reason enough three it this is the employment section everything on this is important that you cant go out you cant get any of these bit that is the urban sa exploit a little make a connection and then put like youll do your pop in your door for something versal occupations worse person and all this is pretty standard stuff to be unless you view and again missing called applications that youre going to climb out should just come once again the bean and sweet and amazing connectech so that is step four or five complete and this is a section that you would pop in your bank details sparkle obviously these increased necklace because is the test application to drop in short sales and account number is the next language python steps it select if you dont want them together to keep in touch with you through for on the bus from the finance company is up see whether you do select crack dont let back well they know shes not piece of articles okay business quite interesting that they do something actually that we dont want to believe the documentation electronically and when it creates the post then then hit the box I mean I chose for me we want every sensor and my my mount Wayne email as a both of those but if you have the option that it supports Muslims was commenced to say that we understand about the medulla predecessor doesnt if they because the filmmaking climate certification thats pretty standard stuff and lets proceed and then it would give you a decision on whether you can approve or not if you havent its been approved for this public for your application and honestly youre not going to answer to any trouble with it if you have a greater number two now theres an extra seat it may say holding or ending in which case you might need a bit more information on you in which case and then get in contact with you to ask any questions just showed you have so what you will notice here in with the rest of destination month this is a test application that were going to skip the part where we actually put our card these notes however was a wasnt with your application what you would do is you would press next and then it will show you an area if you attend to your card details which is tebbits you can pay your deposit were going to skip that part and then this will be the page that you would see at the ventra card details and this is wearing true sometimes just to kind of clarify things prior to proceeding make sure you reason through casually and that youre happy with them if you are happy make sure you present you confirm that youve read the terms conditions and then press next and then here is the option for our mobile option site visitor section where you enter in a signature so thats yours showing that you are happy but that youre agreeing to the agreement you just press Continue its going to create a documentation for us and then it will say its ready inquest next this is the information or the documentation for the agreement then you would read through this and make sure that youre happy with it and you would take the box at the bottom and then youll press proceeds and bottom for awesome right hand side a subset this is the credit agreement for terms and conditions with the credit agreement and all we need to do is the green box so you can see in the bottom right hand corner you touch that and then you can enter in your nickname I wouldnt even need to do that its do that I suspect how does he listen from the last time so we just touched a button in it already signed it for it and I was finished all done so on your on your smartphone you just touch the button and it will work we get back to the website and youll finish all done theres purely in the picture at the top thank you for your application with any information that you might need and then it tells you in this text area here if you need to have a killer so cool putting a smartphone you can touch that straight away and give us a call well you can send us a message of messenger which obviously cant touch this button the bond that component as well and that is now an application a full application access a full application for your finance on banks which acted up good at UK what will happen now is that our team will pack your order and will ship your order it will be shipped to the address which was on the quinine application and youll be able to do very very sick if you have any questions so about a article or about any of our finance processes then please feel free to give us a call you can do so on Oh 1684 2945 one you can send us an email or of course you can drop us a line facebook messenger or come in in store we can be finite applications for you in the shop as well so its more apollomon so if you want to do that as opposed to doing it as well but I do hate that this article has been useful for you and helpful and that it answered any questions that you may have had but as I said feel free to drop us a message if you have any further questions thank you very much and happy fishingp

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