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How Low WILL Bitcoin BTC Go

pHow Low WILL Bitcoin BTC Go? What is going on snipers, Naima Lowe baby here, I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today Lets go ahead and just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency analytics for today Were gonna be looking at Bitcoin where prices are headed as we fall below this contracting falling wedge Alongside with looking at the MACD levels.

How Low WILL Bitcoin BTC Go

This is our trading view chart If youre new here on snipers tube the link is in the description below to use this resource Its a free resource and were gonna be utilizing several different indicators, which I will teach you guys how to use today? Including the volume the three moving averages the relative strength index the moving average exponential alongside With the MACD and the MACD is gonna be an indicator that were really gonna look at to determine How far down this correction is gonna? head it stands for the moving average Convergence divergence and that divergence is really gonna help us indicate at least a Pattern in which we can see the magnitude of where this is can go and where it can go So if you guys are watching this for the fourth first time youre going to be referring to several different links the discord is gonna Be one the link is in the description below Or if you look up top you guys can actually use that link up there. Maybe pause the article or something This is a live stream so apologize if it goes too long The discord is actually a resource where we have our whole community here We actually have trading chats here, and this is all free trading under one or one right here Where you guys can look at all of these different patterns the following wedge that were gonna be drawing out Im gonna show you guys a contracting falling wedge.

Which is a little bit different? Its not something that Ive put on here. This is more for the basics for the newer traders of course Weve got resources in such there of and we are still opening our Trade alerts for those of you that want trade alerts for those of you that have a little bit less time to really trade on Your own the link is in the description for our patreon as well, and this is gonna be closing up soon there are limited spots here so for you guys to get on there all of these will include the trading alerts any tier you pick and they all have different Little additions to them as well so you guys can actually look at what suits you the best tonight Were doing a ruby and above night owl if youre not gonna be there You guys will get the recording, so thats completely fine You guys will always have those podcasts for your for yourself to listen to on your way to work or so have you? Just that you guys can have that information there, but lets take a look at Bitcoin Lets look at the prices and lets go ahead and get started with this livestream So looking at current price levels were gonna be drawing out this side this contracting falling wedge.

You actually just got off a Little call here with one of my mentors. Just to kind of discuss this whole scenario Because it is quite worrisome for a lot of people however in my opinion if you handled it properly you can come out of this making money and rather than losing money and What Ill tell you right now. Is there are certain ways here to play this market properly so that you arent in the loss Or at least in the negative, and Ill talk about a little bit of how thats gonna work here So you can see weve got this descending falling wedge here. Youve got this descending support level is Descending resistance level at first this wedge was actually pointed the other way if you guys look here This is kind of how this wedge was pointed prior it had a little bit more Steepness to it And then you can see how it ended up Kind of going back up back down and now were still heading towards the bottom of that level What I want you guys to pay attention to though is this MACD level so if you actually pull up the MACD here And we do the oneday chart you guys can actually see here how the histogram is now lessening its drudge, you know its steepness here and This right here is an indication of sellers, and its showing that there are a lot less sellers right now Because understand selling is something thats finite.

Its not infinite. Its not gonna continue to happen right and With this histogram its a clear indication that theres obviously less and less Selling going on and if you actually look at the waves here. You can see Weve got the first wave second wave third wave fourth wave fifth wave And we are now entering that last wave so Its like a rubber band when you contract the rubber band What and it contracts back right same exact thing is happening here with this MACD Its its been way over stretched in my opinion. I think if we may start heading down a little bit lower it could possibly see levels as low as 1600 maybe even entering the 1700 range but after that Its gonna start tightening itself back up Its gonna start pulling itself back up And when that happens youre gonna see price levels are gonna start coming right back with it if you guys looked here We saw some very strong resistance Right around the 50 it looked around actually was right at 6000 and If you guys have watched snipers tube over the past couple of days you guys know I was predicting right around the 59 hundred level is where were gonna see the bottom of this correction and understand this is a healthy correction, so theres nothing wrong with this correction you can see were Now heading towards this apex, which is the end of this contracting falling wedge? Which you can even just draw it apart from this support line you can even draw this Along the bodies of this candle, and you can see weve actually come out of the falling wedge If you were to draw it with the bodies it looks a little bit different here on the one day So if you draw it out like that you can actually draw out these resistance lines as well to see how the apex is really around this area and My expectation is as the MACD starts to fall.

Were gonna start coming back to these levels to really start to see some sort of stability back within this descending support line that was broken and now you can see RSI is way under 30 if you pull up the RSI if you guys know how to use the RSI by The way the RSI is the relative strength index if its over 70 determines that something is overbought if its under 30 then its oversold And weve finally hit this level under 30 you can see its never went below 30 the last time I went below 30 is shot right back up and in my expectations right now This is the time where you want to start putting in those buy orders if you guys are looking to get these good prices? And I would say to ladder in and dollarcost average your position in to Bitcoin once again This is it financial device, but Ill tell you exactly what Im doing and thats what Im doing Will kind of go ahead and clear up this 200day moving average You can see it actually falls right alongside with this apex so as this starts to head back into this contracting Falling wedge this 200 a moving average will also align perfectly with that being a support level, and I think thats were really gonna find the true support for now and Coming out of there Its gonna be pretty undetermined whether or not were gonna enter that bear market zone where were gonna see horizontal price movements Understand this I actually said this recently in our Ruby in a buff night out that The 200day moving average is a very strong support level however understand that a bear market means horizontal price movement in the crypto market though markets are extremely sped up markets are not as slow as traditional markets if we look at traditional markets you guys can see we also have a Huge correction occurring right now, so hopefully this has helped and has made some sort of sense. Lets go ahead and see if anybody Somebody says if you hit a hundred likes are you gonna shave your head no Im not gonna shave my head for a hundred likes. Youre crazy I think I mean well probably hit under likes in like five seconds if I made that bet maybe if we hit Three hundred and fifty how about that? Thats thats actually a pretty good goal Somebody says correction LMAO Robert s. Yeah, its a correction.

Dude of course. Its a correction. What would you call this? not a correction Somebody says how about a thousand? Yeah, somebody says do you buy BTC yes? I am dollar cost averaging my position into BTC Its always good to have cash on the side right.

Its very important, so he says dont do it naive Were at 110 now, so he says what kind of tea you got Tazo? calm Chim Chim Oh mile not to you guys just think So this is a crash people not a correction Robert s Well, thats your opinion brother Somebody says naeem. Youre the man. Thank you appreciate that Dom Thank you that cool. Ken.

Yes there you go that cool. Kid is doing it I? Like you man Youre doing your thing any questions about this this according to our expert here said Its a crash. Not a correction, so why dont we just call it a crash to make him feel better any questions about this crash? Somebody said oh Its actually a Super chat. What do you consider?

What is going on in the stock market good for crypto good question delay mode so traditionally in traditional markets if you pulled Nasdaq You can see weve had the worst day since 2008 Youve never had a day as bad as what weve seen This huge downfall you can see how large this red candlestick is here And lets pull up the actual and as that composite here So you can see a better view of that so this has actually been the worst day in the stock market since around 2008 we havent had a day this bad In a very long time and what Ill tell you is this if you read the book by Ray Dalio Well be giving out a book today. If you guys are watching this live will give up the Internet of money I actually dont have the internet money, but have mastering Bitcoin here You can actually go on our discord if you guys want to see all of our helpful reads. I highly recommend all of these books But well give away one of these books tonight, and thats one of the most basic Bitcoin books there is to man in my opinion it breaks it down quite.

Well. This is more of a text book But if you if you understand the traditional markets you know Ray Dalio He ran one of the largest hedge funds in all of America and Ray Dalio once said that Every seven to ten years youre gonna see a correction in any market, and you look at the the Nasdaq You can see have been multiple Corrections. We actually go back here and pull up this Oneweek chart, you can see here this right here was the doc bubble this right here was the Oh 8 crash And then now weve had about a 10 year bull market.

Its gonna be time for some sort of correction in my opinion What happens during a correction people look for hedges right? What is a hedge? I had just something that acts in the inverse manner of a Specific asset class commodity or such thereof so weird actually Google hedge for those of you that are new here Ive been hedge here.

You can see an investment to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset so Sorry if I blind it so if you guys but that is what a hedges so Your question is is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gonna act as a hedge against the stock market It could quite well do so however I think that a lot of institutional traders Are still quite weary of Bitcoin but in my opinion it will attract a lot of smart money? Understand when price levels hit these lows these really low lows That smart money comes into the market at that point they understand economics They understand Market crashes will lead to some sort of exuberance in the future because market crashes are just like When there is exuberance things go down when theres things that go down in exuberance? They go up in exuberance, so its the same philosophy. It works in both ways and coming from traditional markets I can tell you that with any correction or crash and If you have played traditional markets in the past you guys know that Youll typically see these run ups once again if you pull up this MACD right here, and you look at these waves its forming a perfect Histogram here where its indicating that we are now finally weaving out all of those sellers and Theres a lot less than there were Previously and what that means is will most likely see prices at this point Starting to contract back up being the fact that theres a lot less sellers in the market prices have pretty much dried out and have dehydrated themselves you can see if youre following the wave pattern here 1 2 3 4 5 Thats the last wave right here at this point Acting this to go ahead and start to curve back.

That would be the bestcase scenario So we need to see this MACD starting to curve so if I were you guys watch the moving average Convergence divergence here alongside with Bitcoin so what were gonna be doing tonight in our night owl if you guys dont have the Discord link I highly recommend you guys get to become a part of a community I actually just got off the phone with somebody that ended up making 25 during this decline a couple of days ago and Hes an active day trader. Hes always day trading He made a 25 day in this down market And he said the only reason he made 25 was because he was actually on our Discord actually in one of our new chat rooms that was created called margin trading if you guys go in there and listen Theres always people in there pretty much talking hey If you guys go into voice channels here crypto voice Much, do you pay him people are always in theres like 25 books a month? And he gives you different trading calls like almost every day every yard Talk about trading calls, so I highly recommend you guys get onto the disk or the link is in the description below for that Tonight were all gonna be going into the Ruby and above discord so that means that if you are a ruby and above We are gonna be heading over there tonight and discussing this market crash as well as talking about some upcoming icos That will have the potential to see some swings here coming into 2018 being that a lot of people are making money in these icos as well guys understand there is this crash but I just came back from a conference with the cofounder of Manero and The whole topic there was AI SEOs Because if you guys really look into the markets, and you look at where money is being created Its with these parabolic run ups of these I cos receive sorry for that noise Somebody says hey Nitin.

What is the name of your first indicator? The first indicator, or you can see the sell levels I think thank you in advance the sell levels This is the volume so lets take some questions here. Lets see if we have some good questions now Whats your prediction on BG sees bottom price 2, 000 3, 000?

No my prediction is around fifty nine hundred right now 5846 pretty much, thats where we found some previous Support here, and that was right on that 200day and in my opinion you see this contracting falling wedge Were gonna start heading right back into that and I think will correct right back to that 200day moving average as well I just dont see Bitcoin going further than that especially looking at the MACD Its already on its fifth. Wave Im expecting some curve at this point you can see if we were to actually move this a little bit And draw this out. You can see here the most ideal situation that we would want to see with the the MACD here lets go ahead and insert this indicator for you the most ideal situation here would be for this MACD to start to curve back and All the indicators are indicating that thats going to happen You can see wave 1 2 3 4 5 so that would be my prediction for a Bitcoin Based upon the MACD and other levels, sorry about that noise guys.

I tried shutting that off recently Sometimes it should I huddle with area more tether John. Ha well. I just actually got some news from a connection of mine that knows Brock Pierce who actually was heavily involved with AOS and Brock Pierce is now on the board with tether and you know Apparently according to him. I got some News quoteunquote that because hes now with Tedder if you actually go on his Twitter now if you guys know Brock Pierces hes very prominent in the industry and crypto Very wellrespected here And hes actually imported Rico are now rebuilding some homes there and building actually a crypto city with other crypto billionaires there But he actually is now you know hes a part of tether and you know from what I heard The reason that they dissolved their relationship with their auditing firm is because the IRS wants to get transaction logs from them Not just an audit, and they want to protect user information, so thats what I heard Im not validating that once again, but thats in a source of mind that has direct connection with Brock Pierce, and thats what I was told so Hopefully that helps some of you guys out some. He said crypto guy confirmed time to buy huh somebody says why go to Puerto Rico if you go to Puerto Rico you actually get taxed four percent corporate tax is zero percent dividend tax and Zero percent capital gains tax so its a lot more efficient to move to Puerto Rico especially with the new 2018 tax laws that have been implemented within crypto to actually go there and Lessen your taxes and reduce them Significantly compared to being in the mainland of the United States where youre paying thirty nine percent tax Which Im not against that once again You know I had the option to go to Puerto Rico, but I chose to stay here I was actually just with my accountant recently and you know considering it I would only consider it if you if you were gonna consider it at least you know you need to be making at least Id say 250, 000 a year Because thats really where you can get benefits if youre making less than that if youre making around a hundred thousand There are other ways that you can You know reduce your taxes if you Get you know if you move to a foreign country you can go to any other country doesnt have to be Puerto Rico And theyll you know waive a hundred thousand just depending on that.

Im not giving financial advice here Im just saying theres a intricate tax. Theres a very complex system with that Highly recommend getting with a CPA if you guys are making over two hundred fifty thousand But shes probably should I know some people that are cheap and dont? I dont recommend that you can get a lot of information with them Maybe even just do some free consultations Somebody says Im here just to watch the discord comments Richard Thompson Yes, so we do have our discord that is there. How do I get the trade alerts?

Yes, so I actually just signed up for a couple programs one of them cost like three thousand dollars I know I just signed up for one today. Actually it was like two hundred fifty dollars a month Theyre all trade alert programs And Im like why not just allow our community to get Access to those so Im actually switching up our patreon program This is actually where our trade alerts are gonna be now so for those of you there before I close this Im gonna keep this open for you guys right now I actually changed it and added the trade alerts to all the tiers here, so if your gold the rubies sapphire emerald or diamond Youll receive those trade alerts, so Ill be sending those out Theres actually a patreon app that you can download and that will actually give you push notification So I highly recommend that for those of you on there tonight if youre a ruby and above if you guys Get a little bit more Uncensored action and talk to me and talk to the team were actually gonna be doing a night outs And I on the Ruby and above area here so Ruby plus Just come into our discord and If youre a ruby patron who automatically assigned you the role and you guys can come in here and talk more crypto and then thrillogy Be the arent rubies. Its no big deal. We have over a hundred people in both. I mean in these chat rooms Hundreds of people actually that are talking crypto 247 I think we just did over twenty thousand members on that so theres a lot of Information there for you guys to digest and understand, and its helping a lot of people so thats always a good thing so somebody says till when you recommend to buying the best position I would say dollar cost average your way into a position at this point so dollar cost averaging is very simple its buying a Specific amount lets say you have a thousand dollars And you want to put in a position at Bitcoin at this price level, so if you were to dollar cost average Then you would set up.

I call price targets, so lets say one of your price targets is sixty three hundred I think thats a fair price target that you got these ranges Youd maybe put in 25 of your buy order there And then lets say your next profit your next buy target is fifty nine fifty, so You go to fifty nine fifty, and you put a buy order there And maybe you do 25 And then maybe do another 50 at fifty five hundred if thats where you think its gonna bottom out And thats called dollar cost average your way into a position by fractional izing that way it minimizes risks And it allows you to allocate your assets properly in a way that you can get the best buying position And thats one form of dollar cost averaging. Its also called laddering, so theres a lot of names to it Theres a lot of ways that you can you know? Understand it But thats really what dollar cost averaging is and Im currently dollar cost averaging my position into Bitcoin at this point being the fact that we are at these price levels that are extremely discounted because Its like going to the store right I mean What do you guys rather go to the store and have a discount or would you rather go there and pay retail value so? Yeah, youre gonna hear a lot of fun about people saying that this is the endall beall for Bitcoin, which Im not saying Its not but in my opinion. You know we have very strong support levels MACD is Extremely overstretch as you can see weve hit that fifth wave and in my opinion Were gonna start to see this curve a little bit at one point this thing was actually pointed right down and I think that if we give this a little bit more time its gonna curve out and that curve is gonna indicate that were Gonna see price levels starting to go back up and thats gonna start increasing back in my opinion back into this contracting falling wedge, so Somebody says where can I buy BTC with credit card Amex?

I? think most Places have now banned credit card transactions in the US. I know Bank of America Chase, and I believe that other one was Wells Fargo Correct me if Im wrong, but I know there are several banks that have now denied those type of transactions, so Somebody says whats your normal job Mike Johnson? I actually had the ability to go fulltime in trading on October 19 2017 Ive been trading crypto heavily around 2014 I bought my first Bitcoin around 2010 I used to be a machinima partner in that director I used to call the duty articles I was a gamer and I needed a way to accept payments so I chose Bitcoin because PayPal wasnt allowing me to user Services at the time. I never really kept it though because I never it was almost like a hindsight bias. I just never held it But I really started trading because I came from Jewish traditional markets and Forex And you know thats where I really learned the fundamentals of trading understanding patterns understanding indicators and such thereof and thats where I got around 2014 I decided to liquidate my assets because of the volatility volatility is really where you make money Heres something that you guys probably dont know about how I recommend you do this For those of you that really want to get into trading and understand training if you guys are going trading view This is a free resource the link is in the description below, but if you actually go on here And you actually click here on to trade and click do m You guys can actually go ahead and actually just go down here click paper trading Us can actually do you guys know that you can sit here in paper trade.

Im 124 million dollars down I was just putting up random trades But you guys can actually mock trade so what this means is you guys can I learn trading without using actual money? I highly recommend doing this if you guys are bored during this market Which I know a lot of you guys probably are you guys can actually go in here and just literally do BTC USD and Go on a oneminute chart and literally day trade this like right now I could literally put in a position right now, so lets say Ill just put in a position Ill create a new order by and I just click one there you go my order executed, and you can literally see your profits like Im negative 3 negative 1, and now Im negative six point sixty negative five negative two Im about to go positive in just a sec like Im positive 14 So you can literally practice and trade on your own without having to spend any money I highly recommend that guys especially in this market where you can start learning. I learned how to trade I remember it was around I believe is after all a actually But I remember trading traditional stocks in a down market And I learned so much and when the market started trending up it became so much easier for me to make profits, so Highly recommended isnt it pretty cool guys did some of you guys know that Somebody says pull out games strong lol. Somebody says we needed a rebound Mike Roberta said this is trading view Yes, so look Im 18 profit right now 22. Thats it.

Im selling out. Lets close this position There you go done deal I just made 18 bucks guys look at that told you told you I know how to trade. Im just messing with you I know what a trade Im just not trading legitimately right now with this paper trading platform but for those of you that do want to get into trading I do one on one coaching and mentorship for our diamond Patriots I Today was with one of our diamond patrons we had a oneonone mentorship, and I taught him you know how to use the paper trading platform because hes looking to go fulltime in trading and since I Did that at one point in my life?

I was able to really guide him on how to do that Because it doesnt take much like lets say you make 4, 000 a month and thats all you need well you take 4, 000 and you divide that by 4, and thats 1, 000 a week and Theoretically if you wanted to work five days a week trading, so lets say 1, 000 divided by five Thats 200 bucks a day right so all you got to do is make 200 a day to be able to sustain yourself as a fulltime trader and You can travel the world you can be in Bali you can be in Hawaii and you can trade and make money like that And its something that a lot of people do you know I remember there was uh? There was this individual part of this Crono called infinite prosperity that actually You know inspired me to get into trading quite a bit a while ago There was an awesome founder her name is Amy Sangster from Orlando. Shes actually from Australia and she Founded that program, and I actually learned trading through that program was an online perón. Its still out right now Its a Forex program, but you know 80 of the courses psychological aspects of trading because thats where the most of the trading Comes from so highly recommend that Evan said hey, lets get rich. Yeah for sure Somebody says damn it live chasing SoCal to watch it or not yeah.

Im actually right here in Santa Monica Somebody says will you cut your hair if we hit 300 likes sure If we hit 300 likes I will cut my hair for Sure, oh Man you guys are crazy somebody says how long do you think it will take for the market to rebound oh My gosh now all the mics are just jumping through the roof you guys are every time you guys do that you guys are ridiculous You guys really want my hair gone I actually did it around 2000 subs But they said go wall then I had to go bald and I ended up cutting the whole thing I went to my barber, and I was oh my gosh. Were at 260. Oh shoot. We just broke 300 I Said cut my hair, I didnt say go bald if we hit 500. Ill go bald how about that if we hit 500?

Ill go bald I Wont go bald. Ill shave my head how about that? I actually cant go while they have a scar that Its actually right over there there.

Cant go bald oh my gosh Thats ridiculous. I dont mind cutting my hair, but I dont want to shave it off You guys are ridiculous somebody said shut up me for no reason deejay bean been said Bitcoin used to drop around two point five then Im allin I Doubted go to two point five That would be quite significant with institutional money in the market especially if you look at aetherium for example with areum Has now dropped but understand that most tokens are built on the ERC 20 platform and For aetherium to go downhill understand a lot of these icos are now just going down to scraps and its unfortunate But its just the reality of this situation because these ICO is they raised funds in etherium right so when etherium drops then they lose out on a lot and Its quite unfortunate, but its just the reality so You know I just dont see it going you know to nothing because thats not what this is This is a healthy correction people are calling this a crash. Its not a crash. I mean look at this. Do you see this exuberance?

What exuberance comes? Corrections Because you dont see this type of exuberance and then it goes and completes it and it keeps going right that doesnt happen You will see a correction. Its just a matter of What is the magnitude of that correction because you can never determine magnitude? But you can determine price levels and price movements Thats probably the most predictable aspects of the market so highly recommend you guys get an understanding of that right somebody says LTC was stronger during this crash somebodys saying Where do I get the trade alerts?

I signed up for Ruby patron awesome man well good to have you I actually have a ton of people here seems like getting on that yeah, so Yeah, we were pretty much so tonight after this livestream. Were gonna be doing a little afterparty its going to be on our discord Theres a mobile app on this is actually a phone app This is a free resource any of you guys can get on this. I highly recommend it like dont be stubborn I know some of you guys havent downloaded a new app in like five years um This is actually a social media platform I think its gonna take over Twitter and Facebook and stuff in terms of user interaction because you can Go in here and do like voice chats there people here that just trade all day and the lady boys The president People just come in there right and theyre just talking about Typically theyre doing trades obviously You talk about president.

Oh the chat, so they go in and out But I highly recommend you guys get in there and some people just come in you can see most peoples mics remuda They just listen in maybe theres some introverts But you also can post breakout charts and stuff so if you guys want to know you know what traits to make sometimes you guys Have like long days at work and stuff This is where this comes in you so you dont have to go through all the charts yourself You dont have to go through corn market cap you can just see where all the breakouts are occurring because we have 20, 000 plus members on this its constantly being updated eight a 247 theres people from all around the world on here But tonight were gonna be doing a rue being above night out So were gonna be under this voicechat under patreon chat Ruby plus, and I look forward to seeing all of you guys there tonight Were actually all Assigned icos to talk about and were also gonna be talking about more of the markets and taking questions from you guys So Id love to see some of you guys there Id love to meet some of you guys for the first time our patreon link is in the description If you guys are rubies you will be allowed there And theres also Trade alerts that we send out so if you guys want the trade alerts you guys can get into any one of these platforms I do want to give a couple shout outs here because we do have a ton of new people here Shout out to our new Ruby. Kyle chambers Ian brillantes Arden of Munger Aharon Nick Bannister Christopher Brett and Colby hemming new rubies on the snipers team good to have you guys Ill see you guys tonight I look forward to that make sure you guys get the discord app on your phone or your mobile Or your desktop it works on every platform So you guys can get in there and lets take some more questions somebody says well, we got a super chat Lets see what the super chat has to say Everyone joined the discord its the best community Ive been in for the last two weeks awesome, man Good to hear that a WC on YouTube We got a ton of youtubers here, were live on Twitch Twitter Facebook and YouTube Now so, thats awesome Let me go ahead and pull up this chat log. Somebodys dad wearing a suit makes you a better trader I guess right hey, its all about your confidence Confidence is a big part of trading somebody says bald oh Man we hit over 500 likes alright. I guess I have to cut my hair off Yep, well you guys will see me with my hair cut off tomorrow Hey, Siri Remind me to get a haircut tomorrow Okay Well, Ill see you guys tomorrow with uh no hair you Guys got me a 2000 subs and now youre getting me at 40, 000 subs how about this if we hit?

40, 000 subscribers, Ill dye my hair blonde if we hit 40, 000 tonight You guys want to play that game. Ill play the game to you Ill play the game just as hard as you guys play that game we got we got thirty nine thousand 87 subscribers right now on YouTube if we hit 40, 000 by then and Ill dye my hair blonde. Thats less than a thousand We have over a thousand viewers right now, so you guys want to play the game. Ill play the game just as hard Shout to a coal Kobe hemming just became a new Ruby shot to John Bane That sounds like a really tough name unless like the guy from Batman So he says or black and blond no, Im fine So we got a super chat here somebody said Do I have to do I have to register to patreon with the same email?

I already used for discord the email I want to use for patreon I cant disc order know when youre on patreon just to connect your accounts together, so you can actually just connect your accounts Its on the patreon when you get on there, and you pull it up Its actually if you go down to them as soon as you open up the patreon. This is how it looks so All of our trading alerts and stuff will be posted you actually get push notifications on your phone So just make sure you have your phone handy and dandy there But just click this link here link this sort of fake. You know automatically link it and then tonight Were gonna be under the Ruby and above you can see we really have a couple early birds there, so thats good And thats how you do that so Yes trading alerts so the trading alerts are gonna be coming not just from me I post my own trading alerts, but Im actually subscribed to some other platforms that cost like thousands of dollars to subscribe to And theres actually one called, Palm Beach group.

Theres one called crypto profits one called signal profits And they cost thousands of dollars to subscribe to and you know I was like why does well I might as well just subscribe to Them all myself and then just forward those Indicators to you guys for you know almost nothing so thats why I kind of set that platform that way I just want to advertise it like that because I dont wanna get banned from those platforms So I have to make sure that Im pretty you know Quiet about that somebody says to When can you recommend to buying the best position I? Would say dollar costs the average away in once again Sony says I want in where do I start Laras weapons Burak? Somebody will post the link or the link is on the top. Just copy and paste that Somebody says you just said it publicly, bro I did but not really because its a live stream and nobodys gonna watch this 1 hour livestream to find information like that so theoretically Its only to our community, and I doubt that anybody that founded those are gonna be doing and even if they do something Ill just sign up under a different name and get those lurks, so Im not that worried Somebodys this for 750 likes can you get a mohawk? Sure for 750 likes. Ill do a mohawk Karl, Obolon.

Oh you guys are ridiculous Just cuz Im willing to accept these challenges you guys take advantage of it. Thats hilarious So oh man where our subscriber count is actually pushing up really fast right now if we hit 40, 000 I cant go blonde That would be weird Im in LA right now, so I can easily probably go to a parlor Just get me blondie like oh. Yeah, we have tons of those.

Thats the fifth one today So he says hey, sir is there any relationship with crypto Im not sure what youre talking about somebody says oh Man FOMO said what will happen after tomorrows SEC meeting um? I think that I mean well think about it What was happened after any meeting right every time theres a meeting its always negative right um I? Think the SEC meeting is good. I think the security Exchange Commission needs to start talking about crypto I think that the regulations are very lacking right now in the market Especially with the way, its handled in taxes. I think its quite ridiculous. How they handle it you know I I just feel like the fact that theyre charging you or theyre taxing you on shortterm capital gains pretty much by Taxing you on every coin transfer or trade it gets quite costly I mean after your swing trading five or six seven eight different coins it can cost quite a bit so you know thats not Im sure thats not what theyre going to talk about because thats more of like the you know the IRS and the SCC but I Think that tomorrow is gonna be important I just dont know if its gonna affect the market as much as the markets are already been affected Right you know by the hype sell the news Sorry about that Sorry so as somebody said ever tried keto diet No, sorry says F. Regulation who wants a larger police state?

All people who are big on bitcoins say its a correction, but it was nearly below six thousand today explain Well understand that we were only at five thousand on November 11th, so Thats my explanation to you. We had an exuberance we had a exponential parabolic amount of growth were gonna see a parabolic exponential exuberant Consolidation so it just makes sense theres a falling wedge We fell out of it, which is expected in a consolidation where emotions are stirring understand This is all emotions trading is all emotions right Trading is psychological Theres nothing more to it, and thats the fact of the matter here, and thats what were seeing tonight. Its all emotional Somebody says bro. You always got a fly coat on Thank You Robbie air appreciate that man Somebody says turned down for what?

One sows that agree, thats its a correction. Thanks McAfee Notices super chat twenty dollars So hes is the Ruby chat being recorded? I want to join, but Im not in the nighttime zone early morning here, and Im in school Yes, Nikolaas, so all rubies by the way guys Everything is recorded here, so when you guys become a patreon you guys actually receive Podcasts, so everything is recorded if youre a ruby all the live calls all the night owls all the ICL masterminds strategies techniques early news All that is sent to you in a podcast and you guys are typically gonna be getting that youre gonna get multiple every week If youre a satire you get something every single day because you get on the go knowledge podcast and exclusive content with this basically means you get all of The recordings of everything so here youll get all the live calls and night owls for the rubies Sapphires youll get all the live calls and everything for everyone So its not just through the rubies so this is if you guys really want information like that isnt out in the public Because its not just me its people that come in and then if youre an emerald Instead of having to use super chat all the time this will give you unlimited coin requests This will give you a specific channel here on the discord where I root I respond to every message So this kind of gives you a little bit more access to me without having to do like oneonone mentorship But if you want oneonone mentorship We have that I think theres only one spot there for that and one spot for the theres a limited amount so this will run out soon But yeah, we actually just got a ton of shop spiffy tastic new ruby shot victor Nipomo CNO new ruby shot john bain once again new gold Somebody says uh Icx what does the technical say about it?

Well? Im not doing too much technicals right now because For the most part every markets in a consolidation mode right now, so if you pull up anything you can see its all consolidation So Tron is consolidating. You know cardanos consolidating If we do pivots, its consolidating if we do Anything I mean every coins e cash is consolidating if you look at the theory omits consolidating and litecoin is consolidating Well white coin BTC is up. Thats good If were looking at us devaluation everything is down, but this lets pull up litecoin look at litecoin Any of that so if we were pull up the coin market cap here Let me actually sorry about that some of you guys are getting blinded from that. Im not gonna do that again?

Ill put the coin market cap version here, so if you pull this up here. You can see with most of these coins Were down in the u.s. Devaluation because we pull up BTC valuations Were not that bad in a lot of these coins like Neos pretty torn up the theorem has been getting a little teared up but Coins like cart Donna arent really being affected right now in the past 24 hours in terms of BTC valuations Tether is 28 up z cash is 6 up status is 5 up in BTC Satoshi values Krypton X 16 percent up Rebane so there are some coins that are still making it through this Downturn at least in Satoshi valuations, but in USD valuations were pretty much all gone right now Somebody says uh Can you cancel a patreon at any time? Yes future yeah, its riskfree. I mean if you dont enjoy it You can always yeah, I mean, thats thats definitely we havent had much we actually have had very little you know Cancellations or anything I think weve had no.

I think we had like a couple very little People really enjoy that I mean most of these trading alert platforms cost like thousands Im like signing up for these platforms that cost like thousands of dollars a month And I mean its ridiculous. You know I Can actually have one here I can maybe pull up Lets see here, yeah, theres one right here Im not sure where its at but Yeah, I mean theres tons of them. I cant even find it but I Always like might as well just sign up for them and look at the trailer so our vent them out and then post them Somebody says whats the point of litecoin though?

It was actually like ones been around for a long time. I mean litecoin is you know Its its the Little brother of Bitcoin you know it was created by Charlie Lee right around 2013 alongside with aetherium and it was a fourth pretty much of Bitcoin just with a higher max apply So it acts like a Bitcoin in many ways theres not really much you know intrinsic value in regards to Smart contracts being built on top of it or allowing it you know allowing D Apps to be built on top of it or anything of that nature Its just a you know its a basic proof of stake coin, so Nothing much to it Somebody says whats the difference in fiat? Its the Toshi valuation, so why should one be chosen over the other packs Just isa well You want to look at Stosh evaluations if youre trading with bitcoins so when youre trading like Most coins against Bitcoin because thats the only coins that accept the trading pair Then you want to use Satoshi valuations because lets say youre chaining Bitcoin against card on own Bitcoin is going up But cardanos valuation gets bigger when youre going down. You dont want to make that trade so thats why you do that Its a simple Simple philosophy unless youre only using yeah proof of work Sorry, were Awad Sorry group of work proof of work is where you mind the Bitcoin proof of stake is where you hold it in the mature coins generate Bitcoin or coins somebody says very low fees Sorry says valuing in Satoshi is just easier yes Somebody says LTC is also faster to send Yes, how much with Korean barbeque restaurant out in Florida and Central, Florida and there was a Korean barbecue place there and They accept a Bitcoin litecoin in aetherium, and Ive been there twice and Ive paid in litecoin and aetherium so I havent paid in Bitcoin Transaction fees are way too high and it really wasnt worth it But it was a cool you as cool as a business that they accepted it You know it was like they gave me fifty fifteen percent off for all transactions in Bitcoin if theyre more litecoin So you know I highly recommend you guys if you have small businesses around your town Encourage them to adopt cryptocurrency at least in some way, right It really goes a long way Somebody says Only because they have less transactions all right Nothing with new technology.

Oh, well. They have a couple things. They have light pay right now, which is interesting and Apparently there are rumors that they might do some sort of partnership with Manero which would be I think the first of its kind and That would enhance a lot of its reputation in my opinion monaro is a very reputable very strong privacy coin Probably one of the strongest I know of you know theres tons of privacy coins out there But Manero really does its job with what it needs to do And it has a very strong community behind it very strong developers and my opinion has a very bright future Somebody says why do you wear a suit jacket every night liberals and I Dont know I just thats my style why do you? Come to my live stream and watch me wear a suit jacket every night like its just what we do right So we said still hard to pitch Kryptos to brick and mortar nothing stable enough except ever well You can still pitch them easily tell them that you dont have to pay Visa and MasterCard transaction fees and if they keep it in crypto And then hold it for a year they pay capital gains tax rather than corporate tax So if you understand it then its easy to tell them to do it You know somebody says eBay is dropping PayPal as a payment system. Theyre switching to crypto Interesting oh, thats a rumor right there Somebody says when will it end well based on the MACD thats thinking that lets do a quick update here.

You can see here weve got one two three four five wave here I Expect this. Ill go ahead and delete this to go ahead and roll back What were looking to see is this MACD to start to cross before we see this cross what were gonna see is the relative strength index First do its cross so the relative strength in this as you can see its starting to pivot you see how it just started pivoting In my opinion were gonna see that start to come back around just like it did previously When our size under 30 that its considered over so old Thats where you see price levels start to reverse, and Ill show you an example here so if you were to look at this chart here and just looking at the RSI if You knew this over seventy was a peak You could have sold here and look how the RSI went down after that price levels also went down So its a clear indicator of where prices are headed, and if its overbought or oversold Its a great indicator to use from your day trading look at this RSI Peaks out here Peaks out RSI Peaks out indicator of a consolidation prices drop So heres the opposite if you want to make money with the RSI our side dips below 30 It hits bottom There you go you put your buy order in you tell yourself Ill sell whenever it hits over 70 BAM it hits over 70 for the first time right up here Thats all this right here is profit So our sigh right there just by using one indicator. I just showed you guys how you can make a huge percents or use percent gains without really focusing much on Anything other than that somebody says yen. I aint grow beard So he says if we hit 4 yes, if you hit 40 thousand subscribers. Are you going to?

Dye your hair blonde yes if we hit 40 thousand subscribers on the live stream. I will dye my hair blonde I think were at like thirty nine thousand two hundred or something say we only need a couple more And we have like 1500 people watching so yeah, Ill do it fine You guys are insane you guys always make me do crazy stuff. I already have to cut my hair, so somebody says is the RSI your favorite indicator, djz The moving averages are my favorite I think I love moving averages you can see how we bounce off these moving averages quite a bit 100 a 50day 50day dropped below bounced on the 100 bounces on the 200 and then dropped so I like it because it really tells you where prices are headed if theyre oversold overbought and Its just a different fashion, right?

Men are all of our subscriber counts. Just skyrocket you guys are crazy you guys would really really really like embarrassing people oh So he says how will stock market crash affect crypto, bro, I think people will come from the stock market as you know as Almost like an optimism towards our market being the fact that our prices are low think about it as a trader, right? Im a trader so I think like a trader, and if Im trading stocks And I am expecting a huge crash in the stock market Im gonna look for another market to hedge against with my currency and my assets, so Ill liquidate my stocks And Ill look at crypto and say well look at Bitcoin Were under the 50 and the 200 and the 100 it looks like weve had a huge correction Why not just put my money in crypto?

So I think it will have an influence on the stock market it will influence it much No stock markets way too big to be influenced by the crypto market, which is very minut compared to the stock market But I think there will be a very small influence But its probably just as small as any other influence wasnt the stock market back in 2000 when era was occurring so Somebody says rice to eat yes Somebody says is 1 million enough. Did you bite to hold for one year? I dont know That one scene dude How much of your patreon you have in crypto? Yeah, so our patreon we do our trade alerts on patreon so if you guys are patrons the link is in the description I think Somebodys posting on the chat, too You guys can actually get any of our trade alerts there And well be posting trade alerts as this market starts to run up which Altcoins are gonna be the best all kinds to put your money in to see the largest gains so thats gonna be the focus of Our trade alerts over the next couple of days We have several different platforms on the patreon so you have snipers gold the rubies sapphire emerald and diamond All of them include training lips I went had to made that change today So you know before that closes if you guys want to get in on that the link is there, but it is limited So I cant just have you know everyone on the Ruby patreon or whatever and then you know thatll kind of dissolve the reasoning for it because we want to keep this as an exclusive group because we have most of our trading chats here with over a hundred people But we want to keep this a little bit less and for those of you that dont come into our night owl Or dont come into the voice chat youll get the podcast version so youll still get the information that really matters And its the stuff that you actually need to actually enhance your trading experience and where youre headed Mises could I see a example of a training hell here Yes, you can see an example.

Um let me pull it up here. So this is kind of how that looks let me See yeah Heres a kind of how the trading alerts look so when I post the trading alerts it will come like this So the podcast look like this you can actually pull this up on your phone Theres an app you can get push notifications on Android or iOS the information for my even any other snipers tube affiliate remember Its a professional hello, however. I am still holding certain coins, then I just definitely you pretty much get up to date You know forecasts for those of you that are like on the go it really helps Thats why a lot of people like to do the Emerald which gives you all of those And then if you guys go here.

This is a trading alert, so this was like one trading alert I told people you know stoploss zone by zone profit zone This was before the crash so since the crash I havent formed much trading alerts just being the fact that you know its not necessarily the best time to do trading alerts Its funny because I subscribe to all these other programs that That do training alerts and all of them are saying like hey. Were on the sidelines Were waiting. We dont want to catch a dropping knife So if you look at any training alerts right now all of them are pretty much on a hold right now because you dont trade markets like this at least as a swing trader or Value investor, I mean youre looking to get the best possible prices youre looking at dollarcost average And then its fine if youre looking at a trade Thats also fine to certain degrees right remember we talked about that paper trading You guys can actually go on trading Bute and do paper trading here, and you can trade without even having to use real fiha So if you right click here create a new order you can literally buy a trade right now and look its telling me my profit margins so I can tell whether or not I made a good decision and You can literally trade any coin, so you go to light coin just like this in exchange And this is all free link is in the description for that so Highly recommend you guys get on that And start practicing right so you can see the order place order execute it if I want to close my position I just right click closed position Just like that And you can actually so this is my account balance is a hundred thousand right now.

Its a ninety nine thousand I can reset my paper trading account I can put how much money I want in there. Its really simple Thats what Im saying like all of these are simple resources some of you guys I know some of you guys havent even downloaded our disk or dia And I feel bad for you guys Like you havent seen the power of the community in the collaborative intelligence my mentor always taught me this Hes the name anytime you can get around people that know something that you dont know Sit down and listen dont talk right and I agree 100 and thats something thats helped me a lot. I come in here sometimes.

You can ask them I come in here Just listening in like I sometimes. Theyre just quick crypto voice and listening looks like something I was writing I was trading up bonds and all of a sudden I had bought it with Bitcoin, and I owned a cerium and I lost about a hundred and fifty dollars Guy just talked about losing 150 dollars that could have helped you prevent yourself from losing a hundred fifty dollars And then you can even download this on your iPhone and be in the shower and listen or be on your car and at work And listen so like people literally will sit in these chats for hours literally theres always always over 100 people in here just listening you can see their mics are closed some people actually have their headsets closed Theyre not even listening But theyre just in the chat because they know how important it is some of them only have limited amounts of space so Like you guys want to be careful, and you guys want to get in on those Some by the way tonight Were doing a Reuben above so I showed you guys the patreon here for those of you that are on our patreon getting the trade Alerts if youre a ruby, which is like one of the second level.

How Low WILL Bitcoin BTC Go

She or ii tears come into our night out tonight Its gonna be under ruby plus, and this is where were actually gonna go in and talk about this market But specifically we all have I SEOs assigned to us We did this two weeks or a week ago about a week ago And were all gonna be talking about upcoming I ciose to trade as this market starts to recover and then possible Altcoins as well that we can trade as the market recovers that will have the most Profitability because whats whats the question people have now. Its well which altcoins should I buy right and? A lot of people dont want to get into Bitcoin right now So if thats the case I have pretty good answer that and might answer that Ill tell you right now is d apps What up coins could you build the applications on right cuz a theory amande neo for example to all coins that can? support decentralized applications and because of that theres a stake for those coins to stay up and running right so theres VCS if you guys know what that is venture capitalists that have money in aetherium that dont want to lose their money So theyll hold and theyll keep aetherium because they know that their investment is in the company that theyve funded through aetherium and Those VCS dont want to lose their money So theres less money coming out of aetherium and thats why aetherium in my opinion has a huge potential for 2018 because think about if a theorem goes to nothing that means all of these icos all these companies are done Because that means all the funds they raised Rendered useless right, so lets loosen up a little bit so yeah, thats just the fact of the matter and not only that if you think about it a theorem in Itself has a quarterback that wont Wont give up in my opinion.

I think vitalic butyrin is a great Great leader in this industry started a theorem. He was 19 years old, but hes definitely progressing it. You know they have an issue with With speed, but their scalability is there right yo s has an issue with scalability because they centralized their servers within 21 nodes Aetherium doesnt centralize their servers within 21 nodes aetherium has DC I mean they have almost unlimited nodes right because its its just like Bitcoin. Its spread out.

Its proofofwork right now Theyre they want to transition to proof of stake so With that being said understand that Aetherium in my opinion has the scalability potential just needs the speed I think speed is a little bit easier to solve than scalability because with 21 nodes you only can scale so much versus etherion that has many many nodes services trim those Mofos eyebrows so he says take it off, and then a winked you guys are weird Somebody said if we hit 40 thousand subs hes gonna die is there blonde yes Ill dye my hair blonde if hit 40, 000 subs. I dont think it will get there. Oh my gosh. We are actually there We have a ton of you subscribers Out of nowhere you guys are ridiculous, man Thirtynine thousand two hundred and eight like less than its like seven hundred something subs, and we hit I have to dye my hair blonde Somebody says grow a mustache Im fine So he says wheres the night out tonight the night out. Well be here in the discord under ruby plus, so For those of you that are new rubies will be in there tonight matter of fact shots Jake Kirk just became a new Emerald or yeah Michael Soras just became a new gold who lost sadi hair bet he just became a new Ruby Danny Tao Just became a new Ruby shot to Danny shot to Sean Evans just became a ruby Shot to Denis amore just became a new Ruby shots a spiffy tastic just became a new ruby shot victor Nepomuceno just became a new ruby that Colby hemming just became a new ruby Good for you guys See you guys tonight make sure to get on here turn on your pushtotalk so click voice in articles Pushtotalk set up your master key, if you dont want to talk thats fine Just listen in and those of you that dont make it in your rubies.

Youll get that recording Tomas does Its done, so well send that out immediately afterwards you wont have to wait for that Somebody says what is Jyoti just go on the link brother. Just pull up the link If you pull up the link at slash snipers It has all the information on there. Oh my gosh This is Jabra counts flying through the roof right now after that people will really want me to dye my hair blonde apparently Somebody said Interesting yes, youre very welcome Colby So he says I thought Id bought neo for cheap at 103 till I seen the big drop should I have waited Ace King? Listen man. Youre not going to get every trade the way you want it to but Heres something else I do want to point out every time you see these down turns Youre always gonna see some sort of bull flags form right And I think thats the biggest thing you have to understand at these lower price levels if youre planning a cell is You never want to sell on the ready want to sell in the green so whether the red is Going even lower wait until you start seeing that bull flag form that green right.

Ill give you an example You can see with any downturn like lets pull up the Nasdaq crush right in the dotcom bubble of 2000 Ill show you exactly what Im talking about here So if you guys want to do it sidebyside comparison of how this is looking towards The true bubble that people refer to all the time I can show you that so Lets do a comparison here you guys want to do computer sense a eye on the chat if you guys want to do this comparison say I I II why II Somebody said I need a time machine Somebody says Dont huddle Dom said I na le said I David said I flipped Jade 3 said I lets see a somebody said nay theyre probably from Australia liberal sheriff said I John I wonder if the sheriff is actually Sheriff shout to all the sheriffs out to all the emergency responders out there by the way Shout to all the teachers all you guys get under paged out to all the nurses out there Thank you guys for everything you guys do You guys are awesome I wish you guys can become full time traders and not have to deal with any of that crap anymore and be financially independent and Thats the one hope I have for you for 2018 and hopefully you guys believe in that yourselves So you can see that accomplish for yourself, so were doing a sidebyside comparison by the Nasdaq Somebody says Trent high animal said I I Been said eh Pedro said I I like it buff buff said eh Amplify said I lost my life savings this month, so thats not good Dont invest more than youre willing to lose. I am David that is me. Yes it. Its you Dom said a from Twitter good no nobody from From twitch is saying anything. Thats surprising.

I guess theyre being taken over by YouTube come on twitch fight back somebody actually put AI emoji So he says Im gonna sell my kidney for BTC Eduardo T. Said, eh Lets see so he says. I need a nurse my way right now. Im a little ill no thats not good Good morning from Amsterdam. Youre probably having fun a from Canada Singapore crypto Columbus nice K. MC.

Fadden nurse by date trader at night. I like it Somebody says shout to all my patrons out there. Yes David shout to all the patrons out there. Do yous trading bots no I dont use trading bots, but 90 of trades in the traditional stock market is by BOTS If you read, theres a book I highly recommend it actually read this book here This will talk about some some of that stuff called principles by Ray Dalio talks about algorithms. He actually created algorithmic trading Or he was at least the first one that succeeded quite well with it Ray Dalio He had Lunger on the largest hedge funds in all of the United States called Bridgewater over 175 billion in assets Somebody said oh Yes, so were gonna do a sidebyside comparison here of The dotcom bubble which is Depicted here in the left versus the crypto bubble Quoteunquote that is depicted here on the right and when I say its a bubble a bubble is something thats based upon speculative value versus intrinsic value intrinsic value is the tangible value of any given asset or commodity and Intrinsic value is determined based upon the tangible use of certain asset or commodity Intangible value although can also be a form of value now You have to understand the intrinsic value of Bitcoin has not yet.

Been determined. It was the same thing here in 1998 up to 2000 Sorry for that noise by the way dev doubles having just joined Nobody from twitch is talking. I dont get oh there we do we got one twitch got big eagle charlotte north carolina You rock.

Thank you, brother Charlotte north carolina just in raleigh man. Go ye go Duke screw you NC That we just probably lost seventeen subscribers from that somebody said Copenhagen jeddaks good awesome craft Beach says a a captain Danielles in the house. I need to nurse my way right now Danielle, hope you feel better girl Michiel said oh yeah John Martinez says ìiím save us Co Paxtons you remind me of the Indian from Indian in the cup board what no as it sounded good Nice of you to show us the bubbles charter of what ill im the type of guy that likes to delay things like id like To build some anticipation by the way were gonna be giving out a book tonight So if you guys want to get a book stay tuned well be giving out the Internet of money here to one of you viewers on the chat Thats open for twitch Twitter Facebook and YouTube Somebody says do you think the crypto crashing the Dow crash have any relation?

Or is it just a coincidence Matt palm cute to be honest with you I think thats a coincidence the reason I say that is because the stock market has been a nineyear bull run and Every seven to ten years according to Ray Dalio. There is a crash in the market and that was expected I think the crypto market It was just completely separate from that it was its own ball game But I think that its happening at the right time because now that the crypto market has low prices Understand that smart money likes to come in when prices are low So in that manner in that case most of the smart money will want to come into Crypto and use it as a hedge against the markets because they know the markets are gonna crash these people arent stupid theyve been through This before people have traded many crashes, just like Ray Dalio hes traded through the 79 crash the 80 you know the eighty nine eighty seven crash the whatever the 90 I think of 91 crash the 99 crash the 2099 2000 same thing and then into 2008 you know so this has been crashes all throughout history Its a known fact. Its Expected its real. Its part of the market.

Its its Its what a contraction is for so So we just got a super chat somebody says kilo cut says look at TRX. Yeah, we dont need to look at TRX Its not looking too good. Ill tell you that most of the all coins are down Hey, my dude when you believe youre recovering from this. Yes. We already talked about that I dont think well go beyond fifty nine hundred if we break this support level though Will most likely go into a very very low price point thats just the truth, and thats thats the honest but scary truth But I dont think thats gonna happen.

I think were gonna see a curve if you look at that MACD You can see the histogram. Were losing sellers. Theres a finite amount of sellers Theres never an infinite amount of sellers, and were seeing these waves 1 2 3 4 were hitting that 5th Wave so my expectation is for this to start curving back the Mac team and that curves this price curves Somebody says We here you dont need to pick up the mic, so he says how do I join the patreon the patreon?

Thats what he said, Im unsubscribing if you get closer to 40k dont want to see you blond That is hilarious So he says big dogs wont let their money sit around long crypto I agree 53m does the lowest support after that we were all screwed to current stunts Were all screwed guys. Hope you dont have money in the markets I Like this chat a lot more than the YouTube chat Matt Paul McKay. Yeah, you probably do enjoy that chat a lot more I bet So every stays if we have 40, 000 subscribers hes gonna shave his head. Im actually already Obligated to shave my head because we hit over 500 likes on YouTube so if we have 40, 000 subscribers Oh, Im gonna have to go blonde and shave my head So I will blonde for one livestreaming then the next slash dont have to shave my head I dont think its gonna happen or actually oh my gosh now Were getting so Im gonna stop talking about it you guys tricked me by making me talk about and then you guys remember and then You subscribe because now we have like almost. Oh my gosh less than like way less than like 700 subscribers, and then I could oh my god, Im gonna stop dont subscribe, please Everybody please do not subscribe oh My gosh we got tons of twitch.

Oh by the way Yes, somebody asked about the trade alerts the trader lips are on our patreon website so any one of these will get you trade alerts but tonight if your Roux being above Understand theres limited space here, so you rubies isnt above will actually have access to our night owls which basically means were gonna be getting together here, then were gonna be doing a Coordinated discussion so that means instead of going into one of these random free chats. Where you go in and Support so these are good to look theyre calling support levels actually lets listen in actual like chat room and You go to the right side of your screen and swipe. Yep.

Theyre talking about some stuff Um, but anyways were doing a coordinated Reuben above night out tonight Were gonna be talking about the focuses icos and alt coins to invest in once the recovery occurs And then if youre not there youll get a recording it for your a Ruby, but thats there by the way Ill just give a couple of shoutouts here Lets see shout out to Michael source new gold shout out to Gabe who edit uh new Ruby shot to Danny Villa New Ruby, Ill see you tonight Danny shutting dawn new goal shot to Frank dang Just became a ruby good to have you its not to Jason Pratt Wow okay shouting Srinivasa ben de la Id like it man awesome name and a ton of ton of gold. I cant even name all the Golds shout out to Who was Christopher Breitling Ford alright awesome guys. That is awesome. Were gonna be heading over that night owl Somebody says he said we dont need to hahaha.

I need to stop looking at it Somebody says how long will I stay around these prices? Im looking to buy around six thousand I would dollarcost average your way into your position you guys want to hear something that I just learned of this was actually some secret Stuff that was given to me by an individual here in LA that I actually got together with and it was about tether And really were theres headed because people were kind of scared about tether but you dont realize that tether was actually just now Added to what was it? added some broth Pierces Twitter if you guys dont know broth Pierces is a very influential individual in the market and Hes very well respected. Hes actually building a crypto city in, New Mexico.

Im sorry in Puerto Rico and he actually has now become on the board of tether and from what I heard tether did not Do the audits with Friedman LLC or LTC whatever the company was an auditing firm they dissolved their relationship with Friedman? Because of the fact that they were requiring transaction records of all transactions, and they didnt want to give up user privacy and just give that out so From what Im hearing. It was a good thing what they did was Protecting us thats why I tethers been holding up from what weve seen and thats just something. I heard its not something Thats guaranteed, but thats just something Ive heard Some says will sink to get their brother check this out guys talking about sink, and this will make all of you laugh This is probably funniest thing. Ive seen in a very long time so Look at that were sinking were sinking guys look at that Shot too Jake Esposito just became a newbie shot to Gabe again Another Gabe mini Gabes Look at that isnt that funny, so he says hopefully thats true no Somebody says hey man Gustavo Zambrano is a big fan of you Thank You Ricardo Ruiz Somebody said Worry, Im not gonna make it in time to buy coinbase says three to five days What do I do is wire transfer quick quicker Rene Marie what I would do to get Bitcoin the fastest right now?

You want to use what I would use is Gemini and do a pink wire Transfer a sameday transfer through your bank will typically cost about 30 US dollars, but Gemini for me I can deposit like fifty thousand dollars in u.s. Dollars and get it within the same day and also trade it and buy Bitcoin through Gemini So thats what I would recommend if youre looking to get funds in fast But you cant win through all the Bitcoin from Gemini Until its verified, but you can pretty much get it the same day as long as you do it within business hours Which would typically be 9:00 to 5:00? Somebody says you can buy 10k Name when looking at our side should I be looking at the one hour for our a oneday chart it works in all platforms It just depends on how youre trading You know if youre day trading swing trading and value investing you want to use different charts. Theres three different types of traders, so depends Somebody says what is it called Gemini?

Yes Gemini G. So if you guys go in our discord? Theres also a place here called the resources and you can find all of these tools here, so Gemini is actually down here You got G Dax. This is low fees so you see high bank wire limits So I pretty much have all this stuff out here Some people are not certain the thing with discord is you actually have to go and look for information You know its not like telling them where you just spammed with Notifications its almost like a platform where you have to go and actively look So oh my gosh Leo over 100 rubies right now?

Look at that gonna be a huge night tonight Okay, telling you Golds So I look forward to seeing you guys there tonight Services been waiting on by a Gemini verification Yes So Ive been seeing a lot of ads for zel today Bank response to crypto Interesting if you can get verified a Gemini they stomach verify my account since middecember Kelly Mullins interesting I didnt know that Ive been Ive been using Jenna knife since like before 2050 I mean Ive been using it for a long time Services takes about a month to get verify I didnt know that I got verified quick at the time OSullivan said does the price of BTC affect ICO prices Should we invest in ICS during a bear bull or bear markets who benefits? I would say during bull markets Everything you want to invest in is there am bull market you typically dont want to get an investor You dont want to invest in a bear market. Thats just never the its not a smart decision because I mean if you know the definition of a bear market.

Youll know what Im talking about uhhuh Ill show you the definition of a bear market So a bear market Were to pull up Google In my market at which prices are falling encouraging selling So why would you want to buy during a market that is encouraging selling right so? you know You just have to be smart somebody says Emeralds Almost a week waiting to get verified a Gemini Yes, the Golds getting to ICO tonight. No the Golds are only gonna be getting the trade alerts we got too many Golds we have like a Thousand plus Golds so we have way too many Golds to do a night owl with them It would just kind of you know ruined the point of this night out This only is for rubies Because if you go to the gold you can see theres tons of movies that theres way more gold So Golds will go on and on and on this is just the ones that are online so We got tons of gold we cant do that sorry So he says how does one day trade in a bear market? Or is that too broad a question no each car you can de trade in a bear market for sure You know what I would say is if youre bored in this market do paper trading Go on Gemini and literally or go on trading of you. Just paper trade click buy You know so you can sit up you can practice stop losses you can to practice take profits Let me order stop orders and do all that with fake money fake money So by the way, lets look at this graph here, and then were gonna give away a book So we got this book here mastering Bitcoin This is the advanced version of the book.

Were gonna give away which is gonna Be called the Internet money actually just gave the book out to a friend of mine here in LA so I dont have the book on me, but Ive read it and Its an awesome book Its called the Internet of money here by Andreas and on top or loss or however you say and its an awesome book Hes very good at explaining the fundamentals if youre more of a female Emotional individual I would get how money got free Its a more of like a dramatic book that talks about the history the press the future of Bitcoin principles where a dollar is an awesome book to Candlestick charting in psychology of trading or trading psychology these are books or more of the ones that wont understand trading at a higher regard so Understand that somebody said Join our team in discord yes discord is poppin 247 But look it, so lets look at this comparison so youve got this huge runup here. Youve got this consolidation this was the dotcom bubble from 1997 up into a 2000 we saw this parabolic run up, but let me let me tell you something here So you guys want to know how to make money in? A down market like this.

Ill show you exactly how So in order to make money in a down market you have to understand market fundamentals and market arithmetic And what I mean by that is What goes up must come down, what goes down? Typically will come up. What do I mean by that well? Understand if you see how this market even in a bubble how it declines It goes down and by the way.

This is a oneweek chart, so if you look at all of these downfalls just imagine this ten times more parabolic than how they are or actually seven times more parabolic because this is one day and This is one week, but I want to show you the one week charts just depict this to you So you have an understanding of how this works so when markets crash? Theyll go down, but guess what theyll go back up. Theyll go down go up on the way down You can see how it went up down up down up down up Well guess what? with Bitcoin so far down a little bit of up down Guess what theyre just gonna be some sort of up Does that mean its the endall beall well? No it could go up drop back down very possible Based upon my analytics.

I dont think that would occur I dont think you would go past this lower low and the reason I say that is if you look at the MACD Quite overstretched most likely gonna curve back hitting the fifth wave RSI under 30 oversold Were gonna start seeing some sort of curve back now what Ill tell you is this Lets say you bought position at 11 3 like I did around this price point well what you can do is Let this price go down and when it sees these run ups these see this is where money is made Its in these green zones and a down market You just have to know how to play it you have to time it correctly So this is gonna have some sort of green zone around this area here The question is how much magnitude is that gonna? See you never do you can never turn around you can only determine? Price movements, but understand based upon our prediction so far here with Bitcoin if you look at bitcoins Average here if we pull up the 1day chart on BTC USD You can see here that We we had a Constricting falling wedge or a contracting falling wedge We broke out of that because of the emotional spur these are where ladders are formed MACD became overstretched starting to see that its gonna curve in my opinion Once that curves were gonna find our way back into this endpoint here into the apex Once we hit this apex. I think will enter right back into this Contracting falling wedge into the apex which is gonna be right on top of I guess what? Weve got the 50day movie or the 200day moving average right here in the apex where we predict that price is gonna bounce back off Of because it was following it quite well here where you see theres resistance resistance on the apex heading into it So thats my opinion here So he says how do I get your trade alerts?

Oh my gosh? Its on the top here, so if you see the purple It says trade alerts if you dont go on there to go on patreon PA Treo slash Snipers and you just any one of these will get you trade alerts Thats how you get the trade alerts And then those of you that are rubies will be at the night owl tonight, so the night owl will be here this is where you guys can get kind of like the after information the Extra the uncensored stuff will be right here at patreon exclusive under ruby plus you can see we really got a pretty full house here And I cant wait to see some of you guys out there matter of fact lets go ahead and give a couple shout outs here real quick and Well talk about some really fun stuff and do a giveaway shots Xavier had a Etta New emerald shout out to potty zing new Ruby See you tonight potty shut to immaculately ur new Ruby. Ill see you tonight brother.

Its gonna be a fun night for sure and I look forward to seeing you all That are gonna be there. Were gonna be talking about ICO didnt have an ICO mastermind as well tonight, so thats gonna be fun So he says this is denial this is going through the floor wait until 2nd tomorrow silver Jaguar well Ill tell you what if it breaks the support level. Were most likely to see price levels drop Exuberantly as much as we saw this exuberant runup, and the reason I say that is because after that Its exactly what youre talking about at that point.

Its its an allout bear market, but I Dont expect that to happen. Yeah the reason I say that were following this 5th wave here It makes a lot of sense for this to actually go ahead and start pulling back You can see this histogram understand sellers are not Infinite sellers are finite You can see here this was larger than the previous histogram right BAM this was larger than this one This was smaller than all of them Just getting smaller, which means sellers are going down sellers are going down less and less sellers so With that being said I believe that right there is gonna be one big aspect of where this is gonna head to Somebody say Thats funny Yes, we are live on every single platform. You can think of right now twitch Facebook Twitter YouTube Somebody says Can you post the patron and discord link yes, I will post that here in the chat here BAM, Ill post that for you guys um Let me get links here Hopefully this will help out There you go And then Ill push the discord as well There you go Somebody says if we a thousand likes Will you know will you shave your eyebrows?

If we get a thousand likes will I shave my eyebrows you guys are insane Lets see what the likes are doing right now. Oh my gosh now all the likes are going up You guys are crazy. Ive already agreed to shave my head because we hit What five hundred likes and now you guys want me to shave my eyebrows So he says he took off his jacket. Just got real BTC will rise.

Ill be here. Thats hilarious So he says do you like me or aetherium or um good question Wow I like aetherium a lot neo Im just starting to fall in love with so its kind of like you know you have your girlfriend But then you meet a different girl, and Im just kidding, but its almost like You know you have a girlfriend, and then you have like you know another friend that just comes into your life And youre like man, this guys pretty cool this You know this person is really cool, and Im just like in that honeymoon phase right now with neo But aetherium has been a long time. You know I mean that thats my rideordie So thats kind of how I feel about it. Tend to serve us at lol Somebody says sup, bro So Isis meeting tomorrow is gonna be bad Yes, the SCC is having a meeting Kilo gut says pimpin aint easy Services I like neo Met our twitch followers are just soaring through the roof. Thank you guys for that man even YouTube YouTube Yeah, by the way if we hit 40, 000 yeah We will do a diamond hair blonde, but I dont think were getting oh snap.

We are getting here there now Were at less than 600 away from we went from like a thousand away to 600 away from hitting 40, 000 subscribers on the YouTube see I will dye my hair blonde if that happens because I Agreed to it and my mentor said nah. Im all youve got is your word you cant go against your word We our twitter follow me has been increasing like crazy since we started streaming on there. Its been pretty cool This is how does exactly how does neon gas work, and is there another coin like that I? Believe there is a couple other coins like that, but it pretty much rewards you gas. Its almost like proof of steak Thats kind of how I like to look at it. I actually like to look at it as dividends, right?

Theres like three types of dividends in the crypto market. Theres hard Forks that end up splitting tokens Thats where you get like Bitcoin cash Bitcoin Bitcoins so forth diamond and then theres also Ways that you can get Other coins by just holding coins and thats proof of stake so thats another form of a dividend in my opinion, then theres gas Do is a form of gas they reward you its a whole different coin but Its given us gas that matter of fact the theorem is actually a form of gas And thats what aetherium the token itself was made for shot to billy far. New ruby brothers. Good to have you on the team Ill see you tonight man shout to face Sal see a Taj knew Ruby Good to have you man, and then I think immaculately it.

We just gave a shout out to as a new ruby Good to have you guys on the new ruby squad somebody says a Kuh coin gives rewards There you go, thank you Robert Charles Lewis rule Orson Yeah, thats funny so he says bye kids, you know when it hits 4, 000. We gonna. Yeah Do you invest in coins with very high circulating supply like stellar og Cardano? I like stellar I just dont like all the coins with max supplies that are too high because in my opinion longterm the sustainability of that coin as something that can be valued at a higher level is a Little bit less than coins that have lower max supplies so understand youre not buying shares of these companies You know companies are buying shares up when youre investing Somebody says You are amazing, thank you for javi.

Oh, youre amazing man. Thank you guys. Yeah, weve had tons of tons of support here So he says do you invest in coins with very high circulating supply yes, I just answer that actually This is can you show me a example of a trade alert that you post yes So Im just adding me on snapchat out of nowhere.

Thats random. I think its in a description of YouTube Thats why yeah, so this is an example. I think I actually just pulled it up earlier Let me see if its still there But yeah, heres an example of our trading alert so when I wait on. I post trailers.

I will post The fullon alert like this was one where I posted Heres another one that I posted here profit zone stop loss You know I havent posted many since this huge downturn just because this is another one Ill post profit zone by zone stoploss, and then Ill actually put the chart description here And then also send podcast so if youre a ruby youll get a podcast like this Every day you can play this on your phone so the information for my even any other snipers tube affiliate or members for informational purposes Only should not be considered so thats like the beginning and then it goes into it. Its a good I was just curious about most most I SEOs are for very large investors. Is that no No, no you can all be getting Thats awesome. These are two of our rubies. Oh my gosh now Literally like tons of people are adding us on snapchat You guys are insane.

I actually do put some cool snapchat, so Ill be in like different crypto masterminds and Ill just like take the phone out and start snapping it Somebody says bitcoin is mooning. Yes. It is it is definitely mooning Theres his name. Dont like it rock the casbah rock in the cash box Sounds like an Indian song buy them new microphone somebody said Looking forward tonight cots asked me to Leo cant wait to see you there brother Somebody says CNBC said kryptos were crap when they were going up now They saying by them seems like this was a major pump and dump That is awesome silver Jaguar like that thats funny.

Lets give away a book real quick guys. Lets do a book giveaway This is gonna be open to Every single one of our viewers whether youre on twitch facebook twitter or youtube So well give away a couple books here the first one here Ill surprise you on which one its gonna be but were gonna do multiple different giveaways The first one is gonna be a question so the question is Based on what Ive talked about tonight. I pretty much talked about a couple different things but I Think the one thing Id like for you guys to explain to me is what does the RSI stand for?

Lets do that again. I like doing that one What does the RSI stand for and Ill just pick a viewer here on YouTube? What does the RSI stand for somebody says our IP? So Lets just pick somebody here BAM Simply dusty on YouTube relative strength index good for you brother you went ahead and won the Internet of money Thats just one.

Well give away another one right before we end this stream so good for your brother Well give away another one later, and well continue to give away the Internet of money send me a message simply dusty on YouTube and Ill go ahead and verify that and well get you that book brother So yeah, we got tons, and you followers here on Snapchat hey by the way we got some new rubies here shoutout to Wayne Go Go just him new gold Charge Astra never spawned Isla as well Some reason is how do I access? Okay, so somebodys really confused so when you get into our patreon and stuff you so basically you need to connect your patreon to your Discord the link is actually gonna be on the patreon page So theres actually if youre on the homepage there you guys can actually click on the patreon com website and go onto the main page of the snipers tube Patreon here and just click link to discord the patreon this will show you how to do it Now once youre linked it will auto assign you on discord, and then basically go here to ruby plus And you can get in on the chat you can see we got a full house Were gonna be heading over here tonight for those of you that want the extra information The discord link is in the description to become a patreon you can get in here. This is free this chat this whole area but that rooming above night out tonight is what you have to be a ruby for all of that is gonna be shown in the Description you guys can join patreon and discord.

Its basically a twoway thing I would do discord first and then patreon or do patreon person and discord Were gonna be heading over there tonight We already got tons of people out here And this is where we really like to continue the night get into more uncensored information what it really does it allows us to have Dialogue rather than just oneway communication in monologue it allows us to go to ways right and have a conversation and thats what the point is so I Look forward to seeing some of you guys there tonight Somebody said oh snap mohawk No no Bo hawk we havent had a thousand likes, dude We havent in a thousand lights that we havent at forty thousand subscribers yet, oh Man, were getting close though That is hilarious. We are getting really close if we have 40, 000 subs I will dye my hair blonde like I promised we hit a thousand lights. I will have a mohawk. Thats apparently what you guys want Some reason has hit me with a book each car Yeah, lets do another book giveaway here.

Why dont we do one here for our Twitters here? Because we havent done at which one that was on YouTube so Heres another question and this will be for YouTube and twitch and Ill just pick a random person Well do another one for that, so well give away three books how about that? Id like to give away books cuz I get Tweets from people saying that its helped a lot a lot this was actually a tweet. We got recently And the guy got blown up after this tweet.

It was hilarious But he posted this picture right here, and he was like He said Ill show you right now. He basically said thank you for the book blah blah blah and then You can see here big shots, and Im over at snipers, too Just got my free book from winning a YouTube livestream answer not even of the most trustworthy figures in the crypto world I searched everyone checks out his channel. We got like 19 likes on that I Would I one during a livestream question answer read the book and its definitely worth every minute of your time Look at that so a ton of people win these books and its like kind of like my way to give back I just like giving education because thats what was given to me, and it really helped me a lot and the books will really help a lot of you guys if you dont understand what youre investing in then youre gonna be a sheep and You dont want to be a sheep because sheep just follow so what well do is well give away a book here and the question for this book giveaway is going to be this um Lets lets lets do this What is this indicator here called What does this indicator here called thinking can be the short version of the long version? Short version of the long version what is this indicator called? This is good and check out What people are saying?

Lets see Shout out to lets see the winner eeny meeny miny moe catch a tiger by the toe if he hollers let him go BAM The winner is lets see lets be a little bit picky here Who said that oh My gosh. I cant even find it shout out to while we do the first one that I saw on The first one I saw here on Twitch was half a scene Shot to half a scene. Do you one brother? Send me Send me a message on Twitter brother and Ill get you that book so were gonna be heading over to our night out guys tonight This is gonna be taking place on our discord highly recommend all of you get on our discord I I will post the link here, and then you guys enjoy the night by the way Hopefully you guys enjoyed this night.

I posted a link here for discord I hope to see you guys there tonight for those of you rubies and above. Ill see you guys there as well and That is the link there for you guys So thank you guys so much for tuning in and until next time my name is Nayeem alobeidi And I really enjoyed this livestream with you guys tonight Were gonna continue to watch Bitcoin continue to watch our prices are headed because understand that every market goes through its good times And its bad, but as long as you can get through the bad times Youll have a chance to see the good times, so thank you guys for watching and like always snipers outp

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