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How to Buy and Sell Stocks on Robinhood Beginner App Tutorial

How to Buy and Sell Stocks on Robinhood Beginner App Tutorial

How to Buy and Sell Stocks on Robinhood Beginner App Tutorial in todays article Im gonna quickly show you how to buy and sell stocks using the Robinhood app which is so easy to do but theres a few things that you need to understand first Ill briefly explain how theyre free sign up shares work and then Ill also show you how to lightly research a company using Robinhood then Ill show you how to buy and sell stocks using Robinhoods so that you can see for yourself how easy it is to do theyre not the best choice for every type of investor but if you do want to get free trades and have a really easy platform to use then definitely try Robin Hood now if you just found this channel Im Jason with honest finance and I make a lot of articles on different topics thatll give your life and your finances more value so definitely subscribe if youre into this type of content but now lets just hop onto my phone and Im gonna show you how to buy and sell shares using Robin Hood okay so once youre inside the app the way that the free stock thing works is just if you refer someone to Robin Hood using your special link then you get a free stock and they get a free stock so its just kind of a winwin and I did leave my referral link in the description so if you guys want to use that then you can get a stock and I can get a stock but really if youve got friends that are already using Robin Hood just use their referral link because then you guys can both benefit from it and the cool thing is is once youre signed up then you can do the same thing so Ive got a free stock here for inviting Samuel so thank you Samuel this is how it works you just claim the free stock and youre gonna choose one of these three question marks just like a stupid Las Vegas thing and then you scratch it out and well see so it looks like I got sprint which is worth 571 and honestly I have never gotten anything over ten bucks but thats my luck I have had some guys in the comments tell me that theyve got shares that are worth over a hundred bucks so maybe youll be one of the lucky ones but I havent been so far and then before I get into all the research stuff I do want to let you know that with the free shares you cant actually sell those stocks for three full trading days so just keep that in mind and then if you ever do want to get your cash for them you have to wait a full thirty days and those are the full rules for that kind of stuff so if you do get a free share just keep in mind that those are the two rules with them but thats about it so as far as searching for a stock lets do that right now Im just going to look for Pepsi because I know that I dont own them Ill show you guys how to do some quick research on robhinhood so you can just type in Pepsi if you dont know the ticker symbol and youll be able to find it so right here PepsiCo PEP is the ticker lets go into that and it looks like they are trading at 120 709 right now the markets closed so youre not going to see any fluctuation so anyways 127 oh nine is what theyre at per share this is just looking at a oneday graph by default so lets move it over to a fiveyear this is as far as we can go on Robinhood which honestly is good but I wish that they could go back further and I would even say ten years would be good but lifetime is really good as well so were gonna look at Pepsi over the last five years and just by looking at this graph on a very basic basic amount of research it looks like they are a very healthy company from the looks of this chart however it does also look like theyre probably overvalued just like the rest of the stock market thats just how everything is right now its everything is very expensive so looking at this one 2709 the whole saying buy low sell high youre definitely not doing that right now you would be buying high but if you do more research and you just feel like its just gonna keep going up then go for it maybe now is the time to get in but honestly I would wait for a correction and then put your cash into a company but that is just me so anyways the stats that Robinhood gives you if you scroll down just a little bit you can see some basic stats on the last 52 weeks the open the high and the low for the day but really I am just looking at the two on the bottom right which are the pe ratio and the dividend yield and this still doesnt give you much information but it does at least give you something the pe ratio is the price to earnings ratio which is basically how much a cost per share is relative to how much money theyre actually making so this is basically saying that a share right now is 14 times more expensive than what theyre actually making and typically I like to have the pe ratio as low as I can get it but it all depends on the industry that youre looking at too because if we checked cocacola and theirs was a 20 then Pepsi would actually be looking better than Coke but thats how youd be looking at the pe ratio and honestly I just say anything below 15 is probably a little bit better on your side looking at those kind of numbers so and then the dividend yield this is just how much theyre gonna be paying you as far as a percentage of the shares per year to own them so 3.25 is what they are currently paying based on the current numbers so if you bought a share for 127 bucks then throughout the year probably four times a year from Pepsi they are gonna pay you a quarter of that 3.25 and so those are the two numbers that you can look at with robhinhood and then if you check down here theyll also have different articles and things you can check on just to see if maybe theres some more information on the type of information that youre looking at so and then weve got the analyst ratings 36 say by 60 say hold 4 say so this is as basic as it gets I wouldnt even look at any of this kind of information but they do have it there if you want to look at it theyve got their earnings right here based on how everythings looking you can see the dark grey dots those are what we were expecting and then it looks like we were actually a lot higher than that so those are quick indicators on the quarterly results to tell you how the companys doing relative to what people thought they were going to be doing so thats good as well you keep scrolling down you can get people also bought so just you know making it easier for you to find other companies that people were buying as well as Pepsi and then it looks like they have little lists of stocks that you can look in and then theyll have an about PepsiCo which theyre not going to give you much information here just a short little snippet of what they do what they own how many employees they have and all that stuff and that is as deep as you can go on Robinhood and honestly if you guys want to learn how to research stocks more than that youre gonna have to check a lot more resources so that you can learn a lot more about it but you can start with Yahoo Finance and you can also go to the investor relations relations pages on the actual websites anyways you can go directly to the companies themselves or you can go to Yahoo Finance and thats what thats what I would recommend you do so anyways let me show you now how to buy and sell a stock on Robin and this is so easy lets buy Pepsi right now for one 2709 so were just gonna click buy right down here on the bottom right and were gonna say one share and so I actually know how much money I have in my account if you look up at the top it says 3383 available and that is because thats how much cash I have available and the reason Im doing this with a more expensive shares because I want to show you whats gonna happen as soon as I hit review it is gonna have a pop up come up and say I dont have enough money but it says you can deposit 9961 and you can make this deal happen now the cool thing is is that Robinhood by default will let you instant deposit money up to 1, 000 so that you dont actually have to wait for it to get into your account because typically its gonna take three days just to get the money into your account so if you want to trade some stock really quickly and you want to make it happen now you can up to a thousand bucks and then if you do the Robin Hood gold thing for five bucks a month then you can actually up that all the way up to fifty grand as long as you have enough money to back it in your actual assets so thats how that works its telling me right now that I need 9961 to make this happen and I dont want to do that right now because Im not actually gonna make this happen but lets go into another company and show you how this works or you know what actually we can just do the same thing here lets pretend that I did want to buy one share of Pepsi for a hundred and twenty 709 that is the market price keep in mind and a better way to do this is if you look up at the top right there are these order types click that I wish that they made it more conspicuous but they dont so click this right here and youve got your different types of orders that you can set which are a lot better than just buying things that market price so the one that I like to do is called a limit and what this does is it makes it so you just set a maximum of what you want to buy the share at and thats what itll buy it at so its trading at 127 lets say that it was moving quite a bit during the day you could set that to 125 and if you feel confident that itll move to that amount within the day then you can get it for 125 and the cool thing is about that is that if youre buying a lot then that can actually save you some money and if it doesnt hit the number then oh well try again the next day I suppose but lets do 120 okay I know thats not going to hit 120 today for sure or tomorrow but were gonna continue and were gonna say market hours only and heres the cool thing we can do this through the next trading day thats good through 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time or you can actually set a 90day period so you can actually keep that limit then it will automatically by however many you told it to at that price and that will hold it for 90 days so its almost like you can let it automate for you and make it a lot easier to do this kind of stuff so thats how you do it at this point you just hit continue and then youd say execute so now Ill just hit review and you guys can see for yourself I have to put in 86 17 to make this happen and Im not gonna do that because I dont actually want to do this right now but that is how you would buy a share and if you do have enough money in your account obviously the warning wont pop up and you can execute the order and that is how it works now as far as selling a share goes it is the exact same thing so lets go into something that I own here I know that I own some four chairs so lets go on the Ford F is the ticker symbol okay so if I own some its gonna say trade looks like I own five shares of Ford by the way it has been like the lousy isnora stock ever Ive owned them for like three years and I havent seen anything happened with them look at this five year track record it is just in my opinion I dont really have any worries about the company themselves but its definitely just a downtrend anyways lets see so were gonna trade some shares of Ford we just hit trade and in this case we want to sell and lets say that we want to sell two because I know that I have five and it tells me right up at the top how many I have I have five shares available market price 948 if youre happy with that go for it otherwise you can do a limit order just like I did earlier and you can set a limit for it all that fancy stuff and that makes it a lot better so anyways that how you do it and you just hit review and then right here where it says swipe up to submit boom as soon as I swipe up it executes and it is over with and keep in mind that if you do set limit orders you can cancel them at any time you want youre not locked into anything but if you do if you do buy something at market price and the markets open then you are definitely going to have things happen very quickly and you cant get out of it but you can cancel the other kind of stuff anyways thats all I hope you guys enjoyed this article and I do have another article thats a review on Robin Hood that goes into a lot more detail on a actual perspective of using the app for a couple years that I think you guys would be interested so Ill show that over here you can click on it watch it and feel free to subscribe if you guys want to anyways thanks thats all

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