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How To Buy Bitcoin On The Cash App 2019 Tutorial

pHow To Buy Bitcoin On The Cash App 2019 Tutorial Cash app is quickly emerging as one of the most important financial apps in the digital world another emerging technology bitcoin is now almost half of all of the cash apps revenue were gonna show you how to buy it today on the cash app and also why its important welcome to big boy crypto if you like what you see today in this tutorial and Bitcoin explanation make sure you guys hit the like button smash it dont forget to also just subscribe to the channel and you can learn a lot more about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency so here we go guys were on the cash app website now whats very interesting is on the home page of the website cash dot app it gives you a little story of someone that wakes up get some cash into their cash app account it shows their balance they spend money on coffee via their Visa debit card thats linked up to the cash app not to a bank thats good for people that might not be able to get a bank but then in the end it says 5 p.m.

How To Buy Bitcoin On The Cash App 2019 Tutorial

direct deposit hits do you buy Bitcoin or do you cash out instantly to another bank with cash app you decide now its very interesting that the cash app is pushing Bitcoin here right on the front page you may be wondering why they would do that well the founder of cash app is or the the founder CEO of square that is behind cash app is also the CEO of Twitter and his name is Jack Dorsey and in the crypto world we say hes very bullish on Bitcoin he really likes Bitcoin he believes it will become the currency of the internet so if you dont own any Bitcoin but you do use the cash app or youre thinking about using the cash app then this article will be for you because were going to show you how to buy it through the cash app and tell you why it could possibly be a good idea so as you can see Im really OCD so Ive got everything in nice little folder so here my crypto folder I have the cash app thats right I do consider cash out a crypto currency application you click on it and here we are we are on the main cash app page now from this page you can request cash from someone else or you can pay someone you would just put kind of an amount in there and you would hit request you could put the persons cash tag or you could hit pay if you want to send money so you could send or receive cash that way so some people are really used to using cash app this is all they go over there for is to send and receive cash but the cash app has a feature that allows you to buy Bitcoin now if youve never used the cash app at all and you would like to do that I do have a link in the article description you can click and when you click that link and you download the cash app I get five dollars cash money to buy more Bitcoin with and you also get five dollars so really just by downloading the app you can buy some Bitcoin so hey thats a winwin right there so here we go guys were gonna show you how to do it you click on as you can see here the top lefthand corner that has a little circle with kind of you know a faceless avatar so you click that and then it goes to your name and it shows you how much you have in cash on the app and how much you have in Bitcoin as you can see I only have 50 cents right now so I have bought Bitcoin on here before but unfortunately there is a verification process for being able to send it in and out of a wallet and some of you guys might run into that roadblock were gonna also talk to you how to fix that so as you can see Ive got 50 cents in Bitcoin right now yours will obviously say zero it will have your bank listed below if you scroll on down the page its got some kind of you know some more things but thats not what were interested in all were interested in is we are interested in the part that says Bitcoin here so were gonna go back Im gonna show you how to get to this very fast you just click the top left from the cash app home page you scroll down to where it says Bitcoin and then you just click Bitcoin now you can buy any amount so basically right here all you do is you would click buy now you would hit buy and you can buy up to ten thousand dollars worth a Bitcoin now the cash app does not allow you to buy anything outside of Bitcoin that its cryptocurrency so you cannot buy aetherium or litecoin or ripple aka XRP and youve heard of any of those cryptocurrency you cant buy them on here but you can buy Bitcoin and right now bitcoin is crushing every other cryptocurrency so itd probably be the one you would to buy the most so all you do is put in an amount ten dollars what I tell people is this I say listen if you want to get into Bitcoin the cash up is a great place for you to buy a small amount and then just watch it and if the price goes up and you get interested you do some more research you can move on to other ways of buying Bitcoin but this is a good way for anyone to get started for ten dollars most people could afford to lose ten dollars if the price went way down which I dont think its going to do but for ten dollars is just enough to put a little skin in the game maybe to get you interested in Bitcoin so Ive put ten dollars there and then I would click buy so its gonna facial ID me as you can see there because I have my face in my phone Im one step away from the matrix but there it is boom all you got to do at that point to complete that is hit the confirm button in the bottom right hand corner so as you can see here it says to complete your purchase a point zero zero one zero two three three two Bitcoin so you can buy a very small amount of Bitcoin a lot of people think that you have to buy a whole Bitcoin the price right now is you know somewhere around ten thousand dollars give or take when youre watching this maybe a few hundred bucks but the fact is you can buy a very very very small amount you dont have to buy a lot now a lot of people including myself believe that eventually the price of Bitcoin is going to go to six figures and maybe even above that and I think thats actually a real possibility over the next five to ten years so even by buying a small amount you could actually be doing yourself a lot of financial good now youre not gonna get rich off of ten dollars worth of Bitcoin but like I said it might be enough to get you interested so here we go lets X out of here because were not gonna confirm the order right now now if you want to sell that if I want to sell that 50 cents a Bitcoin I have here in my account right now I would hit sell and then I could sell 49 cents so I charge a small fee and just hit sell its gonna facial ID again and I would just hit confirm and I can sell my 49 cents a Bitcoin but Im gonna keep that because it might be worth three dollars one day um but that is how easy it is to buy and sell off a Bitcoin now if you want to withdraw or deposit directly into your we called a Bitcoin wallet on the cash app you have to verify so you have to send them a picture of the front of your drivers license and the back of your drivers license along with a selfie now you can see here mine says verification in process or in progress thats because I actually try to do this a few weeks ago and I got declined for some reason I dont know why I do think my face is good I dont know what do you guys think drop me a comment if you like my face Im totally kidding dont do that unless you really want to umm which Im probably gonna get a lot of negative comments on my face that was really dumb but anyways I digress so they declined my verification I dont know if it was because I was outside and maybe there was too much Sun in my picture but they are pretty particular about this so one of the reasons I tell people to buy a small amount of Bitcoin on the cash app is because you do have to go through that verification process to be able to send it off of the app so you cant really do much with it you can either buy it or cash it out but if you wanted to send it to a wallet and maybe make purchases with it then you would have to do something totally different which is verify and then youre actually going to have a cash app wallet that is going to help you to be able to send and receive Bitcoin a lot easier now I would say this cash app is in the first step of Bitcoin for a lot of people there are much more you know advanced exchanges and Bitcoin wallets out there but this is a good first step if youre interested now if you didnt know the cash app is starting to blow venmo away this is a Google search and you can see or Google Trends you can see from 2014 to now that cash app is totally caught up with venmo its the trendy the trendy financial transaction app of choice especially the younger generation and you may not have known this but this year the Google Trends may be similar right now but cash app is blowing venmo away PayPal that actually owns memo you may not have known that PayPal said venmo is on a 300 million dollar run rate for the year however cash app on a 540 million dollar rate for the year so much higher and also the cash app has done 135 dollars in revenue over the over the quarter number one in 2019 it also did a hundred and twenty five million dollars in Bitcoin revenue that it is not counting there so thats right square doubles down 125 million via cash app in quarter two that was not quarter one quarter two hundred and twenty five million dollars this is a booming app its only going to be getting bigger it wont be long before it absolutely just blows venmo off the map in my opinion and its good if youre in the crypto community as well because you have Jack Dorsey who is a Bitcoin maximalist that loves Bitcoin only and hes really helping to push this across his app across square which is a great thing in my opinion as I love Bitcoin and I want to see more of it so thats all we got for that this article guys hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial I know if youve been watching the channel for a while you know this is a very beginner tutorial unless of course you never use the cash app then maybe that was good for you to see as well if youd like to see more tutorials and more content like this make sure you drop me a comment below dont forget to smash that like button and hit that subscribe that boy outp

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