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How to create a Legal Entity in Oracle Fusion Apps Vs Oracle EBS

pHow to create a Legal Entity in Oracle Fusion Apps Vs Oracle EBS?p p in this article Im gonna explain you how to create a legal entity in Oracle Fusion Applications cloud so the first thing Im gonna do is take you to Fusion Applications and then well navigate to the form wherein we create the legal entity and Im going to show you a rest of the steps there so here I am for logging in your vision applications and Im going to use my user kcon with a password of welcome and then hit the Sign In button and here Im gonna go to setup and maintenance and then Im going to navigate to implementation projects right from here you can either go and navigate from implementation projects or you can search a specific task so were typing it over here and hit the search button just for learning purposes Im going to show you the longer way of navigation so click on your project and then you navigate to financials and make sure you are able to see the entire thing and then define common application configuration for financials navigate to define enterprise structure for financials and then youve got a number of things over here you see you can start by defining a new enterprise structure so this is the form wherein you can not only define your legal entity but also your divisions business units your legal authorities etc it will also create reference datasets for you but I have already done that and Im demonstrating you the single step procedure to create your legal entity so as you could see downs over here youve got another function define legal entities financials so click on that expand that and then youve got manage legal entity right so you click on this one and here I have already defined one legal entity by the name of vision operations USA legal entity and for demonstration purposes Im gonna create one more so you see the reason why we are getting onto this form is because the scope is already selected right so we need to make sure that we go to a place where it we can define a new legal entity so the question is how do we go about it and its fairly easy if you go into the same form manage legal entity instead of clicking on go to task which will automatically select the scope which was previously selected you instead click on that scope itself okay so selected scope click on this hyperlink and there you will have an option in the LOV to create a new legal entity so click on that one and then hit apply and go to task and then you click on this plus icon for creating a new legal entity look thats the form we were looking for create a new legal entity now Im gonna create a legal entity called as vision services USA so if you are new to Oracle Fusion and if you dont have data handy for your demo environment what an easy way is you can take that data from Oracle ebusiness suite so to assist you further in a data entry I have already opened the ebusiness suite instance as you could see over here so Im gonna go to legal entities definition form so if you are not aware of the navigation let me show you once more so Im going to go to the Navigator and from here Im going to navigate to the legal entities configurator page so since its taking a long time Im gonna click on the home icon and from here Im gonna go to the navigator and drill down to general ledger responsibilities so she could see general ledger vision operations USA was the responsibility we were looking for and then you navigate to setup financials accounting second manager and then accounting setups so that will lead you to accounting setup manager within that you go on to the tasks called as legal entities and then you make your search so Im gonna go to advanced search and Im gonna search by say vision percentage which will look up all the legal entity start by vision so hit the Go button and then you drill down to the legal entity that you wish to take the data from here to Fusion Applications so Im gonna create a new one for vision services okay so click on that one option and then click on View details its gonna open a detail form which will help us copy certain data from here to fusion ok in the meanwhile as you could see weve got the name itself so by the time it loads Im gonna go here and Im going to start typing say vision services USA and then youve got legal entity identifier and you can copy it from here like this okay and then you can say start date so whatever the start date you wish to give let us say if youve got a start date so lets say this date okay first Jan 1987 so Im gonna first select first Jan and then here you can edit as 87 and in fact this is 1987 like this okay and optionally you can choose these options and then identifying jurisdiction by default it is United States income tax and then you can enter your employer identification number or tax identification number which again Im going to copy it from here so if you see something like registration within that hopefully we will have that sort of number over here so you see II I n or TI n so Im going to copy this and paste it over here and then youve got legal address and its a daddy up to you whether you wish to choose an existing legal address or you can create one on the fly so Im gonna create it on the fly so looks like you see it is not giving us a form to create it on the fly it is just letting us choose so what we can do alternatively is we have to go back and come to this page okay so we can always do that by keeping this open opening a new browser okay going to the legal addresses form and creating a new one navigation is pretty much same okay thats where we were right so if you scroll up a little bit somewhere you will find a place to create a new legal address you got manage locations okay so thats where you are under define legal jurisdictions and authorities for financials you cut the manage legal addresses form so you click on that one and here you can define your new legal address so I would say United States and Im gonna enter that rest line one over here so whats the address you see thats an address okay so if you click on this one or alternatively you can copy this one say one four zero one Pennsylvania F and you can paste it over here okay then what you have is Washington DC so Washington is the city and youve got DC and you see thats the postal core copy that and then you paste it over here and thats about it and fire it in fact thats a place to search right so we were weve got to create a new one so but for that you need to click on this create button okay we we were looking at the wrong form so Im gonna hit the create button create a new legal address and here you see again weve got to give these details Washington and then give the post record PC okay and then you optionally give the time zone if you like but you can ignore it lets see if you can give one for the u.s.

How to create a Legal Entity in Oracle Fusion Apps Vs Oracle EBS

hopefully it should have one you see so Im gonna give Central Pacific time or your specific time and hit the ok button and then once youre done you have to click on save and close ok by that new location has been created ok so if you go back to that and query hopefully you should find that new location so lets search it by the country say United States and then hit the search button its gonna retrieve all those addresses you see the address that we have just created can be viewed here so now Im gonna go back to legal entities form and here Im gonna search my legal address and hopefully that one should show up you see it has just shown up and Im gonna choose that one ok and then youve got legal reporting unit registration number and I think it should same as your EIN or ein its up to you what you wish to give but I cant see anything else over here so so these are different establishment within the legal entity so Im going to give the same thing okay you can always change it later if you like okay and then you hit save and close so thats in short the procedure to create a new legal entity now if you go back lets see if you go back and search the legal entity you would be able to find it so lets say search legal entities and then you choose legal entity you see now you can see the new legal entity just we just created has been listed over here so thats in summary the procedure to create a new legal entity p

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