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How to get set up on Bitcoin Exchange in Meta Trader 4

pHow to get set up on Bitcoin Exchange in Meta Trader 4 Hi, this is Brian Wentzloff and Im going to show you how to trade cryptocurrencies using the MetaTrader 4 software today.

How to get set up on Bitcoin Exchange in Meta Trader 4

In order to do this the first thing you need is an account with some sort of an exchange that deals with crypto currencies. Now, an exchange kind of tells you what the current prices on the market are it allows you to make trades: get into trades as well as get out. Its not the MetaTrader 4 software itself, the MetaTrader 4 software connects to an exchange.

Theres several exchanges out there that will allow you to trade with crypto currencies the one Im most used to is The first thing you need to do on this is create an account go through the signup process. I already have an account so im not going to sign up again today once you sign up and youre logged in youll see a profile button up here in the top right so click on your profile and youll see a MetaTrader tab down here at the bottom go ahead and click on that up here at the top kind of in plain text youll see to download MetaTrader 4 client please click here so thats how you get the the version of MetaTrader that you need in order to trade cryptocurrencies so another thing to pay attention to here is the server addresses. The Bitcoin exchange allows you to have demo accounts to practice with which I strongly encourage you to start with before you start putting real money and they have two different servers one is for demo accounts and one is for the real account ok so once youve got MetaTrader 4 downloaded go ahead and bring that up youll see a screen that looks similar to this you probably dont have all the details that i have on here down here at the bottom youll see an account section you can right click on that and say login to trade account or you could also go up to the file menu and say login to trade account from there on this screen you we wont see anything in the server field here thats where youll have to refer back to your profile at btce and use either the real server address or the demo server address based on what sort of account you set up down here to open up a new demo account you just click the Open button there and it will pop up and give you a username and password that it generates for you to make sure you write down all that information and a safe space and then put it in here so you put your login account number that was generated for you by btce and also the password that was generated for you by btce and then the server address whether or not you have a real account or a demo account. So once youre logged in you should start getting some information now MetaTrader 4 doesnt give you a whole lot of active feedback sometimes if you put in the wrong password or something it wont obviously tell you youre not logged in.

A couple things to look at is down here in the bottom right corner itll give you some number here and thats the connection status if you didnt login correctly you wont have any number down there itll be red and itll say not connected and also you should get something showing up in here now these are the prices of different currencies different fiat currencies as well as cryptocurrencies. Up here at your top left youll see a button that if you click you see everything you are allowed to trade in. You probably wont see all of these. In a future article Ill address how to get all of these to show up youll probably just have bitcoin and litecoin and by clicking on any of these youll see a chart that comes up.

What these letters mean are the different currencies youre trading with, so this is Bitcoin versus the US dollar you just hover over to tell you exactly what it is this is Bitcoin versus the euro and you just have a lot of different options like that and you can do just purely cryptocurrencies as well. You can do bitcoin to litecoin and and things like that so thats all for today and the future articles ill give you some tips on how to effectively utilize this space get it looking to have good indicators about whats going on in the market and also how to actually place trades and make some money. Thanks for watching! Bye.p

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