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How to start a finance apprenticeship within the Civil Service Arch Apprentices

How to start a finance apprenticeship within the Civil Service Arch Apprentices

pHow to start a finance apprenticeship within the Civil Service Arch Apprenticesp phow to start a finance apprenticeship and whenever were talking to people about whether to take it on and its its you know its not a small undertaking its always over a year in some cases and if you want to do the level seven this is a three year under tapering three years to us three is bus and so its really sensible and important to not be caught up in the enthusiasm at the moment do it are some fairly tough questions and they fall under two categories really which is am I willing to do this am I really up for it Im really up for the the study am I really up for getting through the papers am I really up for a discipline and rigor of always making sure Im learning while Im in my job and then the fee of course is am I able and on the am I able is you know theres the am I eligible to do this and if we go onto the next slide theres a this is this is some of the requirements you need to be there needs to be will send out if you havent got it will send out to everyone whos on this webinar the links to the standards but it is it is important that there is a and that the language we use will fit between the standard and the job role that people are in it doesnt have to be precise it is never but a natural fit or actually what the stand asks you to be good at is the kind of stuff that in your job you want to be good at there are GCSE requirements in that as well and crucially and this is where I think will come some of the specific questions in a moment but people who have say studied a degree in finance or accountancy and ask question what can I go and do the apprenticeship and the answer is it all depends on actually what the modules were how recently you did them and the acid test comes down to will you through the apprenticeship program going substantive new skills across the program if the answer to that is yes then youre in good shape to to join the program when it comes back to the previous if you just go back to the previous slide just on some things I might am I willing to do it I think its really important that you are quite selfish about this people often when training is put on sort of get an initial sort of flush of altruism and Im guess Im gonna do it improve myself and its the right thing to do and my team wont we to do it and but actually what are you gonna get out of it what in practical terms are you going to get out of it is there something that you find particularly theyre wrong on the career ladder that you want to get to where you think this will be really important but our enrollment form or our eligibility check form starts with the three the questions what is it that you want to get out of this apprenticeship program because we think thats absolutely key to doing it and to continue your motivation through the program and and then its worth asking me as well well okay maybe thats what I want to get but is the apprenticeship the right route for me to do that now weve been you know we have were converted right as a panel were preaching a message that we clearly believe in but we also think its really important that you have your own personal reasons for undertaking and the friendship they arent that it is a challenging qualification all of them and its just to go in with your eyes or and then to be able to maybe speak to people who have undertaken the qualification just to get a feel for know what youre actually going to be doing would be would be really useful as well definitely and then if we can just go on theres a little bit on exemptions and conversions and in a moment Betty is going to say a little bit about that but particularly in this in the finance profession there are you know we certainly know of people and it looks like there are some people on the webinar who have begun some of these qualifications and the question is well quite fun partway through all Ive just started or I knew there try get any benefit out of moving on to an apprenticeship program you want to say a bit about this because this is a common common occurrence it is it is so weve got some people who say theyre studying at AIT and can they then progress with an apprenticeship and I think broadly the answer would be yes but for everybody who is looking to convert these are considered on an individual basis weve already sort of outlined the you have to be loan something new and it has to be substantially new and theres also a time period that we need to look at that you you will have to continue to study for a certain amount of time to be eligible for to be an apprentice but theres a couple of ways of doing this there are exemptions which will be granted if youve reached a certain point in your study so if you studied AAT the natural progression would them be on to one qualification with one with the main accounting bodies and that would be treated as an exemption if youre partway through studies in a certain level you would be treated as an exemption because warts and this will be done on individual basis the person assessing you would look at where at what point are you and at what point would it be right for you to move over so we do have some which if theyre not on the students own we can get them up there so you can have a look at them but to grant that have been developed heres a slightly more challenging question because its about the role the person is in as opposed to about the particular oppression or qualification which is actually have nearly got you know supported by the department got to a certain level but the next step up is sort of requires a different role that person needs to move in which isnt available from the moment I guess thats a broader question for how career progression within there it is and I think it depends where you work at the moment if youre in a big department got a lot much more opportunity to change yours than somebody who made a small department but what Id recommend there is if youre looking to move roles and you cant at present is talk to your how to finance profession if you have one in a large Department talk to the government finance Academy about it you certainly would be eligible to move on to this is something in the final stages of AIT on completing the AIT qualification you would be entitled to then apply for an apprenticeship but you would need to be supported by your department dare I say have you thought of a move to another department I dont know where you are and whether thats a possibility but we do encourage people to move around and I dont think theres anything wrong with me saying that no no no and this bit around completing your AAT said miss doesnt know but can are they are they tied to the AAT all the way up through or can they move at me to salute the ATS is a fantastic qualification which is provides a wonderful precursor to the the chartered accountancy qualifications so Preston the level 480 qualification will get you exemptions from some of the subjects in each of icw SEMA and ACCA so the Institutes do map together in that respect well yeah so youre not tied into one part so for the thing I would say that if you are in the final stages or the final year of your accounting qualification I would say carry on with it I dont think there is sufficient learning in that final year to make it worth your while converting a particularly undertaking nempont assessment I mean it there might be somebody who is but I would think broadly we would suggest that you carry on doing what you do nowp

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