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How to Trade Bitcoin Day 21 Official Bitcoin Price Explained Profit Bitstamp Bittrex Tutorial

pHow to Trade Bitcoin Day 21 Official Bitcoin Price Explained Profit Bitstamp Bittrex Tutorial THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! yo Hello hello its up everybody oh wow that Loaded up real quick Real Nice alright alright Get in there Siberia Went Down well Hopefully You Didnt Sell it You Guys Have to understand that the trades we Do Learn That One day to day trades? so if it went down it went down but the chart Says itll go up So Just gotta wait on it No problem Caesar Pay for Yourself three Times over Thats What we Here for Man Thats what we Heal folk? Make sure you hit that Thumbs Up button were gonna go take too much time tonight its already late xr pay Still Good Z cash Should Be Good LetS look and See cash i havent even looked at That in a While Oh yeah its looking decent Its good its not gonna all go up at Once Its actually a Flag Pattern so you Know All We Need is that 77 but WhatS gonna Happen now as long as That 3 is staying above i Already Bought some of This but so im sitting Pretty Good on it As long as That 3 i thought its on back there as long as That 3 is staying above You Know that high that means that 77 is about to Jump Out and a minute That 77 Breaks above The 231 Houston We Have Ignition so its Just gonna trade Sideways for a Little bit but you see that 77 is catching up with that 231 and that 231 is even going Up so this is probably a Great time to buy Z cash even if it drops to like right there it wont Drop Much Lower Than That But Yeah its Good time to buy i already Bought some hopefully you guys can Make some Money on it Hey I need to Jump Over Yeah Make sure you like This article Guys itS at night i could Go to bed if yAll aint trying to like this article I Just i Just go to bed come back Tomorrow? so so i Appreciate It Every Thumbsup i could Get its slim Pickings Out Here at 10 p.m.

How to Trade Bitcoin Day 21 Official Bitcoin Price Explained Profit Bitstamp Bittrex Tutorial

Trust me Why would you only hold One coin Why not hold Half a coin in both of them and if You only hold One coin Aetherium or ripple That Doesnt even make Any sense like a theorems Like 307 and ripples Like 20 cents Why would you want to hold One coin Hold as many as You can That are making Money or about to make Money The minute They start Losing Money Get Rid of them Hmm No i bought Z cash down here i bought i buy when the Green Breaks above Breaks Out of That orange So i actually Bought Z cows i think down here somewhere 52 54 somewhere in there Maybe 58 but i think i know It did hopefully i didnt buy it at 58 i think i bought it At 54 i think That Was like One of The best Buys i saw on the Market that day 54 for some Z cash ill take That Seven Days Out the week If i was swinging It i Just i Just dont trade Every day anymore Im like Im looking at Charts and making articles but you know Ideally i would Have caught that Up there got out Im not worried about it i dont Need to make Every Penny a profit i make enough Im decent But its going Up there its going back so wont it wont take It long. To get there probably a Couple Weeks 79 81 somewhere in there LetS check Out atx People stressing Out about atx Why would you okay Yeah This is what weve Been waiting on like Why would you want to sell It now like Thats what weve Been Waiting on Lets Get Paid Like i Said When we Break Out Thats our cell zone Up there so if you wanna sell now you can i Mean Cuz the Way it works no its do LetS look yeah This is the Money zone Thats where we Get paid at its about time we start cashing Out on some of These did we Buy Z cash We Ballsy cash to bitly Then we Buy Zeke has to like point oh five four Let me put This time her up real quick We Didnt buy z Things And As he bitch oh? Hey Hmm Thats my Bad i Bought It for Myself Thats for sure Sorry Mm that Sucks Um but Yeah this is Good This is still a Good Deal If youre if you want to sell Lets see when this Thing Pump It goes so like dont Dont be scared once you start making some Money? you Know What Is this how much profit is this when did we buy this Thing atx we dont Have This for a While Whats our price on ats Lets Jump Over to Whats the name?

Yeah Thats Why i thought we Bought zeke Ass i thought we Bought zeke Ass Take some profit and run Yeah LetS see we dont have it on here though We didnt. Baazi Kind of Swarm We Bought the Mz calves All Right So atx we oh Got that aint. Go who was that telling to get atx i Just told Somebody to get some atx Dang Mmm Jesus Thats a Lot of Money Right There Thats a Lot of Green Thats how you know its about. To go all Red What we at 5 Theres a Lot of Green Right There see on Days Like Today This is good this Happened Days Like Today is when you got to look at consolidating you Got to cut the fat The Ones that are Up the most Twentyfour hour profit Loss total value price sold Gnosis we DidnT Sell Gnosis yet did we So this is where you get into trading Guys Congratulations welcome to the party we officially Here weve Got a Nice portfolio Got a Nice day of Green you see we are beating the Market Right Now our portfolio percentage Is 5 Bitcoin is still not above Water It might Be at 1 or 2 maybe But were Beating the Market Right This is what we do so Bitcoins its Kind of Pullback But This is When Honestly This is when you want to sell a Lot When youre in the Green like this you want to get rid of the garbage golem Network Token our Gnosis okay so Z cash Was a Good LongTerm opportunity but i didnt pick it for 100 day challenge Well There You go all right My Bad Um And Honestly okay Lets Go ahead and Get Started Well uh!

Just use this as Kind of a Review day for Our Hundred a Challenge and then Im gonna do a quick coin and then Thats gonna Be it ripple Uptrend 1801 atx and Steer Iam What is that 24 hours Hmm yeah okay be back in two and a Half Minutes Live From The usa hoping you get paid every day This is the boat and i got the number one website for you to cash in and cash out in cash Money For Bitcoin its called Big quick dot ceo Theres a Link in the description and its in the numberOne comment on this article? You Go to their website youre gonna see this right Here you click on buy? and You tell them how much Money You want To spend and it will automatically convert That Amount in a Bitcoin Once You have that Amount Ready you Let them Know how you want to pay for It you can Either do a cash Deposit or Money Transfer through a Major Bank Right Here in the usa you pick what bank you want And itS quite convenient to my house a Big Thing to note Here is you only have three hours to get that cash Money Into The Bank account that They send you once you Deposit the Money into their account they send you the bitcoin notice That there is a Two percent fee this morning When i send 500 they Charged me Ten Dollars to send it but Thats not Bad at All In crypto linen so you click on Next right there after its confirmed and Theyll Send you an email And notice This is cash Only you guys dont Go online and Try to transfer it into a persons account because It wont Work you Need to go into a bank with cash Money in the email that They send you Theyll Put Their name Theyll put A 12 digit account Number Theyll Put that Holder state Thats all You Need and They Will also confirm Your bitcoin Address where the Money Will be sin Biggest Thing To note Here is that You will need to receive The upload Link And Send them the receipt of the transfer this is what that Looks like all you do is you take a picture of The Deposit Receipt After You Send it you Type in that little no Refunds or big quick on bitcoin boom Upload It into That email right There using That link and congratulations Baby You are Now a Part of the Money team this is the folks With Another Breakthrough website for You Guys i hope It Helps and i hope You will be profitable and Prosperous in the Market Lets Go like a Boss you What will edit that Part out Live From The usa helping you get paid every day This is the Boasts of Bitcoin the Crystal of Crypto is your boy bk and if youre like me you Must Not Like Money It is September 27th day Number 21 and we are right Now live on the air With Everybody in the Crew you can see They Saying no sound youre muted i know we fixed It were Good were Good you Know they Say bk You gotta Jump on these Charts We May Get some Money Everything is Green i Say i know Guys i know i know Thats Why we bought you know Thats why we Bought Atx Like Two Weeks Ago i Saw It coming you know i had this one i had This One right Just trust in the Boss Yall sin and i will Lead uS to greatness we Will Get there together If this is your first time tuning in Congratulations Baby You are now Rocking with the best My name is bea cake my Friends know me as the crypto trader and i am the boss Of These Charts as You Will soon find out Every day Im Able to grace This microphone Wit my Voice is another day Somebody can Profit as a Result and Today Is no Exception We Will be getting to our question of the day in a minute to pick our cash Winner but first i wanted to Jump Over Over huh to our portfolio Right Lets Check Out the Money Lets Check Out the Money Right You Know im Saying They they Said they said bk yeah im Saying What we Will be about 20 Days in of six Percent Across Like 18 18 holdens Thats not Too Bad Thats not Too Bad You Guys considering considering The price That Bitcoin Was at Well We Always started and i dont think its above That Number Right Now that means were Beating the Market That means were Beating the Market and so on Days Like today Days Like Today Its really When you know yes you start training Right Now that we made a Little Bit of Money Now that we Know were doing Better Than Average so Just ha tooling down on bitcoin Said theyre gonna he Said Theyre Just gonna cash in on bitcoin and you know buy it at 4200 and hold It Forever cool Good Great Thank you right well well well Make our Money and in the meantime But Days Like Today is Kind of When the rubber Meets the Road and decisions Need to be made on Which Way do you want to go Right The reason i Picked a Lot of These coins i told You Guys Early on Was not because i Expected them to Make Immediate profits What i was Doing Was i was Diversifying Our Exposure to the Market knowing that a Few of them on Days Like Today Would Be The ones to break out you can see a dx neo Tynix artur You Know to what i was pointing we Didnt Picked in the last two or three Days you Know so as We progress Through This Thing you Know Early on that first Week i was setting Up some home Run swing see it coin The Theory of Classic Bitcoin cash if They would Have hit we Would Have hit it hard But They didnt? so you know but Towards the end of That Second Week you know i was Toning It down i was Narrowing that scope to say okay Whats gonna Hit in the next five Days? You Know cuz we Need to be making some money and sure enough a Few a Toes did for us Now iDeally we Would Have Spent Less time Waiting for you know the small ones and you know Bought in Double Down on Some of the Bigger Ones we can Still do That Right We Will be Doing that in the future but i dont want To do it yet Right i Just wanted to show you guys how to build any collecting portfolio we have? you Know no Joke Probably about 20 different Solid Currencies Right Now solid Cryptos in this in this Gig Right and you can see we more Red more Green Than Red so Thats a Good Sign Thats a Good time But Now we start talking about the Psychology of diversifying Your assets with Regards to the Market Right Now you Start Looking At Longevity Now you start Looking At profitability Now you start Looking At Exposure and Opportunity in so much to where today is a day you Need to cut the fat Right you Need to get rid of the dead weight on Days Like Today When Everything is Green you Need to be chopping off as much as you can of the dead weight that was Holding you down When It Was in the Red and this is when you sell you guys Youve never sell in the red You always sell in the Green right and so Thats the first? Lesson of Today Is When When the Market Bounces Chop off that Dead weight is like Gangrene is like It back in the day if you Was a Pirate you know im Saying Just Sailing seas youre looking for the Booty right and you Got gangrene on your leg i am Chop off that Leg Right Throw It in an ocean Let The Shark to get some food and keep it moving so right Now were gonna look at chopping off some of This Dead Weight Not Every coin on this list Is a Winner right Now and as a Result They Get the Deuces and Just Looking At This list The Way im gonna do it its two Ways you can do It Instead of Going Through Every coin You Know trade By trade Chart By Chart What im gonna do Real quick is Go to change and Then Go to price and What i want to do is im looking between the two of these and im seeing where the biggest discrepancy Lies Right There look at That We Click It One more time and Now you can see the coins that are in the Green today But Over the long Term Have hurt you the most Its time to get rid of That right Because more Than Likely Thats Just Intrinsic Momentum From The Market Itself That Pushed that coin up its not Necessarily The strength of coin if the coin was that Good It Wouldve did it Already But the fact that It needed the Market to do it and Its still not Number 1 or 2 on our list its Just somewhere floating in the Middle its hiding in the Shadows time to find It Out Stop It ill Get out of Hell Mysterium You are gone Civic you are gone i Just Like Change My Voice sometimes and Make It more Dramatic so i Dont want to sell more Than two in a day I know Everybodys Up here looking at This One obviously Thats the lowHanging Fruit?

Where did we buy this Thing at We Bought it at 161 its down to 130 the Only reason i like This as i looked at The Chart Yesterday and The 231 is Actually Pretty Flat Now so if its ever gonna go up its gonna go up when at 231 is flat However when you look at Mysterium Civic Theres Still a gap Between The 231 and a 71 Which means itS some Dead area that That Candle Would Have to feel that that 7 would have to crash Up and down to get some momentum So you know lets Just Check out civic because a Couple People wanted to Jump on that Real quick so lets see simek Actually Lets do this im gonna do a live poll in the chat Right Now What do YouWhat coin Should we Drop Civic or see a coin I gave you my rationality for both of them Civic Yeah It means Civic its Just its hard its its Just Its like a loveHate Really Like Like See Thats what i was talking about with Civic its steel it Just broke Today But Its still in there quicksand its like in the same limbo bitcoin Is in like It broke out but It didnt Really Break Out bingo nowhere It cant Go nowhere Until that 262 The Two 261 Clears It Till It gets Out The White you know then we Got Money on Money were not there yet so you Know if We look at see a coin The Bitcoin Thats the Same Thing Damn Thats ugly Goodness gracious Lets look at mysterio Oh boy Only reason i like to see a coin more Than Civic se is Because Our 21 Is floating its about to cross the 77 Thats gonna Jump The Seven and Im hoping we Could Catch It Up there somewhere and Jump out up 25 in a Few Days Right I hope we can Do That Thats my Plan I dont Plan on Keeping This much Longer but Im Just waiting i want to wait Just a Little Bit more to Where a Civic it Already Broke out in that White Mysterium is Ugly too But mysterium Not 77 is flat So that At Least Gives us a chance that means is even heat This Thing might Hit us upside the Head again Is either Go break Out or is go break down but we do have a Lower bottom over here? So we Got That going for us The 261 Just Broke down yeah What do you guys think See a coin Looks like Death see it going starting to come together Not see a coin Both Get Rid of the Dead weight No stuff is coming Out for civic Get rid of both see it both both trash Civic have some Big news coming Friday Yeah buy the rumor sell the news Right Now its the rumor Get Rid of Civic It looks Pretty split down the Middle Yeah Imma stick with My first Thing were getting Rid of mysterium and Civic So lets Go ahead and time stamp These Guys Ill do This Later We dont have to do it live on the air im Just gonna write down a time so that i know for the portfolio To update that With Actually ill Just do this Now Because This is Pretty cool this Is a Crystal Crypto compare so see a coin will click on this Thing Curren It Doesnt like me dont want me to so were not even Early in my portfolio So yeah essentially What were gonna do today is uh Like i Said cut the Fat Right Somebodys Somebodys uh Somebodys coins Just are hurt i was out and Honestly i think When we started to trading challenge i wasnt using That White line That White line Changes Everything you? Know That White line Changes Everything The Fundamentals of CvC what Does that even Mean What is the fundamentals Mean can Someone Help me on that one There we Go all right so here we Go well click This button right here see a coin or Keeping This one has Been spared for now mysterium gone Get Out of Here i Feel Like That Was from a Movie or something Get out of Here Im not like from a movie were little so we got It at One and then oh? Boy Thats Pretty Bad two gold Ones Pretty Bad Lets Check that out Maybe We Could Save Civic Maybe We Could Save City gee auntie No no that Looks Pretty Good Thats not Bad you see how flat What i like about this and you know This is what i look for first 3:43 oh My Goodness look at that wow this is about to do something Nasty Wow Wow Wow What is that 22, 000 Yeah Thats Nice Thats not Bad its Just taking a Long time i cant even be mad at It cuz that is gonna be some Realdeal Money Yeah Thats gonna This is this is gonna Break the books you Guys gmt is about. To break the books Look At This wow all right What were gonna do were gonna double down on this down here?

This is nice That is nice What i like is we had one quick spike right Here you know even in that quick spike right and i dont i dont know iF we Got It before that spike Maybe We did But even in that quick spike Which Was like 35 We went right back to sleep and look at look at the rsi relative strength Index like We are literally Sleeping Right Now right and no Longer and Thats like Two or three Days This is almost a Week Like This is when you want to like dump a Second Mortgage on it Cuz like look at This Like We literally Have not Gone anywhere in almost a Week that means all of That Energy Not Just from that 30 but All of That Energy Behind It is literally Just compressing you know Inside those Little Bitty Candles So what were gonna do today So what were gonna do now is we dont sold sia Which Was down 20 Right Say It Was down like 20 were selling mysterium Which Was down We Already Get Rid of mysterium yeah okay so mysterion Was Down 16 percent See it coin were Keeping for now Civic were gonna sell were gonna sell civic And were gonna Throw a difference ongoing and Youll See Why well i think you already did see Why? Were gonna wait it out would see a coin mainly Because its so cheap and Weve already lost and It Didnt Really Bounce Today Which tails made i did you know its Kind of Doing its own Little Thing So lets Get out of That one and That Will give Us so sequins safe for Now CVC we sold for 12 loss Which is fine So all together Thats What 30 down At trade in fees so we have about point oh One five to put down LetS Just Throw It all on God im gonna do this straight Tomorrow Cuz this trade Kuwait golem is Good So lets do That So lets buy another 0.015 Um i think i think i think Does That Work is that How you do it? Let me uh let me Just check this Out Real quick oh dont want to do that?

I Just Place another buy in okay We Still have atx Right Now and The reason We Have it is Because its not i Dont think This is Just a One one and done for atx i mean This is what you wait on this is what we traded it for Only Unless You Guys want to take This but This is still a This is still strong is what im Saying Its strong on A 343 it had a Little Bit of consolidation It Would Need to break This line Down here so i tell you what if hes scared What well do What we can Do is we can Put a Sil Limit cell Limit at a Twenty four Twenty four Thousand That Way we can Lock It in and still ride It up and if It Breaks Twenty four itS gonna break That fractal right There Right Up Under It Because Thats like a Fractal right There you see that So lets put our limit right there oh, two three See that 23, 000 so when it Breaks that It Basically Falls and It Doesnt.

How to Trade Bitcoin Day 21 Official Bitcoin Price Explained Profit Bitstamp Bittrex Tutorial

Have anything to catch it right Technically We Could Go right above that fibonacci Because Thats right above There but well Go Just Below It Just to make sure So i think a Few People Wanted me to Do Show you guys how to do a Limit yes right But The way It works the Way to fractals Work Listen Somebody Just Said atx Is a FastMoving coin Thats a tight Limit that i put on it Thats right Because the Way the fractals Work oh? yeah i see What youre Saying that Doesnt Really Help Us We cant really Sell on the Candles Anyway Because we dont even use the candles Lets Turn These Damn Candles off My own Got me looking at The Candles Anyway If were gonna sell we Need to sell after That Green Comes Below This blue Thats when you sale right and Thats on a 77 minute chart Right so you cant Really Measure that By a candle Cuz we Just broke it over here too So because we broke it We Broke above the fibonacci on the 343 Right Theyre Probably gonna come like right there and then come down a Little Bit Jump Down to the 77 and Sell When It gets Below It on the 77 when It gets Below That 0.002 4 And Thatll Be Thatll be a Good sell for you Then its gonna dip under That Red and then its gonna go back inside that orange and then we buy back in the orange at 1, 800 and swing It back up again so there you go But What were Doing Today are action for Today so everyone is aware we are not selling a DX yet We Will sell It on a 77 minute chart Let me write this down Right Twentyfour Thousands of Ptosis Good Thats Pretty Good and Then ill Just Draw in a little line So we Know Thats where you Know Thats the moment in time Where we made this decision Poor So there you go Thats Good Thats Good Because The line tells the Candles where to go so WhatS gonna Happen is that line eventually It may Keep Going Up but eventually ItS gonna have to come down? Its probably gonna Sit Sideways might Even Fall The Candles might Fall into the Money zone That a line could Stay Right There But That Candles could Fall into the Money zone and then We Take back off All right But This is Good This is a Good good Good Chart Abx is strong adx is Really strong Yeah If Youre Just yeah i know that i dont Normally use the 77 but Now you know when to use the 77 you only Need to use the 77 When you want to cash Out Beyond Saying you want to maximize every Penny of profit Other Than that That 343 is good enough Right but When you want. To look inside this Thing You can Jump Down to the 77 and say okay bamm bamm bamm right i see you i see you because the fractals carry Over Thats the Secret of Harmonic Resonance Is It Doesnt Matter if Im Looking at Im not gonna tell you our levels but i can look at Like four or five different levels and Understand Exactly you Know how different Things tied Together Because The Frack Doses Whats whatever i see on this level Just Expands to this level Expands to this level Expense to this Level you know and im looking?

At The Exact same picture It Just Shows up as a different Metric Thats Why its a patent it Does It Because it works Here we Go um Yes i did we Bought atx like Two Weeks Ago weve Been getting Money Where the hell you Been Bobby weve Been getting Money come on come on i? Think that It aint That song ive Been getting Money were gonna Help You be i um so here we go Mysterium Gone Civic gone Take That Money Double down on golem g and t Like a Boss and We Will ride This one home to the bank this is this is about to do something Thats the inside of Inside of Ten Days so Thats our cash action and Then ill figure Out how to update our portfolio To show It on this and then i got another coin for Tomorrow i might Jump on Tomorrow Morning and Do That One Because That One is sitting Pretty Good So ThatS our cash action for right Now Cool yeah You could do a 60minute that Works Too so youve got the four hour and then you got the 60 minutes so essentially itS four to one i used like a base Three system But a trading view They use a base for system so it works its its comparable you Know if you Just have the free account you can use the four hour and then i wouldnt recommend using i WouldnT Recommend using The sixty but iF You Know you wanted to try to do something Similar i dont even know how it would look on a Sixty you Know you could Try it It Just Breaks It Down a Little bit Im not gonna guarantee itS gonna Work because again my methods based off Harmonics and Fractals and Numerology and Methodology and Veda Cosmology and a Lot of Stuff That science dont even like to talk about 60 has Absolutely nothing to do with my method Cool Good Well Thats it Guys That Is those are the charts for This evening right you Got you got the ax and you got that you Got the price action Congratulations Man We are We are we are set Up to be pretty Nice Were up five percent on bitcoin Right I dont care about the dollar But i know were Up five percent on bitcoin so Thats amazing Right Given Given The Two weeks of Hell we went Through to get Here we still Up 5 so congratulations Right Just Just Make sure Make sure Everybody Know You Know when you see this article and you see the boss Bossing Out on a 777 231 Thats how you chart Like a Boss oh We Have 5 Thats Pretty Amazing Right IM Just uh Go pull up bitcoins chart Real quick here You Know one of The Things i try to do is uh Keep It Relatively Pitts Simple Make Sure People Understand What were doing Here you Know so even if We look at btC. To the dollar when do we start this Thing September 4th Let me pull up a different Chart One That i draw up on all CrazyLike Polo i dont even use they Charts Every uh I cant believe i even got something Drawn on this chart so Again We started This Thing September 4th and How much Was bitcoin Nine four somewhere in there oh boy This is yeah this is why guys were like i cant believe you started it on that day well Thats the day We Started Hold on well Say Right about There Ill Just Call It even 4, 200 all right somewhere in that Bar And today Were not quite up there you know In fact were If i Was a Bettin Man id Say well finish somewhere down in there but ill Just give them the benefit of the Doubt For 196 At This Very moment So theyre down you know the dollar is Down 1.1 8 and were at 5 bitcoin Do You Understand how Thats better That Means They lost 1 dollar and Didnt gain any Bitcoin we dont care about the dollar and we Gain 5 bitcoin Thats how it Works Right Thats how you win Because Bitcoin Is in a macro Uptrend so we automatically have all Those Dollars Infused in the value of The Odds? so there you go Somebody Just Talked about Gnosis gn oh Check It Out Real quick oh? My Goodness oh My did not Just Say Double down or that Was gmt wow Wow wow wow do i have any on this Hmm well pumping a Pump and Dump live on the air you guys Hmm All right so lets Run This one down in check this out? look At That Thats Nice Alright We Go Catch This One Everybody Get Up Get on This All you do on these pumping dumps you get on a Seven minute maybe a Three depending on how much Volumes in Here Yeah We could Go ahead You Would sell Under This fractal Right Here Right Because It might Catch Midway Up that Chart Right Here and Mark Youre Number one Do me a favor Just click that Little Red Button It Says unsubscribe appreciate it Um When My This is the Only time the cell walls and the volume is good to have Just to see like Inside this stuff? And Then also The Lets do this i got a Good i got a Good Chart I cant deal with These Clowns Man Like I aint Got nothing Better to do with my time So you Guys caught a Bonus you get a bonus hour with bk Honestly Thats Just a Good you know on a 343 It doesnt look Bad If Anybody Remember i have one article i had a Chart That Said snoop Secret sauce but itS a snoop Secret sauce Right Here Actually i call This One This is my rubber band Man Rbm rubber band man i Remember That Yeah Yeah pete coming live from the vip Yeah This is hot this is how we Need to get up out of there lets see what the three is doing Yeah Once It Does That wow wow wow Since Doesnt make Any sense like Thats not Human Money at This Point like Human Humans dont behave Like That But Once That Green Breaks Inside It air its basically Lights Out It more or less has to check back in all the Way down So we could Go ahead and Say oh This Thing is tapping out so lets Jump Out of Gnosis Thats a Good Catch Good Catch, oh?

Yeah But That its gonna its gonna its gonna oh boy Well Wait a minute i Think this is Just People Now Lets see Thats the problem You could cash Out and i Mean the Mechanics are Broken That That Green Crossed the white technically its broken i think these are Just People Throwing Their Dumb Money on top of it Thats a Dark Cloud Cover Dozy Ill tell you What you could do is put a Stop loss at 0.04 and see if you could Let It Ride Maybe yeah Yeah Thats What i would do put a Stop loss at pointO for that Way you catch most of it Cuz Thats the fractal right There you can Kind of see like how it forms Stratis How it forms that That Little Level Right There Its actually a Fractal Inside of It That line Is a Fractal one Two three It Holds all The Way across all three of them so when it Breaks that line Itll go down to the Next line one. Two three down there Which Just so happened to be one. Two three That Fractal Formed Right There Remember all you Need is three Surfaces To make a train One two three Thats a Fractal Thats Why my method is based off Threes and Sevens Because Thats all i look for Doesnt Look Like its Given Up though Shes interesting No we said double down on gmt this is gnosis Gnosis were gonna sell Just to cash it out and What did we buy it is four So gmt and gno are like. Two separate coins you Guys Write gnosis is Pumpin Right Now Which is im deciding if We Should Sell It the minute the minute it breaks you Know three nine five we Need to be out of there right so Gnosis im putting a sell order in At zero Point zero three nine five Because once That Breaks The fundamentals are Broken But This Thing might Still be running so you can Just put a sell order in at Three nine five Maybe Three Seven five three eight five Depending on and What these is Just hard you know yeah Yeah Boy Hopefully You Guys arent the one When i say it Doubled down on g and d Yeah what if this Was like our own Pump Like How many People We Got live on the air right Now We Got Both of them on the list right we have Gnt right Here we have Gn o somewhere geno right There so we have both of them right So yeah were doubling down on gmT because its its its Sleep Right Now Right And were gonna sell gno at 0.03 95 and Then ill Get on Tomorrow Morning and do All The Numbers like reconfigure everything base where Everything Comes Out At so we sold mysterium sold Civic Throw all of That Money on Gnt on a golem and Gnosis you Put a sell order right there at point zero three nine five Right Up under That Frakkin and We Should Be Good Is anything else Happening That Was a Nice Catch That That Helped us out a Lot no Sis do you know look at That 55 Thats Nice Z cash Yeah no Z cash Was gonna Happen oh Wow So once Again Lets Go through This from the top Gnosis This One Right Here But This one youre going to Go tell It Now its Broken Sell it now Sell Gnosis Now the Thrill is gone the fun is over Dont be the last 1.0 three nine five its going to be erased at the bottom yeah Selling ElseĆ­s Now one two three go Like a Dead Thats Why we i told you that Fractal What i say about that Yellow box Once that box is Broken Thats it It will get a Little Bounce Hear From some People late to the party trying to catch up Yeah This might Shock the Market so lets look at adx Maybe We Should Lock in some of That Money too oh? yeah This is the Only time i look at a sevenminute chart yeah You could Go ahead and Sell atx This is Just Thats Just a Good Run Thats a Nice One one One or one two three yeah Do you cash Oh Shizzle Are we Just talking about this Let me pull out my hip btC hold on cuz i got some Money on This one i Got Money on This one Its pretty Cool though Like Making some Money live on the air Thats Pretty Cool Yeah Somebody Was telling me i would Actually Know one of the biggest miners in the country on Z cash and i Messaged Them Earlier this Week said z cash is looking Good in the charts So i know very Having a Good time tonight Im gonna Try to get an interview with them For This Channel so if youre listening iD love to talk to you Thats solid Right There Yeah Whats happening right Now What day is it is a these are obviously Hedge Funds Banks a Lot of Banks One of My Guys Just uh Was Overseas and They were he came back Saying That They were talking a lot about z cash so There you go Hopefully you Got Out of Gnosis we sold That Point oh three nine five so were out Now for this one we dont have It in a tradein challenge so im not gonna run it down Like We Just did with Gnosis but you saw how i did that though Like even when you see something like This All you do is you Just go down to Say like a 3minute Deal three minute candle and you Just follow It right And Once you see Two or three Candles Stop At a Certain Level Then You can Say okay well When It gets lower Than That Level Catch me out All right i dont think its gonna Stop right there i think Thats Just a Temporary little deal but There you go Hows It Feel to make Money Guys we didnt made a lot of Money Today Hows Everybody Feel and We Catch some Out too I think Whats happening Now and ive Been talking about This for a Very Very long While All of these altcoins are about to pump the minute bitcoin Finally Corrects for Good All of This Money has to come from somewhere and its not coming off the sidelines you know through Big quick Just to get on a couple off Points This Money Is gonna be pulled from somewhere And i think were gonna see it pulled from right There Whats Up you come in were Good Its gone no okay Swing traders Not day traders Because we dont Need to trade Every day all We Did Was accumulated a portfolio Every day But Youll see like We After a While like were Good well Just cut the fat Like earlier Today We Got Rid of We Got Rid of mysterium and Civic you know double down on Gollum and We Cast Out on Gnosis so right Now we do not Have Gnosis we do not have mysterium we do not have civic Still Got Gollum and We Still Got atx And i Said were not gonna sell atx yet Because i wrote that note on the thing? Until The Seven minute Chart Until The three Crosses That One Thing There Goes Over here opi sold Now Heres Where you start Playing With it cuz Now this isnt like a Over sale like look at all That Money Right There Like if We Would have Been in on this Thing When that Thing Touched like?

Down There Like Thats Cheaper Than Where It started you Know Thats like free Money essentially cuz it has to come back Up so ItS interesting People Just be Panicking Like That Doesnt even make Any sense for it to go like Lowered and What It was before the pump started Right People Whats People Says Panic But Thats how you know its people Doing it its probably like some Seventeen Year old Kid in like New Zealand i dont know what the hell he doing ah I used to be one of Those Kids i tell you Guys I lost 10 bitcoin on one chasing one bubble One Time? Im gonna do a article about it yeah I lost 10 bitcoin in about 10 minutes chasing a Bubble Like This Buying Up Here oh? That Was Bad Yeah Im gonna do the article Tomorrow im gonna do is Just gonna Recap all of Today Because today Was like a Monsoon So yeah this is the adx no, But Tomorrows article im gonna do one in the morning i Just Basically Recaps all of This We are not selling yet We Will sell on a 77 minute chart When the Green The Seven LetS Just Say When not Seven Brakes 24k Satoshi so there you go so look on the seventy Center And Once That Green Line Breaks There Then We Sell you can See the candle Probably Would Have Kicked This out Already Be close to Kicking us out yeah it would have Kicked us out already but What could Happen is the candle? Could Fall All The Way down there but as long as That Green Doesnt cuz the Green accounts for all of That data behind it so there you go Chasing The bubble Like a Baws he had Given away ten bitcoin like a like a Chump But Like Thats Why Thats Why i always tell you Guys im i didnt gave a lot of Money away i dont lost a lot of Money so now i know how to make it back plus some oh?

Anna and i got and i got a look at This Z cash cuz i got some home yeah yes i do Hmmm Its not Bad Looking at It right Now its not Bad Cool But Thats how you do it Thats how it is today Was an Awesome Session a Lot of People Pay a Lot of Money to learn What you guys Just Learned in the course of you know 90 Minutes Hope You enjoyed it Make sure You comment This article for The question of The day Were gonna sell one more coin Tomorrow What point Should It Be like i said were cutting the fat We Got to be Lean especially When bitcoins start Going down i dont want To be too wide i want to be narrow i want To be focused i want to be on the point right so were cutting were cutting the fat Down a Little bit more That Way we Just focus on me money if It aint Making Money Come back When its ready? So Thats the question that a Day We Got a couple products dream team is the biggest one Go to boss of bitcoin comm click on a dream team and 25 dis Wool is a Very Very Good list were Actually This Week were gonna be buying a Few of the coins on this list so A couple Guys i saw in the chat Was asking about one in particular i need them We Need to Just Go ahead and Put some more Money in i got some other Stuff Im waiting on but let me Just put Some more Money in buy up these dreamteam Tokens before yAll take them off um So your dream team is the biggest Thing for Situations Like This When when bitcoin the Money you can see the Money Is starting to change Over i think its starting to go back to where it was back in Aprilmay Right Knossos Was on top right Leo Wasnt even Around The Theory Am had a Nice Run during That time see a coin had a Nice Run So all This Money Is doing is going back to where it came from We Already Set Up Emc Thats gonna Be a I think Thats Already Up that Was one of the big ones during That time so this go back look at the charts Between March And May and Whatever those top coins are Those Will Be The top points again Over the Next two weeks more Than Likely That Being Said i gotta go my girl already came in here wrote me a letter probably to Say Bk Get off that Damn computer So i gotta go Its that time of The day Signing off the Boats your boy became no matter where you stay Brazil Bait califonia a Good Night Good Morning and Good day Thank you for Joining Us Its Been a Roller Coaster we made a Lot of Money Though we made a Lot of Money This is why youve never invest in bitcoin trading Profit from It like a Boss Till We Meet Again Stay Cryptic Yall pleasep

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