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so if you would have bought 100 worth of Bitcoin 7 years ago how much would that be worth today that number will surprise so everybody had that one friend 5 10 years ago that told him to buy Bitcoin it told him about Bitcoin and theyre like what is Bitcoin you do a little research on it it all sounds like a big scam it really made no sense why I would buy a Bitcoin I actually had a friend tell me about Bitcoin about six seven years ago and theyre like dude this Bitcoin thing is going huge my friend was a big computer nerd he was into the whole gaming and buying stuff online cryptocurrencies and hacking all this stuff but he always always into is really big in the torrents and sharing all that kind of stuff he literally told me like dude this Bitcoin thing is going to be huge and I think and I researched it I looked into it I saw the price it really made no sense at the time well then couple months later a couple years later it started to spike up it jumped up pretty big I think its like six hundred seven dollars at one point and at that point I was like well Im definitely not going to buy now because its over price why would I want to buy the stock so then after that ended up crashing down there was some hacks there was some stuff going on the market the Bitcoin just was really working out nobody was really gonna you know legitimize it or try to figure out how to buy stuff with it you were trying to buy stuff online Silk Roads I liked that buying drugs and all kinds of weird stuff online but overall the Bitcoin was still kind of like a black market thing well after that big crash it kind of started to get a little bit more momentum people started talking about it more they started really pushing it the whole idea of the fiat currency you know the world market with the world currencies like US dollar not being backed by anything and not really being real at all just the idea that the US says this dollar is worth this much amount there was really no value to the US dollar other than the u.s.


saying what its worth because theres no gold there anymore and everybody sold off all their gold and gold prices went now and then go punch someone up and go price went down the world governments are trying to keep the price of gold down so it keeps their currency higher and everyone basically values their currency off of the US dollar so thats kind of the whole fear and the idea like oh well if the US dollar crashes and the overall market crashes and everyone loses everything they have in the world ends and boom doomsday but the idea is that Bitcoin is the one Savior because it a cryptocurrency that is not backed by actual value of you know government stuff like that its a peertopeer transaction and its all regulated with the idea that every transaction is recorded and everyone kind of knows every time a Bitcoin is Spain I cant really get into the fine details of it because I dont understand the exact meaning of it all if youd have bought Bitcoin back then seven years ago when it was worth 0.003 cents and at todays price of twenty seven dollars youd have 72 million dollars so a lot of bad investment if you had invested 100 seven eight years ago on Bitcoin you would now be a multimillionaire off of 100 so the guy who bought a pizza seven years ago with bit court he had 20, 000 bitcoins he bought a pizza with it online he ended up paying twenty million dollars for pizza not bad not bad for the guy who bought the pizza maybe pick up the Bitcoin who knows but overall pretty insane you know its one of those things like today I look at Bitcoin as 27 and then I say well thats way too expensive well Im not going to buy at that point and then a year from now bitcoins five thousand dollars and its just like this theres really no way to know when the top is where the bottom is that you do your research figure out what the best investment is rising bitcoins a good buy right now my desk I dont think its a good buyer now because theres a good chance its going to pull back some but I might be wrong maybe just keeps on going maybe it breaks through that three thousand dollar mark broke through two thousand dollars and nobody really thought that it would get to that point if you havent done research on Bitcoin to check it out Im not telling you by any means to go out and buy a Bitcoin or start investing in it but kind of learn about it get some ideas about other crypto currencies that have been up big this year as well you know this holds momentum an idea of buying crypto currencies to protect your money and have value in the future if the overall world fiat currency market kind of fails at some point once people stop wanting to buy US Treasury bonds so I guess well see what happens here maybe this time next year Ill be making another article talking about how I could have bought Bitcoin last year at twenty five hundred dollars and now I set 5, 000 so who knows thought you guys might be interested in that little fun fact that if you would have bought 100 with a Bitcoin seven years ago you would be a multimillionaire now if you fall it todayp

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