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Los 9 Negocios Que Convirtieron a Carlos Slim En Millonario Dato Curioso

pLos 9 Negocios Que Convirtieron a Carlos Slim En Millonario Dato Curioso Carlos Slim Helu is the second man It has worlds richest assets amounting to 77 billion dollars and history sarcastic colored Torrón when we realize that their family was not wealthy is not a fortune has been obtained by heritage besides that in his country, the Mexico .

Los 9 Negocios Que Convirtieron a Carlos Slim En Millonario Dato Curioso

external poverty rates are around 12 millions of inhabitants Slim is the son of Mexicans Lebanese descent of Julian Slim Haddad and Belinda Helú and he graduated as civil engineer at the University National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM where In addition algebra teacher and linear programming thats why we present team 9th businesses that made Carlos slim nine millionaire real estate their goods began to increase when it began to invest in the business real estate in the center capital of Mexico when it happened the crisis of the government of josé lópez gate leakage it occurred slim advantage for capital acquiring several companies 8 Investments Stern although not well known that Carlos Slim has shares appple so it is .

Los 9 Negocios Que Convirtieron a Carlos Slim En Millonario Dato Curioso

which was one of the most great successes since it acquired these actions before the release of the I mac . what then multiplied his fortune 7 sambo this is one of the businesses more Large slim is formed by a 172 chain establishments restaurant and shop operations 28 73 coffee shops sambor music between Mixup no problem Discolandia and fair disk 42 stores no shop three schools 81 department stores SEAP 3 guti which is 96 stores Saks Fifth DAC 2 avenue and the two shopping centers which leaves you with cash flow over 50, 000 6 dollars a day hotel group businessman Carlos Slims reggae telecommunications in Latin America In addition to focus their business on the Industrial and commercial area infrastructure construction and it also becomes rich thanks to the hotel industry Mexican suspension medium cnn published the list of hotels owned by the richest man in the world all in the Aztec territory with the Except for his latest acquisition the ramada hotel located in gary white orlando in the neighborhood of the same world 5 when I group is one of the consortia Mexicos leading industrialists Currently this manufacturer most recognized electrical conductors the country and occupies a position leadership in various areas of manufacturing and comprehensive services such as electrical conductors and telecommunications transformers AC power energy among others, and it is estimated that this company grow 20 percent in its next five years Number 4 carso group carso group is one of the largest and most important conglomerates from Latin America controls and operates variety of companies in the commercial branches industrial and infrastructure and according to the latest construction company report sent to the bag Mexican securities during the 2015 consolidated sales Grupo Carso reached 85 thousand 871 million pesos showing growth of 3.1 percent more than the previous year 3 bol bol bol goal is a multinational corporation USbased stores It operates chains of department stores discount warehouse clubs and the company is the third largest corporation World public acquiring bank or by the Grupo Financiero Inbursa made to increase his fortune and his bag customers consider analysis who noted that these results They will increase the number of wall mart branches and therefore increase the fortune of Carlos Slim two Telefonos de Mexico also known as telmex undoubtedly is one of the largest companies communication in Mexico which is one of the main assets of carlos slim as a few years ago was monopoly in Mexico which forced the Mexicans only use telmex there are now companies telecommunications operating in Mexico but still the company telmex communication leading one of new york times the Mexican tycoon telecommunications Carlos Slim It became the main shareholder US newspaper The New York times after acquiring 15.9 million shares the media about half price in the market estimates that 30 percent of its fortune is thanks to this great investment Slim has to date 180 companies Participation in mind area 40 and dozens of trademarks and licensed for use only in Mexico and as you will see in this count does not a day goes by without you doing something whatever you want, do not let him money is practically Carlos Slim owns half of the continent and its machinery always going up more amiguitos article here today if the first time you see one of my articles measuring invites you cache more content and if it is to your liking you subscribe and me regales an air my articles do not forget leave me your comments you She would like to speak at the next article A big hug for everyone and the nextp

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