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Man Scores BIG With Forgotten Bitcoin Investment

Man Scores BIG With Forgotten Bitcoin Investment

Man Scores BIG With Forgotten Bitcoin Investment Norwegian man spent twenty six dollars or twenty seven dollars on bitcoins just a few years ago back in 2009 and it turns out that it was a good investment because those bitcoins have now increased to nine hundred thousand dollars thats crazy I dont believe the story okay I dont even know like I know it was reported by the Guardian which is a reputable source no I understand that and I understand I am Im very likely to be wrong graydon but and I understand Im when gay grandpa jake in this case and I understand that you need to get off my lawn okay not that notwithstanding I can under what and bit calling I mean and somehow magically turn into nine hundred thousand dollars is this it but it has value this is the same digital currency that was used for the Silk Road and I should note that the value bitcoins does fluctuate significantly so let me give you an example of that in April 2013 the value big point peaked at 266 before crashing to a low fifty dollar soon after since that but quite has seen large fluctuations in its value most recently following the seizure online drug market place Oak Road plumbing before jumping thirty in one day to a high of 197 in October so I look Im not an expert in digital currency but I will say that Im happy that he cashed his money out because you can exchange it for actual well it is actual money but you can exchange it for our in his case the kroner okay so he did that and he went went ahead and bought a an apartment which Im really happy about is amazing yeah thats why I never truly twenty seven dollars anyone to buy some weed or whatever your gonna buy online me you forgot about it it was probably cuz you were already on weed and any wake up a couple years later and mixing music at nine hundred thousand dollars in this problem like a billion kronor ce yeah crore doesnt kronor sound like something related donor yeah tell something related to drugs like is wholly Gotabaya kronor it to or become a kronor anyway a hey bless your heart man I dont know how it works but I love that is just a random dude headed the most random jackpot of all time you know thanks God he didnt buy what he was gonna buy with the big boys at the time do you think most people or yeah do you think most people get a chance like that in a letter maybe not to that extent but you hit the jackpot in some way mean like do you believe in a big break for most people I believe in a big break now theres me everybodys gonna get one I dont even know most people get em a but look he hears now philosophy by JQ I love it so heres what certain and I believe the chinese have this fear that about 5, 000 years ago things go up things go to they is as famous story about a chick a Chinese Qing gathers all the philosophers in the world an awsome just like give me one troops all I need is just one thing that is indisputably true may come back after years and years whatever and they say at no matter how high you go at some point you will come down no matter how low you are at some point youll go up okay thats their one truth okay and so in life its your people drive me crazy if they think like i lock lock up when I gotta lick your pussy that everybody get some lucky we all get unlucky to some burying degrees at varying times its we also got lucky in varying degrees in very times look some people are more likely than others of course that thats also part the variance of life the but when you get like youre unlucky is not the question the question is how do you handle that bad luck and how do you handle that good luck yep so the whole point is to maximize your gains as this gentleman has done hes got a lotta kronor speakeasy maximizes gains rate went to minimize your losses like do first problem you run into is never the biggest problem it overreacting and reacting badly to that yep is always will put you in the most amount of trouble so when you hit a bad spot calm down everythings gonna be alright you gonna ride it out and its gonna be fine do not overreact and make it worse

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