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Man who became a Bitcoin millionaire

pMan who became a Bitcoin millionaire Welcome to Switzerland! Luxury cars, champagne, and exclusive housing.

Man who became a Bitcoin millionaire

Im very happy about the success that we have had. 6 years ago, Niklas Nikolajsen took the bus to work in Copenhagen Today he is known as the finanspirate in Switzerland. Bitcoin and bitcoinrelated asset Management has made me very wealthy. That could be my bitcoin 10.000gift. When Niklas Nikolajsen bought his first bitcoins in 2010, a single bitcoin cost less than a dollar.

Today a single bitcoin is worth more than 16.000 Niklas and his fiancé celebrates the bitcoin rise with a new Bentley. Do you have cash in that bag, for the Bentley? Yes, there is about 650.000.

Bentley is making a hood ornament for me so it becomes the flying bitcoin instead of the flying Bentley It has been a wild journey for Niklas. Its a very nice car. About the nicest car in the world. Yes, and I do like it. Weve all seen these stockbroker movies, about how crazy Wall Street can be.

My journey has been in all modesty, a lot wilder than that. Are you a billionaire or a millionaire in DKK? That is between me and the Swiss tax authorities. But my assets are very greate. In just one year the bitcoin price has almost grown by 2.000 percent.

This is where the magic happens. The firm Bitcoin Siusse, which Niklas owns, is very successful. In this year, we have grown from 10 to 38 employees. The firm hasnt published a financial Accounting yet but allegedly they make a lot of money, by investing in bitcoins for customers, all over the world.

We make about 300 million a month. So something between 2 or 3 billion DKK. But he is tired of the bubbletalk Every time bitcoin goes through a correction, it will also fall a bit.

But it rarely happens, that it falls below the value it was before the 1. of September. I dont think it has reached the maximum value yet, but there will be some corrections. The financial sector in Denmark has no faith in bitcoins. Bitcoin is in an early state. It is a developing market.

There will become more regulations so we will not offer the product. I have no faith in all currencies that arent supported by the central bank. Bitcoin is outside the universe where there is someone who takes care of you.

A couple of years ago i would have said: Why are you so unfair towards us? But now that I have become a little more Profesional, i will say: Its a great opinion you have because then you leave the market for us. No economists would call this a healthy or mature market. No, its kinda like a casino right now.

But bitcoin is young, and when the market i big enough and get the same financial tools as other markets, it will become stable. I think its great that 350 can become 3, 6 million. Niklas Nikolajsen lived here in 2017 In a month he will move in with his fiancé.

He believes that bitcoins are the future. I have taken a great risk, even greater than what i advice our customers but so far it has been very profitable.p

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