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Mr Beast Before They Were Famous YouTuber Biography

pMr Beast Before They Were Famous YouTuber Biography Before mr.

Mr Beast Before They Were Famous YouTuber Biography

Beast would give away over 1 million dollars via YouTube today Im gonna show you guys how I gave away 1 million dollars before mr Beast would spend 24 hours straight underwater and 24 hours straight and slime. Ah How deep is this oh my gosh the bottom of success yeah before mr. Beast would count to 100, 000 and 200, 000 and say logan Pauls name a hundred thousand times Alright, hopefully, uh, I dont screw this up.

Alright, well, Logan Paul Logan Paul Logan Paul Logan Paul, Logan Paul Logan pause before mr Beast would have one of the most liked articles on the platform of all time before mr. Beast would have over 15 million YouTube subscribers Over 2 billion views over 2.5 million followers on Instagram and over a million followers on Twitter at the time of this recording Now if youre on YouTube then you know, mr. Beast Youve seen the money he gives out youve seen the crazy things He does in his articles and you fallen in love with the guy just like everybody else But what you might not know is that mr. Beast Hes been making articles for over seven years now and while he might have millions of subscribers today, it actually took mr beast two years to get his first 1000 now, mr.

Beast He started his YouTube channel at the age of 12 where he started to post article game Commentary now over the next few years He switched between minecraft Call of Duty Pokemon and other games while documenting his YouTube goals throughout his entire journey But it was his articles talking about other Youtubers and finding the worst intros on the site that helps him build a fanbase and after years of daily Dedication and grinding. Well, he found a formula to become one of the biggest creators in the game Mmm, really love this kids come up whats going on guys at your boy Michael cretin finally documenting the life and career of mr Bs prior to Fame here for you, of course before theyre famous now This has been our most requested article for a very long time and to be honest Im not really sure why it took me so long You guys got to keep letting me know whos next in the comments down below and I would Plenty of other youtubers weve done the Paul brothers Weve done Shane Dawson the list goes on and on check out our youtuber playlist now, lets get into mr. Beast Also my channels been doing better so mr.

Beast if you wanna Be sure to subscribe and hit that Bell boom, mr Beast was born Jimmy Donaldson on May 7th 1998 in Greensville North Carolina where he attended Greenville Christian Academy and was always really close with his mother Then we actually did a QampampA with his mom when he was at 10, 000 subscribers What is your opinion on me doing YouTube as a fulltime job? In that article we told a story about how in the second grade well Jimmy, he stole the change off his teachers desk So he could buy ukyo cards. I guess he was hustling from day one now as for his early life Well, Jimmy, he doesnt remember much like teaching you remember what youre doing Youre like 11 and 10 cuz I dont Jimmy always had a passion for article games and when he was 12 years old He started his own youtube channel called beast 5t.

Why and it seems like this was the day his real life started It was a gaming channel with his first ever upload being an interaction He had with a hacker during a game of battle pirates on Facebook No, although the game wasnt super popular online Jimmy. He loved to play it and since he was playing it all the time Anyways, well he thought he might as well start making articles from it I put up the footage of that battle pirates hacker attacking me and I titled it Craziest bad pirates hacker and I didnt even do that because I click Vader because of any of that His first article got thousands of views, which is nothing compared to the millions He gets now but at the time it was a huge milestone and enough to keep him motivated to make more articles Now his friend Chris who now appears in some of his biggest articles and works for him well He was Jimmys first subscriber at the time Jimmy kept posting gameplay articles from battle pirates and he grew a small following of others who are fans of the Gay and the few people did play it. They all watched me on YouTube I was like the only one posting it in a later article Jimmy said that he wrote down a list of goals and a notepad on his iPad touch and well He only had two original goals for his YouTube channel He wanted to get to 1, 000 subs and 100, 000 views and Ive Ive been fully obsessed like my whole life since then So like I always believed it at 13 Jimmy started playing call of duty now because of his love for the game He began watching youtubers who posted gameplay articles of Cod to learn more.

He cites woodysgamertag whiteboy tmartn, alia and Moores early inspirations And that while they inspired him to do his own YouTube commentary articles for Call of Duty Now after growing his channel a little bit, he would consistently get a couple hundred views per article next He started playing Minecraft and decided he wanted to post minecraft commentary as Wow, but he wanted to keep things separate So he created a new channel on February 19 2012. He created a second channel called. Mr Bs 6000 which was originally just so we could upload his minecraft commentary articles. He didnt want to mix it all up now He took the name, mr. Beast from his xbox live gamertag, and he used it as the name for the new channel I know most of you arent gonna be able to respect me now that you know that but its the truth Jimmy then found a Sub4sub website and he decided to see if it would help him quickly grow his channel He did it for three weeks straight and he invested a little bit of money into the site He did get a lot of subscribers.

He says around 10, 000 but when he posted his new articles, his views were even lower than before Someones low was 5 views per article 3 of which well they were mr. Beast himself Probably his mom. Also my mom used to be one of my first anyway at one day out of frustration he deleted his original Call of Duty channel and decided to start fresh with the second minecraft Channel and one of his old articles he Actually says that the day after he deleted his channel. Well, he was on google searching.

How do you get a deleted youtube channel back? You know because he had some regrets I could understand He only had two articles left up on his minecraft channel One titled worst minecraft saw trap ever and the other titled Harry Potter mod in Minecraft epic must seem odd but after his frustration with YouTube and his lack of early progress Bully took a break from posting articles his surprise when he came back a few months later his two articles had thousands of views Currently those two articles have over 160, 000 and close to 600, 000 views respectively people wanted that before. Theyre famous You know, I mean Jimmy kept posting Minecraft articles, but eventually he got tired of them He uploaded pokémon battle articles for about a month straight before returning back to Minecraft articles briefly and then moving on to a game called Project Zomboid Now we eventually moved back to Call of Duty commentary articles Which is ironic because he originally created his second channel so that he can have a place where he posted all of this non Call of Duty articles Little confusing now after the school year was over he spent his summer posting consistently With daily uploads and posted the article on August 2nd 2013 Called randomness and this is where he talks about the importance of persistence on YouTube even after the summer is over But if you would just keep Uploading like a month longer and upload during August You would your articles would get at least triple the views because people sub boxes are gonna have a third The articles in time and a couple of days later He uploaded a article saying that he gained 140 subscribers in the past month seems pretty minimal compared to how many you gains today But its cool to see how excited he would get about each step in his progression My goal as of right now is to build as big as the following as I can going into ghosts get as many subscribers And viewers as I can and then when ghost comes out, Im just hoping I explode I take off at that point He was just hoping to get a couple hundred thousand subscribers Now one of the most proud moments for a young mr Beast was when he received a gaming partnership on YouTube with a company called zoom in TV I spent hours upon hours looking up information and applying to networks And Im gonna try to give you everything and anything you need to know about a gaming partnership in this article.

Mr Beast was hoping that after he took a break from black ops 2 and posted gameplay for Call of Duty go That his channel would blow up. Well, thats not exactly what happened The new call of duty came out and he posted a few articles about it. None of them really gain much traction So we went back to posting about his favorite game good old battle pirates by 2013 He had fifty thousand article views with many of them coming from his first couple of articles. I never thought Id get 50, 000 views Thats a lot and hopefully those 50, 000 people were entertained We found a second channel that he created with his friends back in 2013 that only had a thousand stops, but you know They only posted a few articles on its top What are the first articles on his channel that wasnt article game related was titled how much money does PewDiePie make and the article it? is now 87, 000 views now Its crazy because in the description of the article You can see how excited he was at the time to get 500 likes on a article little did he know that later on in his career. He would save PewDiePies life, okay?

Well, not really, but he would give him the sub count in the epic t Series battle. Whoa I feel like I just turned into a voiceover Pete lets move on attention all nineyearold gamers Shout out voiceover Pete who wants before theyre famous on him now in the ninth grade Jimmy he discovered that he had Crohns disease and he said he lost about thirty pounds and he was in bed all summer and was going to the bathroom around seven times a day Now hes on medication today and is on a strict diet and he said that he was eating the same thing every day in high School to feel better physically, he would even bring his own food. If the basketball team they went out to McDonalds after a game Tough break, but I just wanted to talk about what Crohns disease is and the reason I wanted to do a article on it is because every week thousands of people are diagnosed with it and hundreds of those people are teens He played basketball and baseball in high school Which actually slowed down his uploading schedule just a little bit Then we also started lifting weights and in an old article called story time well He told the story about the time he was lifting after playing basketball and he asked the massive dude if he could spot him Now Jimmy he was no dwayne johnson but he agreed to spot the guy knowing that he would not be able to help him at all if the guy couldnt lift the bar up and his arms start shaking so Immediately I start lifting with all my might the truth of the matter is the bar was stuck on his chest He was pushing as hard as he could.

It was actually because the sports and homework that mr. Beast He almost quit YouTube for good and its crazy that his journey. It almost ended there No to all the smaller creators out there take this as a lesson that sometimes youre closer to Success than you think you just gotta keep on going I dont know you guys make it hard to quit cuz I thought for sure I was done for YouTube But I dont know.

I kind of feel like I want to start uploading again Although we didnt end up quitting YouTube.

Mr Beast Before They Were Famous YouTuber Biography

He did decide to quit playing article games He felt like it was taking up too much of his time and he wanted to spend that time on sports and making articles By the beginning of 2014 after 100 articles well, mr. Beast. He had seven hundred and thirty Subscribers.

Oh my god which thats just Insane and that blows my mind cuz I never thought Id get anywhere near that many subscribers and I definitely never thought Id get this Many views so thank you for that. He reached his original YouTube goal of 1000 subs later that year. Mr beast actually had the idea to do some epic things with his YouTube ad revenue long before he started giving out billions of dollars in 2013 he posted the article with the title if this article gets 1 million views and while it only has 45, 000 views as of today. He seemed to have a plan for something bigger if he had reached his goal I would use the ad revenue to do something super epic that I already have planned But chances are its not so oh well, but you know miracles happen. He also made a article titled I hate PewDiePie just to see how many views he could add and the article.

Well, it now has close to 40, 000 views now Mr Beast he was always thinking of ways to go viral But he was still figuring out how to make it happen by March of 2014 He had over 100, 000 views in total on his YouTube channel and around that time He said he was making about 30 a month via YouTube He could have done articles where he gave out 30 dollars to strangers, but I probably wouldnt have gotten is yes, you know I mean Im making around 30 a month. Thats what Im averaging right now. So if you are considering starting a YouTube channel Channel, my size is making around 30 a month.

Mr beast made a article where he asked Subscribers to write down their subscriber goals for the year in the comment section now Jimmy, he wrote down his own goal of having 7, 500 scribers in 2015 over the course of the next year will mr. Beast. He didnt give up his dream of having a successful YouTube channel He uploaded Consistently switching his style up periodically and making a bunch of different types of articles Mostly rooted in content surrounding youtubers or just the site itself this summer. Mr Beast content would get a lot of views like his pewdiepie articles and what about youtubes diamond play button But most of his weekly uploads they would only receive a couple thousand views tops, but it was mr beasts worst intro series that gained him true YouTube popularity Now the idea behind the series was pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Mr Beast would roast youtubers for some of their terrible article intros that exist out there and Im just glad we never made that list Although I have made it on someones like, you know, they copied him and they throw anyway Thank You mr.

Beast You are the king second. Youre the Prince Fielder price. Alright, then in 2018 You decided to put all his worst intro articles to private Maybe he wanted to move on from that part of his life Or maybe he felt like he was being mean but either way it was the next chapter of his YouTube career That would be his biggest yet Now put your goals into the universe kids and watch the manifest now before the year was over he had over 10, 000 subscribers And he was growing every day eventually.

He got the 20, 000 subscribers I believe it took me two years to get my first 10, 000 subscribers and then my next 10, 000 from 10, 000 to 20, 000 only took about five months if youre wondering what he was doing in that article while he was cutting a table in half with a plastic knife Because he got a hundred retweets on a tweet where he said he would cut a table and half with a plastic knife if the tweet got a hunch of Retweets now it really has to change tonight. I mean mmhmm in 2016 He made a similar subscriber goal article, but this time it was a little more ambitious I know this is gonna seem really out there and you know kinda outrageous but my goal for next year is a hundred thousand subscribers I currently have 20, 000 and I plan to have a hundred thousand in a year He even made a article talking to himself two years in the future I hope you have at least 100k subs if you dont have a hundred K subs I am Im gonna disown you I just like I know youre gonna Im Im gonna have two hundred. Yeah, mr Bs graduated in 2016 and he decided to keep working on building his YouTube channel now his mom She made him go to Community College because his channel wasnt making him enough money just yet, but after two weeks of school Yeah, he decided to drop out and then I just like Id rather be poor and making articles than literally doing anything else Thats when mr. Bs decided he needed something big to happen.

He went allin and it was in 2017 that he became the mr Beast that we know and love today He started coming up with insane concepts and doing neverbeforeseen things online that garnered millions of views The moment that really changed it all for mr. Beast was this article where he counted to 100, 000 in one sitting that article took him almost the full day to record but it was worth it because the article has now received More than 15 million views but as one commenter pointed out well, mr. Beast He actually counted from fifty thousand two hundred and eighty one to fifty thousand two hundred eighty three So, you know, he might want to reshoot that article. I let it slide.

Im goddamn commoners. They never missed nothing Its my fly up from there his popularity kept growing and his ideas. They kept getting more creative He might crave things that probably shouldnt be microwaved. He read the entire dictionary He counted the two hunt thousand and he did everything he could to get PewDiePie on top of tseries. Were to stay on top Oh, yeah He also gave away more than a million dollars to everyone from twitch streamers to homeless people Now all of that it led to him becoming one of the fastest growing youtubers on the planet and with his drive and motivation Well, it seems like its only up from here, honestly I just want to be as big as possible, you know to feel like the bigger you are the more, you know You fun stuff.

You can do it as for the future well He states that he wants to make a bunch of money invested and have fun along the way But as for the rest of the story I think were gonna blur I know babe you be it we wrap this one up here because Im turning into That pig from Looney Tunes snippet. Maybe theyre dead. Thats all folks.

See you guys. Got it. See you guys in another article Oh, p

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