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My Top 4 Financial ToolsApps and MORE!

My Top 4 Financial ToolsApps and MORE!

pMy Top 4 Financial ToolsApps and MORE!p phi everyone this is the focus blender and today Im going to talk to you about my top four favorite financial tools and apps so the one thing that Im finding when I work with people oneonone is that even if they make a lot of money or if they make more money than me or whatever their salary is the biggest problems theyre facing is that theyre just completely unorganized no one can ever tell me exactly how much money they owe no one can ever tell me exactly how much money they have and they just just theyre just cool if they dont know where anything is and theyre just not organized so today I just want to give you like my top four favorite financial apps and tools so that you too can become organized and either get out of debt get out of it quicker save more and invest so lets get started so the first thing I want to talk to you about is mint calm and years ago I did a article reviewing mint akan versus clicking and the reason why I like mint calm is for three top things so they have a lot of different functionalities on Medicom but what I like the most is one you can check your credit score whenever so it gives you an average of your your credit scores from the three top major agencies for free so I never I can know a lot of people use different websites you pay a monthly fee so that you should always check your credit score like 5, 000 month or 10 a month but I just go a mint calm and I can see the average I dont need to see each and every one I just need to see the average and make sure that its staying consistent or its improving and not going down if I want to look and see whats actually on my credit score Ill go to another website that I can use for free annual credit and I can see my credit history and exactly whats on everything right there for free so the next things I really like about mint calm is the fact that I can categorize my spending and I can see Ive been spending over different categories over the month and I can compare it from once a month and I compare it for a year to year and I can also just look at has been spending my money over a given time frame and so that keeps me on track say lets say Im spending too much money on lunch and last month I spent way over what Id normally spend I can get myself and the very next month I can produce my spending the next normally like about is that I can always check my network so I really like the fact that I can just log in right now I can see all of my assets and one place all my liabilities and I can see exactly what my network is and the way it does that is that it links all of your accounts on the website so you would like all of your bank accounts if you have credit cards you would link it there you have 401k and IRA if you have better medCom whatever you have you can link it to your account with mint comm and it tracks how much your net worth is you can look at it as of today what it was last month you can compare it from month month you can compare it from here to here I think its just very useful its just very useful and letting you see how much you have and just giving yourself a complete financial snapshot at any given um so the next app that I want to talk about its not really an app its the website for my bank so what is the Beckster that I use is Capital One 360 which was formerly ING Direct and what I love about chapter one 360 is that it allows you to open multiple things accounts and not just having the accounts with the numbers you can change the name so if I wanted to buy a puppy and I wanted to save for this puppy I can open account literally by I literally want creating this article I can go on the website and open a things account for free called puppy so when I go into the Apple my phone I can see my puppy account and I suppose I have no money in it but I really like Capital One 360 s app because its very easy to use when you when you log into the app it clearly shows how much money you have your various checking to your checking account and your various savings account it says it by name so youre not confused as to which account is for which it also shows your investment accounts very clearly labeled and if youre out shopping you can transfer money on the spot which I know you can do with other apps but whats easy about this is like lets say Im out and Im buying clothes I like to keep no more than three or four hundred dollars checking account all kinds because I dont want to have a lot of money there I dont want to overspend so lets say Im out buying clothes and I find something for 100 I can just log into the app before I even pay and I can just transfer the money from the clothes account into my checking accounts I can pay for it on the spot or I can do that later on when Im home I really like Capital One 360 s app for its just general overall great design and the fact that you can like do things like rename your accounts very easily and see the names of your various accounts when you log in so the next app that I want to talk about is betterment calm and Ive done multiple articles on betterment calm which Ill link below so I wont go into too much detail about the platform but what I like about the app is that as soon as I log in I can see the value of my different investment accounts and I can also see how much its grown or actually I can also see how much Ive lost so its very transparent and youre not wondering okay its giving me this value but its not telling me exactly how well Ive done so this app will show you what you have and how well youve done or how poorly youve done it also allows you to rebalance your account on the spot so lets say you have an account balance of 9 stocks to 10 bonds and right now Im saying no what I want to do 70 stocks to 30 bonds you can slide the little slider and do it directly on the app whenever you can also change your frequency of your deductions right on the app you can change it from once a month twice a month the 10th and the 20th the month the 1st and 15th whatever you want to do whatever dates you want to pick you can do it right there and what I like about that is if you what happens right before theyre going to the desk money from your account they send you an email the day before and says just a reminder youre going to have a deduction from your checking account thats going to go towards this things this investment account so if you see that email you can just go right on the app and if you change your mind on whatever you can just change you can just update on that really really quickly which I definitely appreciate the last thing I want to talk about is Excel so Excel is probably my favorite financial tool actually excels like BAE I just love Excel I am a complete Excel nerd so last week I wrote a Facebook post and I said Im sitting in front of my computer actually Im sitting in front of my double screen so I had two computer monitors with two Excel worksheets open and I was listening to an NPR podcast called spreadsheet because I am that much of an excel nurse and why I love Excel so much is that it is completely customizable if you know how to use the program you will 100 feel me you can just do a quick budget you can come up with whatever scenario you want to come up with on the spot and what I really like about it is I use it for my cash flow projections I have yet to find an app that does cash flow projections if you know of one link it below and Ill try it I like it I will definitely review it but you can just create your own cash flow model and I like to monitor my cash flow every through every 15th and 30th because I get paid on the 15th of 30th so that way I can make sure that I have enough money in my checking account that is dedicated to my bills in it to pay my bills and Im never wondering do I have enough money to cover my car insurance do I have enough money to cover my cable whatever it is I know at all times I have enough money which is very important if you are someone who does auto pay you want to always make sure you have enough money and the only way you could do that is to have your cash flow properly projected out for the next 2 3 4 even 6 months down the road so I love Excel for that and I also like to do it for in like a modeling of my financial future so years ago I did a article on how basically I think was called when will I be a millionaire and I was trying to figure out like if I saved this amount of money over this amount of time what exactly am I going to hit a million dollars and so if you want to see that excel worksheet I will definitely link it below and you can click on it itll take you straight to my website where you can download it for free and thats it I just I just love Excel and all kinds of other people love it too its not just me I am NOT the only Excel nerd out so there you have it those are my top four favorites financial apps and tools if you have any other financial apps and tools that you really really like please leave a comment below I will definitely check them out and if I like it if I decide to use it I will definitely do a review on it you can also find me on instagram at focus render or my website at folks sorry wws bender calm if you liked this article definitely like it share and subscribe thanks guys Ill see you next time bye byep

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