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NextGen of Cryptocurrency Mining Farms Genesis Mining

pNextGen of Cryptocurrency Mining Farms Genesis Mining Building a data center of this kind doesnt only mean just filling up a huge hall with miners.

NextGen of Cryptocurrency Mining Farms Genesis Mining

We need to be strategic about it, we have to pay attention to every single detail from airflow management to efficient hardware layout. I believe that this time we really outperformed ourselves, both in terms of size and efficiency. This Sweden facility is absolutely massive, but something thats been incredibly challenging to build, but also very rewarding to see all coming together. The size of the project reflects our answer to how the mining market has developed in the last twelve months. And such, its about 10 times larger than our complete Iceland installation.

The building that we chose to build the farm inside of is a massive hall Its very very big and its been an absolutely mindbending experience to be fitting it with the data center design and making sure everything comes together cleanly. There were many people involved, everyone putting in the part of it, the expertise that he has and what we came up in the end with its really something that we can all be proud of. Compared to in Iceland, the design of how each shelf looks here in Sweden looks quite different for the first time you look at it. Actually they could look quite similar: So we have the miners standing in a similar form factor, lets say, but you can see how we took the design from Iceland and optimized it to the max.

Theres no more gaps between the miners. The benefits that we have from that is the maximum density, because theres no free space left in the data center so no spare capacity that were wasting and at the same time its really good for the cooling, which means that the airflow is really easy to handle. And so the general structure that were seeing right now on the data center is completely specified to match the requirements of our mining pathway. While the size of this data center is so much larger than what we had previously and because of our hardware improvements and our software optimizations were able to actually maintain this data center with a similar amount of onsite maintenance personnel as we need for much smaller operations. For example for our Iceland installation we need about the same number of people than we do for this one even though its a tenth of the size.

What weve planned for this location is quite a bit larger than what we have right now. So were really happy to show the current state of things I think its already quite impressive were all really happy with it, but this is not the final state of the buildout. Thats going to be expanding over the next months and well be adding more machines sort of some empty areas were going to be equipping some new areas with our infrastructure, so this is not a final buildout yet, but its an ongoing process and in general the size of this facility compared to what weve done previously and the current steps that were taking to expand it even further are just representative to whats happening globally with the whole mining market. Genesis Mining is continuously working towards building larger, more efficient, better data centers around the world and this Sweden facility is just one more example of how were achieving that.p

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