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Order to Cash with SAP Fiori

Order to Cash with SAP Fiori

pOrder to Cash with SAP Fiorip phi a very warm welcome to everyone in todays session at ebon consulting in this session we would be looking at the order to cash scenario using s AP theory the sales executive would log on to the system and view his home page according to the roles and authorizations that he has those ties would be visible for which the user has authorizations daily the sales executive can do the sales overview type for checking the snapshot of his daily activities he can check his own pending orders deliveries billing items and the relevance statuses on receiving the PIO from the customer the sales executive would click on the create sales order link in the quick actions part of the sales overview tile on clicking the link the user is diverted to the screen variances order can be created the details such as the order type sales organization distribution channel and division need to be input for creating the sales order other header details and the item details as our input in the sepg i need to be similarly entered on the fury tile the screen is almost similar to the SE PGI screen the data entry has been made easy the header and item details need to be entered and the pricing for the items can be automatically fetched through condition records or can be manually entered as that can be done in a say P GUI all the facilities which are available in sa P GOI are present on the fury screen the user can check for the incompletion log and check if the document is complete if the user finds that the document is complete the user can save the document and the sales order would be created to view his punched order the user goes into the my sales overview tile and can see his punched order under under the open sales order to process the order further the user goes to the sales order block and clicks on the manage sales order tile here in he can view his sales order with the relevant status having a delivery block the user can select his sales order and remove the delivery block by clicking on the remove delivery block button the delivery block has been removed the sales order is now available for delivery to create the delivery the user goes to the outbound deliveries block and clicks on the create outbound delivery style herein he can find his sales order by selecting the relevant filter criteria the user can select the relevant sales order and click on the create deliveries button the delivery gets created and the delivery number is found in the law we can display the log and get the delivery number after the creation of the delivery the sales executive can view a snapshot of his activities in the sales over you tie you can see that the same SOTA has been removed from the open sales order part and an open delivery is spending to process the delivery further the stores user clicks on the outbound delivery block and clicks on the managed outbound delivery time here in he can select his deliveries by the relevant status the user selects his delivery and clicks on the pick button to do the picking process here in all the relevant items for picking are shown the picking quantity is entered by the stores person and saved the system shows that the picking has been done and it is ready for goods issue after checking the document the stores person can post the goods issue as we can see the goods issue has been done successfully after the goods issue has been posted the sales executive can view the snapshot of his daily activities in the sales overview type here you can see that the delivery has been completed and a pending invoice has been added to create the billing document the accounting executive would select the billing documents block and click on the create billing document style here in he will find all the deliveries are pending for billing according to the filter criteria he selects the delivery which is relevant to him and presses the create button a snapshot of the complete invoice is available to him he can check the data and press on save on saving the invoice is generated the account executive can check the complete data with the reference to the taxes and the prices and then he can press the post billing document Baron an accounting document will be generated the complete status and the document flow is available on the screen as we have seen fury is not only enabled a userfriendly interface for transactions but has also made runtime analytics available not only for the management but also for the Sales Executives below are our contact details please do not hesitate to connect us thank you for watching us and stay connected with ebon for the next articlep

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