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Prism Bills and personal finance App RunThrough and Review Android

Prism Bills and personal finance App RunThrough and Review Android

pPrism Bills and personal finance App RunThrough and Review Androidp p look at that sky what is that my peeps calibre 724 here with another article for you guys today in this article I have a run through a review I want to do for you guys so yesterday a little backstory yesterday Ashley forgot to pay my storage fees and then I remembered when I was going home so I was like crap I gotta go pay my search fees so I actually went in with storage fees but I did a little digging online and I was actually on Facebook one day and I actually saw a ad for this app but I was like hmm might as well share it sounds interesting maybe could do a run through a review well what the perfect time to do it rather than now or other than now you know so I looked into it and Ashley was playing around with the app set up the app and everything like that and I found it very useful so Im gonna play the ad for you guys thats on YouTube cuz actually did some digging into this app and found the ads some hopefully I dont get like copyright strike or whatever for this but just a new format that Im trying out but let me know in the comment section below if you like this format rule it forget logging into all your accounts prism brings together your bank balance your bills and your paycheck in one app prism reminds you when bills are due and allows you to quickly make payments just open the app to see exactly how much money you have and the amount you owe by using prism to pay bills on time you can avoid late fees and reduce debt helping you improve your credit score try our app today and see why thousands of customers love using prism alright guys so this is the app in the Play Store Google Play Store it is called prism bills and personal finance now I looked in like I said I found this on Facebook but actually I found out that this was in a finance section of the Google Play Store so if youre looking for it Ill leave in the description ford also i will try and find a link for the iOS version but cant guarantee anything there im Android user faithfully but Ill see if I can help you guys out if youre on iOS now before we get into the actual app I think its they have referred it to or way better than meant is what they say so maybe Ill do it at runthrough and review for mint later on let me know in the comment section below if you want me to do that also like the article and yeah so lets go ahead and get into the app this is the page that should get to and you first open up the app which is bills and here is where you can set up all of your builders and your paydays and stuff like that so when you first walk through the app theyre actually gonna walk through how to set up builders and stuff like that and your paydays but Im gonna walk you through that now so you get to see a look into what its like so were gonna go up here its this plus sign up here next to the calendar you can add a bill at a manual bill and Ill explain what the difference is in a little bit but at a PD now add a bill is basically for the builders who actually do their billing online so like for a Sprint or Verizon or a Fingerhut or credit cards that you may have you can pay your bill online like Duke Energy and stuff like that thats basically what a day bill is for at a manual bill is for those builders who actually dont have an online suite where you can go and pay your accounts and your bills and stuff like that so that would be like storage or you know groceries or you know childcare or such and such you know manual repairs actually actually got to go to the store and do something like that but walking into create a biller or adding a biller they actually have some examples here ATT pay Pawel amazon store car synchrony financial you also got different wash lemma do that Victorias Secret Angel car chase Time Warner Cables City Macys credit card JC Penneys reward card Walmart credit card Verizon Wireless them and then you also have like different categories auto loans banks credit cards gems and clubs electric gas gift cards home maintenance insurance internet licenses media subscriptions such as like Hulu probably Netflix mortgages parking and tolls phone prepaid cards rent and security storage which is good for me student loans TVs waste water and other and the I think these categories are mainly for like manual billers but who knows so lets see just for an example PayPal right if I want to create a bill for PayPal well all you have to do is sign in with your email and also your password and thats it by the being but a boom forget about it you know thats all you got to really do is add in your email and your password logging in like youre actually logging into the site and thats all you got to do itll find all your bills and itll basically put them all on the little page that should get to when you first open up the app now going into manual billers you actually have you know the category basically this but going on to the storage like for me storage so Im gonna press done nickname Im gonna do storage fee now Im typing with one hand so forgive me for the lack of speed on this those nice birds in the background now you dont its optional you dont have to add a nickname or a website but this is just for an example so Im just add a pilot you know thing but here is the page where you get to select a date now for me my storage fee is due on the first up into the fifth and then its late so Ill go ahead and add it on lets say Monday right and thatll be good how often every month right so lets say you rent it for actually no lets do it for one time that way the example will be more better and lets say its 80 right BAM easy as that show bill one week two weeks or three weeks before a due date and bam and then save biller right so now your manual biller is added and everything like that now if I go up here and check its not up here this is one of the problems that I have with this app is that when you add a manual biller and lets say you do it every month it does not show on here so if I go to the next one is supposed to be in October in October but its not there but Ill show you guys how to actually show it up but thats basically what this page is it shows you all your bills that you have to pay and specific times and yeah thats basically what it is also another cool feature is if you click that button right next to the plus mark you actually come up with a calendar view of your bills so you actually get to see on the calendar where it is so here if you can see on the side on Fridays like the first 8:15 second and 29th you will see like these little green dollar signs well those are my paydays so I get paid every Friday so it shows my paydays and then not sure if you can actually see it but why to come up at the bottom like whats on that day so if you click on something that doesnt have anything up there it doesnt show anything but lets say for instance you click on the 18th is when my Duke energy bill is due and it automatically does it automatically puts that bill where it needs to be on a specific date according to your account so for Duke Energy itll show up Duke Energy and I click on the next one that has a bill capital one BAM you know whatever other days you have whatever on you know and thats thats pretty cool to actually see where your bills are as opposed to the listing view if you like the listing view you can change it back to the listening view if you like the calendar view you can change the back to the calendar view one thing I like about the listing view youre not sure if you guys would see that as a benefit is they have like a little color bar up here which actually shows you the actual let me go back it actually shows you like color coded where each bill is how much of it it takes up so this whole bar is representative of your income and how much is taken up by your debts so thats pretty interesting so going on to the next page which is your money this is basically all your incomes you know all your places where you have money at that you can spin like the spendable monies as opposed to the bills which is everything thats taken away so here you can add your banks you can add your credit cards you can have your whatever whatever accounts that you have that youre getting money from so here I have my bank accounts and everything like that it does not show any account information or anything like that but its pretty interesting to see and then once again its also color coded so youll actually see how much of everything you have so lets say how it shows on mine is that this here is basically like a small percentage this here is nonexistent this here is like small this here is like you know them so here it shows that I have more in this account so it actually has a bigger space on that bar and that is basically about that tab the credit is where you have credit cards and stuff like that your all your credit accounts and stuff like that here unfortunately a firm is not its not compatible with this app just yet it said that just enough people got in for them actually have a reason to go and get compatible but compatibility with a firm but right now its not available for the app so it doesnt show my bills and everything like that so it doesnt show specifically how much its being taken up by a firm so on the credit cards and everything like that shows your balances it shows how much you have as available credit and thats basically what that is so loans itll show you all of your loans and everything like that Im guessing you would sign up for like online stuff as far as long as because I know you can pay loans online youll sign up here and then to actually pop up and this portion of the app which is pretty good because it categorizes everything your others it push your others so thats basically that type of money your inbox it actually shows you your inboxes like itll show you when you got paid lets go on here sort of say you know hey you got paid today you know and you get youll see how much you got paid when youre paid and also itll show like you know if its paid then itll be paid itll show that little symbol theyre saying paid and how much you got paid if its not then it wont show anything so or it wont even come up in the Inbox its just notifications that show you hey you pay X amount or you pay this amount lets say I know for one of these are paid an amount but I forget which one it is but basically at all everything that comes here is the mill that comes to you notifications basically this is a notification tab its just an inbox tab you know where you get your mail in there and everything like that thats about it for this tab next tab is actually pretty interesting because I actually use this to show people how this work when Im like walking around or anything like that this is the tutorial like a basic tutorial of how this app works so it says show friend show them how prism works in less than a minute so you can connect the Builder by providing your login details for builders youll see when your bills are due try now so for an example I put in my information afterwards I would go in hit sign in and itll add the biller biller sync theyll show me how much I got how much I need to pay and everything like that nice work will show you what we find and you can start paying your bills right away lets pay one now so you would tap on your bill and then once you see that bill you say pull it down its fast and secure tada you just learned how to pay a bill wasnt that easy paying bills will never be the same again and itll actually give you like a notification and everything like that so you press next and thats it thats basically how it works you connect your biller you pay your bills and thats it so youre on your way to becoming an expert at finances doesnt that feel good so we press done and itll actually take me back to the money tab which Im not sure why but hey so Im in accounts this is I thought it would be like more along the lines of like your address your I dont think you have to give you address actually you give your arm email your phone number I believe and thats just for like verification you know so dont know this is the phone that its going to be on but your profile includes that sensitive information which Im not gonna go into dont want to show any sensitive information so you got your billers now here is where it shows all of your builders all of your sink builders you got a firm up here which is nuts its not at all available for this app yet got Capital One credit one bank Duke Energy Fingerhut sprint storage fees and storage units which I did like a testing up here and Wells Fargo thing about it is remember how before we created the bill for the storage fees well heres where you actually find it before it comes up on the list of bills that you have to pay and also on the calendar that you have if I click on it upcoming bills your next storage bill will appear on 925 so it will appear on 925 but if I want to see it now lets see thats a problem that I have with this app is that if you add a bill and you expect it to show up on the app it will be easier for the bill to actually automatically just show up on there after you create it just so you can see it and once that date comes up or once that month comes up you actually be able to see all the bills that you have to pay even if its and one week before it or something like that because maybe youll be able to pay it before that time or before that week and then who knows so thats thats a problem that I have you can lets see if I can delete this actually I cant so so thats basically where you find all of your builders and everything like that and lets see if I can find a way to actually delete this nope cannot delete it so I gotta find a way to delete that but anyway your payment accounts you have basically it shows you all your payment accounts you got the Capital One credit one Wells Fargo shows you how much you have in each account and how much basically is on that account if its green that means youre in a positive if its black then its a negative so thats thats how much you owe on that account thats basically it for that tab your paydays so PT it says every week on Friday and then thats PJ thats how much Ill get each Friday and it just shows like previous paydays upcoming paydays which is pretty much interesting I never actually been on this tab but look at that and it shows you up until I think two months afterwards two months afterwards so thats pretty interesting go back and I can see that its organized as far as the tabs was but goodness its like theres a lot to go through its a lot to go through so your settings you got devices you can manage your devices you have notifications on so whenever you have a bill thats coming up itll actually do a push notification if you have it on to your phone and say hey you got to build this coming up on such and such date here is the Builder has their mount BAM you got the email you got the pin and fingerprint which I have off I can put the fingerprint on so that way I dont have to put in my passcode every single time or if you create one then every time you open the app itll actually lets actually try that out so if I do pin right then its gonna take me lets say 1 2 3 nope let me delete this 1 2 3 4 and save right and then it says ask for pin after five minutes lets do immediately so Im guessing this is like when you close the app so lets close the app and once I open up the app itll ask me for my pin so 1 2 3 4 BAM itll open up the app and you can turn it off 1 2 3 4 put in your PIN butter bean butter boom forget about it so after you put in your PIN or fingerprint you can do it set it for whatever amount of time the app is closed for sounds you can have sounds on you can have a theme actually like this green so lets say Kiwi crazy or bam instantly updates and you can just have it actually like that Kiwi green favorite color is green so dont forget that guys dont forget that BAM so were gonna save it and you can actually oh we need your help so in order to personalize your theme well need you to share prism with at least one friend itll be worth it so Im just go to not now and thats wow so the about you can go to about you can go to website security terms and service privacy and privacy policy legal and you see the and the version and the company name and all that stuff diagnostics asked us in screenshots not sure what this is but I guess you can send like how is the app running for you itll send it to prism and theyll actually be able to see how well its running see if they actually have need any changes that needs to be made and everything like that but that is basically about it and you can sign out of a prism and everything like that but look at that thats basically about it for the app thats the whole runthrough and review of the app hopefully you guys enjoyed it I surely did lets see here just I just wanted to make sure cuz they have like icons at the top right but basically thats about it for the whole runthrough of the app for my review were gonna switch back over to the camera so you guys can see me and all my good looking goodness but here we go my thoughts on this app is I think it would be very very beneficial for those who are looking to organize and compile their bills into one place instead of having to go to 10 different websites just to pay all of their bills now how this app really works is once you actually sign into your accounts and everything like that on this app you actually be able to pay from the app and what it is is prism actually pays your bills on your behalf once you sign in I know its kind of skeptical to some people but from for some people who are not really worried about the security mainly because youre just logging in youre just logging into your account like youre logging in on the website or something like that and really I mean security wise like who would want to still billing information to pay a bill you know I mean that could be a concern to some people and thats understandable but I think it will be very very beneficial for those who are trying to manage their bills in a way like how I showed in the previous article was I showed like week by week what I had to pay how much I had to pay and how I was gonna budget that money now as far as how is similar to mint I have never used mint before and I may do it run through a review on it but at this current moment Ive never used mint before so I cant see how similar it is or how different it is between the two so all in all I think its a pretty good app I am personally gonna be using this app to kind of like mesh in with all the stuff that I do as far as like managing the bills and knowing what bill comes at what time because usually I would do it like week by week on Friday when I get paid that the bills I have to pay for next week is what I pay and thats generally what Im gonna do but at the same time I know that hey I have money coming in at this specific date so I dont necessarily have to spend my whole work check doing the paychecktopaycheck thing every single week so I think its pretty interesting but let me know in the comment section below how you feel about this app do you like this app do you think itll help you be more bill friendly I guess but let me know if you would consider trying to stop out like I said and before Ill have the link to that Ill have the link to the app for the Google Play Store in the description below because I know it exists as far as iOS I will see if I can do a not app run through a review but a iOS link for the for the app itself if I cant and you dont see it in the description then you know that I can find it but if you do happen to find it just comment it below and I will see that comment and Ill put it in the description so yeah dont forget to be bringing stairs spider you know it it is baby look at that sky look at that sky just so so uh dreary today its just raining the the hurricane harvey is just like making the scowl craziest stuff but dont forget to be brilliant stay inspired you know what it is yes you know what it is peace p

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