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Quickie The Lego Movie Update

pQuickie: The Lego Movie Update So I just saw The Lego Movie and it was surprisingly really good! At least as good as it can be while still keeping younger audiences in mind.

Quickie The Lego Movie Update

When I saw the trailer for this movie, I thought it looked kinda shitty, but then the reviews started coming out and everybody in my subreddit started bugging me. So I saw it more out of an obligation than anything but Im glad that I saw it because it was very enjoyable. I did not expect to be barraged with such dystopian social commentary right off the bat, but its those clever little statements about society that allows people other than children to enjoy the movie. And not only that, but it made so much sense how they orchestrated those statements about individualism, bringing back nostalgic images of Lego instruction manuals that the character carries around with him.

Now Im not the biggest fan of Lego as a franchise. I mean, to me the article games just seem like a really easy way to save money on animation, but the animation in this film was fanfuckingtastic. Objects and characters would mostly have a lower frame rate to imitate stopmotion style, and because all of it actually was computeranimated, they had a lot more freedom as to what they were able to do, particularly with the facts in camera placements and most noticeably during the action scenes. But not only did it just imitate stop motion as a style. A clever decision was made to keep certain depths out of focus at any given time, and by doing so it instantly reminds you of those old Lego camera sets.

The movie didnt really leave too much room for emotional investment, but I dont really think that I tried to. It pretty much know exactly what it was and it tried hard to avoid falling into clichés that you would normally expect, and the writing made it clear that they were aware these clichés that they were intentionally avoiding. Its funny, entertaining and it feels somewhat unique. And yes, Im aware that it is basically just one giant ad for a toy company, but this movie is the best Lego commercial I have ever seen and Im giving this one a seven, or, dare I say it, possibly an eight, not sure yet, out of ten.

Hey guys! Do I look tired? I feel kinda tired.

Just saw The Lego Movie, it was pretty awesome, but I already. well, I said everything already and now Im going this. Letting you know whats up with the After Earth Part 2 review. Heres a screen cap. As you can see its pretty close to 20 minutes, which is the standard length of a YMS thing.

Well, you know, around 20 minutes. Its looking like its probably going to be over half an hour. If it gets like further.

If it starts getting like pretty close to forty minutes long, then Im probably going to make another split, but I wont know if I can make a split or not until the whole thing is done, so obviously part 2 and 3 are gonna get like in the same time vicinity. Patrons: Yes, if I fill up twentyish, vaguely twenty minutes of review time, that is a separate charge. Obviously, its free for everybody who doesnt want to donate. These are all optional things, but Im just keeping people in the loop who are awesome and nice enough to donate.

Google hangout for the 10 dollar patrons on Saturday, so February 8th at 3 p.m.

Quickie The Lego Movie Update

Pacific Time. Otherwise Im just gonna try my darndest to get this out as soon as I can. If anybodys mad at me for watching The Lego Movie instead of editing: Just remember that my commitment is to do this as a fulltime job and even fulltime jobs have time away from the job, even though my time away from the job is still doing my job. Theoretically I should be able to do like 40 hours a week and still be okay.

I kinda been picking really uhm. big kind of like ambitious projects, like The Walking Dead was obviously something that was way out of what I was doing before, and now After Earth, which I thought was just going to be like a simple like Haha its stupid funny and shit on it for twenty minutes, turned out to be a much larger project than I had anticipated, which. story my life. But thanks to all you guys, Im doing this fulltime. If I wasnt doing this fulltime right now, like if I still worked at Best Buy, I would probably be, like, just finishing up part 2 of The Walking Dead review. Like, now Im spending shit tons of time on this stuff and even though it does take a long time, because the way I do it is more complicated than the way other people do it. You can agree with me or not on that.

Its still coming along and Im happy with the amount of work out that Im getting done. Speaking of The Walking Dead, people keep asking me if Im gonna review season three or not. You know what? I think I am.

I dont see why I wouldnt. I havent even finished watching season three, but from what Ive seen its funny. So yeah, I will review season three and what Ive heard about season four sounds hilarious enough to do. I mean, its The Walking Dead.

Its The Walking Dead. Id be surprised if I didnt have anything to say about season three and beyond. Itll probably keep going forever, but Im not gonna really commit myself to a time frame other than this year. Probably gonna happen this year. So dont get mad at me because, I mean, their entire TV show season happens yearly.

I dont know, maybe Ill do it sooner. Well, I cant do it sooner than this year. Anyway, gonna get back to work, actually Im not gonna get back to work right now, Im gonna get back to work tomorrow.

Because Im gonna go to sleep right now, as soon as this article is uploaded. Goodnight guys!p

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