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R12i General Ledger Fundamentals Journal Components

R12i General Ledger Fundamentals Journal Components

pR12i General Ledger Fundamentals Journal Componentsp plittle components broadly speaking I would say there are three internal components one is a general batch a general batch basically helps you to combine several journals in one batch okay one can optionally specify a control total at a general batch level to control the total of all the journals that are lying within a batch all right now at this point of time let me do one thing let me go into Oracle applications so that you can understand little more better okay so here am I in Oracle application Ill just log in as with some existing user alright use a user alright I just show you a couple of journals that have been creating it for testing purposes so you just understand the hang of the journal entry form but of course later well be using this form quite often in our course so youll get pretty much used to this form all right so its query journal alright so as you could see there is one batch thats been defined out there so as you could see there is one batch this batch name there is a batch name you can give its called as a test pad zero two and then its listed down the total of the channel debit and credit amount within that batch okay so let me just open this this dispatch I say review batch so while I was making the batch look I I can give the batch name the period in which the batch is created and finally I can give a control total so as Ive explained you earlier it controlled total basically make sure that the total of journal amount or all journal emerge within a batch doesnt exceed now that was the batch query and I can give the different details out there and I can I can also specify the balance type whether its sexual or budget or a journal type out here its a standard Journal average journal finally I go in and define the journals so I click on these journals index where I go and define journals so this part on the top is what we call as the journal header okay so the journal header can okay can contain a journal header name and you can optionally give a description you can specify the currency in which the journal you are making you can also choose a foreign currency but in that case you must have a rate defined between your foreign currency and your functional currency okay then finally you can give the category of that journal what kind of a journal it is whether its a manual journal or its an adjustment journal or its a recurring journal or what kind of a journal it is like a cattingly okay rest of all the fields gets defaulted automatically so that is basically the journal header of part okay now when you come out to the detail part one header can contain any number of lines within within it okay but the line total of debit must equal the total of credit okay this is something I was explaining you as a part of financial accounting paper wherein you know we were entering the journal so Ive shown you the journals in the Excel spreadsheet if you recall so this is the same way this is just an automated way of doing it in a system wherein everything is saved in the system and the system performs all the validation checks okay so as you could see out here you can indicate the account which account it is you can give the amount and if its a foreign currency journal then based on your rate defined oracle automatically converts it to your functional currency and then you can optionally specify a description okay and once you are and once youve entered your you know debits and lines then you can save the journal and as a next step you post that journal to the lecture so I have already posted this journal so as you could see the posted the button is now disabled because its already posted but there are a number of features that you can use it in this forum for example you know if you want to reverse this journal before posting you can always do it and similarly you can look at the taccounts for this journal just like what Ive shown you so all this we will do it as a part of a discourse I am going to come back to this forum in the next coming movies but well those are basically the three major components as far as your journals are concernedp

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