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Rens tries Ecstasy XTC MDMA Drugslab

Rens tries Ecstasy XTC MDMA Drugslab

Rens tries Ecstasy XTC MDMA Drugslab Hi. Hi, Im Nellie. And Im Rens.

And this is Drugslab. I think its kicking in. Sorry.

If I saw someone at a party like that, Id get a bit scared. In Drugslab we test drugs in the name of science, to see what they do to your body. If youre curious about a certain drug, let us know and maybe well test it.

Thats what Tim did. He sent us a message asking us to try XTC. Let me grab it. Yes, we have some here at the lab.

We have XTC in pill form. The active ingredient of XTC is MDMA. It also comes in crystal and powder form. Many people think that XTC contains MDMA and speed, but thats not the idea. It happens sometimes, but only a very small percentage of pills contain speed.

People think: Im chewing and Im very energetic, so it must contain speed. But those are the effects of MDMA. Theyve been tested and one pill contains 126 mg MDMA. Per kilo of body weight you need about 11.5 mg MDMA. Here, let me show you.

Here it is. Always get your pills tested, because sometimes they look the same… but are actually imitations, so be careful. Rock, paper, scissors. Where is it? It took off.

Before you start spacing out, we want to know what it does to you… and measure your temperature and heart rate. Is it connected already? Yes, it works. 37.1.

Nice temperature. Yes, Im happy with it. A high heart rate, but youre excited, so your body is producing adrenaline. MDMA causes it to do so as well. Serotonin, dopamine… and noradrenaline, which is adrenaline.

Serotonin makes for that loving feeling. Dont fall in love with me, okay? I may fall in love with you. And it can give you a hangover. Thats the price you have to pay.

A lot of serotonin gets released, so you feel euphoric. But eventually it gets depleted. So youre likely to get the socalled Tuesday dip.

Because when its depleted you feel empty. Im gonna do it. Hows my heart rate?

Lets see. 37.7 and 109. Yes, here we go, guys.

Cheers. It sets in after what, 3045 minutes? More or less.

More or less. Even an hour. Everything alright? Im finally starting to feel something. That took a long time.

It did. Yes, so youre tempted to take more. Which you shouldnt do. No, exactly. But finally I feel a bit warm… and very chill.

We have a small problem. Our monitor isnt working. But were prepared for everything. 129, 131, 132… 137.

I have a really dry mouth and my hands are very clammy. Here, feel. Theyre actually wet. And cold. Yes.

And… Jaws? Not really.

Not at all, actually. Do you feel euphoric? Yes.

Well, yes, I feel… Yes, now I also feel this tingling. Yes, sorry, I think its kicking in. Sorry.

Youre starting to feel warm. This is nice. I notice that my vision gets blurry and my eyes are shifty every now and then. But only for an instant, and then theyre normal again. Im able to focus, but it feels good to go along with that.

And if you want clarity, right away you see clearly again. Thats nice. If I saw someone at a party like that, Id get a bit scared. It doesnt look appealing. But it feels good?

It feels good. But I can imagine that it looks… People will be like: Wow, hes going hard.

Its probably almost scary to see. But it feels good? It feels good. Thank you.

Apple. Yes. Tasty?

Very tasty. This is really tasty. Its more intense. Oh, guys, Im totally happy.

Yes, tasty. Wow, tasty. Really, man oh man…

Melon, isnt it? Yes. Thats a really strong flavour. Orange.

No. No? Dont tell me this is lemon. No. Pineapple.

Of course, from the Hawaiian pizza. No, touched it. I cant get a good grip.

Your hands are trembling. There, my eyes shifted again. In my thoughts everything is clear and sharp… but my vision is starting to get a bit blurry. Okay, spin around and catch.

Shit. Was that hard? Again. I bent down to pick it up and now everythings spinning. One, two, go.

No, I cant do it. Its not exactly neuroscience, but we have a rebus. Im going to solve it very quickly. Three, two, one…

Farming… This is a pawn. To…

No, this isnt right. Nature, natural… Yes, natural. Farming…

Farting is very natural. Is there something you think you can do better than normally? I just feel very chill and happy and I find it easier to talk. But I dont feel as if I can suddenly do things.

Though I am sharp. Is it just a nice ice cream pop or does it do more for you now? A really intense flavour.

Ice cream is always sweet… but now its really… Its in your mouth and you know its there. Wow. Yes.

Oh, disco. Lets do it over there. Well show you. I like this. I turned off the lights.

Is this different? Yes. I see a kind of patterns.

Ive completely lost track of the surroundings. Now I dont see it… Now I see it as two images. Here, a cold ice cube. Is that nice?

Nicer than normally? Its so intense. It keeps going all along the track its followed. As if it only seeps in afterwards. I think youre at your most sensitive now.

Everything is open. 134, 135. You really notice that your heart is beating faster. I can actually feel it.

While Rens finishes his ice cream pop… were going to round up. Did you enjoy it? Yes, it was very interesting and enjoyable to do in this setting. Its good to see for once what it really does with you.

Do you want to know what, I dont know, GHB, LSD, ketamine… or whatever other substances exists. and want us to test it… leave a message in the comments and maybe well test it for you. Im going to dance. Good for you. Dont forget to subscribe. Give it a thumbs up.

See you next time, bye. Good morning, guys. Ive slept terribly. I hardly slept at all. I saw the clock indicate two, then four, then six oclock, and now its eightthirty.

I dont feel any dip yet, so if it comes, it will be tomorrow. Because even now when I think about it I still feel this tingling in my leg. So I suppose theres still a tiny bit of XTC in my body.

I think the man with the hammer will come tomorrow. Were three days further and Id expected a major dip. But it didnt come.

I do notice I get emotional quicker. For example when I listen to music. I also feel a little bit lonely and dejected every now and then. But I know its because of the XTC and fortunately I have enough fun things to do. I think that helps too.

So actually Im doing just fine. Guys, see you next week.

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