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Shriram City Union Finance management explains Q1 beat

Shriram City Union Finance management explains Q1 beat

pShriram City Union Finance management explains Q1 beatp pas far as numbers are concerned maam results are good across the parameters you would be happy with the performance yes I think after few quarters we are back in all on all ends we being able to achieve our target right you know if we look at the growth in terms of disbursement it was 27 all across product lines we have seen a growth I mean the range has been around 25 2015 6 yes so I think a twowheeler we actually did about 29 porcelain was was a small of this but it was large 49 very satisfying part of the small enterprise finance book which is a principal growth rider figure we have achieved about 25 percent growth in have you seen a decline over there heres Howard Boeing cots from one on your own yet basis has come down during this quarter from ten point eight three eight is 10.09 right and overall do you expect it to come down further I mean as things improve borrowing cost tends to be benign I expect so and we are also looking at some amount of shuffling of liability profile more towards to looking at certain market borings that will actually help us bring down the cost of Casa funds further from the site man you know earlier man the rise in the NPA was slightly higher for the company in this quarter have you been able to arrest it only at about 3 4 QQ yes I think so I mean within 90 days or too short a period to get the moment seen but what is important is that it is from five point one fighters move down to 5.10 1:1 and I think we should not see so much increase the next two quarters Aida right maam but overall you think that at least the worst of NPA is behind incremental er this bucket at 150 day bucket it will not be very steep increase any more but just put it in about 120 we will see a jump for the neck end of this right maam just looking now at the q4 numbers versus the q1 number you think you four was an aberration at least as far as provisioning is concerned 100 because we have to do it as a onetime on the entire poke moving from 180 to 150 and therefore it is probably not a very comparable position right as far as you know the overall loan book is concerned whats been the growth rate over there we continue to expect strong disbursements and known growth yeah absolutely or AM continues to be growing significantly we have a scene about something person growth on a yearonyear basis the interesting is that we were able to grow the the non gold book much more than what we have done in this quarter then we did the last last year same time so thats a very important milestone for us what we used to be a 3 growth is now close to 6 growth so much thank you thank you so much for explaining the other numbersp

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