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Simple Finance Manager FREE. Premium Android app Walkthrough

Simple Finance Manager FREE. Premium Android app Walkthrough

pSimple Finance Manager FREE Premium Android app Walkthroughp phello YouTube my name is month and dave and i am the application developer of my new application today Id love to give a brief walkthrough from my application simple finance manager I call it simple finance manager because it makes your personal finance management real simple this is an Android application available on Android Marketplace in two versions free and paid the free and paid version of the app are very similar however the paid app allows you to edit and delete your income and expense records the paid app will also be having more improvements like importing or exporting your final of the data to different formats Im currently working on it and ill post an update as soon as possible Forrest Im going to launch the application in my app tray now youll be soon as you start the app youll have to enter a password since Ive set up from my own password and true and as soon as you click login youre the greatest ensuite now a pastor protection the data is safe enter correct password and you agree it to the hung swing this is your dashboard you can see this months income expense right and the income expense ratio this ratio helps to keep an eye on the expenses it is also convenient that it is so convenient that you dont even have to look into your expenses in details you just look at the ratio and youll get the whole overview of a financial position if its green it means that your financial position is safe and sound if its yellow it signifies some imbalance in your income expense read in general signifies trouble and that means that youre spending more money and you should be now in order to add a new income you just tap on add income button and instead of just filling records of information here you have to fill only two records one is income source which is the source of income for instance you can say that some friend gave it to you or you help someone so in this in this for this particular instance all this down a sample income like how do I dont know bananas so I likes old bananas bananas and I click Next and here i will endure how much money did I earn from that particular source of income so for this instance all right I dont know 100 pounds I dont know if anyone orders 100 tons from bananas plot so there is the income source and theres the income amount and click add and it says value saved so done to add an expense the same as adding an income you just tap in the ad expands and ill type in a tshirt and 10 pounds add this is where they saved that means is is now saved now if you want to view all your income just tap on managing come all income and this are the are the these are directors of all income since i installed this application now first record it on 31st of july 2011 which I got from my job with 75 pounds on the same day I mean these were all test records i use to test my application so well yeah and nothing to panic so yeah now if you are having the premium version of this application you can edit a record for it for instance i have right I wrote here Apple in it has record ID number 15 so in in here I just type in 15 and click Next in the actions Ive got edit and delete if you are not a premium user you will not get any of these so since i since Im having this walkthrough I am I am having this premium version application so here I can delete this record or i can edit it now for this first time ill choose to edit it and this is the income source this is the amount okay lets say i got 425 okay no no lets go lets not go too high lets make it 250 done and I could update and its updated if you see this Apple is now 50 now if I want to get rid of record for instance I dont like this number 13 records so just a pro ad is why 13 its real simple just click on actions is just click on delete and are you sure of course I am and its gone from here now similarly if you want to review income for a particular month you can just type manage income income by month just type in the month number four for instance are how much monthly records here so ill just do for july so next and I i hear ya 2011 this is it continue and these are the income records for seventh I mean july 2011 government job justice hundred for a fun soap or so ok now lets go back to the home screen now if you want to view income by your sources for instance I have my job as a source so I can if you can buy my source so I can just click on manage income and click on income sources and I can eke allocate a job so Ill go three income from my job which is on 31st of july two thousand eleven thirty first blah blah blah seventh August 2011 so in total from this particular income source I got 410 pounds now in here why I can do is it is I can just add income from this source job and I just have to type in sorry and lets have to type in amount which I got so this makes the whole process real simple you dont even have to fill out all the forms like categories and stuff that your income source is a category in itself so youll need anything else to define it and if youre if youre a premium user you can edit or delete the record in here as well you dont need to go to all the expense screen every time you want to do that so okay same is with the is with expenses or you can just click on manage expense experienced by more this film item so for instance I spend a lot of money on my veggie delight I just love it so so I so here are my two veggie Delite records i can add expense for this particular item and i can edit or delete it if i have a premium user lets go back for right now you can view Spence by month for a particular month for instance I want to view expense force for last month which was 7th 2011 so I dont have an expense records here so its blank right now but if I fight the fight replace this by eight this month and go so these are the records for cost through 2011 and eaten here as well i can i can edit and delete rows if im a premium user so well yeah thats for it and additional facility is for is for your own security what you can do is you can go in preferences you can reset the database if you or if you think your your your application has got more than you need i mean if you have your old records messed up and if you dont want to do all the hard stuff what you can do is you can just reset the database anytime you want but i highly recommend to use it option you can just go in the in the this thing we will call it in the settings and manage applications and you can just select this application in clear data instead of using that one because that one is real risky stuff so all the features of the preferences other things which you can do in preferences you can change your password so my current password is right now something else and if im the changes or something else i can just write my old password my new password and i can just confirm my new password so yeah thats and what i can do is i can edit the currency symbol which is being used in here since im in UK im using pound symbol but by default the application has the dollar symbol for the u.s. users because Ive got lost of us users right now so and if you are in any other country like India you can type in RS thought to have RSS your conscious symbol instead of using dollars symbol right so well this is the walkthrough of my application there are two versions free and paid you can try out the free version if you are not willing to risk your money heres the the free version has been made for that the free version has been made to allow you to have your test drive the whole application so that you can experience the whole application yourself and the hens you can use the free version to do that anytime you want and the free version doesnt include the editing capabilities so if youre fine with that you can use the free version for yourself however will you make mistakes sometimes and it is better to have those capabilities then having a financial record of steak so well I think I mean I dont know what to say to you guys but well yeah the paid version currently as if 13th across 2011 is for its for its for one pound so well i think is one pound one dollar sixty two cents in us so yeah so yeah hey this is month in signing off and if you have any troubles if you have found any bugs in the application finally commented in the app marketplace or in this youtube article if you find that the app is not useful you can just write it with the way you want you can just work you can rate to five stars if you like if you think its good if you think its not good you can just just just write 0 or 1 or anything you want just but just please give me the feedback so i know the arm in the right direction if you want to make me to have some improvements on it just comment on the YouTube article or you can comment on the marketplace so yeah so this is me signing offp

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