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Stock Market VS Cryptocurrencies 2020 Volatility, Risk, and Profits

Stock Market VS Cryptocurrencies 2019 Volatility, Risk, and Profits its been a wild ride for the past few days my portfolio has been up and down in the hundreds of dollars this is the first time Ive seen so much volatility in the stock market since 2018 which is when I first started investing not only that but Bitcoin also hit eight thousand dollars which is incredibly insane so what is better to invest in stocks versus cryptocurrency welcome back to the channel my name is Bruce Wang I am an investor in stocks and also cryptocurrency I mostly do all my trading on their brokerage Robinhood if you guys want to check that out you can use the links in the description I have everything in the links in the description if you guys want to check out anything when it comes to my channel so which is better to invest in cryptocurrency vs.

Stock Market VS Cryptocurrencies 2020 Volatility, Risk, and Profits

stocks for the last eight months or so Ive been strictly investing only in stocks and prior to investing in stocks I also invested in cryptocurrency my main holdings are just a bit point and sum all coins so lets jump right into the portfolio so I can show you exactly what Im talking about on Monday we experienced one of the craziest sell offs in the fee past few months ever since I started investing in stocks in 2018 its been the biggest selloff that Ive ever seen so currently my rabbit portfolio is four thousand four hundred forty five dollars I already invested my 100 for this week in my robinette challenges if you guys are interested in the rapid challenge Ill link Ill link it in the card so you guys can go check that out but but basically I invest 100 every single week into my portfolio Im up 100 on the day Im very excited about that because yesterday lets take a look at the week chart I was down over 100 at one point so basically Im back to breakeven since I was down 100 yesterday and that just goes to show you that you should not panic too much when the stock market is so volatile and if you dont really know what you want to do when you see that much volatility most likely you should just not do anything at all when it comes to investing in stocks or encrypted currency dont let your emotions get involved that is a pro tip because because when you see a crazy selloff you one of your first instincts is probably you just want to sell everything in your portfolio off so you dont lose any more value of your portfolio but that is not a great idea in my opinion so theres a lot of people coming to my channel now asking me a lot about dividends I just want to clear this out really quickly for anybody to receive a dividend they have to hold the stock by the exdividend date you can go on to like a Nasdaq com to find out all that information and when it comes to my strategy personally Im a buy and hold type of investor so Im buying these stocks Im gonna be holding them for a long time and these stocks will be paying me dividends over that time so looking through my pending dividends you can see that lets take a look at one of my bigger ones P SEC I hold I have 200 shares of P SEC and each month this stock is gonna pay me 6 cents for every single share so thats so thats 12 dollars for this one stock this is a special type of stock where it actually pays you out monthly a more standard stock is Starbucks this stock is gonna be paying me 36 cents for every share that I have and I have five shares so thats one dollar and eighty cents so everybody knows what Starbucks is this stock pays you dividends every so you have to hold that stock for a decent amount of time for you guys to receive any type of dividends and these dividends will go right into your account after theyre paid out on their payout date so when it comes to cryptocurrency Bitcoin just hit 8, 000 I think it was just yesterday so theres been a ridiculous craze where everybody wants to start buying in because of FOMO basically FOMO stands for fear of missing out this term basically means that investors are fearful of missing out on the profits if they do not decide to jump in on a buying Bitcoin at the moment if youre deciding to invest because of FOMO that is probably the number one way to lose money I dont recommend buying anything off of the fear of missing out this is not a good strategy at all but you know Ive had these feelings before Ive also had these feelings or in 2017 where were in 2017 I went through the entire cryptocurrency craze where Bitcoin was that I bought in Bitcoin when I was like at 4, 000 I wrote up the price all the way to like 18, 000 to that 20, 000 and it would have been smart of me to you know take profits at 18, 000 but I didnt take profits as much as I wanted to and I also held throughout 2018 to where Bitcoin went all the way back down to you know four thousand three thousand dollars so Ive seen it all when it comes to cryptocurrency and I feel like were gonna be going through something very similar again Im not sure if Bitcoin will hit twenty thousand dollars again but I dont think that cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is a great longterm strategy just because Ive seen that in crypto there is a lot of scams theres a lot of pricing manipulation when it comes to some of the crypto exchanges and yeah and the price fluctuation and volatility is just its just too risky for me at the moment Im like you know Im 30 Im over 30 years old and I dont want to see this type of volatility when it comes to my investments I dont want my investments to go up and down ten ten percent on a get on any given day and that is why I dont invest in cryptocurrency anymore but that doesnt mean that I dont still hold on to my cryptocurrency one thing that Im considering and its probably a really good idea is that Ill be taking profits whenever Bitcoin hits all these milestones like 8, 000 9, 000 10, 000 Ill probably just start to sell off some of my cryptocurrency holdings this is very similar to dollar cost averaging you can dollar cost average your way down and you can dollar cost average your way up I dont know if there is another term for dollar cost averaging on the selling side but I will be taking profits whenever I can so if theres anybody out there thats on the fence for wanting to invest into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general I would say that just be very careful if you decide to do it because crypto is the most of all acet out there and you can lose a lot of money if you decide to invest encrypts it right now if youre the type of investor that doesnt really like risk and its like closer to retiring or closer to reaching these like financial retirement goals cryptocurrency is not gonna be for you so I want to show you guys some proof that I I am also invested into cryptocurrency right now Im showing you the by Nance app and if you can take a look here my portfolio is worth like over 9, 000 now and if you guys saw this portfolio like one month ago or two months ago this was a very depressing portfolio to look at it was probably under like four or five thousand dollars but because of the new price action my portfolio now is worth over 9, 000 and like I was trying to say about my cryptocurrency strategy Ill be taking profits every time Bitcoin hits these milestones 8, 000 9, 000 10, 000 this is probably the easiest way for me to make some money when it comes to my Bitcoin because because honestly Ive stopped trading when it comes to Bitcoin sense since 2018 when it comes to stocks and cryptocurrency things can on a daytoday basis things will get volatile you can see like one or two percent drops in stocks and you can see 10 percent to 20 percent drops in a cryptocurrency and if you and if youre able to control your emotions and not panic cells during that time youll be able to not lose a lot of money and that also goes for a lot of investments like stocks or real estate or even cryptocurrency as well you guys do not want to fall into those types of investments if that asset is above market value or if its like very overpriced just dont buy it you rather buy an asset on a good deal than fomo into that asset lets answer some of the common questions that I get from my youtube channel lets go with this one and I get a lot of questions when it comes to Bitcoin mining cryptocurrency mining so I just want to set this straight cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is still not profitable to mine even at 8, 000 I dont know how to make you guys understand that it is not worth the it is not worth the binding mining equipment you have to be in a very rare situation where this actually works out for you and that situation is that you have free electricity and 99 of the people out there do not have free electricity so just dont waste your time and dont waste your money buying equipment to start mining Bitcoin because the price is going up just to 8, 000 so this last question is not really a question but I always get asked about my clothes that I wear right now Im not wearing a NASA shirt but whenever I do wear my NASA shirt everyones always wondering why am i wearing it I wish that I was actually working for NASA but no Im not an astronaut or anything like that I just love space exploration and I just want to show my support from them I bought these I bought these sweaters from this company called far fetch NASA does not sponsor the channel but but if you guys do want to sponsor the channel Im open for it just let me know if you guys are still interested in more content about the robert investment challenge you guys can check out this article here and if you guys are interested in m1 finance where i also do a lot of my dividend investing you guys can check out that article here and if youve enjoyed the article dont forget to like and subscribe to the channel ill come out with three articles every week ill catch you guys on the next one I love you 3000 bye

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