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The 1 Bitcoin Show BTC, FUD, Bcash a year later! Private blockchain paralysis

The 1 Bitcoin Show BTC, FUD, Bcash a year later! Private blockchain paralysis Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show the saint bitcoin its always been no it didnt switch a year ago yeah today is August the 1st 2018 the fur of gratification uncompensated all offended by selling strong hand people Bitcoin this game is not rigged alright yeah bitcoin is where the big boys played a year ago there were a lot of people panicking though a lot of fun was in the air a year ago oh yeah doesnt know Phil Collins have a song about that or something anyway yeah so a lot of you wont remember this but yeah the beat has Fork the first crypt of dividend it was born on this very day and some people thought oh this is going to be the real big coin or everythings going to crash all the price is gonna go down there was a lot of me and Ill everyone had a different theory on what was gonna happen so yeah there was a lot of uncertainty there was a lot of doubt there was a lot of fear we call that fun but it passed everything passed now look back on it a year later what was there to worry about Bitcoin doesnt care if you fork off of it and form a crypto dividend these crypto dividends turned into really positive things Bitcoin doesnt care and IRA I just remember I mean we can all remember where we were I was in Brisbane and I got on a plane to go back United States so I was basically on plans for the entire July 31st the August first period it was crazy it was also Tish above then that the worst day of the Jewish year so there there were reasons to worry but no it turned out great this is just a lesson in patience people you know were gonna theyre gonna be a lot of their rocks in the road okay theyre gonna be distractions it all passes so I think if you were around back then think back to back then and just say you know could anything be that big again in terms of fear uncertainty and doubt that theres going to be a new Bitcoin I mean just just put it on perspective uh so with all that being said we do have some well first of all Im wearing a shirt it says Satoshi I wore this yesterday but I forgot to say its a from crypt eyes Ive worn it before but I I always like to point out sister Toshi in Japanese and you know Satoshi Nakamoto you know were talking about the real Bitcoin yeah and were talking about something not having a founder that could be found whos now anonymous none of the other all the other coins are centralized in that way they have founders that can be blackmailed and such so pound that like button if youre happy with the situation you are in now a year after all that craziness and if youre new well go look up what was going on check out some of the old school people that I are on my show and on the world crypto networking and everything like that so where are we here were the big boys play of course so okay this is a tweet from jinx and love today bitcoiners celebrate their independence for minor governance the user activated soft work while be cash or celebrate their independence from Bitcoin via minor governance the unfortunate truth is that be cash will never be fully independent of Bitcoin as long as its trying to become Bitcoin so I dont I dont think everybody in the be cash can is trying to become Bitcoin but hes absolutely right it isnt independent a Bitcoin until you know the decentralized figureheads there stop preaching that you know stop trying to make it out to be Bitcoin you know so I mean thats an interesting perspective check out that link below everything I talked about in the show is linked to below disrupt meister comm see the archives of all the articles yesterdays show its great although all the shows are great here so heres another tweet one final note on this anniversary the only thing be cat and this is from whale Panda the only thing be cash did prove was bitcoins antifragility honey badger really doesnt care what your alt coin was doing the Bitcoin cypherpunks just keep writing code so there you go people if youve got a ripple obsession if youve got uh I mean an EO subsection or iota obsession Bitcoin doesnt care you know you can create fight about you bitcoin is the next Bitcoin thats what was proving from all this check out that link hey Ive been doing the shows early tomorrow I leave Edmonton Im in Edmonton I go to Boise Canada has been great Alberta Edmonton Calgary Red Deer all of you are great but so the show will be early tomorrow again hopefully around a.m.

The 1 Bitcoin Show BTC, FUD, Bcash a year later! Private blockchain paralysis

mountain time which is noon on the East Coast but Fridays this week at Bitcoin will be at 7 p.m. so theres gonna be a big gap between Thursday and Fridays show but Fridays show will be from Boise this weekend Bitcoin 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time were gonna have some great guests too new ones hopefully Nick Bhatia well hopefully you want to talk about the Lightning Network and well and another new guest Im working on some things its going to be great tune in for p.m. on Friday but of course tune in tomorrow and thats Eastern Time tune in tomorrow at at noon its choosey 7 p.m. Eastern Time on Fri 4:00 p.m. in LA and then Thursday is whatever just tune in that yeah Thursday is noon on the East Coast yeah alright so yeah not being Boise if were ever having an event in Boise on the 8th that is linked to below la is on the 11th its also linked to below Philadelphia on the 18th is linked to below and you get a discount code Matt Odell tweets out new email from chain analysis below cross chain shapeshift transaction tracking is live okay now what does that mean for you for all you people who still use shapeshift to you shouldnt because of the guy behind it was he was big into these uh he wasnt too keen on Bitcoin being Bitcoin but a lot of people try to you know have privacy they switched their Bitcoin to a Manero or their Bitcoin to a light coin or back and forth well now champion analysis is going to be able to figure out who you are even if you do it through shapeshift okay so if you think you werent anonymous and then you go through shapeshift to become anonymous by switching to another coin thats not gonna work the for a chain analysis will track you so a lot of people dont like chain analysis I mean theyre making money out of breaking peoples privacy but Matt Odell points out rather than direct anger towards chain analysis we should instead ask how we can make it so their traction is impossible privacy improvements should be the number one priority for Bitcoin stakeholders and there we go people thats it Bitcoin needs to become more private they this is something that weve talked about before this is going to be a big issue you know as a second layer solution whatever how has Bitcoin going to become more private its going to become bigger and bigger privacy is very important but again you could take personal responsibility yourself and and try to be his private as possible again if youve already booked from coinbase and as I have um no youre not youre not private youre not private so but theres theres ways that there are ways you take the person responsible own how to do it or just dont complain about it and I Im a person I dont you know what um when I I know I bought from coinbase I cant I cant complain I gave up my privacy so um they know they know how much I have the and of course that the IRS knows how much I have of course but then again remember every one since Im a longterm thinker long talk term holder Im not selling yet any I never sold for Fiat it doesnt matter I just dont havent had to pay any uh taxes I havent sold for Fiat there you go there you go right there so that thats another mean if youre concerned about your privacy because of the IRS or whatever I just dont just told your Bitcoin value your wealth and Bitcoin all right um but otherwise yeah I mean its not too private you got it from coinbase there to other play the games so what else do we have Oh Andy Kaufman joined in on the defining Bitcoin success trained and Andreas had a article about I talked about and I went to Andrews steam it and health and steam it post below for him its its Liberty and Liberty is a pretty nebulous term there so he goes into that what defines a Bitcoin success Liberty alright so again you can follow me a tech bot on Twitter on Steam it on bitcoinmeister it your tresor and your shirts below this is a crib toys calm shirt all right and again mister on micro calm you can see all my old shows show theres a guy the stalwart tweets out enterprise blockchain is sputtering investment slowing down projects unable to gain traction and he links to a bluebird article blockchain once seen as a cube a corporate cureall suffer slow down Oh surprise surprise private blockchains are just like the Internet in 1997 okay a lot of people back in the 90s or whatever were just like its intranet not Internet and just like now its like were gonna have our own private blockchains who cares about bitcoin come on guys and now and now the corporate now bloomberg has an article about how its sputtering of course the corporation should just have a database this shouldnt be messing around blockchain its its unwieldy its its not efficient its not what they deal with bitcoin okay we need the watching for bitcoin not for I mean its Bitcoin not blockchain people so dont be distracted by the crypto noise saying that hey you gotta have your own blockchain youre gonna have your own private blockchains centrally control and again this is not going to stop countries from having their own private blockchains but a corporations are just finding out that it was just a buzzword that blockchain was a buzzword that they they blindly bought into and well whatever theyve got money to blow I guess some of them do they really shouldnt their stock their shareholders should be unhappy that they spent money on blockchain research when they should have just bought Bitcoin that would have been a better corporate investment than trying to figure out how to blockchain everything they should just bought a Bitcoin when they started talking this nonsense pound that like button alright deferral of gratification people again thats what uh I think that was a lesson that could have also been learned a year ago like if you started panicking like Ill Pashtun now yeah Ill cows on my Bitcoin now no no no no no no no you should have just waited it out and had the faith the conviction instead you know what Im gonna put this off because I know in the end this is all going to turn out alright and and again you were getting Bitcoin and beat so youre gonna win no matter what right I mean you could have thought of it that way too you could deferred your gratification on that anyway we knew we knew it was gonna be alright and again the next crisis that comes up just remember Bitcoin its the honey badger it doesnt care all right oh yeah where else do we have here Tour de Meester says the heck was that okay I dont even know what that all right so the Tour de maester says bitcoin is digital gold in the eyes of a growing subset of the population to some extent this group already operates on a Bitcoin standard investments are evaluated on their ability to yield a return in Bitcoin again thats valuing your wealth of Bitcoin hes kind of getting into that realm of where the altcoin Irsay Im just trying to get more Bitcoin alright at least theyre valuing their wealth in Bitcoin okay but theres a growing group of people that are just you know their investments are about getting more Bitcoin it can this yield me more Bitcoin and for me its just as simple as just holding on to your more and hopefully wants your Bitcoin that all one big clean equals one Bitcoin youll end up with more Bitcoin youll sell the script of dividends for Bitcoin alright weve got one final thing convenience versus conviction all right so I mentioned before that eventually in terms of private blockchains the the governments will come up with their own coins okay centrally centralised complete central centrally control the alt coins that are federal coins so with in the United States so the dollar will be become fed coin you know itll be they will control it theyll be able to turn it off all and all that stuff but it will be very convenient theyre gonna sell it as convenience like hey when youre commuting to work and you go through the toll well just subtract that coin from you will subtract us a few dollars itll be automatically built into every car that is made in the United States of America look how convenient you you itll be for all you commuters who go to work every day for an hour you travel look at this and indeed like a lot of people are gonna buy him too and be like yeah this is convenient why should I get into the big coin Ill just buy Ill stick with my fed coin look I can it just deducted from everything automatically all right yeah so again fed coin will be for all the commuters out there the commuter ass that sit all day long at their desk jobs and sit in their cars unhealthily unhealthy and you know what is its all about commuting its all about you know just getting that money to get get by get enough to get by and just play by the rules be part of the machine but then theyll be the 20 percenters with conviction who will just be like okay you can have your fake coin Im doing less its my business in Bitcoin my commute is I get up when I want to I get on a plane go to a different city maybe a works on maybe Ill play some maybe Ill travel some more so thats the difference and I you know I stand for something I stand for a big point I stand for not fitting in for you know unsensible I can send my Bitcoin anyway anywhere I cant send my fed coin to people that the government doesnt approve of and if I do theyll take away all my fed coin so I was just thinking about that the other day the commuters of the world with their fed coin versus the guys that just jump on planes or just maybe disappear for a year who knows when youre a big coin you can do anything you can go your own way those who go their own way with point those who commute with that point and its convenience im adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this article share this article check out the links section below crypto coin concom bitcoin meister 45 is the forty five dollar ticket price ill be there with can booze that can philadelphia on august 18 more reminders to come pound that like button see you guys later bye

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