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The 1 Bitcoin Show BTC is for ENEMIES! Hints on Facebook jobs page, Coinbase story, Trezor

The 1 Bitcoin Show BTC is for ENEMIES! Hints on Facebook jobs page, Coinbase story, Trezor

pThe 1 Bitcoin Show BTC is for ENEMIES! Hints on Facebook jobs page, Coinbase story, Trezor Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is March the 11th 2019 one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin now your wealth in Bitcoin strong hand offended by selling be a unique beast uncomplicated all holder of last resort alright everyone check out the links below follow me on Twitter at Tech ball tch be alt lets jump into another Facebook story that is out there actually I dont link to the coin desk article but this pointless they stated the obvious that a Facebook its been estimated that theyll make billions of dollars if they do their own Facebook coin I mean an incredible amount of revenue compared to their current stream of revenue its quite impressive also but if you check out the Facebook jobs page youll see they have numerous job openings for blockchain people theyre not hiding anything theyre admitting it and theyre not scared of combining marketing and cryptocurrency Wow wow what a what a novel concept theyre an incredibly wealthy company knows that marketing is important how about that I think everyone in this face can learn a little bit remember well lets welcome facebook let them experiment and we can learn from what their experiment but I want to read you the job description here of well here its its of a marketing related person actually back to all Facebooks mission is to give people the power to build a community and bring the world closer together through our family of apps and services were building a different kind of company that connects billions of people around the world and gives them ways to share what matters most to them and helps bring people closer together okay whether were creating new products are helping small businesses expand its reach people at Facebook are builders at heart our global team are constantly iterating solving problems and working together to empower people around the world the villa community and connect in meaningful ways together we can help build stronger communities were just getting started at Facebook we have established a new team exploring different ways to leverage blockchain technology to improve the lives of people around the world its the small fastgrowing and talented group of people and our experienced leadership team comprises some of the best professionals in in their respective fields in their respective fields the blockchain team is a startup within Facebook were exploring lots of areas of interest across all facets of blockchain technology our ultimate goal is to help billions of people with access to things they dont have now that this is like the biggest part here oK youve youve gotten the hype they say theyre just doing this for the good of the world you know okay back here again our alternate goal is to help millions of people with access to things they dont have now that could be things like health care equitable financial services or new ways to save or share information to do to do this we need amazing marketers okay and it goes on it goes on does they need this is for a marketing position I forgot what this is like a community manager I should I forgot to write that down when we say here now okay if you click on the link youll see if it whats the official title the position is it something like community manager but they they state in here that theyre trying to give people access to things that have access to now and one of those is a national services which is like a tricky a creative social justice warrior PC friendly way of saying hey we want to make our printer own money I think I think thats what that equitable financial services how could through blockchain facebook says theyre gonna bring equitable financial services maybe Im reading into this too much but I think thats a hint right there I think thats a big hint in the direction theyre going they want to be back they want to bring poor people give them their own Bank let that Facebook be their bank without being a real bank and which is going the cryptocurrency route theyre smart over there they know what theyre talking about and they say they bring up health care also yeah who knows that maybe theyre going to get everybodys health care information put it on a blockchain that they can do that too I dont care if people but you shouldnt give them your information personal responsibility I dont give that to them but equitable financial services they say it in the Job Description lets see how this develops again I think a lot of you can tell Im very interested in this Facebook story I think its you I really do think it could be huge because I know Facebook coin is not the next big coin but a lot of people arent going to know that and a lot of people are going to think theyre getting a good thing a great thing and then some of them will be stuck on it but some will get in the Bitcoin it will be huge news for cryptocurrency if Facebook is able to pull this off if theyre able to get through the backdoor and make themselves a bank and print their own money at their back and you know what I want them to do it I want them to do it because again it will if they allow Facebook to do make that print their own money then hey its its good for Bitcoin its and it it will bring a lot of attention to the space and and maybe itll take away some of the attentional Bitcoin some of the unwanted attention on Bitcoin and maybe focusing on the Facebook coin I dont know but I I this could be interesting and it could open a lot of doors for Bitcoin youre really good found that link but alright so read that hole that description and also linked to below is uh other blockchain jobs they have there hey maybe you want to work there be in motion I say so a good for again there a lot of people are saying oh its the end of the world the Facebook has their own stable coin no and I dont and I dont think they want their own stable coin again I think they want their own pure currency okay their own printing of their money so they can make billions upon billions upon billions of dollars because maybe they I think theyre starting to see that their current revenue model might not be sustainable because of all these privacy issues of the backlash so why not get into the print your own money business thats what to them if thats what the blockchain means to them then great I get experimentation I think its it be any an incredible experiment to have one of the most popular and powerful companies on the planet print its own cryptocurrency I think thats thats an incredible experiment and we can learn a lot and hey Im looking at the positive side and then the people to get giving the end over the Facebook coin again Facebook is theyre setting up with exchanges right now apparently to sell their Facebook coin there thats great because if you get your Facebook loan you turn in the Bitcoin over there its awesome its awesome if theyre going to make it easy to turn their centralized Facebook coin and its a big point thats awesome I think its awesome okay moving on Brian UK bitcoin master has a new article out there it was a live article and he went wild and I link to it below so uh hes in the chat right now and Im always happy to see when he has a new article and you know when people are in motion I give him shoutouts here now I uh another I mentioned South Africa the other day I gotta mention it again its linked to below this article the pension pot in South Africa one of the largest in the world could be under threat as government whose debt is growing every year looks for a new funding source alright so basically the South Africa the people of South theres a pension plan there that all the many people are invested in that the government controls the this pension and the government might rate it to pay off all the other things theyre spending on thats not good daivi again its not your you dont control your body unless you control your private key you think youve got a pension with South Africa oh no dude so this is just another warning for all of us out Afrikaners out there citizens of South Africa that yeah you again they have a huge pension system its actually its its a lot of money in it like its the eighth largest in the world apparently read the article but if the government raids the pension system and if it goes to zero in two seconds so thats why I get a Bitcoin pension basically fund your own retirement you put put make Bitcoin but your savings account okay and if youre controlling your own private key its a lot more reliable than the South African pension system and some people might learn that the hard way the funny thing is you know when I Ive read stories like that and I say these warnings I think some people might get Adam is so obvious why do you have to spell it out like that but you do understand that most people dont they wont do it they wont do a darn thing theyll go down with that ship if it gets raided by the government and they already know how corrupt the government is over there people will just be how could this happen we didnt know there was no warning and its its the same thing with uh I think people are Leanna why do you always say dont we all know not to keep our Bitcoin on exchanges yet every I mean up all the time people are telling me how they lost their Bitcoin on the exchange is that how they lost this sort of exchange it its easier said than done now Ive done it and I think a lot I said it its pretty easy for me say it but a lot of you cant do it for some reason uh like what is common sense for me I think for a lot of people the extra step in their life and I dont see how its like this extra step like I mean again its a lack of longterm thinking I I think Ill become peoples bargain they maybe want to live from the day you think they cant imagine that things will get that youve got to have insurance in life you cant take unnecessary risks so okay so enough South Africa here is he tweet from cant hardly wait ISM whats whats it called if you vote socialist into office not because you agree with their policies but because you want to speed up hyper bitcoin ization its thats very funny I wouldnt recommend anyone do that if you if you if you believe theres going to be hyper Bitcoin ization then you better have big for that then that is a funny one Im sure there are people out there list and this is probably a few people out there because theres all sorts of different people on earth that vote for socialist parties in a hopes that it will bankrupt their nations so you know everyone goes into Bitcoin so all Fiat is worthless on the planet Earth and Bitcoin is the one but you know we really know I dont think we really want to see total hyper Bitcoin ization of the planet I dont get Ive stated before I dont think thats ever going to have it I dont think like the only money left will be Bitcoin I dont think thats going to happen but hey whatever its a I doesnt doesnt Bitcoin is still going to be hyper hyper successful without hyper Equalization trust me Pam that like button alright oh so going back to what I was saying before how about this as a new way of thinking okay if youre messing around with these exchanges with coinbase and youre storing your Bitcoin in altcoins at third parties get in the mindset of youve already lost your money yeah just just put get it and then maybe you wont do it just if you were sending money to an exchange think sure say I am losing my money now I am losing my Bitcoin now there might be you send your kryptonian your change get just get it say say that and then you wont do it okay because you really are again its not a hundred percent chance its gonna happen its probably but its a very small chance but think things happen crypto Pia gets hacked btce goes away heres a story from Charles Patterson about this chair okay hes a guy that comments on my articles watches the articles obviously and I linked to the coin base the preface aside link to a blog post at coinbase earn bat while trying out the blockchain friendly brave browser okay so that sounds really good you you you signed up for coinbase youre keeping some Bitcoin there foolishly and they say hey well give you some well pay you to take the survey to just download the bat browser and well give you back ten dollars worth of bat 50 I dont even know the whole thing okay so this is what Charles says happened he pretended well he offered the whole thing coin basis still has has frozen my account since I filled out the question ears for them the question here for them ten days ago and has not restored my account yet no explanation they have hugged us out to dry after I told them I did not desire to download the brave browser they told me that they would give me fifty dollars to fill out in twelve page questionnaire I bit because Im disabled and fifty dollars is a lot for me at this time the minute I turned in the questionnaire they booted me off of the desktop and put me into readonly at coinbase Pro no explanation it has been ten days since it happened and they remain incommunicado coinbase was the only place that would take my Fiat for crypto I wonder if they lost my funds or if they will ever fix it these things hit me hard they never even gave me the 50 okay so that I dont know what happened there but what hasnt been mentioned on the show before is that coinbase does have these giveaways and I get you have to take some proactive steps to get the giveaways now did he trick or something where they like recognized that he hasnt given all his ID over yet so they just froze his account like I dont know what happened there and me and maybe he messed up somewhere I dont know but there theres a lesson to be learned here that you and I dont know if this is even the case I hope he has not lost access to the point any coins he had there I hope he did not have any coins there but this shows you that I mean if you are keeping coins at coinbase that you know you anything can trigger them from freezing your account and so you know you think youre filling out an innocent survey that youre gonna get something for free well maybe you again you you they all of a sudden realized when you were in communication with them then no he hasnt given the proper ID yet or theres something fishy with his account now weve decided her I dont know what the heck happened there be careful how about that how about that and its unfortunate I I hadnt heard of anything like this before has this happen to anyone else dont become reliant on these exchanges dont store your coins there thats thats a lesson and I hope I hope the situation improves for Charles there that doesnt sound like a good situation be careful what you fill out over there people you know if its if it aint broke dont dont fix it if youre able to get your if youre able to buy your Bitcoin over there now I wouldnt try to fill out the three stuff the free servings because I again I told I said a few weeks ago when someone said that that they that they were gonna get 50 if they filled out the 0x thing I said dont fill out the zero actually theyll probably want some personal information you have been given yet and you dont want to give out more personal information because nothing is really free over there I dont think I mean and then this appear it appears to be the case with Charl T he thought he was getting something for free but he ends up costing him his access all right here you know I get a lot of spam left on in the comment section and this one is like again its a scam its a scam scam spam spam scam whatever you want to call it but its unit bias spam I thought this and many people think this way this would not be left every single day on my door comment section if it didnt work for some people for 80 percenters and Im gonna read you it whats Bitcoin cost one dollar look how much it costs now black Im not gonna say blank token price now is slightly higher than one dollar I assure you it will repeat the fate of Bitcoin and will make just an improbable growth I advise to buy it while the going is good on oh and then it says where to buy it but of course Im not gonna say way thats this is taking advantage of a lot of peoples uh ignorance that you know there can be a next Bitcoin and that Bitcoin Bitcoin so expensive now its four thousand dollars and it was 1 now this coin is one dollar so its just a cheap Bitcoin and clearly it will end up at four thousand dollars the unit bias the unit bias I know none of you fall for this stuff but that this is still being spammed out there its a prelude to the future that a a preview that you know people theyre gonna be a lot of newbies that come in this that eat this stuff up for breakfast dinner and lunch and will be over 1 coins gotta get this will work for some people this will definitely convince some people to buy ludicrous 70 Roth coins its unfortunate and its just out there still Im marking it I erased regular way as soon as I seen on my comment section okay breaker magazine has an article about the people at ledger working to try to hack into treasurers and its an interesting article they actually you know found three weaknesses with the treasurer these are all really technologically sophisticated issues where you would have to have the treasurer in your in your hands and in your possession and physically break into it and do things to it and then again so people dont lose your trans or I mean that thats really important but even if youve lost it it would have to be like a freaking nature type of person to find it but the cool thing about this is that its good to see this type of competition you know theyre trying to find out each others weaknesses they miss and then you know treasure will correct the problem so Id like to read stories like this it doesnt freak me out or anything yet theres this you know these these fluke little ways of using technical sophistication to break physically breaking through at ribs I dont plan on I dont misplace my storage devices okay now so good competition is good and you know trying to hack into the other guys a product thats good too good for them good for them and find the weaknesses in the other guy and publicize it and you everybody the whole space becomes stronger its not a zerosum game they both can be winners they definitely both can be winners and they you know I the people been buying both of them and they talk about that I think they talk about digital bits bit box in the in the article also and you know there all sorts of competitors out there so everybody keep on you know trying to hack into each others device and hack into your own device make them stronger so speaking of trésor they have a blog post thats great how to keep how then how to keep your seed phrase away from lions so high that how to protect your how to protect your recovery seed recovery the number one dont that we can warn you against is this never store your recovery seed in any digital form dont take a picture of it dont put it in an email dont store it in a password manager dont save it in Google Doc and a Google Doc so this is important some of your see Adam I know that some people dont know this and it bears repeating because again people still do dont send it any text message dont print it out dont send it in a fast some people use a USB to store their recovery seed but even that can be compromised in certain situations why risk it you should never carry your recovery seed with you now that would be my biggest tip right there do not carry your recovery seed with you you could lose it or it could even be stolen from yeah you could that thats a big nono so check out that blog post it also says some some news you know some things to do with your recovery see remember this is a over at anchor FMs like bitcoinmeister podcast form now people you wanted podcast youre getting numb and also at I forgot the name of the other place that has it to pocket cast pocket casts and okay this is Bitcoin is for enemies that was tweeted out by vicara J I like that a lot thats this Ive said that many times on there if you know your enemy can use Bitcoin and they in they cant be they cant have their Bitcoin taken away from them then you knew you know bitcoin is for you to that it cant be taken away if you cant take away your enemies bitcoin you know your enemy cant take away your Bitcoin if you know theirs again thats the it does not discriminate the worst person in the world can have Bitcoin and you cant do anything about it but that is that is a strength of Bitcoin so bitcoin is for enemies it sounds like a negative but it is it is a positive it is bitcoins for friends also but bitcoin is travelling awesome and finally its something or ponder its its its definitely something to ponder the greater meaning a Bitcoin there but ending and so if you dont like if your enemy has Bitcoin and you dont get in the Bitcoin then your anybody become stronger I big cocaine this is up from band held will leave it on a positive note by Bitcoin this is my live my last live show from Israel this trip youll get another show tomorrow when Im on the plane but the next time youll see me live will be in Los Angeles so buy Bitcoin if you are dissatisfied with your current government buy Bitcoin if you dont trust your financial system buy Bitcoin if you believe in freedom bitcoin is a vote for you thats a good note to leave it all down hell im adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister subscribe the channel check out the links below Tommy dont steam it at bitcoin meister TCH ba of alt Tecton twitter town that like button bang that bell button if you need to reminder when the show goes live click on those squares you see here at the end of the show to see some of my recent articles this week in bitcoin was a glass the beyond bitcoin show was the bus everybody in Israel it has been a blast these last three months and I will be back dont worry I will be back but its time to come back to the United States and be a lot a lot of planes in the next planes trains and automobiles in the next 24 hours for Adam and I dont even know if Im going to sleep tonight its already 12 24 see you guys later talk to you in the chat bye byep

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