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The 1 Bitcoin Show Live from Calgary Bitcoin Rodeo!

The 1 Bitcoin Show Live from Calgary Bitcoin Rodeo!

The 1 Bitcoin Show Live from Calgary Bitcoin Rodeo! Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one Bitcoin show today is that promise day of July the 9th 2018 strong freaking hands ultra the quadrille to this burger party today burning pottery Alberta Canada and hey man we are pumped this event is just started you can see Ken Bos Atkins and horses and Adam Meister all together then he is back there too look at him where its like a real thing were all together theyre gonna be like 300 400 people here today this thing is I mean I got the strong hand going here I want all are you watching this right now to pound that like button I didnt turn on the chat or anything like that I dont know what the heck is going on so then III wanted everyone to get an update and to understand what is so were at a lot were at a break yeah but look helping yours like their seating up there Benny just vtc Benny just spoke Luisa just spoke if you know who he is yeah yeah and we were hanging yesterday we I mean the hotel is great calgarys beautiful and and so the kind of the feel that were getting is here is this event is going to be a uh its kind of going to be the boost for Albert up is winning when you think about a crypto currency and Canada now youre thinking about Toronto you think about Vancouver Montreal Francis is of course is from Montreal and everything but now this thing is there are some really independent type of thinkers here I mean are they in it as independent as this freakin hipster right here I dont know I mean yeah weve got the beats pronounces a foodie and I cant forget sing for all you beyond Bitcoin fans when I was at dinner yesterday with Seth he is the dude is talking about meat the whole time thats what he eats is so all your people were talking your carb stop and Adam whats this about intermittent fasting and this is what were talking the big time people are talking about this thing at a frickin article yesterday so that was kind of awesome you know everybody goes their own way in this space theres some really independent thinkers but Alberta going back to Alberta is a very independent thinking type of cunt of Bobby yeah they got the Bitcoin ATM guys here variant I know those views we got the coin drop that IO dudes thats the right coin drop not IO theyre here but so theyre gonna have here now Berta theyre going to have special tax and send or there are tax theres Benny they already have tax incentives in Alberta to get to make it more crypto friendly year and I think people talk about that so if youre in Canada there and theyre thinking about having a guest dedicated to that dedicated the cryptocurrency and big points someone was telling you to hey Betty say hot everybody here to prove that hey man that we know expect of you look at this hes got these are real people here you know were not just you know just our face you spread out across the world its the hair guys here man this stuff yeah Alberta is big for finding so I know that if youre is theres a bunch in our kind you know what I want someone emotion here today who gave me this is about being emotion the guy from upstream day that year Steven barber I talked about him on this bit on the show before he is I the dude and Lloyd mister Alberta Canada putting the methane to work release the methane its going to be powering the Bitcoin mining or the cryptocurrency mining so again its about look and theres his card look is we got I dont like the lighting you know its my skin looks cool whatever whatever it is but no no this dudes deep hes on Twitter Ill link to his Twitter below once I update this get it everyone Im behind on catching up there in was Im just emotional over this place were gonna out Ill give you the links stuff like that so happy ceremony the real people in person Im so excited this Ive never been to a combo for everybody here the only person here that Ive met once before was French Julie odd I went to Montreal and we went we hiked a mountain together as hot as hell but it was great and now I like I just did a fireside chat with Louise one of ensure people that dont know hes the crypto pop guy so am I sure theres the Last Supper but Bitcoin version hes the one who yeah and I like button man that like button now everyones saying it down so youre Rodolfo you guys are were all friends you know Brad also didnt make the show but he was supposed to make the show and for we were always sharing together now were all here in person so it is a pleasure meeting everyone were going to get Rodolfo and Francis will make appearance Ill do some more live updates little later on maybe maybe during lunch because of course Adam is not eating lunch because I only eat every twenty two hours anyway you know you guys are the energy so you can you can tell everyone that I am if the way I am is the way I am I felt like he turned on the camera and this persona came out it was like I walked in the door and hes jumping yeah dude I wish I wish think would have got that article when I bought when we got to meet each other and Francis I got to meet yesterday I was jumping up and down when I saw so anyway theres theres you everybody loves a little inside baseball there you know the contributors getting together and everything so theres a little tidbit for today were gonna give you update Lily or something there theyre gonna speak for usage I will say Im Adam I should be Commissioner just from my search remember try to sound like this article check out the note six below subscribe the BTC sessions also and pound that freaking like button everybody I will see you all later mother

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