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The 1 Bitcoin Show Odd altcoin bluster

The 1 Bitcoin Show Odd altcoin bluster

The 1 Bitcoin Show Odd altcoin bluster, 11k weak hands, Trump thoughts, MWC update, Tel Aviv Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is July the 14th 2019 strong hand be a unique beast Val your wealth in Bitcoin having hype Im confiscate about one Bitcoin he was one Bitcoin offended by selling dont FOMO on all coins Wow dont phomore how could anyone be phone on all coins right now alright everybody check out all the links below everything thats talked about in this article is of course linked below lets start off with the tweet by Cameron Winklevoss oh yeah some people love to hate the wincle vine back in 2015 I said dont hate on the wincle bye try to be like the wincle bye in other words try to buy a lot of Bitcoin here in 2015 boom that was probably a smart thing to do when Bitcoin was like 200 worth but some people were busy hating all the wink oh no Im not gonna do it there they got lucky they got rich they got this well anyway so Id still listen to this dude hes still rich I hope you got rich off of 2015 listening to me but a Cameron says Amazon uses Amazon was ecommerce and now its just commerce today Bitcoin is digital gold but tomorrow it will just be Bitcoin it wont need to be analogized or require any qualifiers pound that like button oh yeah its changing the world you can see the future dude I hope well you can see the future dont hate on those winkle vibe try to be like those Winkle bye ok Ive noticed in my comments section something really interesting lately they are just weird spam like comments saying sell bitcoin is going to crash theyll sell now I really dont get it and I think some of them are actually from real people I think theyre trying to kind of promote all comments I dont even know what that I dont know what theyre leading to here very interesting observation though guys dont believe the stuff you read in the comment sections be careful sometimes these dudes end up in the chat also and they start talking about how great their altcoins it all coins are I mean weve got some major altcoin bluster and delusion now because of all times to be like to have altcoin bluster this is not the time big coin dominance increases every day and yet these people are ripped oh bitcoin went down on a 2, 000 dude have you checked out what your altcoin has done in terms of bitcoin value your wealth in Bitcoin its going more down more in terms of dollars that bitcoin is percentagewise thus its better the whole Bitcoin then youre all coin I dont think they get it at all I I dont know what world these dudes are living in you got to keep it simple people tell your wealth and bitcoin dont for a moment all coins and you wont get tricked by I dont know how anyone could get tricked by these people tell you the truth because theyre really theres theres no logical reason behind these these the things that these all coin guys are its just pure bluster and I guess some people uh some people love a strong man a guy that just has a lot of bluster yells and screams says how great he is how right he is okay Roman juice is big qui Meister anyone who panics when the price goes down daggers their wealth and fiat yeah I agree with that I am happy when the Fiat price goes down because I get more sacks per dollar we are the elite dude we are the elite pound that like button again had people be watching my articles back in a 2015 when I said buy ten Bitcoin youll be part of the elite oh yeah now youd really be steak yeah or the elite glad I can say that pound that like button all right hey guys I talked the talk but I walk the walk too and it really pays off nicely because because I walk the walk back in 20 to 15 and 16 now I just you I can walk outside here and Tel Aviv the beach just run eight miles good I was it the Bitcoin embassy earlier Ill talk about that I dont like most I dont have to work at Target I dont have to ever walk okay in the target its great its great again you could work for yourself I send up you could do it too youve go from one Airbnb to another not even know where the heck you are I know where I know where you love it here love it in Tel Aviv town that like button alright were moving on here elite though aint you can be elite just like the wincle vice our elite nothing stopping you dont vilify dont vilify success watch Saturdays show by the way people thats all about how I rip one I say we live in a society where being a victim is glorified and the counterculture is of course personal responsibility and normalcy were trying to attain greatness is respected achievement is respected its successes is respected thats what you get on this channel but must places youre being a victim oh its so great to be a victim heyo see save me save me that Saturday show though were gonna get away from that right now go back to Sundays show yeah today Sunday actually its already past midnight in Tel Aviv but hey because I listen to myself back in the day I can stay up all night whatever okay dont have to report to anyone lets see so yeah we talked about the the Bitcoin spam in my comments so yeah it is crazy as the Bitcoin big bigboy diamonds continues to increase and the all coin delusion increment and again somebodys all coins could I mean someone will do well again maybe again dont bet on it always bet on Bitcoin isnt that what uh that he said in passenger 57 pound that like button always bet on Bitcoin thats gonna be a new one okay so but never played roulette always lessee dont play roulette always I dont Bitcoin alright famous son movie line okay so and for those of you who who dont believe me that these all coin people are delusional the bsv people are our Earths talking like its about the chip bitcoin is about to go down I linked to an Alastair Milne tweet that shows the bsv chart in terms of Bitcoin how these people could be predicting the downfall of Bitcoin when this chart is going on for their coin but again they follow Jim Jones and as I said in a previous article theres just a certain percentage of the population who get fullbody people like that and theres the very very small percentage of people in the population who are like Jim Jones and like that woman at Sarah knows or whatever what was her name the blonde haired woman that HBO do the documentary long as I watch the article that I watched when flying through Tel Aviv Elizabeth Holmes those are the freaks of the worlds the ones who could just lie to your face and even after theyre busted people lying and people keep believing that bsv Elizabeth Holmes Jim Joe I think some of you get the picture okay so I want to say this weekend Bitcoin was awesome as jacquimo Zucco check it out Tech Bolcom to EC HB alt you follow me there on Twitter also disrupt meister comm giacomo it very soon is going to have a presentation that will counter the thud involving quantum mechanics he actually knows quantum without quantum bitcoin all this crazy uh quantum theory stuff he is going to read buddy some people like to say that quantum is going to destroy big point didnt even know what the heck theyre talking he actually knows what hes talking about hes gonna be covering that soon but friday show where I only had one guest who was Giacomo he was like three guests it was all some people were raving about it go there right now and check it out you dont need to watch this show live theres no point I mean I might just lift up my shirt and show you my hairy chest do you want to see that pound that like button all right now ooh well some people wouldnt want to see that actually its in good shape I mean I need to sometimes I got a math escape though I think its a little wild right now Im at Tel Aviv Beach ready maybe I dont actually go to the beach I run but maybe Ill run by the beach Im not I dont like to go in the ocean its just not my thing Im not a kid anymore JC Botha whos from a beautiful South Africa where they have some beautiful beaches the ones that are properly maintained at least what is the best dollar cost average over a long period or buy immediately with all available Fiat you have yeah go to conservative route Im just dollarcost average over a long period I mean you might have an emergency to take care of and if you blew all your Fiat then you would have to sell your Bitcoin thered be a tax situation I mean with me I mean to tell you the truth guys I mean what I did JC back in 2016 I was like you know what what the heck am I waiting for here Ive been Ive been buying bitcoins slowly over time Ive accumulated quite a quite a bit of Bitcoin I have a bunch of fiat in the bank why not just get rid of all my Fiat in the bank and that is what I did so what I did was I actually got rid of all my Fiat in the bank I dont know if I can really advise doing that because some people have wives and kids and such and I dont want them getting into I mean you can always sell your big coin again and get back in the Fiat thats pretty easy but I mean what I did in 2016 I did have a bunch of Fiat and I got rid of all of it and yeah do you know the rest of story so thank you for the question though and hope South Africa is good I just got an update from Zimbabwe that its horrible yeah since Im very unfortunate whats going on there their government is worse than the Mugabe government if you can believe that I cant believe its come to this in Zimbabwe very very sad very sad but again personal responsibility people in Zimbabwe Keg hopefully you got your wealth in Bitcoin and you can get out of there if need be so time to update member limbo coin crypto dividend last data register is the 19th people people are still asking me that I link to an interview that Andy Hoffman did with Chris of MWC why dont you guys watch it answers all your questions some people were asking me cool and again theyre the people to ask the questions to I have a hat this is where you get Bitcoin insider information I love giving Bitcoin ur insider information here because we dont have fancy sis or graphics I give you stuff thats going to benefit cryptic dividends are airdrops and forks a Bitcoin they are interest off just by holding Bitcoin properly you get interest on your Bitcoin this MWC is coming up to less than register as a 19th though if you do it properly youre going to get interest on your bit youre gonna get a crypt of dividend it is awesome it is happiness so why but you know you really should be comfortable with what youre doing here and you know asking me questions here and there and everywhere it means youre not you know theres some people some what day is it again again its all listed on MW see that MW first of all but link to below please watch the article I I dont want you guys coming to me on xx saying oh how do I buy it now but some of you will and thats just the way of the 80 percenter what can I say insider information you can and again the funny thing about the insider information you actually have to act upon it if youre just in the chat and youre hearing me say it and you do nothing then youre I dont youre an 80 look what can I say again just because I say it doesnt mean its gonna benefit you you actually have to act upon and you know and have listening comprehension so you actually understand what Im saying so what Im saying is go to the link below watch the article now Chris in the article said 44, 000 a big coin had been registered so far I just talked to Chris before this article went live and now its up to 50, 000 so clearly the registrations are more people are getting into it now and thats great thats great uhhuh if it gets up 60, 000 that means every Bitcoin registered youll get 100 MWC but then if it goes beyond 60, 000 youll get less than 100 MWC again what its a very big Chris explains everything he answers all your questions and its a very good interview done by aunty Hoffman of Chris link to below pound that like button so we talked about Donald Trump on this week in Bitcoin with Giacomo Zuko I thought he did a good job of saying everything Im gonna talk about it a little bit now and it just said this will be a because people do want to hear about it again yo I I dont like pedestal wing anyone putting a Donald Trump on pedestal and he is the president United States was is clearly considered one of the probably the most powerful person old some considerate and but the current perspective in 2016 what what do you say I mean a lot of you werent around in 2016 and Ive been around since 2013 but Im just saying 2016 right before the Bitcoin having in 2016 I had the President of the United States tweeted about Bitcoin I mean what look how much that that was like an impossibility to get to go on a Twitter tweet thread about Bitcoin in 21 would have said all them this is the this is the biggest thing ever to happen now yet people did get pretty happy when Trump just did this but it happened we you know these things are all predictable one day the president of United States was going to tweet and talk about Bitcoin we knew that as early as 2016 and now that day has come and its just again if this is for the people that can defer gratification we knew this back in 2016 that was a reason that that was a reason to buy a Bitcoin back in 2016 that one day the United States government was gonna get into this the president was gonna talk about it that people were gonna get pumped because of it but no people didnt want to yell 600 is very expensive oh it just it just hit 700 dollars before they having and then it went down to 600 so obviously its worthless and I cant buy it now I gotta wait till it goes down the 400 divided famous last words pound that like button so this is from Balaji he says 10 years after the launch of Bitcoin the president the United States and the chair of the Federal Reserve are discussing it on the same day the tone almost doesnt matter ten years hence this will be routine every nation state will have to hold crypto so yeah here hes making a prediction about 10 years from now we all and we all know this is going to be true we all know this is going to be true just like in 2016 we knew the president the United States would talk about it one day so again since we know in ten years that all leaders will be talking how Bitcoin policies that all countries will have to be in crypto in some form do you think you should buy a Bitcoin I do you think you should have already bought Bitcoin do you think you should be holding Bitcoin you should you be panicking that it went from 11 to 10k I mean I have never this is one of the weirdest panics Ive ever seen you know when you put in perspective there are people out there that are food they went below 11, 000 I mean when at the last time I was in the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv I think Bitcoin was right below 4, 000 next time I appear its right below 11, 000 so if you would have told me back in December and January March and February people would be like saying oh Im scared it just went below 11, 000 we wouldnt have to run off back in can any of you most of you have that that bad of a memory that you cant remember the winter you cant remember the winter was only a few months ago that people would be craving for 10, 000 and 11, 000 that it wouldve been a joke to say them then people be worried then he dropped the lowerleft 11, 000 I mean people have very short term forever people are gamblers I dont know IIIi dont get it I dont get an SME defer gratification long term think you count that Blakeman conviction new show here every day you better believe it you knew we were here we were all here together during the winter and now were celebrating it some people were like panic its the weirdest its the wheat the weirdest week is Han Ive seen in quite some time thats weak hands right there we cans right there traders are gonna do what theyre gonna do 80 is gonna do what theyre gonna do you cant change the world meister you cant change the world but i can give you the inside and information and you could do your best you can do your best to make this place of make this world a better place and to bring yourself success in and just create a positive all out there all right so and always always try your best always try your hardest our our hope is not yet lost town that like button lets see if we can get that reference all right so I think theres some Israelis watching this show now so suss all right what are we gonna talk here and by the way what I thought Trumps and I mentioned this again watch Friday show Ive repeated the Trumps tweet about Bitcoin I think lots of it is his dislike of Facebook he doesnt like what Libra is proposing he doesnt Facebook is a political enemy of his that at least the people behind so he doesnt like Libra and then he went off on Bitcoin too so I mean theres my take on it and Im not gonna read his quote again I was going to but who cares now the funny thing is some some mainstream publications MarketWatch said Trump is right about big coffee so these tears of love dont hate on Trump they dont like Bitcoin and they like me hate Bitcoin so much that for this theyre gonna theyre gonna agree and here is the title crip the herb this is a statement from the article crypto currencies are a pure gamble with no discernible fundamentals whatsoever okay believe what your gonna believe dudes okay you could be with market Washoe you can be with the wincle buy in 2015 I think over the over the long haul we see whos been right here that the the people who could defer gratification who dont change their minds on every drop or in every negative statement that some pedestal person says all right and again not that I dont want I mean I dont know pedestal the wincle by either okay but they were there are plenty of people plenty of longterm thinkers in 2015 who were saying this this is gonna be big dudes dont dont worry just because it dropped to 200 it will return it always returns to its alltime high one day closer to 20k of course back in 2015 we were seeing one day closer to 1100 because that was the alltime high then which all the fuzz stirs said it will never get it would never get back to all right so Roman cue the next Democrat president will also tweet about Bitcoin I wonder how long it will take them to realize bitcoin is unprintable and on confiscate able it depends on which one whoever whichever one gets elected you if there is even their intelligence level of Barrys you know with Andrew yeah hes a very intelligent person if its a OSI know shell never get shell think she can preach hell probably print some new form of twist another called Bitcoin and shell try to say thats Bitcoin in some guys will just drool and believe her alright now I knew the same guys who donate to lets say their mg T ou W and donating all their money to women that sell their bathwater and stuff now theyre the ones who like they still say they hate AOC and then theyll just follow every move everything she tells them to do all right so pathetic so so pathetic some people that the folk that fall for the bikini babes whether they be in public politics or cryptocurrency here or whatever fancy sets or graphics or social media stuff is out there such a shame be a twenty percent IRR and of course what is it what was I gonna say Finnegan is overrated thats what I was guy thats what that was good thats what I was going to say and of course personal responsibility is a new counterculture dont dont dont think AOC is gonna solve all your problems but yeah if you want to fit in go follow her yeah shes the cool caught thing right now guys all right and Caitlin long shes got a great thread um about talking to uh Donald Trump and she even ties in by oming to it yeah give her credit shes marketing around what she believes in mr. president Wyoming the state that gave you the highest margin of victory in 2016 even bigger than Reagan welcomes lawabiding crypto companies and created a new type of bank charter to allow them to to comply with the law you are just wrong on this your staff is misleading you the crypto genie can be put back into the bottle if the us faceless we believe be bypassed by other countries that are welcoming welcoming it and threat is awesome she is a she can explain it better than anybody in this space and maybe Trump will pay attention most likely he wont all right now so yeah I link to the televi bitcoin embassy below where I was early as earlier today earlier tonight I saw booty there I saw a lot of people who dont know there Sarah was not there tonight you guys know her vision you will be happy to know I see veteranism is in the tweet and this is not made up I was talking to some guys outside of the embassy then I walked in the minute I walked in someone came up to me and asked me how is vention and he was he was he was concerned about you mentioned he was concerned about you you are loved in the Land of Israel you alert loved everywhere so theyre Bitcoin fans you know mention you know he said some he is fun mention his fine he has had a health issue that he is fighting awesomely hes doing great and but people are concerned its the Bitcoin community is tight now when they know that theres a theres a Bitcoin guy thats you know that theyll its natural to worry about people when they hear that theyre theyre sick okay its natural exit to work and it was just great I felt so great here that Im halfway around the world people are asking me about that a guys asking me about benching so eventually I thought you would like that that makes your hands stronger and I said vention hes five do not worry about benching do not worry about vention at all Kuwait coin tight community town that like button baby alright so but also I was late to the gathering at the Bitcoin embassy today because I had to eat my one meal a day my my 22hour fast we came to 23 our fastest Ive ran eight mile no need again to that and I missed the breeze tech team now was who through the breeze tech team I link to them below they have a new lightning wallet for your mobile phone okay new link wallet for mobile they are Israel they are Tel Aviv based or Israel based or something I wanted to give him a shout out Judy mentioned them in his tweets I didnt get to see the presentation because I was late but I linked to them anyway and they are so much technological awesomeness going on in Tel Aviv the Bitcoin community is so strong in Tel Aviv again for all you people who want to come to Israel tons of tourists in Israel right now unbelievable out there but stop by make God the Tel Aviv big pointy embassy part of your tour part of a you know visit the Wailing Wall this is the Telamon bitcoin embassy again once obviously religious experience what is has nothing to do with religion at all but hey you can do it all in israel its its awesome and yeah and especially on a Sunday night is the best time to visit to Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy because all the people that you know are there Judy Sarah all sorts many some people know many hes famous many as famous ocean well I want to say she mu L as a famous dude Shmuel o is like the bodyguard of the Tel Aviv Bigpoint embassy he hes a whitehaired man hes like the most interesting man in the world that that a beer advertisement hes like that dude hes traveled all around the world and you look at the dude that you could tell hes probably been into some bras before hes been in hes obviously been in the Israeli army before who knows what this dude is done if hes been like a secret agent before I dont know I dont know he actually and there was a there was an event a Bitcoin event in Tel Aviv at some point and some government official starts speaking incorrectly about Bitcoin and this Jewish mu L started screaming at the guy those things apparently such screaming at the dude so yes smells like the most interesting man in the world again the white ponytail white hair hes a great gun I probably could stop people living and a lot of people if he wanted to I mean knows what what he has on him huh a very interesting dude very interesting but hes so cocky very calm Im very calm gave the presentation to the children the other day and then I came in there and just giving a very energetic one all right you can see that article its great do bitcoins is awesome will you have a dude like that and who knows how many Bitcoin that youd holds its up in the air we dont know hes legendary for that too again this is you gotta love the white ponytail guys that are quiet and you know theyve seen some real I cant say that word sh f and you usually know they see some real wacky stuff in their day and done some wacky he is the most interesting man the world with your commercial dude you know in he and you know hes pounded that like button if you know what I mean all around this planet you go Shi well you go be alright that was unplanned wasnt it but I gotta give super awesome hes always like you people should watch Adams channel this okay so moving on moving on Peter Schiff who is not the most interesting man in the world um some of you still you know care and you guys are falling for it I mean you gotta get Peter and he is a marketer and so many people fall for this there again saved Adam what about this look up this for Peters gotten here he says Im doing a Bitcoin challenge live on my youtube channel on Monday night Im inviting people to change my mind about Bitcoin feel free to take a shot you never know you may convince me that Im wrong my mind is open okay hes like he just wants people to watch his articles and he knows this is a gimmick thats gonna get all these haters to watch this article increases subscribers or if you get down votes it helps awesome hes just hes just using you hes just you so Bitcoin people dont be used by Peter Schiff hes not saying hes never changing his mind he has conviction he has a strong hand for gold thats his business if you dont like it ignore him but I just want to point that out and Bitcoin Tina added in this thread it says I dont understand the interest in persuading Peter Schiff what is the fascination with a man with such limited to understand me further he is a rich man I prefer that average or poor people understand and improve their financial positions the rich dont need my help hes Peter Schiff doesnt need our help hes absolutely right about that Peter Schiff doesnt need our help he doesnt need any more knowledge its all out there he Tinas got a point go to the people that dont have the knowledge yet at least myth they theyre most likely not wealthy right now and youve given some knowledge and maybe they will be able to better themselves and make themselves as wealthy as Peter Shaffer or Winkle bi or whoever okay who is this Casso says Peter is addicted to getting attention especially from Bitcoin people well you know what I dont know if hes addicted to it hes seeing how easy easy he can play some Bitcoin people its pathetic but yeah he can do it its pathetic the big one people were falling for it its been I mean I gotta be honest here I got to get honest I got to give an honest critique of the situation who keep falling for this are pathetic because he isnt changing his mind and he is in his eighties hell keep on doing this stuff at the big I mean he might even know honey he probably knows Nick was gonna go to the movie maybe even own something but his his outward for hes not changing now hes not changing though and how did it change you all your time when changing peters is matthe whats that going to do the world is it gonna really make that big difference if you change one persons mind its much easier to speak to a bunch of us sixteen year olds about Bitcoin that will make a bigger difference if three of them become Bitcoin holders and Peter Schiff changed his mind I actually and I got do that the other day thank you to the televi Bitcoin embassy so someone said now Im not saying that all right when I was reminded by Nick Carter he you can look at this tweet below he figured out that the the B hash having and the Bitcoin having are actually going to be very close together now it appeared originally the be cash having was going to be beforehand because they had sped up but now bitcoin is catching up its linked up below if you really care about that at one point I thought the be cash having since it would be a few months before the Bitcoin having would get people hype for the Bitcoin having yeah yeah that might not be since theyre gonna be so close together thats definitely not gonna be case now but again we start talking about the Bitcoin having height baby no Im done with that pound that like button bitcoin having hype may 20 2008 is getting closer baby and yeah so thats theres gonna be a light coin having theres gonna be a V cash having theres gonna be a PA a PS Vita I mean PSV having will anyone be talking about so moving on moving on uh whos this Jarrell II Jarrell II says okay this is again he talked about Trump possibly the largest bull signal ever okay share that you guys got the plan by the way I just for all the crypt of dividend fans out there and all the coin people out there I have been contacted by the people and Ill just say this there are future of dividends plan there are future Forks planned a Bitcoin Ill just leave it at that so its not its not something thats dying down theres always be a thing it of people for and Im glad I dont plan that has Bitcoin holders it people want to create their own all coins then why not give it for free for free to Bitcoin holders and I again I do know someone who is going to do it and told me of another person who is going to do it so yeah Forks are are here you can help Forks all you on it I take a positive approach there crypto dividends were getting interest by holding our Bitcoin and that there are more to come and again if you want insider information of when theyre gonna come just watch this show if you like hearing about Israeli dudes with white pony tails that are the most interesting man in the world and come to this a channel you never know what youre gonna get here and thats hey thats why they call me the unique beast and thats why I want everyone to be unique beast its freaking awesome to be a unique beast thing you found that like fun ah alright I think this week in the USA theyre gonna start the Libre hearings is that true thats gonna be wild and wacky stuff in it if it is again just to show the senators and congressmen that theyre ignorant so crypto currency thats pretty hilarious stuff to hear about I think that is this week I we shall see see I was gonna read all right what one thing that a guy oh my I named Bobby in my comment section is said about Trump that I thought was interesting he says this is probably great news for Bitcoin in the long run Trumps over seven years old so I didnt expect him to like it but the publicity is great and lots of people globally may start to buy Bitcoin justice fighting so with that with that point people buying big pointless spite Trump I like that I think you would have to mention Bitcoin a few more times for people to sprint them for the Trump haters to like create a movement where theyre like okay lets fight Trump and start buying Bitcoin because he hates people hey but let them do that let them be that psychotic about the situation okay the only reason theyre gonna buy bitcoins because Trump hates it okay whatever makes me richer I dont have to but I think he we have to even have to mention his hate of it a few more times for something like that to get rolling so lets see go ahead Trump make my day people mentioning it so your haters start buying it but that was an interesting point a Bobby thank you for leaving that comment in my comment section about quite recently and what is this Yahoo okay III link to this below the guy in charge of the Fed Jerome Powell compared Bitcoin to gold alright hes talking about it I dont want to pedestal to dude too much but hey were living in an era with the United States for the leader of the Fed or all talking about Bitcoin and people would have laughed about this in 2013 but we did know it would happen eventually so laugh and now the strong hands are freaking laughing their butts off now pound that like button yeah so 65 Bitcoin dominance as I said well panda ads on that train of thought no matter how bad you want it not all s coins will disappear breathe is human nature tell me agree for the people who are thinking who are thinking that big boy comments will get to 99 percent or something like that now though people coming up with all coins let him keep doing it and let up let the all coin creators give it to give their all coins to Bitcoin holders for free because we are the strongest of hands on this planet and who knows maybe youre all going to pick up because some Bitcoin holders have it all right so we talked about the 11 K panic people the ridiculous 11 K panic people what a world we live in Romek you this weekend Bitcoin with three guests are awesome but this years 101 episodes with Giacomo tres Caitlyn long and Simon Dixon or world class found that like button you know I gotta agree with you Roman K and hes made me grooming cute shes me and I was going to ask the audience do you think I should have more this week in bitcoins that just one people chose or do you think I should just keep what having to three people but it is difficult to arrange the three people those are not easy to do its just this is all the third person is always hard to get people flake out sometimes you want to have different combo I have different combos every week I dont like having people together theyve been together before but again some of these oneonones have been really awesome and I used to do more oneonones in the middle of the week so maybe we could have both but again these are very timeconsuming things the easiest show to do you know what the easiest show to do is the Saturday show it takes the least prep I just I can flow with those subject matters really easy I was throughout the week I find those subject matters and add them and so its just ready to go on Saturday theres the easiest ones the regular shows I gotta I gotta I gotta keep up to date I gotta do my research for a nap before the show make sure I got all the greatest news and the stuff that thats not being covered by the mainstream and that takes a while and again arranging once I arranged a three guests it goes real fast so sometimes thats easier a little inside baseball for you people there so you guys can leave comments if you want more one guest shows and when whatever you want to see in the show you know leave leave comments Im Im up for all sorts of ideas weve had all sorts of different things on in the past and Im just giving okay reading on this last up in the show here this is up if you if you guys are interested in some reading material pathways for defy on Bitcoin so theres a lot of people who talk about defying or aetherium and then they say well it can be done with Bitcoin also here is an article it is linked to below you can read it if youre interested in that type of thing I am not too interested in that stuff you matter and thats why I just saw I just say hey thats a bonus reading material thats some homework for you people who want to learn about that stuff alright roaming shoe likes the current mix so thank you I like you I like that you like the current mix alright dude thats the end the show Pam that like button bang that Bell button check out the links below im adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister subscribe this channel like this article click on those squares their new show here every single day te CH ba LT on Twitter Im tweeting throughout the day have a good night everyone byebye

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