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The 1 Bitcoin Show The BTC club is for all! Opinion vs strategy, Banks, MMT, Lightning

pThe 1 Bitcoin Show The BTC club is for all! Opinion vs strategy, Banks, MMT, Lightning Hello everyone oh yeah this is a meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one Bitcoin show today is February the 26th 2019 value your wealth and big boy strong hand offended by selling be a unique beast uncomplicated holder of last resort Brian feel better UK bitcoin master I heard you were a little ill youll get better soon fast alright everyone check out the links below everything I talked about this in this article is linked to below get your tshirts and affiliate links great tshirts like this one oh yeah you can get this tshirt a few people have its link to somewhere down there III never update the darlinks down never update the permanent links the links that I talked about in the show updated every single day because I make a new show every single day so their new links that talked about whatever is in the show every single day so if youre watching this live you can already click on the links to see what Im gonna talk about so first thing Im going to talk about its a turn turn to me stir tweet quite inspirational were at this stage where everyone must have an opinion about Bitcoin next phase whats your bitcoin strategy so hes referring to Warren Buffett yeah Warren Buffett said something he gave some more opinions about Bitcoin you know its just like Bill Gates haves theres a lot of big names that have talked to talk theyve given their opinions whats their strategy though whats their strategy are they really not buying any Bitcoin well maybe thats their strategy soon the big names names of all sorts and we dont need to put anybody on a pedestal theyre gonna be telling us their bitcoin strategy theyre gonna be like yeah I need 300 now or I am going to get a thousand by the year 2020 or I just got a thousand haha now now everyone else needs to give dolls so oh no theres a lot of talk and opinions and talk is cheap lets lets here lets have a strategy actually do something and were gonna have names advising on strategies and yeah I know thats talk when theyre advising but if they actually go through with their strategies than that that is uh thats definitely action so I I wanna we got a lot of people out there who of social media oh my god the opinions about Bitcoin the opinions that are out there and a lot and sometimes we make fun of some of those people but theyre no pointers theyre just talking the talk yeah does they have no strategy their strategy is just a yeah Im never gonna get any and Im just gonna complain and make up things about it and then thats thats that thats not much of a strategy thats not so yeah if youre somewhere in between have a plan how youre gonna get how you can get a Bitcoin how many Bitcoin do you need to retire how many how many Bitcoin do you want by 2020 know about the havings know about what happens around the havings before and after and make your strategy involve the havings if you need to but definitely have a strategy you dont go into this thinking like oh it all worked out Ill eventually get some or Ill eventually get some more have it havent planned out because things change real quick attitudes change real fast around here and people pile in they pile out they pile on with comments and whatnot so yeah be strategic you can also have an opinion at least have a strategy theres so many people with opinions out there pound that like button not that many with strategy and yeah and I do agree with toward toward a Meester that were gonna hear its just not going to be about like oh Bitcoin is is worse than gold or I like my cocacola stock more in a Bitcoin its not going to be that its gonna change its gonna change you were going to hear people talking about yeah well I Im holding on the Bitcoin anticipating the meister fork or whatever to turn those meister coins in the bitcoin more bitcoin theres a strategy not theres going to be a meister fork oh god forbid there beyond meister fork but hey if you want to do a maestro crypto dividend be my guest ok uh but the meister doesnt do quick their date no I would never do I would never make my own coin never never do that now so other people want to make their own coins and do all that stuff and give them out for free and yeah thats great and speaking of that Chris Gilly are just gave four dollars and twenty set hes reading my mind gave four dollars and twenty cents in the super chat found that like button m WC registration opens on for twenty so yeah if you want to register for the member Wimble airdrop fee thats a Bitcoin crypto dividend that Chris is behind uh yeah it starts for twenty it starts on April 20th ken ken Bozaks favorite day of the year so thats its well everythings coming together or in the show yeah keep collecting those crypto dividends baby watch yesterdays show I talk a lot about crypto dividends yesterday maybe Ill be talking about them more in the future so lets talk about the Bitcoin Club do you know there are a lot of people that complain about the elites the elites are in their exclusive clubs and Im not allowed to be in their club and they hook each other up and they control the world because theyre in this little Club and I cant join their club woe is me you know you can think of Bitcoin as a club and anyone can join the Bitcoin Club so theyre no crybabies here baby theres nothing preventing you from joining the the Bitcoin Club the exclude their socalled a those clubs that everyones jealous of though the members of those clubs theyll be joining the Bitcoin Club soon also yeah the people you despise it should despise them let them join their own private clubs I dont want to be in there darn clubs and trust me a lot of them have rules like people like me cant be their clubs but uh anyway uh theres some of these exclusive elite clubs that people make up stories about yeah those dues are gonna be joining the Bitcoin Club and you cant stop them and they cant stop you from joining the Bitcoin Club so get a move on develop a strategy get it maybe your strategy should be Im going to join the Bitcoin Club before the socalled elite club members join the Bitcoin Club because again bitcoin is forever you make yourself elite when you join the Bitcoin Club its an open membership elite club your worst enemy can join it too they can become elite thats like you youre gonna benefit youre gonna benefit if if those people that you are that youve made up stories about joining the club now the funny thing is I think people are scared that some people are scared theyre scapegoating worldview wont be blown to pieces by Bitcoin and they just have a deathly fear of personal responsibility so they dont even think about joining big they dont want to buy Bitcoin they want because it just crushes their their whole worldview were like theyre these elites they control everything and you cant get into their club and you cant do anything thats going to change the world thats going to empower you that they would even want to be a part of you know theres theres this again its a doom its a doom and gloom worldview where youre not gonna take personal responsibility where although everything bad thats happening is somebody elses fault its some mysterious clubs fault that you cant be a part of and then when you find out that you can be part of something where its gonna make a big difference in the world its gonna empower you you fear it you fear it because it just blows up your whole your whole world view of scapegoating theres a lot of theres a lot of no corners lot like that the doom people do buddy I talk about the dimers enough so ya dont have a deathly fear of personal responsibility take personal responsibility get into the Bitcoin overlay and you wont you wont be worried about those soap Elite clubs that you cant be part of anymore but people fret again theres some people that just thrive off of that theyre just like oh I just love knowing that I am Im subservient to people I want to be subservient to be left out I want to be this this pariah someone thats I want to be a slave I I dont want to have power people who get off on that apparently they did they dont want to take the personal responsibility they have us some fear I dont amazingly bad happen all right now that like but follow me on Twitter at Tech ball te CH B alt and God forbid something bad happen in your childhood work through it work through it address the problem you can better yourself you can path no one has to have power no mysterious group has that power over you you could join this Bitcoin overlay and they can too though they can too so and and just because the socalled elites are buying Bitcoin doesnt mean that the NSA started it or its some world plot again thats thats just an excuse thats just your your scapegoat goating worldview coming through again the excuse for why youre not in the big one okay so heres a future Fudd topic coming up well this is also a past fun topic its the x2 its too expensive to send Bitcoin is too expensive to send five lets talk about this real vj whos been on this show before hes got a tweet thread and Im going to read the whole thing the Lightning Network will not prevent the feed pressure that will build up in the next Bitcoin bull market the source of the pressure is largely derived from bitcoins moving on and off exchanges not from a sudden burst of transactional uses eg coffee bread reckless hats to those businesses that are using bitcoins base layer as a payment rail have a perhaps short window of time in which to adopt lightning and shift to using Bitcoin second layer as a platform for their business Mitch make use of the current bear market in Fiat to prepare yourself three those do not those who do not do this will lightly find their businesses become that their businesses will become uh neck anomic remember that bitcoins base layer is intended to be a means of large value transfers that require a high degree of trust minimization its not a coffee payment rail so again if you were running a bit I mean the moral the stories is right now if youre running a business and you your business requires quick and cheap Bitcoin transactions like I mean again if youre selling coffee you people dont want to pay much for transaction fee on that coffee they and they need that coffee now so its got to go through now now in the times of the bear the bear market you can use the Bitcoin base layer for that you can now that the transaction fees are cheap but thats not what its for thats not whats for and eventually were gonna have a bull market again those the base layer fees are going to go up theyre going to go up again thats what hes warning now when that happens therell be all these fuzz stirs out there saying all big boys too expensive but no if by dan youre on the safe lightning network with by then it will be safer and I mean its like all the most safe now youll be cool your transactions will be itll be itll be lightning itll be fast and itll be cheap so again this is Im just talking to a very small percentage of the people out there I dont know whos running a business right now that requires cheap and fast Bitcoin transactions but if you are if you are dont be caught by surprise here you gotta you gotta transaction transition to the Lightning Network now theres a lot of people that run businesses or that take Bitcoin donations then Ill care how long it takes for the Bitcoin to get to them as long as a Bitcoin gets to and so theyll be cheaper transactions fees for that again theres theres some theres some transactions like I mean again if youre buying a car with Bitcoin or something youre not really caring if youre youre paying a twelve dollar transaction for your 12 cent transaction all right so that thats an interesting you can read that tweet below this is just I mean Im a prepare in life you got to be a longterm thinker again this does not apply to most of you out there most of youre not running businesses that where youre selling little things for a dollar or five dollars and transaction P and it needs to be done now all right Alistair Milne has a tweet my bank again and that thing what I just talked about be ready because again most as most of you dont even deal with that kind of stuff so when the transaction fees on the base layer do go up again and they will go up again they will go up again I mean there there will be a mad rush in there all sorts of trading all sorts of stuff will be going on dont keep your hands strong keep your hands strong and and know and understand that you know its its still a me it will be a means of transaction via the Lightning Network because there will be you know king of the trolls will be out in force when when the transaction fees even go up a little bit on Bitcoin but again thats what lightning networks for saying what makes it cheaper all right let us go on where were you Alistair Melanie my bank made a mistake that cost me money Bitcoin never makes a mistake oh I like that I like that train of thought there Alistair Milne now one thing we got to remember with that one you know Bitcoin doesnt make a mistake like a bank makes a mistake but you you need to take personal responsibility when youre in the Bitcoin realm and you got to make sure you dont make a mistake because theres no bail house is it to be frank if your bank does make a mistake and you catch them although it may have inconvenienced you they can correct that mistake and they can credit you whatever they stole from me by accident but with Bitcoin if your mistake and you lose that Bitcoin if you your store it is some third party its its not come back if the third party got hacked your a lot so again theres their pros and cons my back made a mistake that cost me money Bitcoin never makes a mistake and yeah it is true but again once youre in the mistake proof Bitcoin realm you gotta make sure you dont make a mistake thats personal responsibility but its a beautiful thing its a beautiful thing hey and if you dont trust yourself youre gonna end up trusting a third party and good luck maybe there will be some custodial service thatll just be great I dont know and thats for the entrepreneurs to go experiment with okay and again Im the one that saying keep your keep your Bitcoin on your treasurer but I encourage people to come up with custodial solutions that they want to because theyre always going to be those people thatll be used to the banking world and theyre gonna want other people to control their private keys theyre just they just dont trust themselves so go ahead the ecosystem can be all sorts of diverse all sorts of diverse Im just telling you hey my approach to the whole thing my strategy to the whole thing okay thats my strategy controlling my own private key my my strategy is just buy Bitcoin dont sell it keep getting more but get keep getting Bitcoin by any means necessary I already did the body of the Bitcoin Ive been saying to do that so its what 2013 on this channel and you know believe me you all know that I bought some some and then you know then you get in other ways people send your Bitcoin for your and you turn your steam in in the big your steam in the Bitcoin your crypto dividends the Bitcoin thats my strategy valuing my wealth in Bitcoin that is my strategy I dont care about making dollars I care about making Bitcoin thats my longterm strategy get more that thats how thats how I think a Bitcoin all right and its again Im not just talking the talk baby Im not just talking the talk stockpiling the Bitcoin and then once we are after the 2020 having then maybe Ill treat myself to something nice one day me maybe what I need what would I really need people what I really need I dont need much I mean I Im doing everything that I do with the Fiat that I have in the bank I never had to sell a Bitcoin so yeah I got my I got a real strong hand baby I got a real strong all right well it was it take personal responsibility okay I heard talked about it and this tweet by George selgen he says mmt modern monetary theory is mostly about using word games to make people believe that the u.s.

The 1 Bitcoin Show The BTC club is for all! Opinion vs strategy, Banks, MMT, Lightning

can have northern European levels of government spending without northern European levels of Taxation yeah I agree I agree then waste being talked about United States this is just to slowly ease in northern European levels of Taxation in the United States and if that happens well thats good for Bitcoin all right youll be happy that you have Bitcoin if the United States gets northern European levels of Taxation okay youll be darn happy because they cant take that Bitcoin from you and you can leave the country if you want to with your Bitcoin name and go somewhere else alright but yeah that is where that Eman were gonna hear more about this modern monetary theory its a friend the Bitcoin even though its a fuck it is a faux it is a foe of a people of regular people but you can prepare for it by getting in the Bitcoin youll be in the Bitcoin overladen I talk about such things on my Saturday show beyond Bitcoin check it out also check out this week in Bitcoin tech both calm tch be alt follow me there on Twitter also they coin my strong Stephen and I wanted to thank some people on Twitter people have been retweeting my tweets and sharing my articles on there they took my advice Ive been telling people you know you dont have to make contributions or whatever crypto contributions Fiat contributions this you want to support the show just tweet it out tweet out the show pound that like button obviously but give me social media shares its always good to spread that spread the word Im a marketer I got I got a stick with the marketing side of things here and yeah you know what Ive been writing down all sorts of new ideas lately that really dont fit with this court current show format or my Saturdays show format or my friday show format so maybe well well have another another day of the week dedicated to a new type of show Im Im working on some things here I got some I got some ideas dont dont hold me to it I got ya Im juggling a lot I break day yeah thats great you know in the middle of day youre write down an idea on a on a piece like yeah write down all sorts of things on random pieces of paper keep on my this my my organization here just got R and a little piece of paper with song gave me a card here I got a card breakdown stuff on that yeah very a very great system here I also got notes notes written down on the computer you know its good write down your ideas people break down your ideas now what you dont want to end though you dont want to end up with just a bunch of ideas written down and yeah I gotta admit I do have a lot of them written down stuff but I had acted on quite a few of them Im sure back in out like 2012 Ive wrote like buy bitcoin or something like that yeah I acted on that eventually there we got with this matter Dell tweet HTC Exodus thats a phone the HTC X is one turns your phone into a crypto wallet and and that says dont buy this phone the backup method is intriguing they use two methods a traditional seed backup accompanied with an optimal an optional multi state trusted friends backup the latter requires Google Drive and HT access to it but its yes so thats not good he said its a good direction though that theyre going in alright yeah so you dont want your seed backup on a Google Drive that they have access to thats not good thats your thats your private key thats so I dont even understand why do people keep big coin on their phones Im offended by selling and I it makes me seem like the people who got keep big corn on the phone theyre theyre trying to theyre trying to spend it somewhere or maybe they try I dont know they want easy access to it for some reason that they if they need to sell it suddenly why would you keep on your phone I dont I dont get it like not all the methods are but and so everyones you know I get I get it its cool that phones are gonna have crypto wallets you could turn your phone into a crypto wallet that seems kind of neat okay and you know when this luck again when this lightning thing really gets going and Ill understand a little bit more when were there more people using the lightning Network when you go to a storing you know buy something very fast with Bitcoin over the Lightning Network but for now I dont know why people like to store their Bitcoin on their phone now again other coins I guess well no I dont understand other coin well why why its just you lose the phone you get other issues with again if youve got this dudes if you had this phone your private keys gonna be backed up and uh I get my perspective on Bitcoin is its new newfangled savings account that pays crypto dividends why would I bet on my phone I dont have a phone thats the other thing I stole well I guess thats a whole thats a whole nother story there but again people are I am sickened Ive said I said this about Santiago Chile Ill say this about Tel Aviv Ill say it about Los Angeles its just too many people are looking at their darn phones all the time my I mean Im a constantly almost running into people theyre almost running into people motorbikes on the streets almost running into the people logging into their phones I mean whats his phone sent his phone addiction you know your whole life doesnt need to be on your phone people and I think its a I think its a mistake at this at this stage in the game to keep your Bitcoin on a phone get a treasurer learn how to use a PC again I guess if you know if you dont know how to use one anymore and moving on hes such at the throne thing is like a static now sickening fitting in is is overrated pound that like button now heres a article oh yeah Craig ship sent sent me this its its a clay hehe its the articles cute all up at the right second where Sarah the cowgirl rodeo girl who accepts Bitcoin she talks if she shows her Bitcoin address at this second and she also mentions Craig ship and uh the Australian dude whats the guy in Australia is saying that uh its friends with Craig and I talked about me I forgot his name Brad Brad so yeah three people in motion all talked about it once in this this young ladys article and its awesome the young people are you know trying to to earn Bitcoin and uh I dont know how old shes pretty young man shes a shes a cowgirl rodeo its great did you know combining a Bitcoin with things he never thought it could be combined with so but everything will be combined with Bitcoin everythings everythings incorporating big coin now she asked me for gold no shes not asking for gold isnt that interesting you know a young person and shes a cowgirl to you know is you think Cowboys and you think about a California and the 49ers he and digging for gold right no yeah that was something you did thats what cowgirls did in 1849 yeah theyre like gold now big coin God better provide a lot of things okay finally finally enough enough Adam please fountain at Lakeland PayPal good news for PayPal well its kind of bad news if youve got PayPal it seems like they want more personal information for people and just another a centralized database that can get hacked but its good news for Bitcoin let me read you what they sent and I also linked to it below but I think a lot of people got this user update from them as a result of new regulations issued by the Consumer Financial Protection were in Washington DC coming to effect April 1st 2019 were making some changes that will affect consumers who want to hold and use balance with paypal beginning March 29th 2019 if you want to hold and use balance in addition to verifying your identity with PayPal you will need a balance account which will be linked to your current PayPal account detailed information about the balance accounts known as PayPal cash and PayPal cash plus can be found in the PayPal cash and PayPal that cash terms and conditions all right so theyre complicating matters here if you want to if you get paid PayPal and you want to keep it on PayPal well you know youre gonna have to have set another PayPal account connected to that PayPal account and in order to even qualify for that youre gonna have to give them some information now you might have already verified your ID with them I dont know I dont know what they want from me I havent gone through the process yet now are they gonna ask you for more information thats gonna thats not cool man and that is why its good for Bitcoin because it looks like PayPal is going in the direction where theyre making things harder where theyre wanting more information about you and thats the complete opposite of Bitcoin you dont have to sign up you dont have to give your personal information to some database because again the more information that PayPal collects on you well the more its a honeypot for a hacker so thats not cool anyway thats the direction theyre going and Id link to an article about that day the article kind of made it seem say oh thats not that hard its not that bad but we shall see we shall see I dont know what they detailed information I mean whats no excuse me youre verifying your identity verifying identity who knows what that means yeah give me Im putting youre putting your drivers license again or something for your passports and ridiculous anyway that is all that is the end of show but again when you know you hear bad news from PayPal well if youre a user of PayPal its good news for Bitcoin im adam meister the bitcoinmeister that disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel exist you check out the links below pound that like boom bang that bell button cooking those squares disrupt meister calm ill say hi to you in the chat right now byep

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